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  • posted a message on The Other Format Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    All of these price increases have got me thinking, at what point are prices felt to be cemented? When does the community begin to accept the prices are real & not an inflation anymore?

    These are good questions, and unfortunately I don't think that anyone has the answer. I'd say that we'll probably see a couple categories.

    1) Cards like Wheel of Fortune that are played a ton in EDH/casual circles. The demand for Wheel is more organic, and while investors are able to make the price jump, it's probably harder because so many copies are in decks, but people are also more willing to pry them out of those decks if the price goes too high. It's almost like a safety valve - if the price pressure goes too high, more copies appear on the market, and people who're "working the market" don't want to have to constantly scour to buy up all the copies. So my guess is that these cards will start to smooth out pretty soon.
    2) Cards like Gaea's Cradle that are legitimate irreplaceable Legacy staples. So many copies of these cards are "locked" into decks that they may as well not exist. It's easy to push the price on these, since there are so few on the market at any time, so I imagine that these are just not going to recover. The new price on Underground Sea is $375, that's just what it is. There isn't much flex in supply on these - they're locked into people's decks, so unless folks abandon Legacy en masse we're not going to see many new copies on the market in response to the increased price.
    3) Cards like Thunder Spirit that are just kind of reserved. It's not a great card. People bought them because they were rare and hard to find. These are the Paris Hiltons of MTG - they're expensive because they're expensive. These are fully at the mercy of the market, and because the price jumped so fast a lot of people (Except for me. I am lazy.) thought that it was worth digging them out of their bulk, allowing manipulators to snap up remaining supply in one go. Will prices smooth out as people realize that there is literally no market for Marjhan? Impossible to say, since we are not the ones doing the manipulation.

    These are, at this point, only guesses on my part. It's very hard to see the whole thing, and impossible to affect with our resources (I am assuming that you do not have a spare million dollars lying around). Hopefully this helps, even though it's just speculation.
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  • posted a message on Is there a site for people looking to sell cards quickly?
    Quote from mtgsalaccount »
    Quote from Eryops »
    I've started to use the SICK deals group in the last month or two, and it seems as legit as anything is going to be. I don't think you're going to find what you seem to be looking for. There is no 'guarantee' for anything -- there's always going to be rip-off artists in any group you join.

    Mm, no, there's not going to be ripoffs with legit stores, especially not with vendors that have a 99% rating or better.

    So you're looking to buy cards from legit stores who want to sell quickly? I'm not sure what you're asking here.

    If you want good prices plus a guarantee, hit up eBay or TCGP. If you want better prices, you aren't going to get a guarantee - that's why you're paying slightly higher prices on those sites. Honestly, I'm happy to buy on eBay and TCGP knowing that they've got my back even if I go with a less-experienced seller. And no matter which vendor you choose, mistakes will happen.
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  • posted a message on [HTS] SDCC Walkers & HasCon exclusives are up in Hasbro Toy Shop
    And it's sold out. Not terribly surprising - this seems like the SDCC set that people actually wanted, at a decent price point.
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  • posted a message on [HTS] SDCC Walkers & HasCon exclusives are up in Hasbro Toy Shop
    Quote from SonofaBith »
    FYI, shipping was $7 and change (to Florida) and there is tax as well, so expect to pay between $39 and $40 all in for the HasCon cards. I bought one, because Grimlock Naya/DFC looks fun.

    I have a feeling that we're going to see a lot of copies of Nerf War and maybe a couple copies of Sword of Dungeons and Dragons on eBay next week. Maybe one or two Grimlocks that won't stick around.
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  • posted a message on [HTS] SDCC Walkers & HasCon exclusives are up in Hasbro Toy Shop
    The HasCon promos are up in the Hasbro Toy Shop.

    Also, the restock of the SDCC walkers is STILL AVAILABLE, in case anyone still wanted a set.
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  • posted a message on How low can Goyf go?
    Quote from veritoanimus »
    So, This isn't anything exciting or really new, but I've been noticing that with different decks gaining popularity in older formats and the mass number of reprints Tarmogoyf has been pretty steadily declining in price (I can get a playset for $210 on TCGPlayer right now, and I'm betting scouring eBay could do better).

