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Mafia: The Gathering
The Magic Market Index for June 23, 2017
Treasure Cruisin' with Monogreen Stompy
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/28 - Hour of Eternity
    The dream, I guess: in Bant tokens, cast a turn four Parallel Lives or Annointed Procession, then cast this turn 5 targeting a Trostani's Summoner you somehow milled. You get four 4/4s (Two trample), two 3/3s, and two 2/2 vigilances. 26 power total. Impressive, but easily unraveled.
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    posted a message on Trick Twitter Spoiler - Hazoret's Undying Fury
    Too random for my tastes - for every game you just win because this hits, say, two Glorybringers, a Lava Axe, and a Deem Worthy, there will be far too many where you hit nothing but lands, 1 and 2 drops, or more copies of this spell. Could easily have cost 5 itself, or had a scry attached, or not shuffled...just bleh. Honestly not sure why it shuffles given the mana limitation preventing you from slamming a ton of Eldrazi or chain reacting this spell.
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6/28 - Hour of Eternity
    Quote from SonofaBith »
    Quote from AnImAr_ »
    Jesus EDH Christ.

    Even in EDH this card sucks. 7 mana to recur 2 creatures, three of which is colored mana. 9 mana to get back 3 creatures? And there's a decent chance that their being 4/4's are worse than what the creature was originally. A competent EDH player wants a lot more out of their 9 mana.

    Yeah, this. There are probably decks that might think about it, but those are sort of niche themey decks anyways (say, Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun tokens). At this mana cost blue can currently steal everything (Blatant Thievery) or one-sided wrath the table (Cyclonic Rift) or sweep + get an 8/8 (Crush of Tentacles + a random cantrip), and you aren't far off from even more bonkers effects (Time Stretch, Expropriate, Omniscience). Crucially, all of those can be cast with a five-fingered discount via Narset, Enlightened Master. If we add other colors, most other colors can muster a bigger army for less mana using something like Ever After, Decree of Justice, Ezuri's Predation, or other such spells. There are combos you can do by making utility creatures much bigger than they ought to be, but overall it's a little meh for a mythic.
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    posted a message on "Razaketh's Ritual" or so - Tutor with Cycling via orgoglionerd
    As seems to be a running theme, seems good in Commander - 5 mana tutor is pretty bad, but cycling is good. Probably way, way, way too slow in all other formats including limited unless you have a billion payoffs for cycling. I would imagine even the various New Perspectives combo decks would be unwilling to shell out five mana for this.
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    posted a message on God-Pharaoh's Gift
    Quote from orlouge82 »
    Pretty good if you can get it out turn 4 with Gate to the Afterlife.

    Not to dampen the party but how can we have the Gate and 6 creatures in the yard by then?

    In constructed it isn't that hard - discard stuff with Noose Constrictor, Buried Alive some goons, mill yourself with Compelling Argument and similar such cards. In limited yeah, it's going to be next to impossible even with those self-mill and cycling cards.

    Here's hoping for a Buried Alive reprint here; it would be a sick add for Modern and Standard.
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    posted a message on Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign (Let's Brew)
    Panharmonicon - because the only thing better than Fact or Fiction is two Fact or Fictions!
    Sphinx of Uthuun - what about four FoFs!!!!!?!?!??!?! Gaping
    Horizon Scholar - Normally quite bad, but at 3U becomes much better and scrying prior to FoF is solid.
    Warden of Evos Isle, Windreader Sphinx, Favorable Winds, Gravitational Shift - Only one of these is a sphinx, but almost all Sphinx fly.
    Empyrial Plate, Venser's Journal - You are likely to have a full hand at all times once Unesh is on the battlefield.
    Mistform Warchief, Urza's Incubator, Sapphire Medallion, Kefnet's Monument - Sphinxs be costly, so this should help.
    Crystal Shard, Erratic Portal, Deadeye Navigator - anything that blinks or pounces Sphinx is nice here.
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    posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Genju of the Cedars
    Wow, this is an obscure gem that can do some sick stuff with Lure, Nemesis Mask, and other such effects. (You already said it but it bears repeating)

    That's the easy thing - some more obscure combo-wombos are Courtly Provocateur, Magnetic Web, or Domineering Will forcing inopportune blocks.

    Also makes this dude kingly as a saboteur-heavy deck - no one wants to have a creature permanently stolen even a dork token, so suiting it up with Swords, using it to sneak down Ninjas...all seems good.

    Needs a specific deck to shine and will never be the heart of that deck, but is a lot of fun. I give it a 6/10.
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    posted a message on In need of a fun commander idea
    A more esoteric suggestion - Gitrog Monster tokens combo!

