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  • posted a message on Top 3 favorite cards?
    Lightning Bolt- if I have to explain why I love this card you haven't ever cast one.

    Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas- I won my first FNM with a UB Tezzeret list and he's always had a place in my heart because of it. Plus his abilities are just nuts.

    This last one is much harder than the precious two but I have to go with Snapcaster Mage. He's such a fun card that's incredibly powerful and it helps he took me to my first day 2 at GP Detroit Smile
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  • posted a message on Why is this game so expensive all of a sudden?
    Going on my own experience, Modern has driven prices as much as anything else. Before Modern Standard-only players could dump their staples to keep up with rotation, Extended wasn't a very popular format and not many cards made the cut to port into Legacy. With Modern coming about many of these midrange cards that were good in Standard but not in Legacy now find homes in decks. With many people scrambling to pick up these cards for this new format many cards spiked because they were suddenly playable again. Within these spikes WotC announces Modern Masters and many people held out on getting into the format in fear that their "investment" would be for naught and prices would plummet.

    Then MMa is released. People start picking up staples again and the supply doesn't slow the demand driving prices on more sought after cards up even further. Now a few years after Modern's conception the prices still rise as WotC continues to push Modern as their "eternal format". With Modern (and its banned list) being very volatile the "best deck" keeps changing and cards across the board rise because of the rotating lists. Eventually, players who got into Modern early (and profited) now are sitting on cards worth 2-10x what they payed for them. Rather than cashing out they trade them into Legacy staples fueling another rise in prices, this time from Legacy/reserve list staples. And this brings us to today. Many players now realize they have another format to contend with beyond standard. Many players (especially grinders) need to have at least one deck for each format to stay current.

    I don't honestly believe there is a "bubble" in magic. I think prices are rising because of the massive influx of new players especially to non rotating formats like Modern. While I've seen numerous threads like this it often boils down to two sides. On one side you have players who didn't/don't have the cards or funds to play in more expensive formats and you have players who have much invested in these formats. I have no doubt the cost of entry to Modern will come down but that will require some input from WotC otherwise prices will keep reaching absurd levels (heres looking at you fetches).

    Players are paying these prices to get the cards so complaining they are out of your price range and that they should be reprinted is more of a personal problem. If you can't afford to get into a format WotC does have other, cheaper, formats. It all comes down to how much you want to invest in this game, just because you think $2500 is way to much for a deck doesn't mean that I'm not going to pay it.

    I think this is a great example:
    Quote from BatHickey
    A solid commander deck costs as much as a good standard one just about, which costs the same amount as a totally sweet RC car or a paintball gun or a set of paints and some canvas, or taking a short road trip. people spend money on their hobbies.

    There are more MtG players and not enough cards to go around, especially in older formats. If you can't afford these more expensive cards maybe consider less expensive options.
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  • posted a message on How do you counter a deck that can get a turn-2 Insta-Kill card on the field?
    Make a fun deck to troll him with. 30 Act of Agression, 10 Dark Ritual, and 20 Swamp. Just keep killing him with his own Blightsteel and I'm guessing he'll stop playing that deck. If he complains about an illegal deck remind him his deck is also illegal. It's one thing to play a competitive deck in a casual game but to play degenerate strategies just isn't fair or fun.
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  • posted a message on Prettiest Magic Cards
    I particularly enjoy the Full art lands in Zendikar and the UNH Forest but I think the MPR Lightning Bolt is my favorite art in the game
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  • posted a message on W: UWR MODERN!, H: MODERN AND LEGACY!
    Hey there,
    I have 2 shadow of doubt and a list I was hoping you could check. I'm interested in your 1 Blood Crypt, 2 Grim Lavamancer, and any number of Abrupt Decay. Please let me know if we can work something out!

  • posted a message on Is there anther card in Modern that causes instant rage as well as Blood Moon?
    Ensnaring Bridge is pretty brutal against any deck that turns creatures sideways
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  • posted a message on What If: all mana was Phyrexian Mana
    I think Leyline of Anticipation combo decks would destroy the game.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] "What Deck Should I Play?"
    You could look into Mono Green Tron (with or without Tooth and Nail). It's not going to be tier one but you will crush a lot of fair decks.
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  • posted a message on Best source to learn ins/outs/tricks of The Stack?
    Quote from delfam
    MTGO would probably be the best place

    I also highly recommend mtgo. Being able to visualize the stack really helps to make better sense of it. Plus once you miss a trigger or two you'll start remembering.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Tezzerator
    Quote from TonyRo
    Has anyone tried Thragtusk in the SB? Seems quite good against Jund...

    You're better off running Batterskull. It is harder to remove and furthers the artifact strategy.
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