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    The rest of the set as well as the size of the print run is going to impact prices. Early preorder prices are nothing beyond an indicator of current prices and what SCG thinks people are willing to pay. It's way too early to be making any definitive statements on how EMA is affecting card prices.

    Vampiric probably won't move much (desirable mythics in modern masters sets haven't changed much historically), but we're not going to know how prices on most of these are affected until the set has been out for a couple weeks at the least. We're also looking at a different kind of demand for Vampiric than mythics in previous masters sets have had. There's no non-kitchen table casual format where more than one is legal, so you're going to see a lot less of the scenarios where someone opens one or two and wants to complete the set.
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    I won't buy any sealed product from the set, but foil Gamble is a great inclusion for me. There's a few more things I would like to see reprinted, but we're still way too early in the spoilers to bemoan what isn't there.
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    Quote from Ebonclaw »
    Also, I have no idea why this slipped my mind, but Lands plays Mox Diamond a lot, so it can still produce colored mana even if a Blood Moon is on the board. Most of its spells are not super color intensive anyway, so the deck can still function.
    Riftstone Portal as a one-of is getting some traction too. Lands doesn't enjoy Blood Moon, but it can still play the game.
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    I don't think they could spoil anything that would make me buy sealed product at $10/pack (minimum). I'll happily pick up any singles that I'm after though.
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    I've played Heidar before. He's a lot of fun and very disruptive. He draws a lot of removal so people can develop their boards in peace, but he has some inbuilt protection in that he can bounce himself for two mana if he's untapped. Being able to bounce any permanent gives you a ton of room to build around. There are cute interactions like Reality Acid, hard locks like Stasis, etb abuse, almost hard removal for any permanent type thanks to countermagic/windfalls, and he's a very powerful tempo tool on his own. Bouncing 8-drops for almost no investment is one of the most satisfying plays. He's better at playing an unfair game than Alexi, but doesn't have to be built that way. My list was pretty fair and almost entirely untuned, and it still did fine.

    I could see Alexi being a lot of fun and I have fond memories of using her from when I was just playing kitchen table casual. I would just be worried about the discard cost. All of the other spellshaper legends makes up for the negative card advantage through their abilities to some degree. Alexi's being soft removal means that she's much more dependent on the 99 to pick up some of that. You could get away with heavy etb effects, but you're talking an enormous amount of mana if you go that route.
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    I'm really looking forward to all of the Crypts I'm going to see in pickup games now that the supply is increasing.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for Daretti and Myriad Landscape. I figure Commander's Sphere is a non-starter, but that would cover everything not reserved of what I don't have foiled out in Jaya.
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    Quote from Life1ess »
    I don't think I've ever been more excited for a spoiler than I was when I saw Sylvan Library is getting reprinted at rare.
    Gamble for me. One of a handful of cards I run in Jaya with no foil printing and the art is straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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    Soothsaying is passable, especially if you have anything that cares about the top card. More mana intensive, but it can also see a lot more cards in a turn if you have the mana to pay for it.
    Crystal Ball is underplayed. Cheap filtering, and it's occasionally better than Top if you don't have shuffle effects.
    Thassa, God of the Sea gives you a little of that effect and can also sneak in buffed up creatures.

    You could always just add card draw or some kind of cheap filtering, too. My first choices would all be cantrips, despite the fact that they aren't permanents.
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    Quote from Equinox2793 »
    CoCo's price comes from it's rampant use in Bant Company in standard. It doesn't come from abzan.
    This. Company is a 4-of in a tier 1 standard deck (from what I hear - I don't keep up with standard). Modern is going to buoy its price at rotation somewhat, but the card is definitely going to drop. A rare from a modern set also printed in a supplemental product isn't going to maintain that price point once it only sees play in a modern deck or two.
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    Quote from Donald »
    Anyone buy XCOM 2 yet? I've been holding off to give them time to fix bugs and make early adjustments but my patience is running out.
    I've had it since day 1. I liked it a lot, despite the early bugs (mostly loading screens taking forever. I haven't played it for a while, but I'm hoping they've fixed that by now). It feels a little more balanced than the previous one. Snipers aren't quite battlefield gods (to be fair, they did get powered down in expansions) and psi operatives are a dedicated class instead of a perk that you give to everyone by the end game (but they're still ridiculous). I appreciated that the story actually had a reason to limit your resources, as opposed to the last one and the original UFO games. It kept a lot of what I liked about the reboot and improved on a few things. The enemies also felt a lot better in general. Survivors of groups of 2-3 that survive your initial attack fall back and join other groups. Sectopods are brutal if you don't deal with them quickly. Character customization is more in depth, which can be good or bad depending on how good you are at keeping everyone alive.

    I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you liked the first reboot. I haven't picked up any DLC yet, but it doesn't look like anyone has particularly nice things to say about it anyways and the base game is plenty deep. I'm holding out hope for something the quality of Enemy Within, but I'm not going to be offended if I don't get it.

    edit: My big life event of the day: I just interviewed to move from contractor to regular employee.
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