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A Reckoning on Kamigawa
The Magic Market Index for Oct 20, 2017
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from cryogen »
    But man oh man she's gonna eat pizza like it's going out of style.
    First thing she did after finding out from what I've heard.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    One of my wife's friends was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. She just found out that it was a misdiagnosis and it was actually viral. She was retested and definitely does not have celiac. That has got to be one of the most bizarre doctor's visits.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    Yea, I am often guilty of doing things just a little too fast. In my new meta people are also prone to kingmaker like crazy on their way out which is kind of annoying to me. It also means I need to murder the hell out of some people before continuing with my turn and don't let anyone dangle close to death.
    My meta is a little unusual in that we play kind of high powered casual. There are almost no combos or fast mana, we intentionally omit lots of format staples, and run very few tutors (no unrestricted tutors). Combat damage kills are the typical endgame. All of that said, fetch/dual manabases are the norm, we (mostly) play plenty of removal and it's not uncommon for someone to go from a relatively non-threatening board state to representing lethal in a turn or two. No one gets left close to death because it invariably comes back to bite you in the ass.

    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    I had one the other day where I totally had this mono black player dead to rights. He was like going to die to my combat step and I tried casting Purphoros, God of the Forge before combat to which he hit me with a Withering Boon. I murdered him immediately afterwards but it literally cost me the game that he did that. I found it really annoying since like he was already dead but he was just being vindictive as he died.
    If I'm going out, you can bet that my final actions are going to be doing as much damage as possible to whoever put me in that spot. I figure it's a better option than scooping to deny triggers or something. There's no way I'm just rolling over in that scenario, given the option.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Glistener Elf
    This has always been a hair too expensive and it's just a little too large for me to play it. If it was (in order of preference) three CMC, two power, or one toughness, I could probably find a place for it somewhere. As is, it doesn't play nicely enough with other small recursion effects and it's not good enough to play on its own merits. It might be worth revisiting with all of the new vampire tribal support in the last few months, though I suspect it's going to be just as clunky.
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  • posted a message on The Modern Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from KnickM »
    I don't think that it's a combo piece that will make its way to Modern, but the door has been opened and people are now more aware that the card exists. If some sort of Splinter-Twin-Esque enchantment gets printed in the future, this could be good?
    Champion, 6 CMC, and needing to do combat damage to a player with no evasion seem like insurmountable obstacles for serious modern play. It's reasonable for EDH. I'd be amazed if it ever made it past the LGS level in modern and I'd expect it to be a fringe strategy even there.
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  • posted a message on New Magic Card Comparison Site in the UK
    Searched for Lightning Bolt as a test case. Result #1 has a low price of £0.85 with 0 in stock. Result #2 has a low price of £109.99 with 0 in stock.

    I'm not in the UK and wouldn't make use of this tool either way, but it looks like you may still have a couple bugs to work out. I suspect you could also do with more filters - specific sets at the very least, probably foil/nonfoil and condition at some point.
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  • posted a message on Which formats do you play?
    Legacy occasionally. There are quite a few factors that keep me from playing in the local weeklies, which is a shame. I'm otherwise just an EDH player.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Yeah I figured it out when I found a thread elsewhere. Thanks Weebo Swear

    Happy to help.
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  • posted a message on Is Popeye Stompy real?
    No. Julian Knab and Bob Huang decided to hype up a nonexistent deck with a catchy name to see what would happen. There were a few tweets about it, then someone on reddit posted several threads about losing to it/Rishadan Brigand spiking in price/the ethics behind sharing a semi-public list/etc using a bunch of alts, which helped whip everyone into a frenzy over it. You can read Bob Huang's article about it here if you want a little more info on it.

