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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on Deeproot Waters
    This seems like great sideboard tech if nothing else. Hexproof tokens as a cast trigger is dope anti control tech. Of course it relies on resolving a 3 drop buuuuttt....
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  • posted a message on Leave//Chance
    That's a pretty sweet puzzle piece for a couple of decks. Metalwork Colossus variants might not want it, but Aetherflux Reservoir and/or Sram storm decks might be able to work with the front half of this.
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  • posted a message on 6/26 Mothership Spoilers - 8 Mana one-sided Humility(ish)
    Champion of Wits is interesting. The sorcery speed is a bummer, but what is the value of a 2/1 in play versus drawing a random card? And how much is the option to eternalize it in the very late game worth? It certainly doesn't look great, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I was off.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet twitch preview show
    A card named Bloodlust Inciter not granting Blood Lust is a flavor fail of epic proportions Frown
    Lay Claim is pretty sweet though. I have a soft spot for theft cards and one that still has a use if you draw into it before you are ready is great.
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  • posted a message on Liliana, Death´s Majesty (Gathering Magic)
    it was pointed out to me that this goes infinite...
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  • posted a message on [Fan Art] Leaked Artwork for Amonkhet?
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Dunno, first thing I thought was that this is a mummy that was subject to Liliana's more classic necromancy (note the violet glow). The Bolas-orb is nice touch.

    I hope that we FINALLY learn in Amonkhet what the orb is (Gem of Becoming is what is closest, but it is apparently not the original thing).

    Isn't it Myojin of Night's Reach's mask? I thought that was covered in the Timespiral block books.
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  • posted a message on BG/x Constrictor
    Quote from Lavo »
    I've been playing around with this Sultai Delirium decklist recently, and it feels very powerful. It's based loosely off of the Frontier winning decklist that PixelW posted about. As I'm new to the Delirium themed decklists, wanted to get some veteran Delirium players insight.

    I for one, love the archetype. I found the following list in a tcgplayer article the other day and ripped apart the snek deck I had been working on to put it together immediately:

    I shuffled up and ran it through a couple of test games against jeskai saheeli and then a 5 round FNM. Torrential Gearhulk rock is a hell of a drug. I favor decks that grind my opponent to dust, and casting 6+ gearhulks in a game is an easy way for that to happen. The deck definitely could have used some tweaking though, and apparently Jin Ishihara (who played the above list to 5-0 online) thought so too. He took a version that made some of the changes I wanted (-1 tracker, -1 disallow, -1 fatal push, +1 negate, +1 grasp main, -1 sphinx side), and more besides to a solid 8-2 record in the standard portion of the pro tour:

    Overall I'm not sure I like the new evolution as much, but I get what he was trying to do. The first list has a little bit of trouble hitting delirium sometimes, and with the increased numbers of pick the brain over transgress the mind, putting in vessel seems like a natural fit. Given the occasional mana issue that I had in my limited sample size adding the vessel for extra consistency early might be for the best. On the other hand, given that the pro tour was dominated by aggressive decks, it might be a bit much durdle. One of the changes I'd been thinking of after FNM was finding space for a couple copies of Anticipate to dig with, and if you aren't on a bunch of pick the brain trying to skew the matchup against copycat, it is likely better than vessel for finding what you need. The biggest thing I don't like in the second list though is the loss of walking ballista. Having a tutorable/buybackable fireball in the deck was amazing and while it complicates the lines a lot in some games, it also gives you outs via reach in games where you would otherwise be just dead. If anyone decides to put together the pro tour list I highly urge you to find room for at least one ballista even if you make no other changes. Without the benefit of the pro tour list when I made my changes this is where I ended up so far:

    Here is my thinking on the changes I made-
    -1 Tracker +1 Kalitas: Tracker is great when it is, but generally isn't amazing. I would never cut it entirely, but 1-2 copies in a traverse deck seems fine to me. Kalitas is important enough in all of the aggro matchups that I want a copy to tutor for in the main deck. Scrapheap Scrounger is annoying to deal with (to the slaughter is much much worse against it) and Kalitas shuts that nonsense down. Given the amount of aggro seen at the pro tour this weekend with 31 of a potential 32 copies of the scrounger in the top 8 I not only stand by this change but urge others to try it. Tracker is a virtual 4 drop and shavable at 3 copies to I wedged it in there.

    -1 push (moved to the board), +1 Grasp: Unlike modern, push doesn't hit nearly everything in standard. It is good enough against the aggro decks that I do want a full 4 copies after board, but in general grasp is a better removal spell and the mana can usually support it. This is a lean into the saheeli matchup that doesn't make the aggro matchup significantly worse, and is actually an improvement in percentage against Verdurous Gearhulk. I'm still not 100% sold on the mana in the deck, but I haven't yet taken the time to tear into it in a way that would support the double black removal spells better. It is possible that any changes to the mana should skew it black with a switch from disallow to spell shrivel, but I would need a strong argument that spells shrivel is good enough first. I played it in the metallic summonings deck, and while Spell shrivel helps get one to the late game, it can be fairly dead there.

