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  • posted a message on Return to Kamigawa 2015-2016
    Quote from Hyze
    Kamigawa block happened 10.000 years ago, iirc, so yeah, there's room for new stories Wink

    Er, no, it did not. The Kamigawa block happens around 3700-3800 A.R., whereas the current events are establishes to be around 4600 A.R. So it is about 800-900 years at best.

    On topic - they explicitly said on the PAX panel that they have currently no plans to return to Kamigawa (or Ulgrotha). That seals the deal, I think.

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  • posted a message on [[CNS] -] Dack Fayden
    Neat card.

    So, how does the emblem work with non-overloaded Cyclonic Rift? Do you get the permanent before Rift attempts to resolve and fizzles because the permanent is no longer under the control of other player?
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  • posted a message on Rastos, Disciple of Mogis
    Quote from El Tigre Chino
    That's not really fair play of you.

    Occured to me that a legendary card to support a tribal strategy was somewhat logical but meh.

    Is it? Come on, don't be so thin-skinned. The initial discussion was about legendary creature named Rastos, and that has been proven to be wrong on several levels.

    As for the legendary minotaur, there was quite enough hints that there will be none (now, if there was a legendary minotaur horde leader in the story, figuring on more than one random flavortext (Thyrogog), I would see it as more probable). That you (and others) chose to ignore them or assign them low importance, was your decision.

    And let's say that after 11 years and about 45 rumor seasons, you develop kind of a hunch what is going to happen. Not that I am infallible, but I was pretty sure about this.

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  • posted a message on Reward for Completing Hero's Path
    Quote from vaultboyzk
    Isn't it The Champion?

    also, each set brings 7 hero cards, whether they be heroes or equipments

    You get the Champion for beating Xenagos, AFAIK.

    Hall of Triumph is given to the stores to distribute is as they choose, but it is also considered a final reward of Hero's Path.
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  • posted a message on Theros novel
    Quote from Perkunas687
    Since it seems folks have addressed my primary concern upon the full reveal of JOU (dead Xenagos), I'm more comfortable with him only losing godhood. But, a question remains for me as to why Xenagos was considered a 'villain' at all in this block and worthy of 'death', or an attempt at killing him. It just seemed like he was more thumbing his nose at the establishment than anything else, and from the ebook, the gods are certainly full of themselves and, for lack of a better word, a bunch of jerks. Then there's the video on Youtube where suddenly Erebos is talking in menacing terms? So where do Phenax and Ashiok fit in here? I'm hoping the ebooks address this, but it seems that the first ebook, the flavor of the first set, and what I've read online don't necessarily match up. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Sorry if I seem like I'm rambling, getting over an illness and coughing up a storm.

    Don't hope for Ashiok to play a role in Godsend part 2. Portraying his involvement at Theros seem to be limited to the Dack Fayden comics and the single UR. And yeah, the portrayal of the gods in the flavor articles and the Godsend differs quite a lot.

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  • posted a message on Reward for Completing Hero's Path
    Quote from Jenrik
    How many Hero cards are there? I know there are 7 from Theros (like The Philosopher, The Slayer etc.) and JOU has cards like Cloak of the Philosopher etc. but was there a set for BNG?

    Yes. There are seven per set, 21 in total. Five from prerelease kits, one from Launch Party (solving a puzzle), one for beating the challenge deck.

    The five prerelease BNG heroes were all one-shot, with effect for exiling them - General, Savant, Tyrant, Warmonger, Provider.

    Explorer for LP, Vanquisher for beating the minotaur horde.
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  • posted a message on Theros novel
    Quote from Zazdor
    I do like that a "major" event is depicted in the cards. While I know not everyone loved the intimate linking of art, flavor text, and novels of the Weatherlight Saga, I think a few cards that depict major events is helpful to the cohesiveness of the story--and may serve to sell a few more ebooks.

    I like it as well. This is probably the most direct depiction of a major climax event since Vindicate.

    What confounds me is the fact that only two cards in the whole set address the story itself. Deicide and Revel for the Fallen God. And Worst Fears, but that is quite generic. And for crushing majority of people, what they did not see on cards, it never happened. People were speculating about Elspeth or Ajani dying. If that was the case, it would have been depicted on some card, or at least referred (remember Remember the Fallen). The only possible MaRo-hinted "lasting consequence" from current info is the potential permanent death of Xenagos, that means he won't be ever getting another walker card. And as many of you pointed out, his permanent death is questionable.
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  • posted a message on WoTC Mothership Spoils (18/04) - FULL SET SPOILED!
    Quote from Foam-Dome
    Man, this set is underwhelming. But now we can look forward to Conspiracy spoilers.

    Yeah, worst set since Kamigawa, etc., etc., etc. Smile

    Some of you guys are real jokers Smile

    As for the whole set...gamewise it feels better than BNG. On the other hand, I find that from the three sets of Theros block, this one has the lowest amount of illustrations I really like.

    Only two cards substantially address the story of the block itself. Revel for the Fallen God and Deicide. Hoped for more.
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  • posted a message on Rastos, Disciple of Mogis
    By the words of Elan the Bard from Order of the Stick...

    "Fight, fight, fight the urge to say "Told you so."".... Smile
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  • posted a message on From Myths to Theros
    Quote from Vorthospike
    Nyx-Fleece Ram is an, oblique, reference to the golden fleece.
    Aegis of the Gods references the Aegis, Zeus's invincible shield.
    Ediolon of Rhetoric is a reference to any number of philosophical sects like the the Sophists and possibly to Hegesias of Cyrene who wrote "Death by Starvation", a book that concluded you might as well starve yourself to death.
    Launch The Fleet looks like the start of the Trojan War in the art

    The printing of Golden Hind means the previous guesses about the Ceryeneian Hind were wrong, this is a direct reference.

    Quote from Uii
    Weight starts to lean more closely to Sisyphus then

    The flavor text summarizes Sisyphus's second most famous feat, literally defying death/Thanatos, and the image shows a person carrying a heavy weight in the underworld. I really can't believe there's debate over whether Weight of the Underworld is Sisyphus or Atlas.

    I can believe it, and here's why: We already got a direct Sisyphus reference on Titan's Strength. Sisyphus rolled the stone to the top, he was not bearing it on his shoulders. With no Bearer of Heavens known, people quite logically concluded that WotU is a reference to Atlas, albeit an obscure one (thanks to the Underworld location, that does not fit) and strictly visual.

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