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The World of Mirrodin II: Darksteel and the Fifth Dawn
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The Magic Market Index for April 21, 2017
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    posted a message on All Invocations March 28th
    Maelstrom pulse
    Wrath of god
    Pact of negation
    Consecrated sphinx
    Cryptic command
    Aven mindcensor

    Have been revealed on twitter.
    I cross my fingers for an april's fool joke rather that this Yu-Gi-Khet design.
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    posted a message on What if there is no Jace
    With call of the gatewatch card art we can be sure Jace is going to be there.
    The flavor text confirms it even more.

    Once again, a blue pw is a card never to underestimate.
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    posted a message on Wizards Suspends 5 L3, 8 L2 and 1 L1 Judge from the Southeast
    They are not protecting the game.
    They imagine sanctions prevent leaks to the public. This is wishfull thinking. Offenders are either not concious of the impact of their actions or imagine they will not get caught anyway.

    To me whether or not the facebook group is public or private is a falacy.
    As if private data was safe once put on the internet !!! Once it is posted on facebook it is public.

    The real culprit here is the internal leaker.
    Internal action has been taken again him or her and wotc should understand that given spoiler material, fans and judges alike might SHARE it. Ignoring that in todays world is far beyound idiocy and denial.

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    posted a message on Wizards Suspends 5 L3, 8 L2 and 1 L1 Judge from the Southeast

    Bit of ranting:
    This belongs to the rumor mill.
    Belongs there even much more than the official spoilers from the Mothership.

    On topic:
    If one member or more if the facebook group leaked cards on facebook, even in a closed group, they are no longer priviledged they are PUBLIC.
    If sharing and looking at publicly leaked cards is bad enought to ban people (let alone judges) for 3 months, the entire salvation comunity should prepare to be banned.

    Since NPH, WotC decided to make the whole set public a week before the PR. The whole godbook thing showed them the players wanted to see the whole set beforehand.

    They can say what they want about sales, what really matters here is that we are passionate about their game, their product, and we want to see and share leaks. Are we all ban worthy ?

    Sure BFZ sold well only due to expeditions and revealing all of them so early makes them seem less desirable (the preorder pricetag tends to lower the longer they are available before the PR) but if the sold product that was not good only for the golden tickets this would not be an issue.

    Hey wotc ! It is time you manage and appropriate yourselves the early leaks... This is a fantastic opportinity for you to communicate in a positive manner. One that gives value to you and your product. You do the opposite, that is YOUR choice and let me let you: this has an impact on sales. Not a good one !
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    posted a message on Wizards Suspends 5 L3, 8 L2 and 1 L1 Judge from the Southeast
    This makes me loose respect in the DCI.
    As a judge I feel that the bans tool is being misused and that WotC takes judges for granted.

    No judges, no organised play. No sales.
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    posted a message on [Competitive] Karador, Centaur Reanimator
    Quote from Lyserg »
    Big upgrade for the deck !

    Merciless Executioner

    We finally replace that ugly Fleshbag Marauder by a sweeter-looking creature.

    I really liked the fleshbag in the deck before and was always on the verge of playiing magus of the abyss just to have another copy. I really like having two sac outlet creatures at 3 mana.

    @PtaQ : I can't see why you would want to play a card that is not a creature nor a card that interacts with them with this general. Our general provides both card advantage and inevitability, and while I don't see (yet) beastmaster as an obvious inclusion, I have long ruled the phyrexian arena out with the deck. Lyserg is a seasoned player with the deck and I am not taking his advice lightly Wink

    However I have noticed a CA enabler that might fit into our deck :
    Qarsi High Priest
    It would fill our grave while putting creatures on the battlefield, and provide us with a sac enabler, all this for quite a cheap cost. I would definitely test him in my Karador.
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    posted a message on Word of command and counters
    Hi judge gurus,

    I searched this forum for all rullings given and haven't explicitly found an answer to the following question.

    I need confirmation about the interaction between Word of command and counters (and more specifically force fo will).
    I cast word of command targetting my opponent and he has a counter in his hand. Once he lets WOC resolve (which may be unwise), may I choose one of the counters he has and play it targetting WOC (just like misdirection can change the target of a counterspell to itself while on the stack) ? As the oracle texts stipulates that the chosen spell is played while WOC is resolving, WOC (being on the stack at the time) seems to me like a valid target. Am I correct ?

    I my reasoning is right, sorry to have bothered, but as the card is a tad bit strange I prefer to have a rules guru confirm my ruling.

    PS to mods : there is an issue with the "search this forum" tool when logged in : it simply searches ALL forums, and if searching specific forums is ticked, then it offers 100+ forums to choose from :/
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    posted a message on [Competitive] Karador, Centaur Reanimator
    I'd always favor the revoker over needle in my builds due to being a creature. Elesh-norn is a beast ! I love her in any case so, sure.
    Stony silence could work, but once again, it's not a creature so I am really reluctant to put it there. Spore frog could be back in the deck if need be, but I prefer children of korlis for griselbrand and sylvan library shenanigans.
    Nevermore could be good enough to warrant it's inclusion, but the casting cost is steep.
    Trying to accelerate the deck seems a more reliable way to grind a few % in those MU's.

    As a side note : fauna shaman never pulled it's weight for me. Only one activation per turn is too few, and is takes for ever to be active, and therefore never sees any action.
    I like apprentice necromancer a lot.

    What do you guys think about the ooze combo shell (ooze, phyrexian devourer, and triskelion) ? can it provide us with a fast way to combo ?
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    posted a message on [Competitive] Karador, Centaur Reanimator
    My experience VS derevi and zur was bad, really bad.
    Without the combo kill and natural order, Karador has to evolve toward some other game plans.
    The dredge approach could enable leaning more on the reanimator plan. The problem of going for a longer game is facing the ramp decks and coming out ahead despite the greater inevitability of their plan.

    For now my dregde/reanimator package has been strongly relying on Bazaar :
    Bazaar of Baghdad
    Stinkweed Imp
    Golgari Grave-Troll
    Buried Alive
    Recurrin nightmare
    Karmic Guide
    Life from the loam
    Crop rotation

    I feel that with the bans it needs to lead to a stronger endgame. Iona is paramount here, preventing Prosh and M. Wanderer from being played.
    However, I don't feel we have the tools necessary to face red based ramp decks.

    DeckMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    1 [ZEN] Arid Mesa
    1 [R] Bayou
    1 [AN] Bazaar of Baghdad
    1 [ON] Bloodstained Mire
    1 [C13] Bojuka Bog
    1 [10E] Brushland
    1 [8E] City of Brass
    1 [C13] Command Tower
    1 [FUT] Dryad Arbor
    1 [ON] Flooded Strand
    1 [US] Gaea's Cradle
    1 [ISD] Gavony Township
    1 [GTC] Godless Shrine
    1 [C13] Homeward Path
    1 [FUT] Horizon Canopy
    1 [ISD] Isolated Chapel
    1 [10E] Llanowar Wastes
    1 [ZEN] Marsh Flats
    1 [ZEN] Misty Rainforest
    1 [MOR] Murmuring Bosk
    1 [RTR] Overgrown Tomb
    1 [US] Phyrexian Tower
    1 [UNH] Plains
    1 [ON] Polluted Delta
    1 [SOM] Razorverge Thicket
    1 [R] Savannah
    1 [R] Scrubland
    1 [WWK] Stirring Wildwood
    1 [M13] Sunpetal Grove
    1 [UNH] Swamp
    1 [RTR] Temple Garden
    1 [PLC] Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    1 [ZEN] Verdant Catacombs
    1 [TE] Wasteland
    1 [ON] Windswept Heath
    1 [ON] Wooded Foothills
    1 [ISD] Woodland Cemetery
    2 [UNH] Forest
    1 [C13] Acidic Slime
    1 [M13] Arbor Elf
    1 [FUT] Augur of Skulls
    1 [ISD] Avacyn's Pilgrim
    1 [FUT] Aven Mindcensor
    1 [JU] Benevolent Bodyguard
    1 [M12] Birds of Paradise
    1 [TSP] Children of Korlis
    1 [RAV] Dark Confidant
    1 [RTR] Deathrite Shaman
    1 [RAV] Elves of Deep Shadow
    1 [M14] Elvish Mystic
    1 [CMD] Eternal Witness
    1 [M11] Fauna Shaman
    1 [C13] Fiend Hunter
    1 [CMD] Fleshbag Marauder
    1 [IA] Fyndhorn Elves
    1 [RAV] Golgari Grave-Troll
    1 [AVR] Griselbrand
    1 [TSP] Harmonic Sliver
    1 [C13] Karmic Guide
    1 [CFX] Knight of the Reliquary
    1 [ROE] Linvala, Keeper of Silence
    1 [M12] Llanowar Elves
    1 [FUT] Magus of the Abyss
    1 [TO] Mesmeric Fiend
    1 [CMD] Mother of Runes
    1 [WL] Peacekeeper
    1 [MBS] Phyrexian Revoker
    1 [M12] Primeval Titan
    1 [ARB] Qasali Pridemage
    1 [MOR] Reveillark
    1 [C13] Sakura-Tribe Elder
    1 [CMD] Shriekmaw
    1 [DGM] Sin Collector
    1 [RAV] Stinkweed Imp
    1 [ALA] Tidehollow Sculler
    1 [DS] Viridian Zealot
    1 [C13] Viscera Seer
    1 [DGM] Voice of Resurgence
    1 [9E] Weathered Wayfarer
    1 [9E] Wood Elves
    1 [CHK] Yosei, the Morning Star
    1 [ISD] Liliana of the Veil
    1 [NPH] Birthing Pod
    1 [US] Lifeline
    1 [CMD] Skullclamp
    1 [MOR] Bitterblossom
    1 [EX] Recurring Nightmare
    1 [EX] Survival of the Fittest
    1 [5E] Sylvan Library
    1 [UL] Crop Rotation
    1 [PS] Eladamri's Call
    1 [6E] Enlightened Tutor
    1 [OD] Entomb
    1 [CST] Swords to Plowshares
    1 [CMD] Buried Alive
    1 [R] Demonic Tutor
    1 [MBS] Green Sun's Zenith
    1 [RAV] Life from the Loam

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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Oracle of Salvation 12/2
    Soooo. the BR scryland would be a fateseal one ? I like that !
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    posted a message on [1v1 French BL] Sen Triplets (DD combo)
    The Emrakul pile has a huge flaw: it is very sensitive to bribery. This simple sorcery can ruin games by itself and is almost an auto include in blue based 1vs1 decks in my area of France.
    I would focus on only one doomsday pile, but as secure as possible, with a few variations if some key cards are "missing" (hand, exile, graveyard). It seems to me that the rest of the deck shall be about wasting your opponents resources and tutoring doomsday.
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    posted a message on [[Duel Commander]] Derevi, Empyrial Tactician: Initial Deckbuilding
    To me there are two great ways to build around this incredible general in DUEL.
    First you have to jump on the boat pretty fast because the "committee" will ban him after BOM and coupe de France events if it dominates (and it will !).

    First : is is a flash general so we need to learn from clique and Wydween and use as much flash cards as we can. (search for flash cards)
    We can borrow a manabase from jenara and be fine.

    It seems to me that an all flash version would be quite nice, but it must handle Ezuri and
    GoST. Our general is simply the best possible card to delay Zur almost at will.

    So : creatures "must" have flash (but I agree to put a stoneforge in there).
    Permanents with great tap abilities should make it (grim monolith is the first thing that came to my mind, but in a tri-colour EDH it seems just to me that we got better things to do).

    I am thinking bounce lands, Gaea's Cradle, maze but also non land ones, and here I think I need help Wink Knight of the reliquary, Birthing Pod seem perfect but doesn't have flash.

    I will try to put a list together but I feel that it will soon be boring and that we need to look into cards with real combo potential with the COTB trigger of our general.
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    posted a message on [[Competitive]] [French] Zur the Enchanter. More advice please!
    How did the tournament go ? Where was it and what list did you decide to play ?
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    posted a message on [[M14]] Strionic Resonator
    Quote from Wrathberry
    why do people always want cards to be broken and simply overpowered?

    I just would have liked to be able to USE this effect on a card.
    Here the cost is too steep to use in a come into play deck or in a sideboard against junk tokens for example...
    It will be nice as a 1 or 2 of in storm decks to lower the number of necessary spells to kill threshold but other than that, the card has really been narrowed buy the test team.
    All the cards like that see NO play simply because they DON'T DO ANYTHING BY THEMSELVES !
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    posted a message on [[M14]] Strionic Resonator
    The card could have been bordeline broken if it doubled all triggered effects, but you not only have to PAY 2 for the copy but also to tap the thing ? There are to much safety guards on this card (no board position, not free, only once, only you control) for it to be interesting in any way. Loosing a slot in a deck to only sometimes get to copy something you control is lame.
    At least if it could copy the opponent's triggers it could have been a decent SB card against 187 based decks.

    THEY WASTED a very powerfull design idea in a damn too conservative and "secure card" !

    I would have wanted :
    Strionic chimer
    Artifact creature
    When a triggered ability triggers, you may copy it unless it's source is a strionic chimer. You may choose new targets for the copy.

    Here, you have something that asks to be broken into two, but that is highly sensitive to removal and serves board position.

    This was the most innovative card in the set so far and they neutered it !!!
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    posted a message on Hall of fame contendees this year
    Stuart Wright is not anywhere near this short list, but this guy is so awesome and fun both during the games and outside of them that he would deserve to be in the HOF.
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    posted a message on [Competitive] Karador, Centaur Reanimator
    Hi all,

    First time poster in this section and former judge, I found the thread interesting enough to try to contribute.

    Yesterday was a nice tournament in Poitiers which featured a grand total of 61 players thanks to the local association of players (www.assodamocles.com) !
    the prizes were awesome with duals and wastelands and fetches all over the top 8.

    I didn't make top 8 but I clearly lack practice with the deck (something recurring about me... Frown ).

    So, you'll first be interested in the general results of the tournament:
    Top 8 decks :
    Finals (split) :
    Lost in 1/2 :
    Lost in the 1/4 finals :

    We were only 3 people playing Karador (a friend, a guy who borrowed cards from me, and myself). We all ended 4/2 and the player with the most beatdown decklist (less combo) finished in 9th position.

    The two GAA4 winners of the tournament tested against me and my friend playing karador before the tournament and were well equipped against us (maindeck rest in peace and bribery for example), but they performed very well nonetheless. It pushed my friend and I to change a few slots as we anticipated a field featuring a lot of UW and of karadors. My friend added a land toolbox including homeward path, cavern, bog, craddle and crop rotation in addition to wayfarer, titan (G), and K. of the Reliquary.

    I lost 1/2 on round 1 against animar with a severe mana death on game 2 (0 land hand, I only keep dark confident and sylvan library and still went to 4 cards finding only 1 land amongst the 38 in my deck). I also lost 0/2 round 3 in the mirror to my friend who plays better than me and tested the deck much more (plus I didn't know the exact text of necromancy or I would have won game 2).

    Basically, the other decks I faced were no real threat at any moment (and I am still pretty bad at piloting Karador) : varolz poison (R2), Wanderer (R4), Skitirix poison (R5), Kaalia (R6).

