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    My tongue out and lead the way into the new area skirting to the sides of the room
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    Quote from FigBits »
    Thank you.

    Also looking into other interactions with Horobi, Death's Wail:

    If Cauldron of Souls targets a creature (and Horobi is on the battlefield), will the creature return due to the Persist effect? I believe that when the player selects the target for Cauldron of Souls, Horobi's destruction effect would get added to the top of the stack, so the creature would be destroyed before Cauldron resolves (so the creature doesn't get Persist). Yes?

    Hopefully I'm right about that one, as it seems fairly clear.

    You are correct as the ability on Horobi would trigger whilst you are activating the cauldron of souls, his ability will be on top of stack so have to resolve first. The creauter will be sacrificed and won't be coming back unless it naturally has persist or some other ability that would return it.

    But less clear would be Eerie Interlude ... If Horobi, Death's Wail is on the Battlefield, and I try to temporarily exile all my creatures with Eerie Interlude, will they return to the battlefield at the next endstep? To my mind, the answer hinges on whether or not the second sentence on Eerie Interlude applies only if the first sentence resolves correctly. The sentences seem to be independent, though. (Otherwise, should it read all as one sentence ... "Exile any number of target creatures you control, then return them...")

    (Sorry for the tangent. I should have had Horobi in the Subject line instead of Avacyn)

    Here same as with the first question the creatures will be sacrificed to Horobi before eerie interlude resolves. So when Eerie interlude would come to resolve it is going to see that is ahs no legal targets and will be countered on resolution and none of its effects will occur.
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    When playing cards like Loam Dryad, I assume the mana that is added goes away at the end of the turn. Or does it stay out until it's destroyed?

    Unless there is something that stops it from draining away like Omnath, Locus of Mana all mana regardless of source will be cleared if you don't use it before the current step ends.
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    Still looking slightly puzzled, Starfall and I leave the room and lead off towards the uncompleted wing of the temple.
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    She was incorrect.

    Desecration demon has a triggered ability if you have more than one of them on the battlefield at a time each one will fire of a triggered ability allowing your opponents to sacrifice a creature to tap down the specific demon that fired off the ability.

    If your opponent wants to tap both creatures they need to sacrifice 2 creatures.
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    Quote from Mig2014 »
    Hi, I got a few questions about Ghoulraiser:

    1- What qualifies as a zombie card? I can only think about zombie creatures, but the text says zombie card.

    A zombie card is any MTG card either with Zombie somewhere on its type line like Ghoulraiser or a card with the changeling ability which gives it all creature types.

    For a general rule cards are only referred to by just there types/subtypes whilst they are on the battlefield, whilst they are on the stack they are spells. In all other zones they are simply cards. As to why it does not specify zombie creature cards the wording given allows to you to retrieve a nameless inversion

    2- I don't suppose a card like Moan of the Unhallowed is a zombie card, or is it?

    Moan of the unhallowed is bog standard sorcery, these can only have creature subtypes if they also have the tribal type and the zombie creature type. Just creating Zombies is not enough to make it a Zombie card

    3- Do you have to roll the dice to determine the random zombie card when the ability triggers or just when it resolves? There's no "target" word in the text, so it's not clear to me.

    Thank you.

    You and your opponent have to find a mutually agreeable way of determining which card you get back. This could be assigning each one a number and rolling a dice or shuffling them up and having your opponent select one. Or any other means that you can think of. Just be aware in the older formats you do need to preserve the order of cards in your graveyard, but that is not an issue for Modern or Standard.
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    Quote from MTGTCG »

    If there was no taxation, would your money be going to the exact places that the taxation was sending it in the exact amounts? Not for most people, so taxation is theft.

    So now your are advocating that we make use of these services and not pay for them? So in effect steal them from the Service Provider, until he sends his goons rounds to force you to pay up?

    How is that different to what we have at the moment with the exception of our current goons not coming round with baseball bats breaking your arms and legs for not paying your dues.
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    "Something doesn't feel right. those captives must have known something bad was going to happen to them when they reached their final destination. If I was in the cultists place I wouldn't want to drag them that far and risk them breaking loose and causing unessecary problems."

    Starfall and I then perform a minute and very thorough search of all walls other than the one with the door we used to enter the room.
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    Quote from nlastre »
    Quote from MadMageQc »
    After blockers have been declared, a creature that got blocked stays blocked until end of combat no matter what happens to its blockers. It got "stopped in its tracks" if you will, and it can't reach the player or planeswalker it's attacking. The exception is if the attacker has trample, or a similar ability like on Rhox which affects damage assignment. With trample, the attacker actually would get to assign all its power to the player or planeswalker, since trample states that all damage beyond what's assigned to blockers goes there, and here none can be assigned to blockers, so it all goes there.

    There's no difference between Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt if either would remove the blocker from the battlefield. However, if trample is involved, and Lightning Bolt wouldn't be lethal, it can reduce the amount of damage that needs to be assigned to the surviving blocker for the rest of the trampler's power to go through.
    so why when i attack with my Geist of saint traft and i exile the blocker with Path to exile people take -6 instead of -4?

    Depending on what they blocked yes. The angel gets created in the declar attackers step, so presuming your opponent has a flying creature they can choose to block it and let the geist through so you would only deal them 2 damage even if you removed the blocker.
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    For your first point, the officers that you hire can not take over what you own. That is theft, which is a violation of the law. If these officers resist the owner's word, force may be initiated upon them by the owner or by an entity the owner may hire. There will not be a shortage of police, why?, because the demand for police will cause their to be enough police to meet the demand, it's economics.

    But since the law enforcement is effectively a paid gang what is stopping them from taking your money, beating you up and leaving you for dead?
    The threat that you will hire a bigger gang with more weapons that is twice as likely to beat you up, take your money and leave you for dead?

    Your second example of possible failure of libertarian society is not limited to libertarian societies, your example can happen anywhere the world where there is a river. This action described in your example would be punished in a libertarian society just as it would in any other society.

    And who enacts the punishment? The same armed gang mentioned above that hires its labour out to the highest bidder. Thats likely to be the ******** that polluted the river. Good luck with getting them to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Your third example can happen today as well.

    Except we have some effective means of seeking restitution for it currently. Under your wished for Utopia there isn't one.

    Your fourth example has a person that decides to break a previously agreed upon contract by increasing the price of his labor. The customers have the right not to pay what they didnt agree upon.

    He has been forced to raise his prices on the people who paid to cover his losses for those that didn't pay.

    Your fifth example could be avoided if the person had set up an insurance plan, had chosen a medical centre that allowed payment overtime, or by the genorosity of a centre to do the operation for a lower cost. Also not everything is perfect in a libertarian society, there will be deaths.

    So what happens if there is only 1 person in the territory who is willing to enter in to that form of scheme, and has a backlog or is in an inconvient location? Thats all presuming that the condition you need treatment for isn't one where you are in imminent danger of expiring.

    Taxation is the government taking your money with force in order to use it to their desire. How is this not theft?

    Except it isn't. It is the Government taking payment for services rendered and using exactly the same means you advocate above to deal with those that refuse to pay. Whilst generally being a lot more leninent to those that can't pay than a private creditor.
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