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    I know this is technically not a rumor (feel free to move this to Magic General, if you want), but MaRo's Making Magic column today addresses lots of things with BFZ and SoI blocks, including topics that were a BIG part of discussion here - so I think this would be worth a discussion thread.

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    The visuals look wonderful. My only problem is with the rotating wheels that align into the picture...at least for me, it is almost dizzying.
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    Quote from Jay13x »
    Conspiracy 2's story is over. I just got confirmation from Blake and Kelly Digges on Twitter.

    Probably we'll get Checking on Planeswalkers next.

    Actually, according to Voice for Vorthos, we are getting Kaladesh already this week.... http://dougbeyermtg.tumblr.com/

    The Eldritch Moon storyline ended with a bang a month ago. Very, very soon, we kick off the Kaladesh storyline, and it’ll get going FAST. This week you’ll get to meet some new people, hear more about Saheeli Rai, and read a few tidbits about what event is buzzing on Chandra’s home plane.
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    It was already spoiled a month ago (the "create" wording) with Rise from the Tides promo Wink
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    Quote from Foam-Dome »
    I wonder why they touted double agenda as a new mechanic when there is exactly one (1) double agenda card in the entire set.

    They *touted* it?

    All I can see is this quote in the mechanics article:

    Naming one card not enough for you? Well, one card has a variant you may enjoy: double agenda.

    Emphasis mine.

    First of all, it is about as "new" as first vs. double strike. It is basically a hidden agenda for two cards.

    Second, like EMN and meld, they were absolutely honest in this very article how many cards we can expect with it ;-)

    Quote from Gammarra »
    This is the best freaking set in forever. My god. Who even cares about Khaaldesh? Conspiracy is amazing.

    I do not think it is objectively the best in a long time, but it is certainly good.

    And who cares about Kaladesh? By my estimation, after next weekend and PAX, everybody ;-)
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    Quote from Empathogen »

    The post even specifies named mechanics.

    Agreed, colored artifacts are fair game, I think we will see some in the set.

    Overall, I am happy about this.
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    I am kinda slow today.

    As soon as this hits the 'field, the ability works, right? So if I say "2", there is no window for an opponent to Incinerate/Doom Blade it. Correct?
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    A high quality common. Even without prowess it would be playable here, with prowess it is just awesome (for a common).
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    Still without conspiracies, though.
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    Quote from Flisch »
    Do we know how many more URs there are for Fiora? I wonder if the conflict will actually be resolved by the time we finish the story, rather than leaving on a not-even-a-cliffhanger.

    Alas, I would not hope for more than one more. Remember, the weekend after this weekend is PAX and first Kaladesh news, and since Kaladesh prerelease is 24th of September, that means full spoiler on 16th, that means spoilers starting on 5th, and assuming the preview week will already feature Kaladesh preview card&story, it leaves just the August 31st for a Fiora story.
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