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    Shred Red.
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    Osackpo- i shaved down to 2 (again, theory, not playing. I havent had time.) But i feel alot about coco like i felt about finks. We can use it as value (probably the way designers intended lol...) but we dont break it. In the end were a fair deck. To us finks was:
    Very good against aggro
    Replaceable body vs removal.

    But to pod it was:
    Very good against aggro
    Replaceable body vs removal
    Resetable with lands
    Resetable with resto
    Resetable and triggers archangel
    Double sacable with pod
    Opps i win.

    Same deal here with coco. Its fair value with us, not broken. We shouldnt treat it as the sacred cow. Its role is toolboxing lightly, which is good because zoo favors hatebears anyways, and removal (1 for one and sweeper), like a super ranger of eos.

    So you should side it out against aggro (unless your running kitchen finks, and like, more than one) you should side it out against combo if you have no hatebears to coco into. Its at its best vs midrange and control. In rdw i side it out even.

    I think 2 is probably correct here. Use it as a slightly worse bloodbraid, with the upside of better selection.

    That last bit wasnt just to osackapo, but pretty much anyone having trouble evaluating thencard. Right now im running 2 main, one side, and some times i bring it in (jundks twin) sometimes i side it out completly ( elves, tron)

    Osack. Is it good vs the current delvers? My gut says yes.
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    Quote from jraynormoore »
    oy Lantern! Can we see some videos with you doing some builds with Noble Hierarch now that she's dropped in price by more than 50%? I've been playing a lot of games with Sylvan Caryatid and she's been doing lots of work for me, but I can't help but imagine the Hierarch is oh so much better.

    Want the good news or bad news? Good news, the minute its 7 tix online, I'm snap buying them If they stay at 10, I'll still probably get them.

    Bad news, I'll have heirch and no reason not to play it... but I probably wont have time from work. Well see. Looking to quit soon and switch jobs.
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    Im looking at mtggolfish... I think dromkas command is really undervalued right now. Its good against the top 4 deck on there, twin, delver, rdw, jund. Save a creature is good
    In all those matches. Fight is good against delver and rdw, and sometimes jund and twin. Sac a enchantment works against delvers bloodmoon and twins everything. Also vaild against enchantment dudes for jund and rdw. 1/1 is a counter.

    Seems great right now.
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    They are very different decks with well over 20 cards that are different. It shouldnt be posted here. WRU is very "Burn everything, put giest out win." Bant is "Play giest as a strong creature with a lot of strong creatures." Different deck game plans. Please keep bant talk in the bant thread.
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    I'm not sure what would be better in the current meta, a smaller zoo using dromokas commmand (like the junk in standard, which is more or less zoo.) or bigger zoo with coco. I honestly havent played enough to tell.

    That being said, I can at least play devils avicate here and say that you can coco out a aven mind censor and hushwing gryff, and they stop the poddless pod decks.
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    Quote from Polymorph »
    Hey Dudes,

    while more and more Grixis Variants Approach, i think of fit my List due to that shift.

    My Meta is a lot of Grixis Delver, Moon and Twin nowadays.
    Delver of Secrets isn't a huge issue, as it never had been.
    They fetch - shock a lot of times, just Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Gurmag Angler
    gave me headaches sometimes.

    Twin is getting me into more Trouble.
    Path to Exile there Angler or hold it back for Twin is annoying a lot of times.
    Seems that Qasali Pridemage is a must-include in competitive Zoo today.

    Also the whole Grixis-Community seems to be in doubt of running Blood Moon.
    Some Players run it Maindeck (2x), some in the Side (2x) and some of them deny it completely.
    This leads to some ugly fetches for Basics, while my Opponent runs 0 Moons in there 75's.

    What's your oppinion on the upcoming Grixis Hype?

    Its a real deck. But anyone who thinks blood moon is good in that list is insane. Its super greedy. Ive beaten them with out blood moon by scaring them that I have it, so they fetch all basics, and get color screwed.
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    I really wanna see some naya creature walkers be good. In naya you can flip them/find them with domri, and collected company.
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    I like dismember mainboard in a mostly green red deck.
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    The new replied to this thread, but somehow his post broke the thread... so I had to delete it. This is what he wrote.

    3 Leyline of Sanctity
    1 Swan Song
    1 Wurmcoil Engine = Thragtusk or Elderscale Wurm
    1 Sigarda
    2 Seal of Primordium = 1 Nature's Claim 1 Seal
    1 Dragonlord Dromoka = Cavern of Souls
    2 Pyroclasm = 1 Firespout and 1 Pyroclasm (with Merfolk and Elves on the rise, 2 damage isnt always enough)
    1 Thragtusk
    1 Spellskite = Thragtusk
    1 Ghost Quarter
    1 Grafdigger's Cage = Melira, Sylvok Outcast

    Those would be my changes. DL still does not seem appealing to me, especially with the rise of Jund/Grixis Delver and all their non-damage removal. The uncounterable is great but we care more about landing Titans than we do anything else and DL doesnt help with that unless he is on the board already. The body is great, but 6/6+s already dominate the board. The lifelink only matters if you can swing, which means you need it to last a turn or get haste, which it doesnt search for. To be fair, I have not actually play tested DL but that is because I would never want to switch out any of the creatures in my board. Thrags are just too good for value; Sigarda just wins games singlehandedly and Elderscale Wurm shuts down so many decks its actually sad.
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