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    Quote from Juwdah »
    For the first time, there's going to be a 1v1 tournament around here. Never actually played it and don't really like the banlist/additional ruleset but I'm giving it a go.
    I got a Gheist deck already and it seems popular so why not :p

    Geist is awesome, can confirm, use my decklist!
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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Combo in duel commander question
    The best combo decks currently up and running in the format are either:

    Various Reanimator lists
    Imperial Animar
    U/B/x Doomsday

    With the loss of many tutors and fast mana, it's much harder to build a true storm deck. I've got a list, but it's still pretty unreliable. The best I managed to do was couple it with Oath of Druids, but with that being banned...
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    Quote from Jivanmukta »
    Quote from cryogen »
    Quote from Jivanmukta »
    Quote from cryogen »
    Thanks, Donald!

    More of that Puca trade nonsense that I should be doing?

    Yes. He sent me a 10X Sulfurous Springs that I needed to collect the entire set.

    Edit: And more importantly, his address and real name so that I can now stalk him at whim.

    Hmm. Maybe I'll jump on the stalking bandwagon.

    All the better to murder you with, my dear.
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  • posted a message on Deglamer or Krosan Grip?
    Calm down and play Nature's Claim instead!
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    No hangover. This was a good morning.

    Belgium lost. This was a good morning.

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    Quote from Zygous »
    Should I start playing Hearthstone?

    It's... ok.

    Really simple to learn, though deceptively complex. Sadly, it's also really predictable at later stages of game understanding. There are much less chances for outright outplays than there are for simple outmathing or outplanning the opponent. Apart from a few decks like Miracle Rogue, it also doesn't have a great variance of playstyle.

    This is to be expected considering the target audience and size of the game.

    It's nice to kill some time now and then, but not something I'd consider picking up fully.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Dear WOTC about red
    This stigma of Lightning Bolt being bad is really, really misplaced. Most likely it has to do with the complete lack of removal options too many decks seem to prefer. Lightning Bolt in fact creature removal. Is your scary creature X/3 or lower? It's dead. That's a cute Sisay you have there, it's dead the turn you cast it. That's time for other options to present themselves.

    Bolt also can hit planeswalkers, which is a fact that seems to be overlooked as well. Red is by far the best color in the game for dealing with 'walkers. You have burn, haste critters, and other various means of saying "no."

    And, in certain situations, it can go to the dome. It's still three damage. When it's down to the wire, that's a big difference.

    Basically - Burn isn't bad. It's just not seen as a removal option when it is, in fact, some of the best removal.
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  • posted a message on [[Duel Commander]] Duel Commander in the San Francisco Area
    Another poke for Galaxy Games. When i wasn't working nearly full time + classes I spent most of my time playing there. You'll also find some of the best limited players this side of somewhere, and it's always in relaxation mode.

    Berkeley has Eudamonia, which is situated near the university, and is also great for various EDH games. Not so sure how the DC community is though, it's been a few months.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Norin the Wary - Heads I win, Tails you lose.
    Quote from buddha84 »

    i went as far as removing mind's eye because i usually never lasted so long to get some use from it, so that's the card that's coming in.
    i'm trying taurean mauler, which is a really large goblin, as well.
    i still feel the need for some creature based removal, so far the best i can think of is goblin sharpshooter and basilisk collar, but i don't want to put them in as they are terrible on their own. jaya ballard, task mage maybe (considering my zur infested meta)?

    as for the new draw spell, i fear wizard's fearful of looting effects, as they can be crucial in dropping a t2 griselbrand in modern (for example). i can't foresee anything good for red draw spells for commander in general.

    I've never been a huge fan of the mauler. Either it becomes gigantic and wins the game, or it dies to a random wrath and could have been more useful as an ETB effect. But that's an entirely meta-based decision.

    For critter removal - Sharpshooter has always been on the verge of being played in the deck. It's truly a fantastic way to machine gun down tokens and chip your way through bigger ones using some shenanigans. Collar is far too useless without the goblin to be put in the deck despite the combo. Unlike Sharpshooter, it doesn't do anything unless you fulfill the requirement to have a burn engine of some sort out. We've precious few.

    Jaya Ballard is awesome and you should definitely try her out. Killing off blue permanents and the occasional burn is not to be underestimated. Get a squee or Crucble going, and suddenly Jaya is one of the scarier removal spells available. She's great against Zur.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Dear WOTC about red
    Oh look, a red thread. This happens to be my specialty.

    So here's the deal on red as it pertains to other formats - Red has a tremendous amount of cards with very specific uses and scenarios. Pyroblast, Grapeshot, Goblin Welder, Splinter Twin. They've got interesting, useful, and impactful abilities. You can either build your deck around that ability, or use them to augment what plan you already have. As a result, you'll find that a large number of 60 card lists find some way to use red, either through its superior sideboarding or because Blood Moon is hilariously OP. There are the "traditional" red methods, such as every Goblin and Burn deck in existence, and the bizarre, Wizards-hated Storm decks. Either way, you're getting a load of value out of the color. In those formats, every tiny advantage matters - they're 1v1 formats!

    So we look at red in EDH, a multiplayer format. Suddenly all those needling effects aren't quite as effective alone. Lightning Bolt goes from a staple to nearly unplayed. (In my opinion, if you need removal, seriously look to this card. Burn is goddamn good.) Because of the perceived lack of individual power of this sideboard color, people turn away from it, and instead gravitate towards blue, black, and green's large and in charge hay-makers. Battlecruiser magic is certainly the term that these colors represent. Yet, overuse of these colors and their similar playstyles make players look at red and think "why doesn't it do what these other colors do?"

    The answer to that question is pretty simple - Red isn't another color. It's the color of strange experiments, overflowing lava, awesome flavor text, Norin, and terrible cycle cards. It's going to build and act differently than another color might - because every color plays differently. Anyone who has dabbled with multiple mono colored decks should have realized on at least some basic level the strengths and weaknesses of the various colors. It's the reason why multicolored decks are so popular in every possible format - each color makes up for what another is lacking.

    So now we want to know how to build a red deck, and exactly what it wants from new sets. For this, every general has its own identity that needs to be identified and used. Some generals have more than one, some are clearly terrible at certain things, and some are clearly superior. And for this, we look at new spoils and ooh and ah at the raw power that green or blue might get. The dreadful effects that black might get. The righteous yet terrible angels that white receives. Red mages stare at the broken F5 key, and see small, interesting, but almost insignificant cards. Act on Impulse is a prime example. Ooh, this card is really cool! Hmm, but I can't keep the cards after the turn... blue can... This card is really bad on its own.. I guess it's not very good. In fact, this sort of card is exactly what red wants and receives. It's not supposed to be a stand alone card, it's a card that wants to interact and grow with the rest of the deck. Every red deck should be a Rube Goldberg machine of fiery doom. One rock rolling down a hill is neat to watch. Several is worrying. The whole hill sloughing into the side of your minivan and finally watching that insurance settlement pay off is both horrifying and satisfying.

    Red isn't the color of raw power, it's the color of combined power. Fireball alone is horrible. Combine it with the power of Channel and you've got your website registry, as well as one of the most famous combos in this game. Red lets you take the fullest out of every card, and turns them into something new and exciting.

    So while red's singular powerlevel in this format is technically lower, in reality it's just a different way of playing for maximum effect. All it takes is one card to change the impression of a color. Wizards officials have assured me that Norin the Planeswalker will be coming out soon, so you'll have to wait until then to see everyone truly know the horrifying power of a 1cc planeswalker. Take that, Jace.
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