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  • posted a message on A Clear House Rule for Those Who Like Casual
    Beginning of game, both players get to kick a free sadistic sacrament on eachother. They must preserve its original land-nonland ratio, rounded up.

    I think it'd be fun.
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  • posted a message on Is there a point for Legacy decks to be used for casual anymore?
    I second the folks who said, encourage proxies. A lot of EDH is about accessibility. Maybe even print out alpha duals and hand them out to encourage people to build a cool legacy deck.
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  • posted a message on What is "JOU"
    I googled it. I think they don't want to give the "Jin chess client" the free publicity. Can't have all the MtG players finding out about that new fangled chess game the kids are playing every Friday night these days.
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  • posted a message on Hearthstone Discussion Thread
    Quote from Derpa
    Lock HP is not the strongest by a longshot, its one of the best but others are stronger overall.

    Also its not sign in blood, since you only draw one card.

    It's Sign in Blood. You pay two mana, lose two life, and your handsize increases by one.

    Warlock hero power is the strongest. If you watch a high level aggro warlock fight a high level anything, the Warlock is going to use his hero power more times.

    The other hero powers shine a lot more in arena, because you don't have high quality cards to draw. It's like Ponder being banned in Vintage but a late pick in draft.
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  • posted a message on Hearthstone Discussion Thread
    Quote from Rodyle
    My point is more that I think that the sets of class-unique basics you unlock up to level 10 with each class is, as far as I see, somewhat unbalanced. For priests, for example, I cannot think of any card which is useless, apart from perhaps mind blast. Other classes however, for example warlocks, cannot really make a consistent deck easily using only their cards of up to level 10.

    Warlock is actually one of the more powerful classes using basic cards.

    The reason the level 1-10 cards for Warlock seem weaker than the average card is because the average Warlock card is weaker than the average card, by design.
    Warlock is the class with the strongest hero power, by a longshot. You get to Sign in Blood whenever the heck you want. Drawing cards is weaker in Hearthstone than it is in MTG, but that's still nuts. The way Warlocks are balanced with the other 8 classes with weaker hero powers is by giving the other 8 lots of powerful class specific cards, and keeping most of the Warlock specific cards on the weak side.
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  • posted a message on Dealing with playing against cards you behate
    Quote from Jermo48
    That has always been the way they were. Original Jace was almost completely unbeatable in limited in any game that wasn't a complete blowout and I've seen the first Gideon act as an eight turn fog+repeated removal in games that were already lost without topdecking him, even if they're less blatantly powerful in limited than Elspeth or Memory Adept. Mythics were never, ever an even remotely logical idea for limited. They should have been like tip cards/tokens. Extras that sometimes appear, but always with an actual rare, that you just keep if you open and can't play in limited (unless house rules want to let you).

    Jace Beleren was a completely unbeatable blowout in limited but Ajani Vengeant isn't worth mentioning?
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  • posted a message on MTG and Tobacco
    I really hate it when the smokers are clumped so close to the door you practically have to knock them out of the way to go in and out of the building. I think good LGS's should require smokers to go out into the parking lot a decent distance so that you can get in and out of the building without exposing yourself to secondhand smoke.

    My rights begin where yours end, but I think the way society works right now tends to be tilted in favor of allowing smokers to infringe on the rights of nonsmokers. My right to use a public sidewalk without exposing myself to secondhand smoke supersedes your right to smoke in the particular spot. And my right to get a fair amount of break time at work whether or not I smoke.. don't get me started on that <expletive>
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    Quote from Catmurderer
    Well. Im addicted to this.

    Any guides on how to make decks inexpensively and amass wealth?

    I saw one once, I forgot where it was.

    If you want to earn gold quickly, then you should play an extremely aggressive deck. It doesn't even have to be good, because you'll win roughly 50% of the time no matter what, the queue uses an elo based MMR. (you might lose a few at first until your MMR drops to the aggro deck's level. Or you might win a few at first.)
    You want it to win fast and lose fast too, at least, reach points where you can comfortably concede in a clear way. That lets you get the most games in to earn lots of gold.
    Best bet is Warlock Aggro, with Soulfire, the three 1 mana demons, and stuff it with all the little creatures you have. (Well, not too little, don't run more than 8 or 9 one drops).
    That's how I built my collection up quickly. It helps keep you in arena mode a greater %age of the time, which helps you focus on your arena skills and improve them.
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  • posted a message on Hearthstone Discussion Thread
    Sun cleric and Defender of Argus are saturating because they counter Hunter Combo, a very central deck in the meta. Without them any X/2 creature becomes worthless against Explosive Trap. With them, you can beat Hunters mass swarms since Explosive Trap is the only up-to-7 AoE they have.
    Amani Beserker and Raging Worgen have become very popular because they can attack into Explosive Trap and become enraged.
    This has less to do with structural flaws than an overly centralized meta that is probably changing soon.
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  • posted a message on Hearthstone Discussion Thread
    Quote from magac
    Well, I feel like I want to ask this.....

    Do any of you feel any case of rarity creep in Hearthstone? I know it feels somewhat redundant to ask that seeing that rarity creep is such a common happening in TCGs, including the previous WoW TCG, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, probably Vanguard etc, but I just want to know if you find any case where rarer cards are obviously better than common cards.

    Well, admittedly, balancing in online games should be easy to do, even it will bring out the torches and pitchforks, but eh, I'm waiting for reply here Smile

    Prophet Velen is strictly better than War Golem, and is the only card I've found in the whole game that is strictly better than another card. For a decent definition of strictly better.

    Bloodmage Thalos is legendary, and it bugs me that he is. He's a loot hoarder that has one less attack to get spell damage+1 instead, which is a very good exchange. He's miles better than Kobold Geomancer in any realistic spell damage deck.

    But, as a whole, Hearthstone is miles and miles less "rare creep"y than MtG. You're only allowed to have one copy of any legendary card, which balances out their low accessibility. In contrast, Magic the Gathering printed Vengevine at their highest rarity even though (or because?) it is stronger in multiples.
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