    Karador 1vs1 EDHMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    1 Karador, Ghost Chieftain

    1 Arid Mesa
    1 Bayou
    1 Bloodstained Mire
    1 Bojuka Bog
    1 Brushland
    1 Cavern of Souls
    1 City of Brass
    1 Command Tower
    1 Dryad Arbor
    1 Flooded Strand
    1 Forest
    1 Gaea's Cradle
    1 Godless Shrine
    1 High Market
    1 Horizon Canopy [like : G on turn 1, dualland, draw :)]
    1 Isolated Chapel
    1 Llanowar Wastes
    1 Marsh Flats
    1 Misty Rainforest
    1 Murmuring Bosk [like : fetch a triland @ eot]
    1 Overgrown Tomb
    1 Pendelhaven [like : plenty of 1/1 to boost VS St Traft]
    1 Phyrexian Tower
    1 Plains
    1 Polluted Delta
    1 Razorverge Thicket [like : G on turn 1, dualland]
    1 Savannah
    1 Scrubland
    1 Stirring Wildwood [hate : ETB tapped, like : VS Clique and Geist]
    1 Sunpetal Grove
    1 Swamp
    1 Temple Garden
    1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    1 Verdant Catacombs
    1 Wasteland
    1 Windswept Heath
    1 Wooded Foothills
    1 Woodland Cemetery
    0 caves of koilos [didn't make it because it doesn't provide green on turn 1]
    0 flagstones of trokair (I don't get the point)
    0 homeward path (I need to find room)

    1 Academy Rector
    1 Apprentice Necromancer [threatening to instant combo is really strong]
    1 Arbor Elf
    1 Avacyn's Pilgrim
    1 Aven Mindcensor
    1 Birds of Paradise
    1 Carrion Feeder
    1 Cartel Aristocrat [another sac outlet, solid, can be replaced by blasting station if you expect Animar]
    1 Dark Confidant
    1 Deathrite Shaman
    1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite [loads of decks a totally unable to win while she is there]
    1 Elves of Deep Shadow
    1 Eternal Witness
    1 Fauna Shaman
    1 Fiend Hunter
    1 Fleshbag Marauder [I want more of him !]
    1 Fyndhorn Elves
    1 Griselbrand [not fully convinced : too good as a black bribery target]
    1 Harmonic Sliver [I tend to prefer Viridian zealot, as it sacs itself]
    1 Karmic Guide
    1 Knight of the Reliquary
    1 Llanowar Elves
    1 Lotleth Troll [was an attempt to clock control - bitterblossom is better there]
    1 Loyal Retainers
    1 Mesmeric Fiend
    1 Peacekeeper [she shines VS loads of removal light decks]
    1 Protean Hulk
    1 Qasali Pridemage
    1 Reveillark
    1 Saffi Eriksdotter
    1 Sakura Tribe Elder
    1 Scavenging Ooze
    1 Shriekmaw
    1 Sin Collector
    1 Stoneforge Mystic
    1 Sun Titan [good but cutting Primeval titan wasn't clever]
    1 Tidehollow Sculler
    1 Viscera Seer
    1 Voice of Resurgence [to fight blue decks, I didn't draw it but good potential]
    1 Weathered Wayfarer [I did cut it at first but he pulls his weight !]
    1 Yosei, the Morning Star
    0 Stinkweed imp [I cut it and didn't miss it a single time]
    0 Mother of runes [a lot to say : see below]

    1 Liliana of the Veil

    1 Birthing Pod
    1 Skullclamp

    1 Necromancy
    1 Pattern of Rebirth
    1 Survival of the Fittest
    1 Sylvan Library

    1 Abrupt Decay
    1 Chord of Calling [needs more toolbox creatures than this version]
    1 Dismember [will probably become a path to exile]
    1 Eladamri's Call
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    1 Entomb
    1 Swords to Plowshares
    0 crop rotation [for bog in the mirror and cavern/homeward VS control, plus it's good against LD]

    1 Buried Alive
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Green Sun's Zenith
    1 Natural Order
    1 Thoughtseize

    About mother of runes, she is there mainly because of swords to plowshares and Path to exile which are the only removal that really hurt us. I think most of the time I will prefer a benevolent bodyguard as it is more synergistic with Karador and provides the same kind of service (protecting the combo) without the summoning sickness. In this slot I also considered ulenvald tracker as a defense against Animar.

    Changes I would like to make :
    Equipments are great with 40 creatures
    Adding a Sword of feast and famine to give more value to all our little creatures (plus discard and mana are good in the deck and it gives a real edge in the mirror).
    Adding a steelshaper's gift (skullclamp at 1 mana white mana is still awesome).
    Finding a good creature with an ETB effect to remove a charged Animar. Ideas anyone ? (Masticore is borderline and deals with an uncharged one). Deathtouch green creatures maybe ?Turntimber basilik ? deadly recluse ? Wasteland Viper ? Ambush viper (maybe the best deathtouch option) ? It seems plan awfull solutions, and acidic slime seems so expensive... In that regard, master of the wild hunt and Garruk Relentless both seem too slow Frown

    If you have any questions about single cards or choices you want to discuss I will be happy to.

    Cheers !
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    posted a message on Akroma's Vengeance Art?
    Quote from MOD

    Unconfirmed whether it's in or not, so for now, Speculation!

    Dear moderator, look at the original art, and at this art again and tell me how this illustration could fit ANY other card.
    Akroma is unmistakable, she's got the sword and gems and even the blue "tail" of fabric. The pose of Akroma herself and surrounding soldiers being wiped out are also a very clear reference to the original art.
    The overuse of white in the background and high contrast suggest it will look better in foil, hence perfect for a FTV art.
    This is the rumor mill, and this illustration given my the mother ship is considered speculation ?? I humbly beg to differ and let anyone make their own opinion there.
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    posted a message on [[MM]] Booster and Box Art
    Quote from leslak
    i think the guy in Far has bigger horns
    but its a Uncharted Realms material (would be nice a story about a unluck Ogre kkk)

    IMHO, the shackled creature is a Minotaur.

    To me, he has much more chances to belong to Theros than he has to belong to Ravnica.

    With the current trend of wizards to have bloc styles bleed out on other releases, such as core set I expect MM and M14 to have a good few non obvious hints about Theros.
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    posted a message on 25 Basic Land
    Quote from AtheistGod
    When someone tells you they are going to Hawaii do you ask them when the last time they went to Hawaii was as evidence?

    We have MaRo explicitly telling us so.

    Using is not the same as "be put in the boosters".

    My question is not a proof of some sort, it is just that there were no basics in Dark Ascension, but I don't remember if they put INN lands in those boosters or if it was all checklists, advertisment and tokens...

    If they are not using the basic land slot in Gatecrash for Gatecrash lands, there is good reason to suspect they could use it for something else entirely different.
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    posted a message on 25 Basic Land
    Quote from lemonator31
    umm, in Gatecrash boosters, they'll put a basic land in still. Nothing changes, it's just that these two large sets will share lands, when that's usually not characteristic.

    So you think they'll put RTR lands in them ? When was the last time they did such a thing ?
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    posted a message on 25 Basic Land
    I am all for the theory that there will be 20 "guild related" basic lands and 5 others (may them be full art, panorama, or whatever) but I am then very curious about wich lands will be in Gatecrash ?

    I don't believe there will be lands in gatecrash boosters, because it would have been more flavorfull to only have guild related lands corresponding to the guilds that actually are in the set. Therefore, they will use the slot in the boosters for something else. We had night/day cards in Inistrad and checklists to go with them. I feel like it could be the return of that kind of shenanigans.

    Checklists are an option, but of course I expect WOTC to have done something "new" (at least in it's form).

    So the question that is open to speculation is : "What will wizards do with this booster slot in Gatecrash boosters ?"
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    posted a message on [ROE] Promos - Lord of Shatterskull Pass & Guul Draz Assassin (pics)
    The lord is great at level 1. Bituminous blast loves him !
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    posted a message on [WWK] Terastodon
    It destroys any permanents, it is optionnal ans you can do it on your lands if you wish.
    If anything you can destroy stuff that has cool leave play effects such as trinax...
    8 is steep but not unseen in standard.
    I like it in hypergenesis : it deals with almost anything your opponent can bring, and who relly cares about 3/3 elephants when progenitus and friends hit the board.

    EDIT... damn non-creature clause...
    Ay 8 mana I expected green to get around that stupid limitation.
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    posted a message on [WWK] Stoneforge Mystic
    I like it.

