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    This is pretty similar to what I would try out for a white splash. I think Baleful Strix is better than Coiling Oracle here. I know we see this differently in Imperial, but I think adding in the equipment gives you additional uses for evasion on offense, and you're already building towards a stronger midrange game with the SFM. The mana gets uglier, but I think the upside is worth it if it can be figured out. It's not like Aluren was particularly Wasteland resistant to begin with. I think I would also consider dropping one SFM or Agent for a MD True-Name Nemesis. It's Recruit-able, plays nicely with the slightly more midrange gameplan, and gives you a defensive option to replace Dream Stalker in a pinch. I don't really like losing the discard and MD Decays, but I can see FoW playing better with the rest of the deck and space for a SFM package (which seems like a solid approach) has to come from somewhere.

    I haven't given the white version a ton of thought, but sliding a little farther towards midrange with a combo finish seems like a reasonable approach. I don't think it takes me off of the Imperial version. I have Recruiters of both flavors to play around with so I'll try some things out.
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    Quote from sjsilver »
    Has anyone tried a Wildfire type build with Devastating Dreams et alia?
    I would think that would work better with a different general, probably Squee, Goblin Nabob or Daretti. Jaya doesn't really support that aside from also discarding cards and she typically wants more mana available, given that her most impactful ability at a lot of tables is her Inferno. It could be a viable deck, but it would have to be a drastically different one than mine to effectively break the symmetry. Much, much heavier on mana rocks and the win cons would have to shift away from things like Valakut and Comet Storm. The other issue I've always run into when theorizing this kind of thing is that there are relatively few cards with that effect. There's the titular Wildfire, Devastating Dreams, Destructive Force, kind of Devastation, and it drops off abruptly after that. Burning of Xinye is a lot more accessible after the FTV printing, but only hits one other player. There's plenty of MLD available, as well as things like Obliterate, which is probably better given that you're unlikely to outramp everyone at a table, but that shifts the focus. MLD also requires more creature control if you're playing with similar wincons to a Wildfire deck. There's also a social incentive to not pull this kind of deck out too often in a lot of groups. The mix of problems and the fact that most of my playgroup would not respond well to a dedicated LD deck has kept me from putting any serious time into it.

    Quote from Mercury01 »
    I learned my lesson about that after losing several expensive lands to a spilled glass of water. X(
    I have a brown playset of Ancestral Visions (cheaper at the time and I had a spare set that I unloaded when it was unbanned in modern) and various other cards from the time I spilled coffee at my desk. You would think that I would have learned then, but I just stopped putting my coffee mug down next to my cards. This one was at a shop and largely beyond my control. I somehow managed to dodge any real damage, but it was close enough that I'm just sucking up the larger deck size. I don't appreciate needing to find a larger box, though.
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    Do you think the deck could benefit from some way of becoming the monarch, for extra card draw? Maybe Marchesa's Decree as a way to protect yourself, too?
    Monarch seems like a terrible choice here. The deck is creature light, even with the reanimation theme, so you're not stopping anyone from swinging by threatening blocks and you're unlikely to steal the crown back once you lose it. There's also not enough board control to keep the board completely clear at all times (which is not a small feat, even for decks dedicated to it). You would be drawing one additional card, then giving everyone else at the table free card draw. Marchesa's Decree isn't really protection. It provides a small deterrent, but anyone swinging with a 2/x or larger is still going to kill you well before they're in any danger. Add on that it actually incentivizes people to attack you while you're the monarch and it's pretty much useless in a deck like this. The effective deterrents either stop the damage entirely or kill the creature.
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    Quote from vandertroll »
    What type of sleeves do you use for this?
    I'm using KMC perfect fits and dragon shields. It's worked for me in the past, but it's going to take a little bit of time to get all of the excess air out and I need to track down a larger box.
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    Finally double sleeved my Jaya deck. I've been holding off on it because I didn't want to deal with the increased size and earlier today a friend spilled coffee at it. I got lucky and nothing was damaged (very slight damage to one edge of Gamble, but it's so minor that it's not apparent from the card face), but I don't really want any damage to that deck.
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    Friendly reminder to anyone with even moderately expensive cards that double sleeving decks is worthwhile. I had a friend spill coffee at my deck this afternoon, which could have ended very badly. No damage aside from some very, very slight discoloration on the edge of Gamble (literally just a tiny spot on the top edge, not even the face of the card), but it's definitely going to make me a little more careful in the future.

    I updated the list in the first post. With a couple changes from today, there were 8 cards changed over the course of the last year. I'm still planning on a more detailed update to the primer text proper, but that's going to take more time and it had already been a long time since there was any kind of update.
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    I don't care about scooping either way but I'm anti adding any more format specific rules than necessary.
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    Quote from Ebonclaw »
    Oh, let's not forget the single Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Moat. Niche, but necessary to their respective decks. Tabernacle finds homes in both lands and the sideboard of Pox decks. Moat is an important 1 of in Miracles.
    Gaea's Cradle is another one that will be fun to get a set of too. Obviously you can ignore all of these cards if you're not intending on playing Lands, Miracles, or Elves, but if you'd like to....well...yeah.
    On the cheaper side, Lion's Eye Diamonds and Infernal Tutors.
    Tabernacle, Moat, and the Cradle playset are pretty much the cards that I would advise someone trying to build a legacy collection stay away from at first, unless they're specifically interested in a deck running them. Pricey and niche are good things to fill out once you have a solid base of other stuff. Alternatively, you could go super deep and old school and build Dutch Stax as a first deck. You would lose a lot unless you were in the durdliest of creature heavy metagames but at least you would have your Moat playset for comfort. I think someone ran that with several Tabernacles a couple years ago, too.

    @GustavBDK, I agree that LEDs are a good choice. That opens up a lot of the combo world to you. Show and Tell is going to see a price drop with the CON2 reprint, so keep an eye on those for a little while. Beyond that, I would build towards specific decks and fill out your staples as you go. Having the manabase, FoW, and Wastelands covers a lot of the cost for a lot of decks so you might as well build what you want to play.
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    I'm taking measurements of something that need a couple of axial-lead resistors (the thing that anyone who's ever learned electronics has used) and I'm a little worried that it's something I won't be able to find in any of our stockrooms.
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    I could see people being a little annoyed at the extra table space being taken up, but I doubt it would make much of an impact. Why are you worried that they would draw aggro?
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