    That said, there was a flurry of brewing around the idea trying to figure out the list and some of those lists have had some minor success (4-1 MTGO finish with a first draft). Most of that probably goes back to the stompy shell winning games on it's own, regardless of color or additional threats. Even then, there might be something passable for small events hiding in there.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Mono-R Control with Jaya Ballard!
    Forum downtime and RL obligations ate this post yesterday, so I'm trying again today.
    A Brief Set Review of Ixalan
    • Angrath's Marauders - Asymmetrical damage doublers are very, very powerful, especially in a deck that relies heavily on burn as creature control and a win con. That's probably why the effect was stuck on a relatively fragile, 7 CMC body. This dies so quickly that I wouldn't expect it to live long enough to have much impact. Inferno (over)killing it doesn't do much to add to it. I'd rather have one of the symmetrical Furnaces at a lower CMC to be able to drop it and continue playing in a turn.
    • Brazen Buccaneers - Bringing this up to mention explore as a mechanic. Potential card advantage in red is nice. The benefit if you miss is insignificant here and the body isn't all that impressive to begin with. Future explore may have some potential.
    • Burning Sun's Avatar - If you're already running Inferno Titan and want a second similar effect, this is where you're looking. Titan is significantly better in most cases and I'm not currently running that, so this isn't all that tempting (even though it's a dinosaur).
    • Captain Lannery Storm - Aggressive creature that helps pay for itself and ramps you over time. It really needs to be in a more aggressive shell to shine - here it's just going to die to some controlling element and there's not significant evasion to get it into the red zone reliably.
    • Captivating Crew - I like the effect a lot and I like that it's a decent lategame mana sink. I don't like that it dies to a strong breeze. There's definitely room for a more sacrifice-focused controlling mono-R deck somewhere and this fits there. I'm not sure I want to try it here.
    • Fire Shrine Keeper - I always appreciate early drops with late utility. The utility this provides late is a little too redundant for Jaya and the early use fits better into a more aggressive list so I'm not planning on trying this despite that appreciation.
    • Makeshift Munitions - This is another one for the more sac-focused deck. Adding an artifact sac outlet to Goblin Bombardment plays nicely with the artifact threaten effects we've seen more of over the last couple blocks and gives an actual improvement for the increased activation cost. Here, it provides a little late game reach but not enough to make the deck.
    • Rampaging Ferocidon - I have a couple big lifegain cards that are usually high impact. I don't really want to stop those. This also dies quickly and I'm not aggressive enough to take advantage of the menace, which all adds up to not fitting here. Certainly an EDH playable card.
    • Raptor Hatchling, Sun-Crowned Hunters - While I don't think either of these have a place, enrage as a mechanic has some promising design space for Jaya. Acting as a rattlesnake and giving some additional advantage to an inferno or as an engine by repeatedly incinerating could be worthwhile. Watch out for future dinosaurs that could fit.
    • Rowdy Crew - The random discard hurts here. The body is effectively worthless to this deck and the filtering isn't reliable. If you're looking for this effect, go to Goblin Lore first.
    • Star of Extinction - I have a friend running Gishath, Sun's Avatar and I'd really like to hit a board full of dinos for the flavor win, but I don't think this really improves on what I'm already doing otherwise.
    • Sunbird's Invocation - I like the card a lot and it plays nicely with tapout control strategies. I'm not sure my curve is top heavy enough to get good results from this and 6 CMC cards that do nothing on their own are always a toss up. I'll probably try this out elsewhere first and move it into Jaya or not based on that experience.
    • Tilonalli's Skinshifter - Another card that needs a more aggressive, creature heavy deck. The number of nonlegendary creatures likely to be attacking in my list is tiny.
    • Trove of Temptation - Tying into the low creature count, I don't really want to provide incentives to attack me. The upside here is not worth the forced attacks.
    • Vance's Blasting Cannons/Spitfire Bastion - This is great. I'm still neutral on heavy inclusion of red impulse draw when other options are available, especially when you can't play lands off them, but flipping into repeatable burn on a land is nice. I like this a lot in theory despite not being sure how easy this will be to flip. The strength of the backside as inevitability helps balance the downside of the front. I'm planning on trying this one out (and want to get an alter of one of the checklist cards if it sticks - I'm open to ideas on that).

