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  • posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    What are the problems with ~ gets +1/+1 for each card you've drawn this turn (or alternatively, whenever you draw a card, ~ gets +1/+1 until end of turn.) It acts as "~ gets +1/+1 as long as it's your turn" with the potential to be much more. Also, both colors get decent card draw (at the cost of life in black's case)

    There are a few, but mostly I just don't think there is enough design space for a second prowess - considering how low in numbers that one is already.
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  • posted a message on Mechanic: Birthright
    Quote from NGW »
    Birthright --- Whenever a creature that shares a creature type with ~ enters the battlefield....

    Now, reading over it again (and something I'm surprised hadn't been pointed out before so maybe I am wrong on it) it may need to be reworded to say "Whenever another creature..." in order to not trigger itself?

    You are correct - in general it's always a good idea to use the one of the following two wordings that are unambiguous:
    • "Whenever another creature <with list of criteria> enters the battlefield, <do stuff>"
    • "Whenever ~ or another creature <with list of criteria> enters the battlefield, <do stuff>"
    If you are using your original wording, that would work like the second one but with added insecurity among players on whether they are playing it right.

    This is a mechanic that I could see - or maybe it's more one I could have seen in the past where tribal was a broad theme with its own mechanics to be used differently across tribes (like amplify in ONS(?)) as opposed to today where it's more likely that tribes get their individual mechanics to differentiate them from each other (e. g. enrage in XLN).

    It certainly could appear in some tribal product - maybe something of the main releases like a tribal oriented summer product. This kind of "all-purpose" mechanic still serves in such environments.

    I am mainly looking at your commons and it seems you don't have the right level for those - some look lackluster ("+0/+1"?) while other ideas already pass the line to uncommon (the Wizard that regrows instants/sorceries and makes a token all at once). There are also some color pie issues (tapping in green?). I can imagine this is a mechanic that is hard to make enough commons for since repeatability can push some effects otherwise fine at common into something too powerful.

    There is also the precarious balance of tribal effects where you want to make cards to feel not like you have just restricted an effect that would be perfectly fine triggered on any creature vs. not making it too pushed if fully commited to.

    The name is evocative of what this is doing, so fits quiet well, but it seems like a real "bottom-up" mechanic and the cards never transcend that idea. It's something you could use over and over on cards all across different Magic sets (actually spelling out the creature types as well) and wouldn't need an ability word. It's a workhorse good to have available at all times, but the fact that it's so modular also makes the mechanic have no real identity.


    Don't forget to give artist credit on your renders. Otherwise you'll notice soon that all the images will be gone from your thread. In addition it would be courteous to include text cards.
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  • posted a message on Iconic Masters at HasCon
    I don't even blame you for not being able to keep track of all the products in the Masters-series. They have a real identity crisis that I hope they take care of at some point.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    It's almost like they pushed energy way too hard in that block while artifact based decks never actually got out of rogue status. Which is sadly hilarious when you consider that Kaladesh was supposed to be an artifact set.

    Was it though? Was it just an artifact set?

    It's stated that the idea behind the plane is a world of inventors. And while Artificers are the go-to inventors in Magic and the way they realize this prominently energy in its one separate way tackles the issue by being an A+B mechanic. It has the same Augment/Host, choose the placement of your Contraptions etc. Mix-and-Match feeling that Unstable uses and it certainly generates the feeling that you create something on your own.

    I feel energy is just as representative about the feel of what Kaladesh, the plane, and Kaladesh, the set, are about as artifacts are representative. The whole theme of tokens and counters (that fabricate plays into as well) is just so evocative of your game table becoming a work bench with loose nuts and bolts that you can put somewhere - Kaladesh was even more about tokens and counters than previous artifact sets.

    I think in the future this could be the essence of how we tell our artifact worlds apart: By the feel of the mechanics that set apart a world of engineers vs. a world of biologically growing artifacts like Mirrodin/New Phyrexia. It's really a blessing that Kaladesh will be known for its energy deck - if it wasn't just too powerful for the sake of the play environment.

    On the other hand tokens/counters and artifacts come together a lot.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Varhey confirms change of course for Masters sets.
    Quote from illakunsaa »
    Nothing prevents Wizards from making a draft set where most cards are powerful cards in nondraft formats. In fact they do it all the time on mtgo.

    Just for clarity since I have not much experience with MTGO; are those cards you keep, or phantom draft?
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  • posted a message on Reminisce
    Reminisce should not work with all graveyards - you want to the hoop to jump through to fill your target graveyard and the interplay becomes weird if working towards your own goal also involves filling the graveyard for the opponent if they use reminisce as well.
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  • posted a message on Incite (custom keyword)
    I agree that the battlegird wording is better (but the term incite itself is preferable).

    I'm in the camp that while the aability certainly is cool to sometimes scale with numbers, it doesn't need to be the sole use...

    Seizer of Days 3 mana red mana red mana
    Creature - Human Warrior
    Rousing (Whenever this creature attacks, you may have it rouse. Rouse only once each combat.)
    Whenever ~ rouses, untap each other attacking creature. After this combat phase, there is an additional combat phase.

    So is this a keyword for uncommon upwards?
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from Etherium Sage »
    The issue with the statement in this context is that Kaladesh wasn't busted because of its artifacts other than Marvel (Copter was under-costed, but it wasn't busted).

    I bet you cost Marvel high enough, it won't be busted either. Wink
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  • posted a message on Classic Tribal? (Elves, Goblins, Merfolk, Zombies and Dwarves)
    Well, at its very basic level, there's an intrinsic difference between Dwarves and Kithkin; the same one that separates Warriors and Soldiers. (And Mercenaries and Barbarians and and and.)

