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    I calculated my win on the play being based on additional copy of Vampire Cutthroat being in my opening hand. I thought that was how this worked. My deck is reaaaally bad if it can't do that haha, and pretty likely doesn't win on the play even against Bronyaur without it.

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    Anything involving double strike or first strike is pretty strong in this format because most boards naturally tend towards double block solutions with the P/T spreads.
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    Seems like with all the acceptable aggressive creatures available at 2-3 cmc, everyone will have access to an early board state. Seems like the BEST thing to do with that is use the nice, various falter and evasion options, but then some minority of pools and strategies will be using that to play the stall into bomb game.

    Based on spoilers to me it looks like a format where you want to be the curving out into a falter or charge, but you might get disappointed out of that and end up building a deck that triple blocks with 3 pikers so it can survive to rule the board with a 5/7 instead.

    I'm a below average player that hasn't played the proxy games yet.
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    Quote from DirkGently »
    Quote from NFLed »
    Most of the emerge cards seem very good to me, with the exception of the commons. Sacrificing a generic 3-drop to get just a bigger creature is similar to putting an enchantment on the 3-drop, which opens up to a 2-for-1, so I do not like that. However, the non-common ones have other effects which are much more than just making a big creature and those effects plus the big creature make emerge worth it if you are playing the color(s) for the card.
    Well, out of the uncommons, abundant maw seems simply horrible, the etb is so lame and the body is so easy to block well for the cost, I don't think I would ever want to play it. drownyard behemoth is probably my favorite, it should be pretty easy to set it up as removal and should get value pretty easily. If you sac a 3 drop you're paying 4 to either get a 5/7 and probably trade 3-ish mana creatures, and possibly better. Lashweed lurker also seems pretty decent, easier to set up but generally less powerful in effect imo, however being both colors makes it more niche. mockery of nature seems sideboard at best, it's so overcosted and if there's no artifacts or enchantments to blow up, you get absolutely wrecked. vexing scuttler could be good in the right deck, although considering the body you really have to be getting pretty good value of it I think for it to be great. If you have a good removal spell or something to get back, say murder, then that's pretty sweet, but if you only have a few, and especially ones that are easier to play around, then it might not be good.

    So overall, imo:
    abundant maw: D- I would never want to play this card.
    decimator of the provinces: C seems kinda niche, you basically need to win the game when this enters or it's not worth the games you'll never be able to cast it. Could be very good in the right deck, but totally unplayable in others.
    distended mindbender: B- In the situation where you play a 3 drop into this, it seems pretty insane. When everyone's in topdeck mode, it's pretty meh. Overall I think it'll be good.
    drownyard behemoth: B- Needs a little setup to be good, but for a defensive deck it should get value pretty easily.
    elder deep-fiend: C+ Everyone else seems to love this guy, but personally I'm not that impressed. Tapping down 4 permanents is neat, but sacking a creature is going to make it harder to get lethal, and it could also be a total whiff in terms of CA. You can still flash for blocking value, but you might just get blown out by removal.
    it of the horrid swarm: D+ Doesn't seem like enough value to want to play it. No matter what you're sacking, unless it's an enabler or a pacified creature, I don't think you can reasonably be worth it.
    lashweed lurker: C+ The body itself is merely decent, but the effect is pretty powerful. Minus points for being 2 colors.
    Mockery of nature: sideboard I don't ever want to mainboard this, it's just too awful if your opponent isn't playing artifacts or enchantments. Remember getting a 4/4 for 5 with the same effect, without sacking anything? Yeah, this card sucks.
    Vexing scuttler: C+ If you've got enough powerful instants or sorceries, this could pretty easily be quite powerful. On the other hand, some decks won't really be able to use it reliably, since it's super awful without getting something good back.
    Wretched Griff: C- One of my friends suggested a way of thinking of this card that I like: it's a split card between angelic gift and an overcosted cantrip flyer. My problem with this is that the latter is frequently going to be unplayable, and the former is only possible in the right circumstances. The other problem is the usual comparison of auras, namely that these creatures can't attack right away.

    So that's where I'm at right now. None of them seem super awesome, and a lot of them seem pretty bad, but there are a few decent ones.

    Abundant Maw is actually one of my favorites BECAUSE I think the mechanic is so bad. Seems like the only time I'd be willing to two for one myself is for the sake of playing a really bad Lava Axe, since Lava Axes are something you 2 for 1 CA yourself with anyway.

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    The arguments to make these emerge guys sound ok sound like "you either take 1 of these inconsistent emerge fatties, or you have no way to come out ahead on a stalled small creature board state ever."

    Isn't there plenty of answers in the set that can solve that problem more reliably? Savage Alliance, Vildin Pack Outcast, hard removal, Shrill Howler, Ulvenwald Captive... etc. There's 5 and six butts in the set that don't totally blow up in your face. I'm sure the emerge archetype will work if you get enough of the pieces, just like anything works if it is underdrafted enough at the table, but "take one of these for your normal deck" seems like a pretty hard sell to me for all but the highest quality emergers, if that.
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    Beginning of game, both players get to kick a free sadistic sacrament on eachother. They must preserve its original land-nonland ratio, rounded up.

    I think it'd be fun.
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    I second the folks who said, encourage proxies. A lot of EDH is about accessibility. Maybe even print out alpha duals and hand them out to encourage people to build a cool legacy deck.
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    I googled it. I think they don't want to give the "Jin chess client" the free publicity. Can't have all the MtG players finding out about that new fangled chess game the kids are playing every Friday night these days.
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    Quote from Derpa
    Lock HP is not the strongest by a longshot, its one of the best but others are stronger overall.

    Also its not sign in blood, since you only draw one card.

    It's Sign in Blood. You pay two mana, lose two life, and your handsize increases by one.

    Warlock hero power is the strongest. If you watch a high level aggro warlock fight a high level anything, the Warlock is going to use his hero power more times.

    The other hero powers shine a lot more in arena, because you don't have high quality cards to draw. It's like Ponder being banned in Vintage but a late pick in draft.
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    Quote from Rodyle
    My point is more that I think that the sets of class-unique basics you unlock up to level 10 with each class is, as far as I see, somewhat unbalanced. For priests, for example, I cannot think of any card which is useless, apart from perhaps mind blast. Other classes however, for example warlocks, cannot really make a consistent deck easily using only their cards of up to level 10.

    Warlock is actually one of the more powerful classes using basic cards.

    The reason the level 1-10 cards for Warlock seem weaker than the average card is because the average Warlock card is weaker than the average card, by design.
    Warlock is the class with the strongest hero power, by a longshot. You get to Sign in Blood whenever the heck you want. Drawing cards is weaker in Hearthstone than it is in MTG, but that's still nuts. The way Warlocks are balanced with the other 8 classes with weaker hero powers is by giving the other 8 lots of powerful class specific cards, and keeping most of the Warlock specific cards on the weak side.
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