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    My only EDH deck I upkeep a lot is Reaper King, and even then, its themed soooo not super spooky here. It might want Panharmonicon, because it uses a lot of recur etb effects, well see. It also might care about Noxious Gearhulk, but its likely win more because going infinate in that deck vindicates anyways, and I already have 3 ways to gain life going off.
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    I do the same for my EDH deck in my sig. I really only care to have this one... which is basically me as a magic player, so everything is super themed. the deck is halloween, the spindown is shadowmoor dice, I've been working on a new playmat for it, the sleeves are pumpkin themed, and I've even added a section on the primer with all the alters or themed bits that go with it, like acrylic candy/sppoky 1/1 counters.

    Only issue is to really do "themed sleeves" you have to do inked gaming custom sleeves and they are so expensive right now.
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    Probably worth checking out:

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    Quote from jengamaster »
    Quote from 3Patatas »
    I would actually take advantage of this "demotion" to separate the thread into Bushwaker Zoo/ Little Zoo and Naya Zoo/Big Zoo. I think the two decks fell appart too much to be considered the same and is quite confusing when you are reading sideboards or fringe cards for each deck until you get to the part where they mention if it is for Big or little zoo. Both decks dont have the same strategy anymore, since Big Zoo ends up more in a controlling aspect in a lot of matchups while Little just goes as fast and wide as possible. Also little zoo is in a better spot right now and could maybe get faster to tier 2, while Big Zoo just feels like the weakest Company deck right now, and may need more focused discussion in order to improve.

    Thats my 2c.

    I do not wish for my post in reply to be considered spam, but I wanted to add a +1 to this post. Outside of both being Naya (or maybe RGx) based aggro decks, they are really quite different. It might cut down on the replies for either specific thread, but it would reduce some confusion. Now up to four cents?

    The answer to that is no. This deck will never be promoted like that, since you will get even less result.

    The deck isnt extremely different, as much as people want it to seem to be. They use the exact same core. True, they are getting more distant, but neither one has enough data to say "naya company is tier 1 gruul is tier 3 so it separates."

    We did this before 2 years ago and what happened was there was 3 zoo threads, and none were really replied to.
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    Quote from khaosknight69 »
    Quote from Xlapus »
    I like your report. Good job on your top 4 finish.

    You bring up a good point on mulligan decisions with this deck. The dredge mechanic allows you to mulligan extremely aggressively. In most match ups, game one at least, I still feel favored with a good-but-not-amazing four card hand. For example, I beat Junk in a post-board game on a 4 card hand last Friday. Land, land, faithless, dredger with faithless drawing into artifact destruction was enough to do it.

    Neonate, troll, fetch, 4 blanks? Ship it, it's a trap and you can do better.

    You can do better, but you can do way worse too. I think neonate + troll + lands is at least semi-keepable. If it's your first 7 then no, but if it's your 6 or 5, then I'd say keep.
    I dont mind keeping that hand.
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    Costs 4 to do one Neonate, so too slow. Its better to get 2-3 dredges off fast, than slow your roll. you dont wanna dredge super hard late game. Plus costs alottta mana
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    Yeah, about Chandra, Torch of Defiance I picked her up last night in my kit. I ONLY play modern... and I mostly play aggressive or midrange there. I know she "could" be used in jund... but I dont mind rebuying her later if I have to. Does she go UP from here or stay at the price or drop? Should I sell?

    Better to ask ya'll than make a guess.
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    ok, I'm just going to red tag this thread instead of handing out infractions as this thread has turned into a bit of a mess. Let me be clear about the rules in this thread from here on out:

    1. Anyone is allowed to bring up any idea they want for this deck, but they must provide reasonings... hopefully with actual supported data.
    2. Anyone is allowed to say wheither the idea is good or bad, again with reasons and supported data.
    3. Majority generally wins here... as in majority data. If more wins exist with a card than without it, that is the default "correct" unless the data trends the other way.
    4. You may only talk about the cards and not the people.

    Look, when nahiri was first catching on, people didnt think that tech was the correct one. When that data showed it was, so much so it went up in rankings, there was still a split even though there was a clear data supporting it, to the point I needed to come in and start handing out infractions for when people just flamed about not using the "correct" tech.

    Don't be like that. Be civil, talk about things, and if that doesnt work, let the data talk and leave it be.
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    So my issue with the deck currently is still speed. I still feel like the deck when i open a neonate loam hand is just too slow... which sucks. Like most of my game 1 loses are to that. Not even consistancy. So when i see tome scour versions do well that makes sence. But it makes my consistancy really bad...

    For a second I thought I found a solution in archive trap... but nope! So while reunion makes the deck reliable... i feel like we still need a 1 mana way to dump (like scour) without the blue... eventually well get it.
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    We use modernnexus which ktken made. It had robots that watch and record all the matches online then the archrype is manually added...so its a bit truer.
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