    I always wanted to play stellshaper's gift, at the time for skullclamp, then for jitte and sometimes now for either cranial plating or sword of the meek.

    This girl (niiiice) actually corrects the design problem of an equipment tutor : the fact that is would usually take a creature slot.

    I like her being a good tutor + a body to attach the equipment to.
    I expect her to see play desipte her low P/T.
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    posted a message on [WWK] Bazaar Trader
    Seems also nice with sarkan...
    But I am not a huge fan of relying too much on a 1/1 with not protection for my deck to work.
    Lightning bolt can strike so fast these days ...:embarrass:
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    posted a message on [WWK] Abyssal Persecutor
    It seems to mee that this card is just insane.
    As I took the time to read the entire thread the most important considerations I heard were meta considerations.

    This guy and dark ritual are friends, cabal therapy as well... etc... It has been a long time since we have seen a really powerfull demon (kamigawa block actually) and this one will be played in every format but vintage in tier 1 and 2 decks because he is not really midrange.

    The drawback is one only when your opponent is at 0 life or less, which makes it a pretty insignificant drawback. It can be cascaded into, and the dominant standard deck has all that is needed to take care of him once the game state is favorable.

    The ultimate mindbreaker interaction for me with this guy is worship... but it is not really interesting.

    Love that guy, need 4 of him, my 2 current T2 decks have a home ready for him.
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    posted a message on GreenIcon--ReadLinkBeforeVoting
    Having elves removed from the debate because of WotC's definition is just wrong.
    Elves are both iconic and characteristic.
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    posted a message on [WWK] Untapped?
    Quote from CaptainBlack
    Yeah, untapped.

    I mean, who doesn't like their permanents to come into play untapped?

    I'm fairly sure that, if you asked, all colours would prefer that their permanents came into play untapped rather than tapped, don't you think?

    It'd be a pretty cheap shot if not everyone was invited!


    And we go for 5 shots ?
    Is it a cycle then ?
    Like common CIPT lands that would say Permanents of my colour come into play untapped.

    The thing is that the cards that CIPT are most often lands :/ which have no colour by essence.

    So... in that case I see it as an artifact, in order to invite everybody.
    Let's make it cost 3 cause it's not a creature, so it is overcosted as WotC wants us to play with little 3/3 critters for 1 mana.

    Everyone would like to be invited but you have to have an invite. right ?
    So in that case lets make the ability colour inviting : When ~ comes into play chose a colour.
    And give it the CIP tapped/untapped ability, to get :

    A private party before Xmas
    When ~ enters the battlefield choose a colour.
    Permanents that are not of the chosen colour enter the battlefield tapped.
    Permanents of the chosen colour enter the battlefield untapped.

    Wow... it could be a one sided kismet... 3 mana is far too cheap. WotC would probably make it 5,but hey !! It's the holidays... so let's pretend it will be 3 Wink
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    posted a message on Jan 2010 FNM Card - Tidehollow Sculler
    This is a great card... too bad it sees too little play these days.
    The art is great and I can't wait to see alters made with this basis. Lots of elements can overlap the frame for a great effect.
    I am getting tired of fake callers for info about promo cards. I am also tired of this kind of info beeing spoiled without pictures.
    Thanks anyway ! Cool stuff there.
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    posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    Quote from Spekter
    Is this confirmation from the Mothership? Sounds like it to me.

    Yup, seems to go in the very same direction !
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    posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    Quote from Lacosa83
    For any dealer, anyone know rarity percentage (like 1 every 100 boosters or similar)?

    I would guess 1/300 boosters or even less. But we will only know better after the prereleases.

    As it seems to need to be repeated : NO foils, NO new arts... these are OLD cards repackaged. They will NOT be standard legal either.
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    posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    Just to take it from what Seds wrote, here is the reserve list :

    Card Name Card Set

    In bold, the cards we know that have been opened so far...

