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    So that means that it is an out-of-the-set card, and it will not even be included in the main Origins set, right?

    That is correct, this appears to be an intro pack reprint, similar to how Nightmare, etc were "reprinted" in M15, legal in Standard, but not in boosters.

    FYI since I'm sure I'll get a few dozen PMs on it by morning: Yes, the mockup I made for the spoiler to correct the awkward angle the card is being held at has a holostamp. There's an issue with the template & fixing that is going to take more consciousness than I have at 3:30 AM.
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    The lowest NM foil Goyfs on TCGPlayer right now are $725 for Future Sight, $389 for MMA, and $275 for MM2. Nonfoil are $200, $180, and $155. Expect the MM2 and to a lesser extent MM1 to drop from the market flooding from the GPs.
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    Quote from Foam-Dome »
    Quote from Sliver Lord »
    Related question: You're in day 2 of the GP, but with the worst qualifying record (so no shot at top 8). You open goyf, foil goyf P1P1. Do you drop?

    On day 2 in normal Grand Prix events, I thought the judges opened the packs ahead of time, stamped them, and replaced the foils with non-foil versions. Annorax should be right in this case.

    This is correct, I've traded for a few stamped cards over the years. I've never played a Limited GP, so I have never actually had a stamped deck or anything like that.

    That said, one Goyf is only about 2 entry fees, so if I'm out any travel expenses at all, I'm passing the pool. GP San Antonio was almost literally in my backyard & I had no expenses to speak of from that, so I dropped from a last chance sealed trial to keep a foil Flooded Strand + 2 Sorins pool.

    A foil Goyf, multiple Goyfs, Goyf + foil Cryptic/Hierarch/Bob etc, I'm out of there with that & queueing up for side events.
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    Quote from Sliver Lord »
    IN order to not drop you need some combination of a very high opinion of your own playskill/pool and enough financial security to value small shots at fame/achievement over $150. I'd drop, but I could easily imagine being in a position five years from now where I wouldn't.

    Related question: You're in day 2 of the GP, but with the worst qualifying record (so no shot at top 8). You open goyf, foil goyf P1P1. Do you drop?

    This isn't possible. The stamping process used for Professional REL actually removes the foils from the packs and replaces them with commons. You will not see foils in a GP Day 2 draft.

    I take the Goyf & say nothing.
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    There is actually a misprint group on Facebook where people buy stuff like this at a premium. It's entirely likely that you could sell the misprints on there & come out quite a bit ahead of where replacements would get you.
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    Don't forget that unlike the original MM, in MM15 all the phyrexian symbols and guild watermarks have been removed.

    Must have needed to save money on ink.

    Or they just haven't imported them into the new frame.
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    Quote from Varal »
    I'm not sure a DQ is a deviation. Intentionally breaking tournament rules, like using genuine cards, should be awarded a DQ even at Regular REL. There might be some leeway but I think that a DQ is a possible outcome of knowingly using fake cards. He might have forget they were fake but he knew they were fake and he puts them in his deck.

    If he has been suspended it can easily verified on the online of suspended people as long as his name or DCI number is known.

    This is true, if he did it intentionally then by all means boot him & recommend a suspension, but the way the story was worded left quite a bit of doubt as to intent. The way I read it is that the player had bought a set of real Goyfs to replace the fakes, presented thinking he had replaced the fakes & simply forgot to do so. The USC-Cheating infraction requires intent as a part of the infraction; if the player committed the offense unintentionally, it's not Cheating. If the facts are exactly as they're written above & the real Goyfs weren't in play elsewhere in the event (loaned out), then I'd have a very hard time getting to the "this guy did this intentionally" point that's required for the DQ.
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    Quote from MaximumC » »
    What's he gonna tell the DCI? "Yeah, I paid money to a criminal who is ripping off your game, but in my defense I never actually meant to take them to a tournament?"

    "I ordered cards from <shop>, they sent fakes, I called them out on it & got a refund. Do you want me to send you the fakes?" works & guarantees an investigation into the seller. He didn't intentionally buy fakes, cooperated with the judges at the FNM & likely would cooperate with WotC as well, I don't see the player having actually done anything wrong, other than not notifying WotC immediately upon receiving the fakes.

    Quote from TheScrublord »
    I recently encountered a player at a local FNM who had a counterfeit playset of Tarmogoyfs in his deck. He had received these from an online retailer (I don't know which one, nor do I know if it was from ebay). When he received them, he knew they were fakes and was refunded his money for his purchase. He is a long time member of our local community and has played in many events here. On this particular day, he had the fakes in place of his real ones (his real ones were in another deck) and forgot to take them out and replace them with the real cards. He called the judge on himself when he discovered this. Unfortunately, because the FNM had already fired, he was DQ'd from the event, and was reported to the DCI. He was given an opportunity to write a letter to the DCI explaining the situation, but I have not seen him at the shop since.

    This should actually not be a DQ. At Competitive, it should be handled the same way as a deck/decklist problem (game loss & replace the fakes with real ones or basic lands). At FNM, if I were judging, I'd probably lean more in the direction of the game loss as well, but he's still getting to replace the fakes with real cards/basic lands. The DQ is a very significant deviation from policy.
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    55 GBP = ~86 USD. This is actually a good price for RTR. I'd suggest buying as many as you can, not opening them & just stashing them in your closet for a few years. Once the shocklands and/or Abrupt Decay spike, the box prices should go up. I'd say those boxes will be 150-200 GBP in a few years, if previous popular sets are an indicator.
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    If you're talking in pure economics, then I suggest you sit on them and let them accrue value. Currently the MM1 sells around $350 ish? There's no reason to not suspect that MM15 won't do the same.

    That said, there is value in cracking and drafting the packs, but not as much in terms of making a profit.

    This. You could probably make $20 a box by selling them immediately when you get them, but the real profit from Modern Masters sealed product is in throwing it in the back of your closet & forgetting about it for a few years, then bringing them out & selling them when people are willing to pay $400+ to relive that draft experience.
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