    Tapped Out Link

    Tapped Out puts this at $70, but I think you could make a few more substitutions and having all the basic lands would also shave off $10-$15 or so. This deck aims to mill its library and make tokens via landfall triggers and Worm Harvest and Spider Spawning. That's Plan A, but you have a sneaky plan B: Necrotic Ooze combo.

    Necrotic Ooze on the battlefield plus a Quillspike and Devoted Druid in the graveyard creates infinite mana and an infinity/infinity ooze. You can also get infinite mana with Pili-Pala and either Argothian Elder or Elvish Aberration in the 'yard. That infinite mana can and infinite untaps can then also lead to either blowing all the creatures up (Avatar of Woe, blowing lots of noncreatures (Wickerbough Elder; only with the Druid), or milling opponents out (Scrib Nibblers), assuming that attacking or just casting a ton of spells doesn't do it for you. This seems complex, as these are all 3+ card combos, but with all your draw and dredge and recursion you should be able to assemble it fairly often even without tutors.

    I think most people see Gitrog and assume you need a ton of cash to do it, and indeed Fetchlands, Life from the Loam, Crucible of Worlds, Exploration, and Garruk Wildspeaker alongside powerful lands like Cabal Coffers and Gaea's Cradle would be very strong, but I think this deck could still be a blast to play and punch above its weightclass.
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    posted a message on 6/21 Mothership Spoilers - Hour of Glory + PW Deck Cards
    Hour of Glory is more main-deckable than Deicide since there's always creatures to hit, but for even EDH Monoblack I am not sure this is more useful than Silence the Believers or Gild and generally four mana for a one-for-one isn't where you want to be. Would have been a LOT more impactful at 1BB and probably seen some standard play. Talk about a disappointing rare; that's a lot of trinket text for two rarity leaps up from Oblivion Strike.
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    posted a message on Planeswalker Samet interesting
    Planeswalker Samut is bad. Let's compare to Arlinn, Xenagos, and Sarkhan (comparing to Domri is unfair, as Domri is only 3 CMC)

    +1: Sarkhan is a mass-pump+Haste, which is only good if ahead but turns every draw into a threat thanks to Haste. Arlinn is +1 to give one target +2/+2 and haste; again this is good in topdeck mode and about equal. Arlinn also grants Vigilance, which is a big game in playing defense on a locked board. Arlinn has an additional advantage of being able to 0 to make a wolf and "Flip Out"; on the back her +1 is a team pump but you'd only use it if you had chosen to go wolf. Xenagos, like the rest, requires you to be ahead or have creatures but can do sick leaps of mana if you curve. Like Arlinn he backs his situational +1 with a "0" to make a 2/2 creature. Samut gives a single target double-strike, which can be situationally strong with Exert or big threats but generally feels like a bad use of a 4-mana sorcery. All R/G walkers require a creature to work, but Samut requires a creature that does not have summoning sickness which is significantly worse. Advantage: Xenagos or Arlinn.

    Minus: Sarkhan is a Threaten which only helps if you are on the offensive or have sacrifice outlets. Arlinn only has a minus in wolf mode, but it is -1 to Lightning Bolt which is really, really good (but balanced by being unable to do it when she comes down and only able to do it every other turn). Samut is -2 to Forked Bolt - this is better than threaten but worse than Arlinn, because the times you get to kill two targets are greatly countered by the times Samut can't do anything because your opponent has a Winding Constrictor or Lord of the Accursed as their play. Advantage: Arlinn

    Ult: Sarkhan is threatening lethal by putting 20 power into play. You will need three turns to get there, however, so it is a challenge. Arlinn gives you an Emblem of Fervor + Burning Anger to your team; this is strong but she takes at best 5 turns to charge up due to flip + plus requirements. Xenagos is four turns to charge and totally random - could be stronger than Sarkhan, could be worse. Not where you want to be. Like Xenagos, Samut needs 4 turns to ultimate without assistance but has a very strong play. All except Arlinn can ult instantly with Doubling Season. I'd say advantage Samut here, but with the caveat that all of these ultimates are "win more" without Doubling Season support. \\

    Conclusion: Samut is playable in EDH as the first Gruul commander that is insane with Doubling Season, and a redundant piece in superfriends for creating infinite chains with the Season. In all other formats she is very bad - none of the other walkers have seen any meaningful play and are overall stronger and were better positioned.

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    posted a message on Dominaria Returns
    I found this interesting and would love the folks' here's take:

    Quote from Mark Rosewater »
    Quote from reiversmusings asked: »
    Is giving Dominaria a "cohesive identity" code for "turning it into a one trick pony" as you've been doing for every world you've invented in the post-8th edition era? Honestly, if that's the plan I'm fairly certain most of the people who've wanted you to go back would prefer you just not. Part of Dominaria's charm is being an actual developed world with different cultures.

    All our worlds have depth. Each one has a cosmology with different creatures and cultures. A world guide about all the components is crafted for each world.