    Ancestral Recall Limited Edition
    Badlands Limited Edition
    Bayou Limited Edition
    Black Lotus Limited Edition
    Blaze of Glory Limited Edition
    Braingeyser Limited Edition
    Chaos Orb Limited Edition
    Contract from Below Limited Edition
    Copy Artifact Limited Edition
    Cyclopean Tomb Limited Edition
    Darkpact Limited Edition
    Demonic Attorney Limited Edition
    Demonic Hordes Limited Edition
    Farmstead Limited Edition
    Fastbond Limited Edition
    Forcefield Limited Edition
    Fork Limited Edition
    Gauntlet of Might Limited Edition
    Granite Gargoyle Limited Edition
    Illusionary Mask Limited Edition
    Kudzu Limited Edition
    Lich Limited Edition
    Mox Emerald Limited Edition
    Mox Jet Limited Edition
    Mox Pearl Limited Edition
    Mox Ruby Limited Edition
    Mox Sapphire Limited Edition
    Natural Selection Limited Edition
    Plateau (Brudi) Limited Edition
    Plateau (Tucker) Limited Edition
    Raging River Limited Edition
    Roc of Kher Ridges Limited Edition
    Rock Hydra Limited Edition
    Savannah Limited Edition
    Scrubland Limited Edition
    Sedge Troll Limited Edition
    Taiga Limited Edition
    Time Vault Limited Edition
    Time Walk Limited Edition
    Timetwister Limited Edition
    Tropical Island Limited Edition
    Tundra Limited Edition
    Two-Headed Giant of Foriys Limited Edition
    Underground Sea Limited Edition
    Vesuvan Doppelganger Limited Edition
    Veteran Bodyguard Limited Edition
    Volcanic Island Limited Edition
    Wheel of Fortune Limited Edition
    Word of Command Limited Edition
    Ali from Cairo Arabian Nights
    Bazaar of Baghdad Arabian Nights
    City in a Bottle Arabian Nights
    Diamond Valley Arabian Nights
    Drop of Honey Arabian Nights
    Elephant Graveyard Arabian Nights
    Guardian Beast Arabian Nights
    Ifh-Biff Efreet Arabian Nights
    Island of Wak-Wak Arabian Nights
    Jihad Arabian Nights
    Juzam Djinn Arabian Nights
    Khabal Ghoul Arabian Nights
    King Suleiman Arabian Nights
    Library of Alexandria Arabian Nights
    Merchant Ship Arabian Nights
    Old Man of the Sea Arabian Nights
    Pyramids Arabian Nights
    Ring of Ma'ruf Arabian Nights
    Sandals of Abdallah Arabian Nights
    Serendib Djinn Arabian Nights
    Shahrazad Arabian Nights
    Singing Tree Arabian Nights
    Argivian Archaeologist Antiquities
    Candelabra of Tawnos Antiquities
    Citanul Druid Antiquities
    Damping Field Antiquities
    Gaea's Avenger Antiquities
    Gate to Phyrexia Antiquities
    Golgothian Sylex Antiquities
    Haunting Wind Antiquities
    Martyrs of Korlis Antiquities
    Mightstone Antiquities
    Mishra's Workshop Antiquities
    Power Artifact Antiquities
    Powerleech Antiquities
    Su-Chi Antiquities
    Tawnos's Coffin Antiquities
    Transmute Artifact Antiquities
    Urza's Miter Antiquities
    Weakstone Antiquities
    The Abyss Legends
    Acid Rain Legends
    Adun Oakenshield Legends
    Al-abara's Carpet Legends
    Alchor's Tomb Legends
    All Hallow's Eve Legends
    Angus Mackenzie Legends
    Bartel Runeaxe Legends
    Boris Devilboon Legends
    Caverns of Despair Legends
    Chains of Mephistopheles Legends
    Cleanse Legends
    Disharmony Legends
    Divine Intervention Legends
    Elder Spawn Legends
    Eureka Legends
    Falling Star Legends
    Field of Dreams Legends
    Firestorm Phoenix Legends
    Forethought Amulet Legends
    Gosta Dirk Legends
    Gravity Sphere Legends
    Gwendlyn Di Corci Legends
    Halfdane Legends
    Hazezon Tamar Legends
    Hellfire Legends
    Imprison Legends
    In the Eye of Chaos Legends
    Infinite Authority Legends
    Invoke Prejudice Legends
    Jacques le Vert Legends
    Jovial Evil Legends
    Knowledge Vault Legends
    Kobold Overlord Legends
    Lady Caleria Legends
    Lady Evangela Legends
    Land Equilibrium Legends
    Life Matrix Legends
    Lifeblood Legends
    Living Plane Legends
    Livonya Silone Legends
    Mana Matrix Legends
    Master of the Hunt Legends
    Mirror Universe Legends
    Moat Legends
    Mold Demon Legends
    Nether Void Legends
    North Star Legends
    Nova Pentacle Legends
    Pixie Queen Legends
    Planar Gate Legends
    Quarum Trench Gnomes Legends
    Ragnar Legends
    Ramses Overdark Legends
    Rapid Fire Legends
    Rasputin Dreamweaver Legends
    Reverberation Legends
    Ring of Immortals Legends
    Rohgahh of Kher Keep Legends
    Spinal Villain Legends
    Spiritual Sanctuary Legends
    Storm World Legends
    Sword of the Ages Legends
    The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale Legends
    Telekinesis Legends
    Tetsuo Umezawa Legends
    Thunder Spirit Legends
    Tuknir Deathlock Legends
    Typhoon Legends
    Ur-Drago Legends
    Willow Satyr Legends
    Wood Elemental Legends
    City of Shadows The Dark
    Cleansing The Dark
    Eternal Flame The Dark
    Exorcist The Dark
    Frankenstein's Monster The Dark
    Goblin Wizard The Dark
    Grave Robbers The Dark
    Hidden Path The Dark
    Knights of Thorn The Dark
    Lurker The Dark
    Mana Vortex The Dark
    Martyr's Cry The Dark
    Nameless Race The Dark
    Niall Silvain The Dark
    Preacher The Dark
    Psychic Allergy The Dark
    Scarwood Bandits The Dark
    Season of the Witch The Dark
    Sorrow's Path The Dark
    Stone Calendar The Dark
    Tracker The Dark
    Worms of the Earth The Dark
    Wormwood Treefolk The Dark
    Aeolipile Fallen Empires
    Balm of Restoration Fallen Empires
    Conch Horn Fallen Empires
    Delif's Cube Fallen Empires
    Draconian Cylix Fallen Empires
    Dwarven Armorer Fallen Empires
    Ebon Praetor Fallen Empires
    Elven Lyre Fallen Empires
    Elvish Farmer Fallen Empires
    Fungal Bloom Fallen Empires
    Goblin Flotilla Fallen Empires
    Hand of Justice Fallen Empires
    Homarid Shaman Fallen Empires
    Icatian Lieutenant Fallen Empires
    Icatian Skirmishers Fallen Empires
    Implements of Sacrifice Fallen Empires
    Rainbow Vale Fallen Empires
    Ring of Renewal Fallen Empires
    River Merfolk Fallen Empires
    Spirit Shield Fallen Empires
    Thelon's Curse Fallen Empires
    Thelonite Monk Fallen Empires
    Thrull Champion Fallen Empires
    Tourach's Gate Fallen Empires
    Vodalian Knights Fallen Empires
    Vodalian War Machine Fallen Empires
    Zelyon Sword Fallen Empires
    Aegis of the Meek Ice Age
    Altar of Bone Ice Age
    Amulet of Quoz Ice Age
    Balduvian Hydra Ice Age
    Blizzard Ice Age
    Brand of Ill Omen Ice Age
    Call to Arms Ice Age
    Chromatic Armor Ice Age
    Earthlink Ice Age
    Energy Storm Ice Age
    Flow of Maggots Ice Age
    Formation Ice Age
    Fyndhorn Pollen Ice Age
    General Jarkeld Ice Age
    Glacial Crevasse Ice Age
    Gravebind Ice Age
    Halls of Mist Ice Age
    Hot Springs Ice Age
    Ice Cauldron Ice Age
    Illusionary Presence Ice Age
    Illusions of Grandeur Ice Age
    Infernal Denizen Ice Age
    Jester's Mask Ice Age
    Kjeldoran Knight Ice Age
    Kjeldoran Phalanx Ice Age
    Land Cap Ice Age
    Lava Tubes Ice Age
    Lightning Blow Ice Age
    Marton Stromgald Ice Age
    Mercenaries Ice Age
    Mesmeric Trance Ice Age
    Minion of Tevesh Szat Ice Age
    Mountain Titan Ice Age
    Mudslide Ice Age
    Musician Ice Age
    Mystic Might Ice Age
    Polar Kraken Ice Age
    Reality Twist Ice Age
    River Delta Ice Age
    Ritual of Subdual Ice Age
    Skeleton Ship Ice Age
    Snowblind Ice Age
    Soldevi Golem Ice Age
    Spoils of Evil Ice Age
    Spoils of War Ice Age
    Storm Spirit Ice Age
    Timberline Ridge Ice Age
    Trailblazer Ice Age
    Veldt Ice Age
    Winter's Chill Ice Age
    An-Zerrin Ruins Homelands
    Anaba Ancestor Homelands
    Anaba Spirit Crafter Homelands
    Apocalypse Chime Homelands
    Autumn Willow Homelands
    Aysen Crusader Homelands
    Aysen Highway Homelands
    Baki's Curse Homelands
    Baron Sengir Homelands
    Beast Walkers Homelands
    Black Carriage Homelands
    Chain Stasis Homelands
    Daughter of Autumn Homelands
    Didgeridoo Homelands
    Dwarven Pony Homelands
    Dwarven Sea Clan Homelands
    Faerie Noble Homelands
    Grandmother Sengir Homelands
    Hazduhr the Abbot Homelands
    Heart Wolf Homelands
    Koskun Falls Homelands
    Leeches Homelands
    Mammoth Harness Homelands
    Marjhan Homelands
    Mystic Decree Homelands
    Narwhal Homelands
    Reveka, Wizard Savant Homelands
    Rysorian Badger Homelands
    Serra Aviary Homelands
    Soraya the Falconer Homelands
    Timmerian Fiends Homelands
    Veldrane of Sengir Homelands
    Wall of Kelp Homelands
    Willow Priestess Homelands
    Winter Sky Homelands
    Ashnod's Cylix Alliances
    Balduvian Trading Post Alliances
    Chaos Harlequin Alliances
    Dystopia Alliances