    Is it time to buy?

    What do you think is the rock bottom price for Goyf?

    Are you planning on sleeving up that playset?

    If you are, then yeah, it's time to buy. Next opportunity for a reprint is in the spring, with Magic 25, and while another reprint will definitely hurt his price, it won't completely crush it (any worse than it's already been crushed) and you'll have gotten to play with it for more than half a year.

    If not, then I'd stay away. I don't think that 'Goyf is a good investment vehicle.
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  • posted a message on Best Gift card(s) to request to buy singles @ the best bang for the buck
    Quote from v0rac10u5 »
    I have been active on eBay for years. It has been my preferred site for buying and selling my commander foils. They do sell gift cards for eBay. I use them constantly. You do need an eBay account and a PayPal account to use them.

    I'll second the rec for eBay gift cards. TCGP does offer gift cards - just make sure not to get confused with a copy of the YGO card "Gift Card".
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Quote from tubaman19 »
    I saw the note about card prices but I won two Chinese traditional gilded drakes at a tournament. I tried to look up online what they are selling for but I cant find them anywhere. Anyone have a suggestions on where to find a price? there mp condition and signed by the artist in gold sharpie.

    So, the good news is that they're reserve-list cards. That's nice for their value. The bad news is that they're MP and T-Chinese. While T-Chinese isn't a BAD language in terms of value, it doesn't add anything, and it dissuades the casual market (who wants English cards).

    The other bad news is that MP on TCG is selling for about $20, while LP copies are .. about $20. And NM copies are $25. So in order to sell yours, you're going to have to price it around $15 if you want it to stand out. Or you could try for $20 and just wait for a buyout. Your call.
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  • posted a message on Should i sell my unused cards?
    Quote from Mack99 »
    Thanks a lot for the advice, it was very detailed. Ya so I'll definitely be keeping the promos for now, and I'm selling the canopy. I'm still on the fence about if I should sell(trade/sell) my lands or not, but I'm definitely going to be trading away alot of my nonland cards

    Which lands are on the fence? I can get even more detailed, if you want. What are you thinking about selling, and do you have a goal in mind (for example, getting into Legacy) that you figure you'll need to use these lands to achieve?
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  • posted a message on Should i sell my unused cards?
    Quote from Mack99 »
    I've built up a lot of modern staples and I'm unsure what I should do with them and I'm concerned with how much WOTC has been reprinting cards recently.

    This is a fair concern, and not an uncommon situation. Let me say a few general comments, before getting to specifics:

    1) Welcome to MTGS!
    2) I am not a fan of keeping Modern cards. Over the last three years, I have been systematically purging my collection of Modern staples.
    3) BUT. There's always a "but".
    4) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the deckbox link. It really helps us give better advice, since we can see the actual cards that you're talking about.

    So. Should you ditch your Modern staples? The short answer is yes but. Long answer is no except. I have several guidelines for stuff to hold, and stuff to pitch.

    1) If it's in a deck, keep it. Should go without saying, but often it doesn't. If you're playing the card, then the card is a good thing for you to have. Doesn't matter if it's going to be reprinted soon, you'll want to keep it.
    2) Real estate is king. No matter what the deck you're going to be playing, it needs some sort of manabase (unless you're playing manaless Dredge, in which case I don't even know). You have plenty of Shocks and Fetches which are the backbone of Modern. I would never go below a playset of those. It gives you so much more flexibility to build and rebuild.
    3) Shiny happy promos holding hands. You are right that Expeditions and SDCC promos are worth keeping. You've got, what, 4 Expos and the black Nissa? As much as I want to say "Oh, just sell them to me," you should keep them for the time being.

    Here are some specific bits of advice, from the list. If I call out a card that's in a deck, ignore my advice in favor of keeping the deck together.