    -1 disallow, +1 negate: Disallow is a great magic card no doubt, but in my experience with previous rock decks that run blue cards, 2 copies of cancelvariantofchoice is usually enough. My run through FNM supports this. Somehow, most of my games never saw a disallow at all despite seeing at least half of my deck, and there were only a couple of spots where it would have been significantly better than a murder. There is also some consideration for the mana in this choice. Double blue is not a given, and can create some awkward situations where you have a single blue source, a single black source and an evolving wilds in your opener. Adding the negate is a concession to the saheeli matchup that is also relevant against vehicles.

    Sideboard changes-
    -1 Sphinx, +1 Fathom Feeder: This was the only change I made before FNM and was motivated by not having the sphinx available because I had traded my copies away. I am not a huge fan of the card in general right now. It can be a huge game breaker in control matchups, but finding the time to tap out for or otherwise safely deploy it is difficult at best when your opponent is on gearhulk. In previous blue decks that I have tested since kaladesh I have almost never been happy to draw it and it went from a 2 of to a 1 of to cut completely from my boards. Adding fathom feeder in the slot was a nod that the slot was clearly meant to fight control decks so I wanted a good anti control card there. I am not entirely sure that this slot is correct and was going back and forth before start time between feeder and Ob Nixilis Reignited. With the dropping of Grim Flayer from the board I am currently running a copy of each as they both have application in G/B snek as well.

    -4 Grim Flayer, +1 Ob Nixilis, +2 Ruinous Path, +1 open slot: TBH I just don't know when you would want the grim flayers, and every time I went to the board I thought about what I would cut for them. I never found enough cards that I wanted to cut to bring in a full set, and never felt that they would add enough to the gameplan to do so. In the pro tour list they make a bit more sense as a way to help achieve early delirium, but in the less delirium focused list that I favor, I don't care to swallow 4 slots in my board for them. In the vessel list they can be useful on the draw against saheeli by providing a way to attack her all the way down so that is something to keep in mind. I am opting for an Ob Nixilis a pair of ruinous paths and whatever card I decide I want the most after further testing in their place. To the slaughter does good work, and in the vessel list I would likely board that over ruinous path (maybe a 1/1 split as I tend to undervalue edicts a bit). There is a good chance that I end up on a pair of relentless dead and a ruinous path instead, but no matter what else you choose for your board, I suggest an additional answer or 2 to the various planeswalkers in the format.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Emrakul, Copter, Reflector Mage banned in Standard, Gitaxian Probe, Gravetroll in Modern!
    Quote from pulli23 »
    Indeed, why ban reflector mage. or smugglers copter - now that there are actually answers against smugglers copter printed.

    If anything the oppressive cards in UW flash were avacyn, and gideon - with gideon being even more oppressive in many different decks.

    100% This. Smuggler's copter was everywhere to be sure, but that's what happens when you print a good solid 2 mana artifact that goes in creature decks during a period of time when you want the whole world to play creature decks. It hasn't been a real problem card since the first couple of weeks that it was legal when everyone was still wrapping their head around it and then the meta adjusted. On top of that they just printed an incredibly efficient maindeckable answer in fatal push as well as heart of kiran. This ban seems incredibly premature. Reflector mage seems to have gone for the same reason stone rain did. Not saying I agree (at all) that it needed to be done, but that's pretty much the reason they gave.
    Can someone please tell me specifically why Emrakul was banned? I know it warped the block, but how exact;y do you cheat it out on turn 4 in a delirium deck? Is that what people were doing?

    I want to know only because I play casual with friends, and now that it will likely become cheaper to buy, I'll be able to cheat it out as often as i want!!

    Turn four Emrakuls come from Aetherworks Marvel, not from delirium.
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  • posted a message on Midnight Entourage - ZiggyD Gaming Preview
    Quote from Falafell »
    So now we have all Rares right?

    Does it matter? The most exciting cards have generally been uncommons anyway right? Smile
    Quote from Spaz350 »
    Quote from Guesswork »
    Quote from poemi »
    fun edh dech here I come
    This is, like, the definition of a card that's no fun in EDH. Where are you going to find enough members of this tiny tribe to fill out that 99?

    Bad in Standard != good in EDH.

    This is a weird Limited draft-around-me card (not even really a bomb), a potential kitchen-table casual thing, and that's about all I can say for it.

    I think the rest of Aether Revolt has been so good that it's easy to forget that every set has its share of penny rares.

    Since this card has an unavoidable downside, I'm not sure who it's really even *for*. The more I think about it, the more I think it's kind of awful.