    Fatal Lore Alliances
    Floodwater Dam Alliances
    Gargantuan Gorilla Alliances
    Gustha's Scepter Alliances
    Heart of Yavimaya Alliances
    Helm of Obedience Alliances
    Ivory Gargoyle Alliances
    Kaysa Alliances
    Keeper of Tresserhorn Alliances
    Kjeldoran Outpost Alliances
    Krovikan Horror Alliances
    Lake of the Dead Alliances
    Lodestone Bauble Alliances
    Lord of Tresserhorn Alliances
    Misfortune Alliances
    Nature's Wrath Alliances
    Omen of Fire Alliances
    Phantasmal Sphere Alliances
    Phelddagrif Alliances
    Phyrexian Devourer Alliances
    Phyrexian Portal Alliances
    Ritual of the Machine Alliances
    Rogue Skycaptain Alliances
    Royal Decree Alliances
    Sheltered Valley Alliances
    Soldevi Digger Alliances
    Soldevi Excavations Alliances
    Splintering Wind Alliances
    Sustaining Spirit Alliances
    Sworn Defender Alliances
    Thawing Glaciers Alliances
    Thought Lash Alliances
    Tidal Control Alliances
    Tornado Alliances
    Varchild's War-Riders Alliances
    Wandering Mage Alliances
    Winter's Night Alliances
    Acidic Dagger Mirage
    Afiya Grove Mirage
    Amulet of Unmaking Mirage
    Asmira, Holy Avenger Mirage
    Auspicious Ancestor Mirage
    Barreling Attack Mirage
    Bazaar of Wonders Mirage
    Benthic Djinn Mirage
    Bone Mask Mirage
    Brushwagg Mirage
    Cadaverous Bloom Mirage
    Canopy Dragon Mirage
    Carrion Mirage
    Catacomb Dragon Mirage
    Chaosphere Mirage
    Circle of Despair Mirage
    Cycle of Life Mirage
    Discordant Spirit Mirage
    Divine Retribution Mirage
    Emberwilde Caliph Mirage
    Emberwilde Djinn Mirage
    Energy Bolt Mirage
    Energy Vortex Mirage
    Forsaken Wastes Mirage
    Frenetic Efreet Mirage
    Grim Feast Mirage
    Hakim, Loreweaver Mirage
    Hall of Gemstone Mirage
    Harbinger of Night Mirage
    Hivis of the Scale Mirage
    Jabari's Influence Mirage
    Jungle Patrol Mirage
    Kukemssa Pirates Mirage
    Leering Gargoyle Mirage
    Lion's Eye Diamond Mirage
    Lure of Prey Mirage
    Malignant Growth Mirage
    Mangara's Tome Mirage
    Mindbender Spores Mirage
    Misers' Cage Mirage
    Mist Dragon Mirage
    Natural Balance Mirage
    Null Chamber Mirage
    Paupers' Cage Mirage
    Phyrexian Dreadnought Mirage
    Phyrexian Purge Mirage
    Phyrexian Tribute Mirage
    Political Trickery Mirage
    Preferred Selection Mirage
    Prismatic Lace Mirage
    Purgatory Mirage
    Purraj of Urborg Mirage
    Rashida Scalebane Mirage
    Razor Pendulum Mirage
    Reflect Damage Mirage
    Reparations Mirage
    Rock Basilisk Mirage
    Sawback Manticore Mirage
    Seeds of Innocence Mirage
    Shallow Grave Mirage
    Shauku, Endbringer Mirage
    Shimmer Mirage
    Sidar Jabari Mirage
    Soul Echo Mirage
    Spectral Guardian Mirage
    Spirit of the Night Mirage
    Subterranean Spirit Mirage
    Tainted Specter Mirage
    Taniwha Mirage
    Teeka's Dragon Mirage
    Teferi's Imp Mirage
    Teferi's Isle Mirage
    Telim'Tor Mirage
    Telim'Tor's Edict Mirage
    Tombstone Stairwell Mirage
    Torrent of Lava Mirage
    Unfulfilled Desires Mirage
    Ventifact Bottle Mirage
    Warping Wurm Mirage
    Wellspring Mirage
    Yare Mirage
    Zirilan of the Claw Mirage
    Zuberi, Golden Feather Mirage
    Aku Djinn Visions
    Anvil of Bogardan Visions
    Bogardan Phoenix Visions
    Breathstealer's Crypt Visions
    Chronatog Visions
    City of Solitude Visions
    Corrosion Visions
    Diamond Kaleidoscope Visions
    Elkin Lair Visions
    Equipoise Visions
    Eye of Singularity Visions
    Femeref Enchantress Visions
    Firestorm Hellkite Visions
    Flooded Shoreline Visions
    Forbidden Ritual Visions
    Griffin Canyon Visions
    Guiding Spirit Visions
    Kaervek's Spite Visions
    Katabatic Winds Visions
    Kookus Visions
    Lichenthrope Visions
    Lightning Cloud Visions
    Ogre Enforcer Visions
    Phyrexian Marauder Visions
    Pillar Tombs of Aku Visions
    Pygmy Hippo Visions
    Quirion Druid Visions
    Rainbow Efreet Visions
    Retribution of the Meek Visions
    Righteous War Visions
    Sands of Time Visions
    Squandered Resources Visions
    Suleiman's Legacy Visions
    Teferi's Realm Visions
    Three Wishes Visions
    Tithe Visions
    Triangle of War Visions
    Undiscovered Paradise Visions
    Viashivan Dragon Visions
    Zhalfirin Crusader Visions
    Abeyance Weatherlight
    Aboroth Weatherlight
    Ancestral Knowledge Weatherlight
    Avizoa Weatherlight
    Bone Dancer Weatherlight
    Bosium Strip Weatherlight
    Bubble Matrix Weatherlight
    Debt of Loyalty Weatherlight
    Dwarven Thaumaturgist Weatherlight
    Ertai's Familiar Weatherlight
    Firestorm Weatherlight
    Fungus Elemental Weatherlight
    Gallowbraid Weatherlight
    Goblin Bomb Weatherlight
    Heart of Bogardan Weatherlight
    Heat Stroke Weatherlight
    Infernal Tribute Weatherlight
    Inner Sanctum Weatherlight
    Liege of the Hollows Weatherlight
    Lotus Vale Weatherlight
    Mana Web Weatherlight
    Maraxus of Keld Weatherlight
    Morinfen Weatherlight
    Mwonvuli Ooze Weatherlight
    Null Rod Weatherlight
    Paradigm Shift Weatherlight
    Peacekeeper Weatherlight
    Pendrell Mists Weatherlight
    Psychic Vortex Weatherlight
    Scorched Ruins Weatherlight
    Thran Tome Weatherlight
    Tolarian Entrancer Weatherlight
    Tolarian Serpent Weatherlight
    Urborg Justice Weatherlight
    Urborg Stalker Weatherlight
    Wave of Terror Weatherlight
    Well of Knowledge Weatherlight
    Winding Canyons Weatherlight
    Xanthic Statue Weatherlight
    Aluren Tempest
    Apocalypse Tempest
    Avenging Angel Tempest
    Commander Greven il-Vec Tempest
    Corpse Dance Tempest
    Cursed Scroll Tempest
    Earthcraft Tempest
    Eladamri, Lord of Leaves Tempest
    Escaped Shapeshifter Tempest
    Humility Tempest
    Intuition Tempest
    Meditate Tempest
    Orim, Samite Healer Tempest
    Recycle Tempest
    Sarcomancy Tempest
    Selenia, Dark Angel Tempest
    Crovax the Cursed Stronghold
    Dream Halls Stronghold
    Mox Diamond Stronghold
    Silver Wyvern Stronghold
    Sliver Queen Stronghold
    Volrath's Shapeshifter Stronghold
    Volrath's Stronghold Stronghold
    City of Traitors Exodus
    Dominating Licid Exodus
    Ertai, Wizard Adept Exodus
    Exalted Dragon Exodus
    Hatred Exodus
    Mind Over Matter Exodus
    Oath of Ghouls Exodus
    Recurring Nightmare Exodus
    Survival of the Fittest Exodus
    Argothian Wurm Urza's Saga
    Barrin, Master Wizard Urza's Saga
    Citanul Centaurs Urza's Saga
    Gaea's Cradle Urza's Saga
    Gilded Drake Urza's Saga
    Great Whale Urza's Saga
    Herald of Serra Urza's Saga
    Karn, Silver Golem Urza's Saga
    Lifeline Urza's Saga
    Lightning Dragon Urza's Saga
    Morphling Urza's Saga
    Opal Archangel Urza's Saga
    Serra's Sanctum Urza's Saga
    Tolarian Academy Urza's Saga
    Temporal Aperture Urza's Saga
    Time Spiral Urza's Saga
    Yawgmoth's Will Urza's Saga
    Zephid Urza's Saga
    Deranged Hermit Urza's Legacy
    Grim Monolith Urza's Legacy
    Memory Jar Urza's Legacy
    Multani, Maro-Sorcerer Urza's Legacy
    Palinchron Urza's Legacy
    Radiant, Archangel Urza's Legacy
    Ring of Gix Urza's Legacy
    Second Chance Urza's Legacy
    Weatherseed Treefolk Urza's Legacy
    Academy Rector Urza's Destiny
    Carnival of Souls Urza's Destiny
    Covetous Dragon Urza's Destiny
    Donate Urza's Destiny
    Masticore Urza's Destiny
    Metalworker Urza's Destiny
    Opalescence Urza's Destiny
    Phyrexian Negator Urza's Destiny
    Powder Keg Urza's Destiny
    Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Urza's Destiny
    Replenish Urza's Destiny
    Treachery Urza's Destiny
    Yavimaya Hollow Urza's Destiny
    Yawgmoth's Bargain Urza's Destiny
    But it seems only "big cards" have made it to Zendikar boosters !!
    Zendikar is going to be more famous thanks to it's treasures than it will be because of enemy fetches.
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    posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs!!! (confirmed!)
    Great news indeed !
    Happy hunting everyone !
    Question : when is WotC going to confirm ?
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    posted a message on Strange passage in the new tournament rules
    Quote from WarhammerIIC
    mmm but i dont think wizards have ever screwed up mispacks with different sets. sure they screw up multi-rares and multi-foils, but they are from the same set. the cards from new sets are packed when they come off the print line or are at least sealed in their own environment to prevent such a contamination, so i dont see where they would have the opportunity to accidentally mingle with old cards.