    • Conqueror's Galleon/Conqueror's Foothold - I'd play the backside land in a heartbeat. I'm not even remotely confident in my ability to flip it thanks to crew 4. Seeing as the front side is basically worthless, ease of transforming is the sole factor in whether this is playable here. As much as I want it to work, my gut feeling is that it's not going to work out. I'll keep an eye on how reliably I'd be able to crew it and I'd love to hear from anyone else who tries it out.
    • Dowsing Dagger/Lost Vale - I think this one is more workable. The land side is strong and the plants don't mean much here so it again comes down to how easily it flips. It has some potential and plays on curve with Jaya in a way similar to Sword of the Animist, which I've had a fair amount of success with.
    • Primal Amulet/Primal Wellspring - Not really instant/sorcery heavy enough to take good advantage of this or flip it reliably. Good card that's generally worse than a mana rock here.
    • Sorcerous Spyglass - I'm not huge on Needle effects in EDH. While this is arguably the best one for the format so far I'm not willing to spend a slot on it.
    • Thaumatic Compass/Spires of Orazca - The last several posts have been discussing this so I'm not going to rehash that discussion.
    • Treasure Map/Treasure Cove - Filtering into ramp/card advantage is nice enough. I'd consider this over some of the other scry options. It's still low on my list of potential adds without additional treasure support.
    • Vanquisher's Banner - Decent with a goblin package, poor otherwise. I don't have a goblin package so I'm passing.
    • Field of Ruin - Respectable as cheap ($) nonbasic hate and an instant speed Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle trigger. Lands have been one of the tightest spots in my deck for a while and I'm happy with Strip Mine/Wasteland which makes this a tough sell.
    The best things to come out of this set are pretty clearly the flip lands, and a big part of evaluating those is seeing how difficult they are to flip. I'll be trying Blasting Cannons for sure, I think over Hoarding Dragon. The others I'll probably hold out on until I have a better idea of how reliably I'll be able to get to the land side. Of the non-flip options, Sunbird's Invocation is my favorite. I'm not sure where to try and find a place for that seeing as I'd still like to fit some things from the last set or two in. I'm considering upping the curve slightly and pulling Skred so I can use different mountain art. I was going to go for a straight swap to Lightning Bolt but that may give me a good test slot for a little while.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from jonnyjonski »
    Is it worth it to sell my copies?
    I have a couple thoughts on that. First, the card has been basically bulk for years and Stronghold has a large print run compared to earlier RL sets. If you're not using them and can find someone willing to buy at a high price, go for it. They'll drop more in the short term - see Corpse Dance, which likely has a similar number of copies, substantially more demand thanks to EDH, and started at a higher price pre-buyout.

    Second, it's still on the RL and unless WotC breaks that it will never be reprinted. Everything on the RL has the potential to climb long term. How long that takes for Shapeshifter (assuming no one comes up with a spicy brew or strong finish using it) is unclear. My guess would be very long term. Late RL stuff doesn't have supply issues as severe as the early stuff, it's all been around for a similar amount of time at this point, and a lot of it has been sitting at very low prices. Incremental growth is going to be slow, so you're either holding for a long time or betting that someone else is going to try a buyout.

    If you could use the money, can find a buyer, and don't need the cards, now is an OK time to sell. My take is that the best window to try that is closed (and was never really open - there are only 3 completed listings on eBay for more than $6-7) and you're unlikely to get more that $4-5 in hand per copy after all of the costs associated with selling given that there are already listings in the $5-6 range. Whether that's worth the time and effort is up to you. I'd just hold onto them for now.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Depending on the weather, I might smell ocean. Freeway is more common because it's much closer. Nature isn't going to happen unless I drive to find it - I wouldn't be surprised if my apartment complex has more residents than ISB's little mountain town. I know it's bigger than my wife's hometown.

    unrelated edit: Long after giving up hope that BOTAR was ever going to release more music or perform live again, I just got tickets to see them in January.
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  • posted a message on Commander Etiquette
    Quote from LouCypher »
    It can all be condensed into the one rule my LGS uses: "Don't be a -insert expletive here-". Tends to work pretty well, actually.
    We also use this rule and it's worked for us for years.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    What's causing Copper Tablet to jump? Is it another buyout because it was never reprinted after ABU or is it being used in a deck?
    4-of in Popeye Stompy.

    It's not being played anywhere that I'm aware of. I'd guess that it's the same buyout trend as all the other old stuff we've seen recently. There have been a few non-reserved cards that are being picked up, apparently on age alone.
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  • posted a message on Is this fake or misprint?
    Sounds like the promos from the Dragonfury prerelease game, which were foil stamped alt art versions.
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