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    I see, well going back to the previous topic,, is there anything not covered in the Kozilek primer that I should be aware of?
    You're probably going to get better results asking this kind of question in that thread. The people posting in there presumably have a little more specialized knowledge and not everyone posting in the decklist sub visits this thread on a regular basis. I know I've never played a colorless EDH list, so any advice I could give is probably wrong.

    I just picked up the remaining Sneak Attacks I needed for my set so I can play a ridiculous looking deck someone put on the source that jams them into a nic fit shell. It looks like the most glorious EDH/cube/legacy mashup ever, even more than nic fit usually does. The god hand involves Veteran Explorer into Phyrexian Tower into Sneak Attack into Griselbrand or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and if that doesn't sound like some of the best magic ever I'm not sure what we have to talk about.
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    Quote from Mercury01 »
    I bet we can thank Eldritch Evolution for that.
    My money's on good, old-fashioned reserve list driven buyout. I haven't seen anyone talking about the card and legacy has better cheating options.

    It's a fun one, but I have to wonder how often it's better than Dramatic Entrance. Same effect, opponents' actions are irrelevant, and only one mana more. The kinds of decks that want this effect presumably have ramp as a backup plan for their enormous green fatties, so 4 vs 5 CMC seems pretty minor.
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    Quote from Gashnaw »
    A card at $5.10 is worth its weight in gold. So if I am running a 1000 dollar card. I'll sleeve it in a box If I have to.
    How do you figure? From Quiet Speculation there are 257 cards to a pound, so about 16 cards per ounce. Market price of gold right now is about $1340 per ounce. From those numbers, a card is literally worth its weight in gold at just above $80. Seeing as that's 16x the original number you gave, I'm guessing that whoever did that calculation read the price of gold as per ounce rather than price per pound.

    For the OP, I typically run single sleeved with a playmat, including my thousand dollar cards. I've also had some cards damaged when single sleeved that would have been OK if they were double sleeved. Normal sleeve over perfect fit isn't about protecting the perfect fit. Playmat is there because I like to minimize the amount of gunk on sleeves when I play for my own personal comfort, and I've played on some surfaces (bar tables, etc) that would not have helped that cause without a mat. If I don't enjoy playing with sticky sleeves, I can either replace the sleeves periodically or I can play on a different surface. Playmat is much cheaper than boxes of replacement sleeves in the long run.

    That said, if I dropped a bunch of money on a custom mat and/or sleeves, I wouldn't feel too bad about protecting them. I don't, so I don't buy those products. Just like I don't buy specialized binders, deck boxes, counters, etc. There's really no downside to having these products available and other people buy them, so why not?
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    I'm about as far from this as you can get. Everything in my box is in orange dragon shields, so every deck I own is in orange dragon shields.

    I do have color coordinated tokens sleeved up. I had a bunch of old sleeves kicking around after consolidating and wanted my tokens differentiated from regular cards somehow.
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    Quote from tchntm43 »

    Yes, I know why it's at that price, it can only be obtained from the Chandra Planeswalker deck. Still, I think it's pretty interesting as I can't remember this happening before in Standard. Is the card expected to see serious play in Standard? Why else would it be sought after like this?
    Because no one has them yet. If it can maintain that price for a week after the decks are available, I'll be impressed. I'll be impressed if they stay above $1. It's a 4-of in an MSRP $15 deck that has two packs in addition to the other cards and will be sold at big box stores. There's no way it can maintain any kind of real price without some serious, serious demand to back it up and it's not a very good card. Some people are afraid of missing out because it's new and only available in one place and other people are trying to capitalize on that.

    I'd also point out that the TCG market price is $1.27 as I type this. It may be listed at $4, but almost no one is buying at that price.
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    Quote from gkourou »
    They are not cheap though and the reprints we got are not massive ones. LOTV, Damnation, Fulminator Mage, Spellskite, maybe Inquisition Of Kozilek, Snapcaster Mage, Tarmogoyf, Mishra's Bauble, Engineered Explosives, plus fetchlands is what I would like to see, although all of them are not happening I guess.
    Thoughtseize was in Theros. You can't get any more massive a reprint than the first set of a standard block. It tanked the price from $60 to $10. IoK is in an in-print, print to demand set. Just because they're not as cheap as you want them to be doesn't mean they haven't been reprinted on a large scale.
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    Quote from trixster87 »
    Since you want to be pendatic - a pound of cards is 257 cards. The value of one pound of gold is $1310 so a card worth its wait in gold is roughly $5, sadly quite a few of my cards are worth way more than their weight in gold.
    If you can get a pound of gold for $1310, empty out your bank account buying gold. That looks like the price per ounce, which means a card worth it's weight in gold is closer to $80.
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    Ten points to the first person to post a god hand that doesn't involve any vintage caliber mana rocks.
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