    if it is deliberate, god i hope they dont pack anything from homelands or...prophecy

    I actually openned saviors of kamigawa cards, in a scealed booster of Ravnica.
    It happened to me once, and the booster seemed to be isolated.
    I kept both the cards and the wrap, but I have no clue where I have put them.

    The text in the UTR seems to cover very well the presence of random cards from other expansions inserted in boosters. It woud feel ok to have them inserted in the token slot, and the buzz around this would make even new players aware of the nature of these cards.

    It seems strange we don't have more indications about this if it is real, as I believe boxes have already been shipped and opened in some places.
    I think we will have to wait for the PRs to have enough product opened to
    figure out if the secret cards are a reality or not.
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    posted a message on Game Day Promo Pics (Nissa's Chosen and Emeria Angel)
    It would almost be nice to play that elvish warrior Grin
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    posted a message on [ZEN] Disfigure and some hints
    That card is nasty and will be killing lots and lots of cobras.

    Critter Counter 2UU
    Counter target creature spell, if it was countered this way, instead put it into the battlefield under your control if its power is three or less.

    Too good but would be the sweetest. Gather Specimens.

    I heard that this counterspell would put a 2/2 illusion (with flying ?) in play.
    Could the captain confirm ?

    EDIT : Maybe my source looked at the thread... It seems that I am a bit late.

    EDIT 2 : I also heard about a 4/4 black creature with pro white.
    I can't find it anywhere, therefore I assume it is still under speculation, right ?
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    posted a message on [Judge] New Judge Foils - Stifle and Windswept Heath
    Sweet cards !
    Sooo bad I am not judging my nationals... Stifle is one of my favorite cards in Magic. Very elegant.

    Hot and nice... I just can't wait for the scans !
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    posted a message on M2010 - New art for basics?
    Quote from Memnarch
    Two thoughts:
    1) Original art: something we haven't really seen for Core Set basics in a long time. Nice touch for the next big change in MtG.
    2) Pre-printed art: we'll see these arts on Zendikar basic lands.

    I think original art + iconic land arts would be awesome.
    Like : the 2 alpha arts for each and 2 new arts that would fit the general idea of the basics, without the "Bloc" feeling.
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    posted a message on [M10]Lightning bolt. Confirmed and many more!
    Amazing... power level is back to what magic was when I joined... bad news for extended but great for Standard.
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    posted a message on Maze of Ith Judge Promo
    That is sooo sweet !
    The original art is one of my favourite ever, and this one does compare with it quite well.

    I hope that as a judge I will get one at some point, these little promos always give you a special feel and theyare usually very well aimed at their audience.

    I just love it. Thanks for the info and picture ! Is there a collector number ?
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    posted a message on [ALA] Ridge Rannet & Drumhunter
    Drumhunter could have been nice in multiplayer with an "at end of turn" template.
    Here it is a bit weak.

    Probably still making the maindeck in the 5+/* limited decks.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Filler (Many tidbits of commons/uncommons?)
    Naya's big beaters with cycling will be relevant in limited. The -1/-1 black little guy seems decent as well.
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    posted a message on [ALA] blog preview: Rakeclaw Gargantuan
    Not a filler.... 5 power for 5 is good when associated to first strike, even for 1 mana.
    the 4/4 maybe "raise dead" guy is terrible. this one will make my MD as often as possible.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Manaplasm costs 2G
    Just the mana cost that makes tarmogoyfs....
    RIP, indeed.

    The card is elegant and flavourfull, but probably no longer competitive.
    Thanks for that clarification Zesty !
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    posted a message on [ALA] Flameblast Dragon
    Why are there so many 4 power dragons ? they seems just no big enough... the red enchantment was just plain bad... but it isn't even trigerred by dragons....

    Earthquake included dragon is sweet anyway.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Super Cyclers: Limited Hotness In Alara!
    Why are the cycling colours off shard ???
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    posted a message on [ALA] More Cards from the Zesty (Ranger of Eos, Sharuum, etc.)
    I will give it a try that maches the clue and the art : there will be a delay before you get the effect, not a delay to be able to activate it Grin

    Scourglass - :3mana::symw::symw:
    :symtap:, sacrifice ~: at the beginning of your next upkeep, destroy all non-land, non-artifact permanents.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Two possible cards...and even more
    And we finaly know why top is banned in extended...
    Top + medaillion chap is simply too strong for extended....
    Infinite storm on turn 1 or 2.... simply broken.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Two possible cards...and even more
    Quote from Smokestack

    No really, it's that good. It may single handedly revive Dryad in Vintage. Playing this with Tower Above, Flame Javelin or evoke creatures in standard is the nuts. Evoke Mulldrifter, opponent takes 5 to the face as a bonus.

    I'm in love.

    And I don't care it's an Ooze...

    You stole my words... I actually lost my quick post.

    It is a more effective dryad... it is quite big immediatly, it loves instants... it loves free spells... (FoW, gush anyone ?) it is cheap and splashable...
    A very relevant card that will have a chance in every format.
    It would even look good in deck where you don't want to play it : storm decks will make it huge, affinity, will make it 5/5 or 8/8 (frogmite and enforcer)..

    this really is a great creature.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Hell's Thunder (scan post 130)
    To me "hit four times" just rang some "double double strike" bell... But as a judge I would be really annoyed with that.

    It could be templated like this :
    Double strike, whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, it deals that much damage to that player.
    That would be fierce and flavourfull... but a hell grok without a judge near you.

    I actually think this kind of templating would have the upside of educating the players...

    I hope to see it on a card one day Grin
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    posted a message on [ALA] Hell's Thunder (scan post 130)
    Quote from cantrIP
    Ruble costs RUB Wink

    Very clever.

    NICE !
    That would then be :

    Dragonball :1mana::symr::symr:
    Creature - Zombie Dragon
    Flying, haste, sacrifice ~ at end of turn.
    Unearth :2mana::symr::symu::symb:
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    posted a message on [ALA] Hell's Thunder (scan post 130)
    I imagine it would make more sense to have a smaller toughness...
    But a dragon with less than 4 ttoughness seems a bit weak.

    1RR seems an attractive cost for such an efficient beater. I see it as very playable in constructed.

    Flashback on creatures that feel more like direct damage spells is not very... inovative, but it is quite flavourfull.
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    posted a message on [ALA] O-Ring, Infest, Cancel, Naturalize, tidbits (confirmed)
    Ruel's card comes back with reveillark... not that bad...
    Given the number of fogs in the format on day on another someone will have to exploit that.

    Necrogenesis ???
    something like enchamtement B G
    You don't draw.
    Pay 1 life and 2G to put 1 card from your graveyard into your hand...

    Or is it a free creature when you control a forest and a swamp ?
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    posted a message on [FNM] Isochron Scepter (img post 13)
    "I -Sauron's" Scepter !!! Nice !!