    Horizon Canopy is being reprinted in Iconic Masters as a rare. That price is going to drop. Sell now.
    'Goyf is at a critical point. It's at its lowest point in years, so either WOTC will give it a break and let it recover, or they'll decide that it's now cheap enough that they can reprint it more aggressively to drop it down to a $25 card. Pick which one you believe will happen.
    Noble Hierarch is in pretty high demand now. I would sell her unless you plan to use her - she's a shoo-in for a reprint soon, and probably at rare again which should drop (but not crater) her price.
    Snapcaster Mage is a card for which I made an exception to my rule. I'm keeping a playset, just in case. It's just so useful to have in case I want to audible into another deck (I currently play Affinity).
    Chandra Torch has taken her beatings from the SDCC promo printing and is in Standard for another year. You've got time on this one. Hold for now.

    Note: When I say "sell", I'm using that as shorthand for "exchange this card for resources of your choosing". That could be cash, store credit (not advised), other cards via trading, whatever.
    Second note: Eventually, you will want to sell the Expeditions and the Nissa, simply because if you sit on them forever, you might as well just have a basic land instead. Sell those when someone makes you a good enough offer for them. They'll sluggishly rise in price year after year, but in order to actually profit, you've got to sell them. You seem like someone who doesn't care about having shiny stuff, so there's no reason for you to hold them forever.
    Third note: Feel free to reply with further questions, or PM me for any detailed explanation of anything that I've said.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    So, is it just a matter of time until uncommons (and maybe even commons) that are foils from Urza's block get bought up and jump on the band wagon?

    Yes. If you're looking to pick up "little" foils from UZY/UZD, do it sooner rather than later.

    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    Opinion time: will the DFC's that flip into "sorta reprints" affect the current price of Legacy staples, like Gaea's Cradle or Diamond Valley?

    Let's say, hypothetically I have always wanted a Gaea's Cradle, but now that there's the DFC Growing Rites of Itlimoc, I'll give up my search for the Cradle & settle on the DFC "Cradle" land.

    So this then begs the question, w/ the pressure to buy being eased on some of these Legacy lands, will prices drop a bit?

    To back up these thoughts, I'm no longer in pursuit of a Diamond Valley, as it has a functional reprint now. I wanted the card to play with, not to collect. I'm sure there are many w/ the same thoughts as I.

    I don't think so, and here's why: these cards can't replace the original card in Legacy. Legacy Elves isn't going to play a three-mana enchantment that can possibly become a Cradle at the end of their turn. They want to be able to Rotate into Cradle and start doing busted things right away. Itlimoc might not even be good enough for Modern Elves (it might - I'll leave such discussions to the Modern subforum, I'm just saying that it's not a shoo-in autolock windmill slam). It's certainly a very very good EDH card, but any EDH deck that wants it also wants a Cradle.

    As far as replacing Diamond Valley, Arguel's Blood Fast doesn't seem comparable. I have the Valley in an Ayli deck, and there's just no way that I'm going under 5 life in order to flip a second copy. The Blood Fast is a fine addition to decks that want more Greed effects, or for decks that really get swingy with their life totals, but for the generic "lifegain" decks, your Aylis and Oloros, they're never going to flip it. I'm curious what deck you wanted to put the Valley in.

    Legion's Landing can definitely replace Kjeldoran Outpost, another reserved card, but that's only played in EDH and kitchen-table casual, and I suspect that it'll supplement rather than replace.

    Dowsing Dagger is the fourth card that flips into a reserved card, and while it is better than Lotus Vale IMO, I don't see it pushing the price down. Lotus Vale, like Outpost, is only a few bucks.

    I definitely want eight copies of many of these new cards, because they seem awesome, but I don't think that they (at least, ones that flip into a reserved land) the have Legacy applications and they'll probably be used to augment rather than replace in EDH.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from DJ Troll »
    When and why is a foil Treachery almost $700?

