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    I recently bought a badlands and bayou on ebay they seem to be real but they are also very mint like pack fresh and while I know this is not impossible it also feels very unlikely and I was thinking they have been in a starter deck so I was curious if they are a possible rare combination for starter decks. If not how likely are dual lands to be near mint to the point of brand new? Is it more common than I give it credit to? I can post pics when I get home as well if it helps

    They could NOT have been in the same starter deck unless there was an abnormality in the sorting/packing process. The possible combinations are Lord of Atlantis/Badlands and Badlands/Ebony Horse. The only way an unaltered starter (of any set containing duals; the rare sheet for Revised is very similar to the Unlimited one, with cards in both sets appearing in the same places) could contain two duals is Bayou/Tropical Island.

    This doesn't mean they're fake, of course, it just means they weren't played without sleeves.
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    I've tried most cases, and by far, hands down, no question BEST case I've ever had, is my "Max Protection" case. The words in quotes are literally the only writing on the case, and so I assume that is the brand name of it. I saw it once, probably 10-12 years ago, and have been using it ever since. It looks very much like the older ultra pro 6 cell designs, 5 cells for decks, 1 cell for counters, but this one is a little smaller. It is also a little shorter. I only play EDH and 5 decks are easily carryable. It is a solid foam interior, wherein the older ultrapro had a cheap thin plastic that broke very easily. I know how easily it broke, cause I have had 3 of them, each time trying to fill the empty parts of the molded plastic with cardboard, or glue, or something to make it stronger and last longer. Nothing did. Ultrapro has also released one in a very thin foam, that easily rips, and is much harder to repair than the thin plastic.

    If anyone sees the "Max Protection" Case, I HIGHLY recommend it, though I wouldn't take it on an airplane. I have been looking for more of them for years, and have never found one.

    I use an old Ultrapro bag, with the plastic insert modified to change the circular pit that was intended for counters into space for a sixth deck or other cards. The plastic inserts do not hold up well to any kind of long-term use & I think I may end up building a somewhat more sturdy cardboard/duct-tape insert to replace it sometime in the near future.

    The dice/counter pit was worse than useless, though... any kind of movement would throw dice all over the place inside the bag. Not worth the frustration...
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    There's nothing in the Official Reprint Policy (which is the document with the Reserve List) preventing this.

    But, WotC would incur expenses as they do not own the art but have licensed it on old sets.

    Mirage was actually the first set that had art commissioned using the current scheme, where the artist is paid a flat rate for the art & doesn't get royalties per card printed. Mirage art could be & is still frequently reprinted (see Pacifism's many printings with the Mirage art up to M14) without incurring additional cost to WotC.

    Sadly, what they can't do is complete the Arena Beta art cycle, because those would trigger royalty payments.
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    Quote from DTG »
    Quote from ferro_man »
    Quote from Wizardleak »
    Snapcaster Mage
    Liliana of the Veil
    Blinkmoth Nexus
    Fauna Shaman
    Demigod of Revenge
    Mystical Teachings
    City of Brass
    Unburial rites

    We'll talk again soon.

    or misinformed?

    He's trying to mimic the original name of the poster who leaked and is likely unaware of which sets are eligible for reprint.

    He's a gimmick account created specifically to make that post. The gimmick has been banned & his main account has been given an infraction.
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    Old news, already in the MM15 megathread. Archived
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    Has anyone created a M15 frame PSD that includes colorless frames? I need to get mockups into the spoiler for All is Dust, Kozilek etc & RoblintheGoblin's frame doesn't seem to include that.
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    Those are rather poor quality, both based on the text being dithered (and offset from itself) and because the dot patterns shouldn't have visible straight lines in them at this distance/resolution (see right side of the green frame for best viewing of this.) There's less than no chance of those being real.
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    It's run by MTGOTickets.com, which is legit. I haven't sold them cards directly for cash, but I have sold several thousand tickets to their bots & have never had a problem. They do pay with gift payments.
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    Out of all the cards that could be in MM, what the heck would make Fulminator Mage a mythic rare?

    That was a mistake by whomever made the mockup; the leaker didn't mention its rarity.

    This is the truth; I got Fulminator made before having time to recreate, fail & just floodfill non-mythic symbols. We don't know whether it's rare or mythic.
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    What do you suppose Tarmogoyf does with the Double Faced Walkers from M15?

    Exactly what it did with the Innistrad DFCs. The cards are front face up in the graveyard, so Goyf won't see the PW type.
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