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    If they are indeed salvage titans then we can hope for more colored artifacts in Aether Revolt... I'm still hoping for a Kaladeshi Filigree Angel (either as an invention or a regular card) Kekeke

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    Saheeli's medium brown skin tone is constant in all of her artwork so far. This woman is far too light. She also appears to be a light skinned black woman, not south asian like Saheeli.
    with all that dark red around, she doesn't really seem all that "black" (however light skinned she may be).
    I mean, facial traits seem pretty generic to me and don't really sceam for any apparent ethnic trait, while the skin is so light that she could very well be from mediterranean Europe...
    Or it might just be me.

    Well... Doesn't matter, she looks both gorgeous and badass. I hope that her card will be so too, otherwise it would be a waste of a good art. Kekeke

    Yeah I was also surprised by the lack of colored artifacts. I expected at least a common, uncommon and rare cycle to match the Gearhulk cycle. Maybe next Time around the AEther revolt will allow more colored artifacts to emerge into the world of Kaladesh?

    MaRo's article on Monday explains how the Gearhulks were created, as well as their uniqueness as the only colored artifacts in KLD.

    The Gearhulk cycle was added in development. They wanted a cycle of mythic rare artifact creatures and nothing design turned in quite fit the bill, so they designed their own cards. They all cost five or six mana with two colored mana required, they all have an evergreen creature keyword of their color and they all have a powerful "enters the battlefield" effect.

    There was a little discussion about them being colored artifacts as that's not something found anywhere else on Kaladesh, but development both wanted them to require colored mana (to keep too many from going into the same deck) and wanted them to be artifact creatures for flavor reasons, so the colored artifacts ended up being the best choice.
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    Quote from Azurhawk »
    Quote from Jay13x »
    My theory is that the new woman is our UR Artifact Legend. Which would be awesome, because she looks fantastic.

    That would be super cool indeed! <3 Hope it turns out that way.

    Heh, I almost forgot that there almost HAS to be the UR legend in Arlinn/Ulrich vein. That is the best guess so far.
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    -I know that last Ajani is W/G mana but he can change again because is naturaly Naya and can fit in both WG and WR and also a possible WGR deck.

    His color changes were driven by character changes - first he was angry and vengeful for his brother's murder. Then he make peace with himself and become the Goldmane. Mentor shows his persona as Elspeth's friend.

    By the way, the really LAST Ajani is monoW, and that shows him AFTER Elspeth's death, so raging because of her death is our of question here.

    On the other hand, if anything can rekindle his inner R persona, it is confrontation with Bolas...or his minions.
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    Looks like a generic etherium construct not necessarily a Salvage Titan.

    Yeah, sure. Only it has almost identical shoulder ornaments, almost identical head, almost identical hooked arms/hands.

    Seriously, you cannot be serious with the "generic etherium construct"...

    Heck, even the posing is almost identical to the original pic.
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    Quote from Avatar »
    I attended just one PR at my LGS, which is fairly small (we were a bit under 30 players for the morning I was there), and never saw so much goodies flying all around. Compare to expeditions, where onely one copy was pulled for the entire weekend among all PR flights, in this single PR, there were 5-6 players getting back home with Vials, Opal etc. This seems huge compared to the supposed super-rare mythic distribution.

    So I'm conspiring that it may be a sort of click-and-bait scheme, where the distribution of inventions was pumped up so that troves of players go back home starry-eyed with tears of joy running down their cheeks, promising to come back for the release event and buy boxes. This was especially effective with newer/younger players who suddenly felt "compensated" for missing out the good old times where all cards were cheap and such and feel like it's the best thing that ever happened to them.

    So yes, it's only conjecture and might be a statistical event, but I'm interested to hear your opinions/stories on this Smile

    35 players, no Invention at all. Not even in prize packs.

    For comparison, there were about 3-4 expeditions pulled during both BFZ and OGW prereleases, both in about 40 players.

    So your event just got lucky (and probably stole ours Smile )
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    As someone who has all the DDs and wrote reviews for all of them except Elves vs. Goblins:

    They are not "extremely unbalanced". If anything, Venser vs. Koth were.

    Blessed vs. Cursed are fairly balanced, with Cursed being slightly more favored to win simply by better synergy.
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    Why does everyone think it is Saheeli?

    The only thing they have in common is that they are Indian women... This might as well be a new character, or even geared-up Pia Nalaar.

    The Salvage Titans, however, are pretty clear. Nice touch.
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    Quote from jshrwd »
    My playgroup wasn't able to get to a PR, so we grabbed our 2 kits and did our own thing last night.
    I went 3-1, counting our faux championship, with a RW aggro thingy. Eddytrail Hawk is really good, which is probably not a surprise.

    But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to share the statistical improbabilities of what we opened last night.

    4 people opening 2 PR kits (12 packs + 2x promo each):
    • 3 of us opened a Chandra, and one was foil (non-promo)
    • 3 of us opened a Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
    • 2 of us opened a Rashmi, Eternities Crafter (1 promo)
    • 1 of us got 2 planeswalkers: Chandra & Nissa (foil, promo)
    • 1 of us got a Masterpiece (Simulacrum)
    All in all, we opened 48 packs with 8 promos and managed 12 mythics, 2 foil PWs, multiple duplicates, and a Masterpiece.
    The foil Chandra came in a pack with a Skysovereign for the super fun double-mythic pack.

    Statistically speaking, last night was bonkers for our little group.

    Heh, I know that the crappy pulls in our 35-player prerelease HAD to balance somewhere Grin
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    Got a pretty crappy pool this time...

    Dubious Challenge, Padeem, Inventors' Fair, Fateful Showdown, Confiscation Coup, Aetherstorm Roc were my rares. For promo, I had Botanical Sanctum.

    From vehicles, I had Aradara Express, Renegade Freighter, Sky Skiff and Ballista Charger, one apiece. In the end I played all of them, though the Express was a last minute addition. My main color was white, with the Roc, and other things like Vampire Whitehawk, Gearshift Ace etc. For the second color, I picked blue because the Coup and a couple of good cards (three counters, and Malfunction) The other colors did not have any bomb,and red was not deep enough. The decks was a little bit top-heavy, with the business starting around 3 and especially 4 mana.

    And that happened to be the decisive factor. I ended up 2-3, usually losing to T2 Copter or T3 Freighter in the decider. Once, my good friend beat me by just sticking 2 Syndicate Traffickers and killing all my stuff (frankly, Make Obsolete is BRUTAL against fabricate :(, and a pretty game-breaker anyway mid-combat). The games I won were usually thanks to the vehicles, or something stolen by Coup.

    Nobody out of 35 people pulled a Masterpiece (that was kinda strange, because there were 4+ expeditions in 40 player prerelease of BFZ). One guy pulled a promo Chandra. Yes, it s as beautiful as expensive.

    Overall, totally different experience than anything in recent history. I am looking forward to drafting, as that will, hopefully, grant me more control over what I got. This time, the curse of bad pool was in action.

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    Cards of importance:

    Spotlight 3/5 Deadlock Trap
    Spotlight 4/5 Fateful Showdown (Tezz vs. Pia in arena)
    Spotlight 5/5 Confiscation Coup (Tezzeret confiscating everything)

    And also Dramatic Reversal, with another Chandra quote on a blue card. Smile
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