    Care to elaborate? As far as I can tell Soldiers are members of an organized army, Warriors are individuals of combat experience, Barbarians are tribal people not belonging to a larger civilization, Mercenaries are those selling there services to various masters - if multiple classes apply only the most appropriate apply.

    Both Dwarves and Kithkin have a reasonably long history of Soldiers (relative to their numbers) and Dwarves appearing mostly in read historically have also had Warriors. This is because the "intrinsic difference" between Soldier and Warrior used to be as simple as "white gets Soldiers" (because armies are organized) and "red gets Warriors" (because individual strength/courage is valued higher) and Kithkin and Dwarves used to be separated along the same line.

    But with fully monocolored white Dwarves this "intrinsic difference" no longer seemed to apply to Dwarves at all - and they become both in accompanying class type as well as visuals much closer to Kithkin. Maybe that "intrinsic difference" was their color association after all?
    Plus, Kithkin were supposed to have that thoughtweft/mindweft thing going on, although that sometimes seemed tenuous, mechanically speaking, in the cards.
    That's only Lorwyn/Shadowmoor though. I am not aware of any source implying this applies to Dominarian Kithkin.
    My real point was that a lot of races we take to be non-Dominaria-specific actually did start there.

    And it imported a bunch over time.
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  • posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    I suggested something similar earlier, but I realized a problem with it: It can only increase the p/t by one, which is basically useless on larger creatures. I made a new version to deal with that.
    [Conniving{Name not set}] (~ gets +1/+1 for each other unblocked attacking creature.)

    +Gets stronger in both combat where you're attacking and defending.
    +Not useless in multiples, but doesn't require anything else with the mechanic
    +Not a triggered ability (Looking at you, prowess)
    +Useful on small creatures, which is UB's strong suit, but not entirely useless on larger creatures
    +Reward evasion, but isn't evasion
    +Strategic depth (If I let this creature through, my creature will be big enough to kill the creature it's blocking.)

    -Need at least one other creature on the board to be useful when attacking
    -Not as strong on large creatures (Though it doesn't get worse like Skulk)
    -Has a "working together" feel that might not be right for UB

    A big possible con you forgot was that while it doesn't change the relevant text during turns, the gameplay is entirely different between attacking and blocking - essentially making this two mechanics in one. It's hard to tell whether the feel can be grokked as a single whole without testing, but if it's an issue, it's likely the most worrisome.
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  • posted a message on Discounter Cards, Garruk, Red Arena Dragon Vision, Green Rot
    Quote from Ruggley »
    It never refers to cards remaining in player's hand.

    It refers to the cards not discarded this way, so of the five cards in their hand three were not discarded. It's a legitimate reading of the text you suggest - which is an ambiguity issue your proposed wording introduces that was not there before.
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  • posted a message on Discounter Cards, Garruk, Red Arena Dragon Vision, Green Rot
    Quote from Ruggley »
    Green Rot 1BG
    Target player discards two card. You create a 2/2 black Horror creature token for each card not discarded this way.

    How that ^? Oh okay now I see. It can target two different players

    So if they have five cards in hand, they discard two cards and you get three tokens? Smile
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from SaprazZANY »
    Quote from RxPhantom »
    First, why is this in the Rumor Mill? Like, it's not a rumor. It happened. It's real.

    But actually, why isn't this in the Standard forum?

    While this particular announcement only included changes to Standard, it's still the general announcement, so any Modern changes etc. would have been in the article as well. So while there probably should be a thread on the changes affecting that format in the Standard forum, it also belongs into the main forum for general announcements.
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  • posted a message on UB-Evergreen Keyword Suggestions
    Quote from Tahazzar »
    Quote from Tahazzar »
    Well I think that flash is a pretty desperate and foolish choice as there's nothing wrong with flash as it's now - or as MaRo would put it: "It's just something that doesn't seem to make sense." Rolleyes

    I don't get any of this. Is this sarcastic?
    It was just a jab at how custom designers try their best to argue the points of each proposition until their heads explode, while MaRo just hand waves it all and goes "It’s just something that seemed to make sense" even though it really doesn't though.

    But you said it doesn't make sense? What's "it"? The thing is I don't understand what you are trying to say as a straightforward statement nor as an ironic statement.
    Flash in B was indeed experimented with in Time Spiral and I for the life for me can't recall anyone ever going "Oh, this makes so much sense now!"

    Yeah, you are misrepresenting things choosing that phrasing. Time Spiral didn't "try flash in black". It introduced flash as a keyword ability and used it as a block mechanic in all colors of which black happened to be one. Considering as well that half the black creature cards with flash in the block are from the color-bending Planar Chaos this certainly wasn't a case of expecting to move flash into black's core mechanical identity.
    @ Tahazzar -- How is that different than "~ has hexproof as long as it's untapped"?
    It isn't. Half of the point is that hexproof is IMO nigh unusable at common without affecting gameplay adversely.
    I've already talked about this and other stuff extensively:

    I think the point is more whether hexproof should be replaced entirely as you suggest or whether hexproof should just be more often used with a qualifier.

    You can compare it to indestructible - which still exists as a stand-alone keyword, but with the removal of regeneration has branched out into activated/triggered(?)/static(?) abilities granting it for a turn more frequently. this did not require a change of keyword, but just a change of application.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted list updates
    Quote from blackchoas13 »
    I mean these bannings are correct but Wizards really needs to fix whatever is going wrong behind the curtens, standard bannings used to happen maybe every 5 years, now they seem to be happening every 6 months

    I don't know how actively you follow their output, but you might want to look up their official output as they already announced some things happening behind the curtains - it's just that the effect will only be visible with a time delay.
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