    Depends on your definition of "Fun". I take a lot of enjoyment out of building off the wall decks based around random tribes (insects, vedalken, mutant, horror... heck, my Prossh deck is a Kobold tribal deck). As of right now, there are 12 Aetherborn, plus 8 and/or black changelings, and 4 artifact creatures that can be set to Aetherborn (2 of which are lords). Throw in support creatures and a dash of Conspiracy, and and Aetherborn deck is definitely possible. Not necessarily GOOD, but flavorful and entertaining.

    Yeah, I had a lot of fun putting together my gorgon tribal Hythonia the Cruel EDH deck. It's not fantastic due to the restrictions I put on it, but it is something I can pull out when playing against newer or more casual players than my usual play group. If I play my normal decks in those situations it's usually boring and no fun for anyone involved so having a list that doesn't feel opressive against barely modified precons is nice.
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  • posted a message on Midnight Entourage - ZiggyD Gaming Preview
    Huh. At first I was like a lord for a creature type that's only existed for one expansion, doesn't have many playables and is unique to the plane of Kaladesh? And it's a hill giant? Yuck. But then I read that ability, and thought of Yahenni, Undying Partisan and Vampire Nightwalk and Zulaport Cutthroat and while it might not be a good tribal lord per se, it might be an important cog piece for an aristocrats deck.
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  • posted a message on Maverick Thopterist
    Quote from jshrwd »
    Quote from Buffsam89 »
    Well, I guess it fits. The oppressed(uncommons) revolting and usurping the oppressors(mythic rares). Or something like that.

    This exact thought crossed my mind the other day and I wasn't sure where to start the discussion.

    I would absolutely love it if Wizards said that the reasons the commons and uncommons are so powerful was for that exact reason.

    This discussion actually makes me sad that there are rares with revolt. How cool would it have been if only the (un)common(er)s were revolting?
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 1/5
    Quote from jshrwd »
    Ugh. This forum has the worst image attachment system.
    It's totally unviewable on mobile.

    Yeah, the switch to curse may have been needed to keep the site open, but was a huge net negative to quality in terms of the forum's functionality.

    Quote from Vorthospike »
    I feel like people are really underestimating Pendulum of Patterns. Three life and draw a card for any color! Has to be a sideboard card for Legacy Burn in order to win the mirror, right?

    That's not even in the same planetary radius as a playable card in legacy burn. 7 mana, even broken up into a payment of 2 and a payment of 5, is not efficient enough in any constructed format for just 3 life and a card. If you want to add lifegain to your legacy burn deck, lightning helix and soulfire grand master already exist. If you specifically want 3 life and a card, Reviving Dose does it for 3. If you want to go deep and play an expensive artifact to gain life surely Obelisk of Alara is a better choice?
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  • posted a message on Metallic Rebuke (Gatheringmagic spoiler)
    Well that's interesting. I definitely foresee this finding a home alongside Paradoxical Outcome at least out of sideboards. While not a strict upgrade to negate for the aetherstorm decks, this is more maindeckable and allows a much greater degree of flexibility in terms of what is needed to protect yourself while going off. It isn't very good on its own, and it definitely is behind the mediocre Spell Shrivel on two counts if you can't improvise reliably, but in the right deck this is a 1 mana Mana Leak. If nothing else, this set is going to get me to revisit Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in modern to see if the new toys line up well enough.
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  • posted a message on Ravenous intruder
    Poor Kurna, tomorrow is already too late, solong solring...

    Gotta love the Atog reprint in the artifact set. The flavor here is off the charts too. 10/10 would feed it mox opals.
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  • posted a message on Baral's Expertise - SCG Spoiler
    Quote from KolbaneX »
    Uh....yea far this is definitely the weakest one revealed so far.

    I strongly disagree with you here. The green expertise likely has the highest power ceiling, but is the kind of thing that is only good when you are already ahead. The texture of a deck that can play a 6 mana sorcery doesn't often lend itself to running a ton of creatures which makes it possible that it does little to nothing beyond cast a spell that costs 5. I can see situations where you have delirium and a grim flayer, you cast green expertise, draw 4 cards and get a free Ishkanah+babies, but that is an ideal case. In the ceiling cases (oh look I have emrakul or some other giant fattie they can't kill) you are already far enough ahead that this isn't likely the card that wins you the game. The floor of course is that you get literal nothing for your 6 mana after they kill your only creature. This one shares a similar floor in that it sometimes does actual nothing, but contextually, you actually WANT that situation in actual games of magic. This card provides a certain amount of expected value in that one of the things blue is missing is a way to come back when behind. Baral's Expertise being a sorcery really hurts it to be sure, but Torrential Gearhulk severely limits what they can print at instant speed for a while. It can still be an absurd tempo gainer to bounce your opponent's remaining board (you are playing some kind of removal yeah?)and dropping down a gideon or a glimmer of genius that you can now flashback next turn with a gearhulk.
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