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    Well, I can see a point about the CC. Getting Brimaz in play with a vial on 3 seems easier than getting to 4 mana (and failing to continue a Port Lock), for sure.

    Now, about substituting other cards, I think he is better than Crusader, but I wouldn't remove Serra Avenger for it... It seems to me like flying is just too valuable in this deck.
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    Quote from Macius
    I think its the fact that

    -if your opponent is AD'ing it, it means one less thing you have to worry about
    - It sits at 3, which is a nice number to sit a vial at
    -it passes the vanilla test and doing combat with it gets you more bodies, which with a good body, it will be doing combat quite a good amount....

    Well, I'm the guy who played countertop in a sea of Decays with that reasoning (they have 4 decays tops, let's give them 12 targets to choose from and kill them with the ones they don't destroy) to some success. But here? We have an option to play a finisher that completely circumvents one of the top removal spells in the format. It cost 1 more mana than Brimaz, but it's also a much better card (when you're on the aggressive). I haven't really played this deck much, but how often do you see yourself dropping something like Brimaz and worrying about the damage race? Because that's the only advantage I see in playing him: he can attack and block every turn. Apart from that, Hero has a better ability and makes more guys that actually put pressure on your opponent.

    Maybe it's just that I am giving the aggressive feature of Hero a bit too much importance and Brimaz' defensive aspect has more importance than I think.... That may be it...
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    Quote from medea
    I think the follow up question to the current discussion is: "Is a 1-of Jotun Grunt better or worse than a 1-of Brimaz?"

    My gut says that the Brimaz would likely be better, as it can be protected with Karakas; however, with the increasing popularity of Loam based decks and Reanimator/Dredge, I could definitely see the other side of the argument. It's not like Grunt is usually hitting play on turn 2, and I think in the long grind, I'd rather have Brimaz.

    I don't get why Brimaz is getting all this attention. With all these Abrupt Decays and Inquisition of Kozilek going around, I'd rather use Hero of the Bladehold (lucky 4 mana CMC). Sure, it cost one more mana, but that makes it evade a lot of the removal e some of the discard in the format. Other than that, it's a much better finisher.
    Now, since no one uses Hero, why is everyone suddenly talking about a similar, but worst card?
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    Quote from Kahedron
    Point After Touchdown.

    Most of the time it is just a kick at goal (think conversion in Rugby) for a single point or you can run a normal play and attempt to get the ball across the goal line again for 2 points.

    It has gotten to the stage that a kick at goal is pretty much automatic with the only uncertainty being when a team attempts to go for 2, which doesn't happen that much.

    Oh, ok, Point After Touchdown... I wasn't familiar with that term (PAT), but I know what it is. And Goodell wants to get rid of that? That seems stupid to me...
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    What is the PAT?
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    Quote from fatboyrule
    Drew Levin wrote an interesting article on SCG called "Spirit of the Labyrinth" (creative huh?) where he actually proposed cutting Thalia for Spirit in Death and Taxes and goes over the scenarios in which one is better than the other.

    The idea itself is a hard one to swallow, but he does make some good points. Most notably how Thalia and Vial are kind of at odds with each other. If Revoker and Spirit are your dedicated "hatebears" then you're actually maximizing your Vial usage every game.

    Yeah, on that note, I think Vial should also get cut. All those different casting costs on creatures are confusing... trololololol

    Quote from colo
    To me, that sounds like one of the worst ideas (in regard to MtG) ever published.

    It probably is, and I've read some horrible ones. I don't think you'll be that upset to have a vial costing 2 mana if that means you already played a Thalia and she stuck, but that's just my inexperienced, non pro-player take on things.
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    Quote from Adam W
    The other problem with 22 lands is that it weakens your Ports. You will find, over time, that you simply don't have the mana to sink into them anymore.

    This is my main concern with playing with 22 lands. If I'm playing ports, I want to take advantage of them and with 22 lands I'm afraid of not having enough mana to do that most of the time.
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    Hey guys.
    Since the spoil of SofL, I have rekindled my interest in this deck. It really seems to me that it's got extra tools (SofL and Brimaz) that make it more competitive (if it wasn't already) and it's a very fun deck to play. I see myself playing this to exhaustion after the new set comes out.
    One of the things I'd like to ask (that I don't understand, probably because I never actually played this deck) is why you seem to give such an important role to Serra Avenger. It's doesn't seem like that great a card. Sure, it's big, but aren't we better off swapping the Avenger with Brimaz and having the new King be the Beater in the deck (thus freeing more slots for SotL and the current staples of the deck)?

    I'm not saying this is the right move, I'm really asking why the Avenger is so important, as it seems to me we have better beaters now.

    As for the land discussion, I don't think I'd be comfortable with going under 23. You have wastelands and ports. This is a really land hungry deck (not very mana hungry, but land hungry) and by cutting the land count to under 23, you're actually losing the effectiveness of your ports (which you will then have to tap for mana) and mana screw yourself in order to crack wastelands...

    Again, this is me making assumptions, so take it with a grain of salt and do tell me if I'm wrong Smile
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    Honestly, I think you'd be better off with a Phyrexian Arena effect. I don't care about taking 19 damage to draw 19 cards if that means I can kill my opponent before he can remove my last point of life...
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    Quote from Whitemage57
    Clearly the Pats have the least talent of the four teams. However, as we have seen in the NFL the most talented team doesn't always win it all (This isn't the NBA in other words). I'd go as far as to say every team left has enough talent to win it all, but who has the most means nothing now. It'll come down to who can execute a gameplan and mental toughness. Things that the Patriots have hung their hat on for oh I don't know 12 years now and can't be discredited.

    That's my hope. The other teams have more talent, but none have the deadly Brady-Belichick Combo Smile
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