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    @ Dyne: that su***, but what can you do?!

    Regarding your list, have you ever thought about replacing your 2 basics with another fetch (Scalding Tarn) and another Taiga (or Trop) and cutting Daze to make room for some number of Spell Pierces?

    How do you like Ooze in the maindeck?
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    How do you guys add Sylvan Library without messing up the blue count for FoW?
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    Any thoughts on Scavenging Ooze or Terravore in NO RUG?
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    This is a dream card for Countertop decks (Supreme Blue/Intuition Countertop), as it's finally an answer to Vial AND GSZ. Countertop suddenly has 8 answers to their most problematic cards (Vial/GSZ/Lackey) with Misstep and Force of Will.

    I also think the card will be most effective when you run it next to more countermagic (FoW, Daze, Counterspell or whatever), so to me it doesn't seem to make any sense in the board of a Goblin deck for instance.

    Mental Misstep will most likely make Countertop a top tier deck again.
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    NO PRO countertop with 4x Spell Snare in the side comes in against Survival. The deck will become even better again with the banning of Survival of the Fittest.
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    It's actually pretty simple:

    There are only 2 refined Countertop decks that don't need much to discuss (these are both 'Proven'):

    - Countertop Progenitus (first list on this page)

    - 4C Countertop (Martell's list).

    The Countertop Progenitus (Bant Control) version has made numberous of top 8 appearances and is still prefered by some of the best Countertop players among us, even after having played/tested the 4C Countertop version. Both are very strong decks. Countertop Progenitus plays Stoneforge Mystic and Jitte SB to fight aggro, while 4C Countertop plays Firespout (so it's basically the aggro route vs control route). 4C Countertop is more control orientated, while Countertop Progenitus is more aggro orientated.

    Less people play Natural Order because of the popularity of Jace. Most want to play Jace as their main win condition and why not? He fits perfectly in the Supreme Blue Countertop shell, thus Natural Order sees less play...although all of this doesn't have anything to do with the true power of NO in Countertop.

    Bant Aggro (2nd list on this page) is a whole different animal; it isn't as refined as Countertop. It has many variations and UGW Tempo is one solid example of it (= Bant Aggro with Wasteland, Noble Hierarch, Daze).
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    When your fantasy shows you an old and sick man laying on his hospital bed, telling his grandson his last words, right before he dies: 'Kid, remember one thing: never ignore Daze, they'll Pierce you to death'.
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    Personally I'd transform the deck into The Gate, especially since you're not far away from it.
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    Magic won't ever die; we will.

    Just play the game till you can't play with your deck anymore. Seriously, I played Magic when I was a teenager and always loved it, especially playing it with my brother and cousins. I remember one of my cousins played a blue deck that seemed insanely broken compared to the other decks; it was the deck I always wanted to buy from him, haha. Magic has always been a great, great game. Until recently I came back to it (after years of not playing and a lot of serious ☺☺☺☺ happened in my life). Despite all of this, I love Magic again and I'll probably never give up on this game. It works like a drug, it always itches.
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