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    Can you cite a rules document either way? A judge on the channel literally just told me that they are considered magic cards since the official rules state nothing about the color of a cards border whatsoever, and would not be allowed in the deck box regardless of the color of their border since they are neither cards on the decklist, nor tokens.

    There is nothing in the comp rules, though the following does appear in the MTR under authorized cards

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    • The card is genuine and published by Wizards of the Coast
    • The card has a standard Magic back or is a double-faced card.
    • The card does not have squared corners.
    The card has black or white borders.
    • The card is not a token card.
    • The card is not damaged or modified in a way that might make it marked.
    • The card is otherwise legal for the tournament as defined by the format

    As Noobincube has stated UnCards have a silver border so are not elligible for use in a sanctioned tournament so should be ignored if they are extra in a deck box
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    If you have more than one impulse then yes you can target them the 2 Harness the storm triggers, and as they are different game objects you will be able to cast them both presuming you can pay the costs.
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    Even though there is a mana cost involved with the devotion ability on Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx it is still a mana ability so can be used to pay the costs for ghostly prison and other effects that require a cost for something to happen.
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    Why are you incapable of reading the posts I mentioned, and then comprehending the topic? Si se puede.

    Why are you incapable of answering a question without resorting to deflection or bluster?
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    The ability on Godsend that stops you from casting the spells only works if it can find the spells it shipped out in the Exile zone. IF your opponent decides to move his commander to the command zone instead of Exile he will still be able to cast it.

    Quote from comp rules »
    607.2a If an object has an activated or triggered ability printed on it that instructs a player to exile one or more cards and an ability printed on it that refers either to “the exiled cards” or to cards “exiled with [this object],” these abilities are linked. The second ability refers only to cards in the exile zone that were put there as a result of an instruction to exile them in the first ability.
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    Depends on how you are making the copy and what you are doing with it.

    IF you twincast the Magmatic insight you just create a copy of the spell on the stack with out casting it so you don't have to pay any oft the costs.

    IF you have put the magmatic insight on a panoptic mirror or similar you create a copy of the card and then cast it so you would still have to discard a card even if the method allows you to cast it with out paying its mana cost as that does not give a discount on any additional costs there might be.
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    If you, as the Academy Ruins/Codex player also have no unknowns in library and thus visibly to way to win, at that point, I would consider that you guys are no longer advancing the game.

    However, isn't the player using Academy Ruins intentionally delaying advancing the game state, and that he could do something else (not use Ruins anymore)? On the other hand the player with Platinum Angel has no alternatives, he can't do anything besides to keep ending his turn.

    One aspect that wasn't addressed with the original question is why isn't the Angel attacking? I guess we could assume there's an Ensnaring Bridge in play.

    Just to be clear are you concerned that the player with Academy ruins is just performing actions with the intent to just burn the clock down? If so then that would mean that it could potentially fall into Stalling territory which has even harsher penalties than those that madmage has given above. But the distinction between the two has hard to make without there being an investigation by a judge which we can't do over a forum for a hypothetical situation.

    AS to why the angel isn't attacking as a judge how we get to the situation presented is not that relevant, what is important is that the situation has arisen and now needs to be dealt with either by the route Mad Mage suggested above or the stalling route if you as the judge dealing with it feel it is warrented.
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    Only if something else occurs.

    Under normal circumstances neither player gets priority during the cleanup step, the game just does what it needs to do ending effects which have a limited duration like that on Mother of runes and clearing up damage, then moves directly to the next turn and the untap step.

    Players will only get priority if one or more SBA need to be performed or something triggers during the clean-up step.
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    Yes they can. The legend rule only cares if there are 2 or more legendary permanents with the same English name on the battlefield.

    It is similar with Planeswalkers which only care if you control multiple Planeswalkers with the same subtype on the battlefield but it does not matter if you have an Ajani and a Jace on the battlefield for example.
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    Other than what you have done, there is not that much more you can do. Unless you are going through a store the whole secondary market is basically run on the principle of Caveat Emptor. With luck though the news will spread round the local area so the kid in question will find it very hard to pull the same stunt again. I also wouldn't be surprised if he got deck checked more regularly than other players if he doesn't pick up a ban from the DCI.

    It may be possible to reclaim some of the money lost through what ever the US version of the Small Claims court is but if it is a young kid I would be very surprised if they had any assests worth going after.
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