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    Quote from Megadog »
    Mirrodin was populated with species from other planes, was it not? Considering there are only two other planes with Vedalken, it's not a stretch to assume the Vedalken of Mirrodin were originally from Alara, much the way the Loxodon appear to have come from Ranvica.

    Actually it IS a stretch to assume it since all the inhabitants of Mirrodin were sent back to the world they came from.* We get a glimpse of that world at the end of Fifth Dawn, with Leonin, Vedalken, Goblins, and Humans all meeting for a summit by the sea.

    That scene would have been impossible if it had been Alara because none of the details match.

    *Horrible Scars of Mirrodin retconning not withstanding.
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  • posted a message on The Vedalken
    ... Wow. No.
    I mean, we've been letting a lot of speculation go these days, but this is just SO far off to the right.

    For the sake of conversation, I'll leave it open, but there is absolutely no connection between Vedalken and the Metathran. (and no connection between Alara and Mirrodin either.)
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  • posted a message on Do you guys ever think we will see a "Sliver Planeswalker"?
    Quote from MirageMonkey »
    Quote from Blogatog »
    vyse86 said: Can Slivers hold a planeswalker spark?

    Maro: One sliver getting the spark could mean the whole race getting it. Hmmm…

    Yeah, but as Mark is one to point out, he hasn't been in creative since Weatherlight.
    Take everything he says with a bag of salt.
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  • posted a message on Do you guys ever think we will see a "Sliver Planeswalker"?
    Quote from Megadog »
    Aren't they a single connected entity kind of deal, so all the slivers would become planeswalkers? After all, IIRC, the reason for the appearance change was that a shapeshifter got into the hive, gaining their abilities in exchange for his.

    No, we don't have any idea what brought about the alteration.
    The Shapeshifter stumbled into the Skup, but he just observed the things around him, not trading anything.

    And no, the spark isn't a physical trait that could be replicated, it's a spiritual thing.
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  • posted a message on Shandalar
    Quote from Megadog »
    I know there is a lot of references to Shandalar in the core sets now, but is there any way of know what is supposed to be from Shandalar and what isn't? It's hard to understand the flavor of the plane when all I have is odds and ends.

    Every location we have is collected here:

    Knowing that much, you can place this and that in the correct place, but there are still things that we don't know about in the core set.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Creature Types
    Karn - Golem

    I feel like it's fitting for Karn to actually get a class type too. Golem Wizard.
    Nicol Bolas - Elder dragon. I feel his wealth of experience and powers extends beyond the need for a class type.
    On the one hand, I feel like he should have a class... on the other yeah, he's at this weird crux of casting abilities and none of the classes really fit.
    Sarkhan Vol - Human shaman

    Human Shaman Soldier because he HAD been part of the army and a really skilled commander.
    Sorin Markov - Vampire wizard soldier. I'm not really sure about this one. Given his noble birth, I'm willing to bet there was formal training for his magic and swordsmanship.
    But he doesn't fight like a soldier at all. I feel like Vampire Warrior Wizard would be better.
    Venser - Human artificer.
    While I agree, apparently Wizards didn't....
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  • posted a message on Do you guys ever think we will see a "Sliver Planeswalker"?
    This isn't the place for Card creation Leslak.

    Anyways, a sliver planeswalker, if it happens, will very truly be a disappointment to most people if it ISN'T a queen, because that means it couldn't create new hives on new planes, making it.... sort of pointless to talk about it being a planeswalker. The spark isn't a physical trait that can be copied, and they aren't about to turn EVERY sliver into a walker if it shows up somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Will There Be an Alliance to Defeat the Eldrazi?
    As a lithomancer himself, Koth would be a better choice. Moreover New Phyrexia is a lost cause and wizards must find him another plot if they plan to use him again.

    And he would be the first PW (minus Bolas who knows everything anyway) aware of both the Phyrexian and Eldrazi threats, isn't he?

    Koth isn't actually a lithomancer though. He's a geomancer. He can use spells to manipulate stone, sure, but I seriously doubt he has the specialty required to make something like the Hedrons.
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  • posted a message on OK, I know it's been briefly discussed before about Gods and Planeswalkers
    Quote from VYAzelas »
    Can the gods not adapt like planeswalkers can? Can they not reason and figure out why something didn't work? I certainly didn't read anything in the material that they can't. They were created by belief but they are definitely not bound by it.

    Honestly, I don't think they can because of the way they were formed. They're not really living beings, but belief incarnate, and given that, they're subject to the whims and change of beliefs of the beings that created them.

    Now, this probably IS at least partly what I'm bringing to it given the tropes and archetypes present in other materials similar to what magic built.
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    wait when has raven man been shown besides with liliana?

    He hasn't.
    I'm quite honestly not even close to being sure where he could have possibly gotten that impression to start with.
    Ramaz manipulated Chandra and Bolas appears to have played the odds with Jace. Tezzeret has never had any outside influence to get where he is.
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