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    1) Couple of Handkerchiefs
    2) Tape measure
    3) Empty wallet

    Evening guys Hi!
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    I'm going to be V/LA 28/09/16 - 10/10/16. If you need anything feel free to control the Ranger, but don't bring the warlock in until I get back please Catbug.
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    Yes you can. When you cast a spell you activate any neccessary mana abilities before you come to pay the costs, and Devour in flames does not specify that you have to return an untapped land to its owner's hand.
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    The answer to both your questions is no.

    When you cast fling the creature is not the one dealing damage so it won't be modified by any abilities that the creature has.
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  • posted a message on Painter's Servant vs Devoid
    You are partially correct. Devoid qualfies as Characteristic defining ability, but all that means is that it applies in every zone in the game not just the battlefield.

    If painter's servant is on the battlefield all spells with be the colour that you chose when the servant ETB even if they have devoid.
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    You are the person that put the ability on the stack so you are its controller. If you donate the orgg to your opponent you will still be the player that will lose the life.

    If the Orgg would then die whilst it is still under your opponents control they would be the one to put the leaves the battlefield ability on the stack and as they didn't lose any life when it ETB no life would be gained.
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  • posted a message on How should you play the Duskmantle Guildmage/Mindcrank combo against Storm?
    Storm is a triggered ability that fires when the spell is cast. It and all the copies it creates goes on the stack on top of the original spell. This means the original copy represented by the physcial card is the last one to resolves so it goes to the graveyard after all the copies and the original have resolved.

    Presuming the storm count is sufficient to be lethal, you need to use both abilities on the duskmantle mage at any point before the copies of Tendrils kill you.
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    The Odyssey One series:

    Book one starts with humanity just inventing FTL travel and immeadiatly making first contact with a number of races one of which proves to be really hostile, think Tyranids from WH40K or the bugs from Starship troopers and you won't go far wrong.

    I'm already upto book 4 in just under a week of reading. Only real complaints is that due to the scenario there is a lot of combat and action. Whilst it is well written combat and action it would have been nice if there was time to flesh out the characters and their relationships a lot more. Particularly between a Medical Doctor and a Linguist which was shaping up to be similar to the one between Bones and Spock but unfortunately it kinda peters out before it really gets going.
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    It will get to fight a creature when it enters the battfield. Everytime something resolves and enters the battlefield the game does a check to see if any triggered abilities need to fire off and will see that a green creature has just ETB so will fire it off.

    The only time it won't fire is if there is something stopping it from being a creature or green when it ETB.
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    Just found this in the Guardian that illustrates part of the issues involved down in Louisiana.

    Another article here detailing how some jurisdictions are relying on lawyers with no experience in the criminal justice system to represent indigent clients.
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