    Most likely EDH. However, the real answer is that there's been a run on reserve list cards lately, and as one of the two sets with reserve list foils, Urza's Destiny is a good buyout target. The supply was never huge in the first place, and people are looking for easy targets.
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  • posted a message on Which will have a better EV, Iconic Masters or MM17?
    Quote from Darkbrew »
    I did an EV calculation at todays prices as of the like 10th of September. Then a box would be worth an outstanding 370 on average BEFORE foils. 50ish uncommons, 243! rares and 74 in mythics. Now i think the mythics are overall pretty weak. I assumed mana drain at 150... maybe it ends up half that? Still any box with mana drain is CERTAINLY going to be profitable for a few months if not always. After that its a ton of EDH stuff much of which only has 1 printing. NPH and Future sight sets weren't printed that much... both 3rd sets i believe? If damnation is any sign the prices of big name cards could drop by 50%. I do think that this is going to destroy the price on many of these cards.. but my guess is for 1-2 weeks at release just opening packs will be profitable. But certainly all the non modern staples will go down by near half on economics alone. Visions, Canopy, Thoughtseize, Vial and such should hold 70-80% of their value due to being modern staples. But what do i know.

    Mana Drain is certainly a powerful card, but since it's legal in only two formats (Vintage and EDH), it's not really going to maintain its price the way Force of Will (a nigh-automatic 4x in Legacy) did. While there is certainly unmet demand for the card, there will be significant additional supply on the market. Look at Karakas, another Legends uncommon that became a Masters set mythic. Karakas is banned in EDH, but it's a Legacy staple. It went from $150 to $70 after the reprint - that's cut in half. IMA Drain is now available for $112 shipped at TCGPlayer, and that's only with the few copies from Hascon in circulation.

    As far as Visions, Canopy, Thoughtseize, and Vial maintaining prices because they're Modern staples, it's certainly possible. I wouldn't bet on Canopy, since part of what's propping up its price is that it only has one printing in an under-opened third set. The rest have seen several reprints, so this set will introduce relatively less additional supply, so there's less room to crash.

    Nonfoil EDH stuff will always crash with a reprint. Stuff like Auriok Championand Wilt-Leaf Liege that's played in Modern but doesn't qualify as a staple, will crash. Commons and uncommons will crash. Hard. HasCon was last weekend, so people are still digesting the spoiler.

    OP, here's a question for you. Are you thinking that you might be getting (and drafting) this box on opening weekend? And, if you do so, will you immediately try to offload cards that do not go straight into one of your decks? Because if you're not willing to do that (and Urza knows, I'm not), then looking at prices before the market settles is really an exercise in futility.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Quote from metornadoboss »
    I just got a nissa genesis mage deck and 52 of them are miscut and most of them have the top of the next card showing what should I do.

    Hello, Tornado Boss. Some pictures would really help us tell you more about the prospects for the deck. In general, SpaceGeist is correct - you probably want to try to sell it as a lot, since I take it the cards can connect to each other?
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  • posted a message on Help please long time online player
    Quote from Enigmatic G »
    I've played magic online for years but want to get into the actual card game (I live in the UK) can you guys tell me if this is a good buy? ( It's a guy on ebay called the troll trader and a summer gift bundle he's selling)
    Also what sets and things would you recommend to get me started and start building a collection? I'm thinking I will get a few theme decks and fat packs/deck kits and maybe a booster box?

    Hello Mr. G, and welcome to MTGS!

    A couple caveats, before I begin: First, I'm in the US, so any prices that I quote will be US-based. I'm not up on European prices, and the market (especially for sealed product) is quite different across the pond. Second, beware of sticker shock. Paper prices are generally going to be well higher than digital.

    Personally, I'd advise you to pass on this. Since you've been playing MODO for years, you are familiar with the game and more importantly with formats. You know what you want to play. I'd start by buying into those formats. You like EDH? Buy one of the Commander 2017 decks that just came out. You play Standard? Go to a store (I like Chaos Cards in Folkestone) and buy singles to build a deck that you like to play online. Limited player? No need to build a collection! Buy a pack of sleeves and sit down for a draft.

    What formats do you want to play? If you can tell me that, I can be even more specific (as can many of our other members, who're happy to help out).
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