    The people who love calling it a “World of Hats” are doing the same disservice as the people calling Jace a “Mary Sue”. It’s a snarky undermining of the incredible amount of hard work done by our creative team to make cool new worlds.

    What our worlds are not are hodgepodge worlds with disparate parts that have no connection with one another.

    “But that’s the way the real world is.” There’s a difference between what works in the real world and what works in stories. Real life is often unbelievable through the lens of story. I had umpteen writing classes drive this point home.

    And even when our worlds have more distinction between the parts, Alara and Tarkir as examples, there’s a relationship between the parts.

    There was no reason for Ice Age and Mirage to be on the same plane other than laziness on our part. Them co-existing on the same world did little to enhance one another.

    When you have a Multiverse, it’s important that you craft your worlds so that the players can remember them, that they have some kind of identity. Star Wars and Star Trek treating their worlds like this was not a fluke but an important means to build a world where the pieces were memorable.

    Here’s my counter argument to those who feel that worlds with lots of unconnected elements make for better worlds. Imagine we just clumped two consecutive worlds together. Amonkhet and a Kaladesh are one world and Innistrad and Zendikar are one world. And Tarkir and Theros.

    Have we just made better worlds? Is part of the world optimistic steam punk with an Indian vibe and the other Bolas-crafted Egyptian inspired world, somehow make the world more sophisticated? Or is it just more cluttered and less distinct?

    The reason it took us so long to return to Dominaria is we wanted to do it right. We wanted to be respectful of what the world was but bring to it a modern sensibility of being a world that had a cohesive identity rather than a hodgepodge of unrelated elements.

    We did it though and in a way that is both respectful of what came before and productive in moving forward with a world that becomes part of our stable of worlds that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Old fans, please have faith. We too love Dominaria.
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    posted a message on Neheb, the Eternal (Let's Brew)
    Generating a billion mana with him is easy; mana sinks are where it is at in case you don't happen to have a Comet Storm or Commune with Lava in hand and don't have Aggravated Assault or Hellkite Charger on the battlefield to go infinite. Pyrohemia is a good start, but a few other strong and interesting ones are...

    With Heartstone, Kumano ends up getting to break even - you can tap all your mana precombat to machingun opponents and then get it all back in second main. If you also have a Furnace of Rath or Illusionist's Bracers out there, you end up getting to double your mana and then worst case scenario you can pump it back into the Master to wipe the table or dish out more pain.
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    posted a message on 6/20 Mothership Spoils: The Locust God
    I wonder if we'll see it in standard - clearly it's great in EDH as a stand-alone commander or as part of the 99 in various Izzet and Grixis decks. But in standard, worst-case scenario it is a bit like Forcefield or a pain-free Bitterblossom attached to a 4/4 body. Six mana is a lot compared to what those cost, but it also fuels itself in the lategame and adds onto every Glimmer of Genius with a bonus Raise the Alarm and every Pull from Tomorrow into a Secure the Wastes. Currently I think the meta is too fast for such durdling and that Torrential Gearhulk is the superior endgame for URx control, but this dude is one to keep an eye on as rotations and meta-shifts happen.
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    posted a message on Mirage Mirror via Blake Rasmussen's Twitter
    Quote from utheraptor »
    Quote from acidfreeze »
    Quote from Spaz350 »
    That is amazing with mana up. Pay two to copy, say, Invisible Stalker, go to combat and attack, then after blockers are declared, pay another 2 two become, say, Blightsteel Colossus to kill someone via infect. Tons of shenanigans here!

    That doesn't work. It doesn't retain the activated copy ability once it becomes something else.

    It does work if you change it to Blightsteel after it fails to be blocked.

    As has been discussed, the mirror does not "gain this ability" - if you allow it to go unblocked as a Phantom Warrior, it no longer has the ability "2: Become a copy of something else", so you can't transform it into another permanent until it turns back into mirror at end of turn.
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    posted a message on 6/19 Mothership Spoils - Oketra's Last Mercy + All full art basics
    I agree that outside of "Lifegain Combo" Orzhov decks that want a way to drop down low using Necropotence or Greed and then use this to smash the table with Exquisite Blood, Oketra's Last Mercy won't see a ton of EDH play. In my EDH group at least even if I am able to gain 30 life I'm probably in a situation/boardstate where my opponent can rock me for 40 next turn, or Voltron me out, or combo out, or deal enough damage that I'm back into the danger zone and now stuck with all my lands locked down if I do actually get another upkeep. Resolute Archangel is a fringe card and at least that can be cheated in with Kaalia of the Vast or flickered over and over with Brago. If you are looking for the white EDH staple, look at Hour of Revelation - when the chips are down nuking the table is what white wants, not gaining life (even if its a boatload of life).
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