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    Adding two Reforge the soul as a way to actually refill your hand. All the other cards are card parity at best, with Reforge hopefully we can top back up to mindmoil all over again. I believe we're at the point we start making cuts now?

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    Peasant cube staple in my opinion. It's one of the best blue control finishers in peasant cube.
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    Adding 4 Haunted fengraf to the mana base. I'd imagine they're useful for getting back a spent Magus of the wheel or a dead crawler.

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  • posted a message on Building a Third "Un" Set ("Unbelievable")
    Quote from Xyx »
    Quote from aarongertler »
    Also, for those who have actually played with Unglued or Unhinged in paper:

    What was it like? Which cards/mechanics were cool and fun? Which cards/mechanics were weak or impractical? What can we learn from Wizards' attempts?
    Appreciate: Cards that would "work" in a black-bordered set: Yet Another Æther Vortex, Topsy Turvy, Staying Power, Blast from the Past, Who/What/When/Where/Why, that sort of thing.

    Tolerate (barely): General silliness and nonsense.

    Utterly despise/refuse to play against: Anything that forces me to choose between doing unfun stuff and losing, such as keeping my mouth shut because of a Number Crunch ("How big is that creature?", "What's your life total again?", constantly being on guard for Cheatyfaces, or paying for stupid premium cards because of Super Secret Tech. MaRo deserves to get tarred and feathered for those.

    Note that all my examples are Unhinged cards. Unglued was silly and tame. Unhinged got dialed to 11, and in doing so ruined silver-bordered cards forever. I would not be comfortable playing in a game where silver-bordered cards were allowed unless there was a huge banlist that included all of the stupid Gotcha cards and then some. The few gems do not outweigh the massive annoyance of not being allowed to communicate properly.

    Clearly we have different ideas for what silver bordered is for then. The cards that could "work" in black bordered were my least favorite and stuff like "Gotcha" was great. The way I see it, silver bordered is for doing things you can't do in black bordered. If you could do this effect in black border but it's just a little weird than you're not doing silver bordered justice.
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    I'm adding 4 rite of flame. The deck needs more rituals.

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  • posted a message on when adding a particular card makes your deck too strong for the group?
    I had a similar problem with my Sprout Swarm deck on whether or not to include intruder alarm. Ultimately I decided against it since no one else was playing infinite combos at these types of games. Even though my deck would have been clearly better with it, it wouldn't actually make games more fun. Games would just devolve into whether or not I got my two card combo.

    Hopefully this helped.
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    So for common pot I think the idea of a chip token you put in play is the best one we have so far. It could be shared between both players and we can have ways to win the pot and you get some sort of advantage for every chip you won.

    Aaron: Number 1 was basically my suggestion for what we should do with wishful thinking if we kept it. I know that green comes before lands in sets, but if this unset is a large set then this green card would have a higher collector number than lands from small sets but a lower collector number than lands from other large sets. This was done intentionally.

    I still disagree with the timer thing. I never played unglued but I did play a lot of unhinged. The fun cards were those that did something you had never expected without ruining the flow of the game or be too obstructive. For instance no one ever wanted to play with Red-hot Hottie because screaming at the top of your lungs was disruptive. No one ever actually used their shoes as counters for Shoe Tree because most people don't like taking their shoes off and putting them on the table.

    Ass whuppin, was a fun card because it let you mess with other peoples games but didn't actually disrupt game flow. Gotcha was a fun mechanic, the artist matters cards were interesting.
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    Quote from Chesterspeed »
    Oh, I've always loved un-sets! I had some ideas with friends for an Unzipped set, with different mechanics:

    Common Pot: this ability allows player to use real money instead of mana or life (between 10 and 25cts.) All the money is put on a common pot in the middle of the table and some cards allow players to get all or part of the pot back. The winner collects the common pot at the end of the game. Many ideas with that:
    • A white enchantment that gives +1/+1 to enchanted creature for each 20ct in the common pot ;
    • A blue enchantment that says "whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card unless that player chooses to put 20ct in the common pot." ;
    • An enchantment or creature that'd say "when ETB, if you have put nothing in the common pot since the beginning of the game, you win the game." ;
    • A black Rogue creature who could steal cents in the common pot everytime it deals combat damage to a player ;
    • A parody of Bob, with: "At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library et put it in your hand. Put as much 10ct as this card's converted mana cost ;
    • A WB creature that makes you win the game if, during the game, you put at least a certain amount of money in the common pot ;
    • A land cycle that enters the battlefield tapped unless you pay 20ct...
    • A card that allows you to replace some money with a card you own outside the game or an object...

    Players can replace money with poker chips, for example, if they don't want to bid money ^^

    We also created the "Serves you right" mechanic (I'm French, so the name might be a little bit strange), which activates whenever an opponent complains about something ; for instance:
    • A blue spell with "if an opponent complained about you countering a spell he or she played this turn, you may..."
    • A green creature spell with: "if an opponent complains about you playing (again) a spell this turn, ~ enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it"

    I guess you get the idea Smile

    We also created some cards that play with time, like:
    • A bomb artifact with: "when ETB, start a 5 minutes timer. At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player gains control of ~. When the timer ends, ~'s controller lose 5 life."
    • Or a card with: "At the beginning of each player's upkeep, start a 1:30 timer. If the timer ends while this player hasn't ended its turn, he or she put the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard and ends his or her turn."

    And some cards playing with voting too. Many of our cards contained french puns, so they won't be appropriated here, but if you want to see some other ideas or arts we found, tell me Smile

    I believe there are some legal issues involving bidding actual money. There are also some gameplay issues, like what if people don't have spare change on them. The same thing is true with the timer. Yeah most people have smart phones but if you don't already have a stop watch app you have to stop your game to download one? This just leads to slow gameplay. People should not be expected to bring a whole bunch of random stuff to games.

    I do like the "serves you right" mechanic though. It's reminiscent of "Gotcha" and that played out really well.
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    Making a second post for this idea I came up with today. Really wordy spells with simple effects that either only work or are better as long as you don't mess up reading their text box out loud. For instance.


    U - Instant

    Target a target that is targeting another target. The target targeted by Target is countered. As long as you read this out loud and didn't mess up you may draw a card.

    "There's our target"

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    Sorry I figured it was obvious. You don't really care about how big Psychosis crawler is. The point is that every card you draw with it out makes your opponent lose a life. With Mindmoil, cheap spells/cantrips, and the such you should hopefully be drawing a ton of cards once you untap. It doesn't matter if your hand size goes down, this card makes it so that the simple act of drawing a card will kill your opponent. Without it I have no idea how the current iteration of this deck is supposed to actually kill anyone.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if I can vote to keep my own card so I'll leave it as is for now. I think I've made a good case for why it should be kept though.

    EDIT2: I'm voting we cut the Devour in Flames. Not being able to hit players and returning a land to your hand both some rough. We also have plenty of burn that can hit players so I don't think it's really necessary

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