    Too bad it is after chant's + wishes rotation out of extended.... Frown
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    posted a message on [FNM] Isochron Scepter (img post 13)
    That would actually be very sweet !
    Any confirmation ? Image or cross information anyone ?
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    posted a message on [ALA] Release Tourney info
    I am very dubtious of this information as it would either imply a very small number of multicolored cards in the set, or a very restricted amount of cards to use in your card pool. This would really be a premiere.
    Can you be more precise about your sources and how you got this info ?
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    posted a message on [ALA] FTV Hellkite Overlord
    8/x at least... Isn't it supposed to be VERY powerfull ?
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    posted a message on FTV: dragons to be won at Mfest
    The email I just received about Mfest says it all!
    We should have better knowledge of what 15 cards are actually inside the vault, including a shards of alara dragon....

    Wanted to share with you all Smile

    To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Magic: The Gathering a participant of Public Events at M-fest '08 (August 14-17) will be entered into two prize draws to win a copy of the “From the Vault: Dragons” limited edition boxed set before its official August 29 release date!

    Inside “From the Vault: Dragons”, you’ll encounter 15 dragon cards printed in distinctive foil finish, including a sneak preview dragon from the upcoming Shards of Alara expansion.

    Ask at the Public Events stage, The DCI booth or listen for the announcements for further details.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Ranger of Eos (Art of Ruel's Invitational card)
    Quote from only-3-calories

    Legendary Creature — Human Baby
    Whenever you draw a card, put a year counter on Bibi.
    At end of turn, if Bibi has two or more year counters on it, flip it.
    Legendary Creature — Human
    If an opponent would shuffle his or her library, instead you may search that library for a card, that player shuffles the rest, you put the card on top of that library, then you draw a card.

    That was the original submission.

    It's definiteley not Ranger of Eos

    The fact that it is not a flip card doesn't make the abilities impossible to fit

    Mana cost still fits the shard we expect it to be in...
    An a-la figure of destiny ability could be instated :

    GU : if ~ is a human and you drew at least 2 cards this turn (little functionnal change) ~ becomes a 3/3 human knight and has : "If an opponent would shuffle his or her library, instead you may search that library for a card, that player shuffles the rest, you put the card on top of that library, then you draw a card." if it didn't have this ability.

    This is speculation but I expect the card to have kept at least part of it's original functions. Otherwise the whole purpose of invitational cards is lost.

    Flip cards were not very elegant for cards that would keep the same type. Here figure of destiny provides a nice answer to what Antoine Ruel was trying to do.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Tips and Tricks scan
    strugling to see the end of the download so I figured out that I would post a crop for the promos. Levels edited as well.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Waves of Aggression (rumoured)
    Thanks Captain.
    I feel that for once a relentless assault version might be played in standard Grin

    Retrace really powers the thing up and prevents the card from beeing a dead draw.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Play mats with filter land art
    I love them.
    My fav is BW... and that will be fantastic piece to have an artist sketch on it! Th RU would also welcome a Drake or some fantastic dragon gripped to the spikes of the falls.

    I really like the idea of a land illustration playmat. That is what suits a playmat best !

    Thanks for the images.
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    posted a message on [ALA] Planeswalker's Guide to Alara cover
    Sweet !
    I like the "art nouveau style" of the borders, and the Dragon is really nice. Fierce and impressive, like always when they are cropped, making them look huge Grin

    Really stylish !

    Is it me or the whole golden art nouveau thing seems to twist behinf the image, a bit like an 8?

    Anyway... I love it!
    Thanks MORT.
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    posted a message on [EVE] 100 What???
    Pinnacle and tower were the only two missing elements.
    I hate the "at the beginning of your upkeep" part : it justs makes it so much worse than any other kill into an infinite mana combo.

    I like it to be an enchantment and the fact that it doesn't interact badly with serra's sanctuary Grin too bad that it will almost surely stay in the casual room.
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    posted a message on [EVE] 100 What???
    Quote from JaniGreen
    Well, considering that Helix is still unused and that art is a Helix, we can assume that's in the card name.

    And I think it's at the beginning of the upkeep because we have those words left over in the orb hit crunch. Grin

    I'm still working on the name of the counters. It's not charge or storage, as we don't get orb hits. Whatever it is, it will hit twice, once for the ability and the second for the check. See my speculated card text above.

    By the way, Seingalt, are you certain about shroud? That would be pretty awesome.

    Yes I am positive about shroud but not about the upkeep thing.
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    posted a message on [EVE] 100 What???
    Quote from BFiddy


    The name I used was just relating to the illustration.

    I actually don't have the name of the card at all, or the type of counters, which I suspect only to be charge counters.

    Quote from JaniGreen
    almost exactly

    LOL - really Wink

    About "at the beginning of your upkeep" I can't confirm or infirm that.
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    posted a message on [EVE] 100 What???
    Quote from wombat
    Too complicated...takes too long.

    Maybe it's a dark depths thing:

    Bermuda Depths
    4 Artifact
    1: Put a counter on ~
    When there are 100 counters on ~, you win the game.

    Then again, this would be about as realistic....

    4 Artifact
    0: Put a counter on ~
    When there are 100 counters on ~, you win the game

    I dunno.

    Chances are it costs a lot... It's got to be epic. 5 mana or more. What mana costs do we have left that are 5 or more? Maybe we can figure out the color or something from that.

    Edit oh and Lol werebear.

    Well, We agree on the mechanic, but I can tell you the cost (G) and gave a hint for the illustration Wink (find it in the big batch from artfight)

    0: Put a counter on ~ : that would be broken Wink , I guess you meant T: Put a counter....

    In fact my little finger told me it is X:Put X counters... Which now that I am thinking about it is not very different from 1: put 1 counter... But hey !

    I would love to see a : target player draws 100 cards one day Grin it surely would be too much like a "you win the game". But they might one day decide that : your opponents draw 30 cards, might be interesting.
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    posted a message on [EVE] 100 What???
    What about,

    Spiraling miracle
    X: add X spiral counters to ~.
    When there are 100 spiral counters on ~ you win the game.

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    posted a message on Player Rewards Ponder and Corrupt
    Looking forward to receive those Grin
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    posted a message on [EVE] Mindwrack Liege (TCGplayer preview)
    Nice, but 6 mana... quite expensive.
    4 mana to put dragons in play is nice, but Without seething song I dont really see the point. Most of the time I will want to play other things...
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    posted a message on [EVE] Spirit of the Hearth
    It doesn't say you have shroud, this is one sided, therefore better. And the 4/5 flyer body is really good by itself, making it less "burnable".

    I like the card. The cost makes it hard for it to make it in constructed, as W is never short of these nice fat fliers.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Aerie Ouphes - Updated
    This chap is probably not even worth a comment.
    It doesn't even kill a silkbind fearie by itself.

    Limited fodder ? Please WotC, tell me these cards are the reason why you want to publish less cards.
    IT could at least be decent with +1/+0 or +2/+0... or even wither.
    This guy will please no one in constructed and provide no good answer to flyers in limited.
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    posted a message on [EVE] Some spanish cards
    Quote from Nokiou
    T1 : Bird
    T2 : Devoted Druidess
    T3 : Plumaespinosa + Rite of consumption. GG.

    Scary !

    Love the 4 cards, they all are elegant and well realised.
    The 4/4 flyier wil not mak it bacause he is only really powerfull when he goes to the bin. Not tricks with blink and the like..

    The BW horror, confirms the fact that we shift from knights to horrors with triggered abilities. Probaly all with a CMC of 5 (2HHH), even if I didn't check the orb.

    The 1/1 that removes -1/-1 counters is really convincing! Even for constructed. It is a pure bomb in limited, and will be a splendid combo engine in constructed. Devoted druid surely is not it's only friend, even if it probably will be it's best friend. (Cinderhaze Wretch comes to mind, unstable mutation was one of my old times favorites... on a serendib... now we have fairies...)

    This is a really impressive card (and mostly a 4/4 for 3...)
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    posted a message on [Eve] I whole pack with scans.
    By the way the art of edge of the divinity confirms the idea that the big shadowy figure with a sword is the BW avatar.
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