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    The player who controls the ability that creates the token will always get the token, unless the ability specifically tells/allows them to "give" it to another player. In cases of creating tokens, absence of defining who's control the token enters the battlefield under is considered an explicit statement that the person who controls the effect gets the token.

    Although you control the opponent, and control their actions - they still control the triggered ability, and the ability explicitly gives them the token (since it doesn't state to give it someone else).
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    Quote from cryogen »
    How do you measure the balance of the format?
    This is pretty much the exact way it's defined to me.
    Basically I ask myself "If I come up with a reasonable deck that I want to play, will it have a chance?"
    This basically defines which formats I play, and EDH answers this question with a Yes.

    If there are only a few decks or 1-2 archetypes that's dominating, so that you either build those or build to beat them, THAT is when things get unbalanced.

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    Quote from aespielberg »
    I would like my username changed to EsperMan, or if that's taken, EsperMan0. Can my dream be made possible?
    Dream's made possible?
    That's what we do here Wink

    Had to go with EsperMan0
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    2 | 6 X 6 6 3 3 6 3 | 30 | 429

    1. 6-0. He can timestop the tokens, but a hardcast races.
    2. XXX
    3. 6-0. I race the 8/5 and/or nix his counter.
    4. 6-0. I can Nix counter when I cast chancellor. Beacon? Tokens.
    5. 3-3. Crush saves him on his play. Otherwise Nix or race Defiance.
    6. 3-3. I can nix Prog on play.
    7. 6-0. Tokens race the Torrent. I break out of the deadlock. See below.
    8. 3-3. Lockout on my draw. My play is close, but wins. See below.

    The two tokens race the 3/5 hardcast. On turn 8 I cast Chancellor. He can spelljack this. I then Nix his casting of my Chancellor whenever he casts it. On turn 9, I cast Chancellor #2. This overruns him.

    It takes 3 hits for Iona to kill me. But when she drops, he is always two or less swings away from death for what I have and has to hold to block. I do exactly 20 damage that he can't block.
    1. Token, Token
    Free cast Chancellor
    Sub Arrow +3 Tokens
    Swing with five 1/1 haste (15)
    1. Plains -> Silence
    Freecast Iona
    2. Swing all out (one 5/5, five 1/1s).
    Block 5/5. Take 5 (10)
    3. Swing five x 1/1.
    Block one. Take 4 (6)
    4. Swing, block. Take 3 (3)
    5. Swing, block. Take 2 (1)
    6. Swing, block. Take 1 (Dead)

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    Ya know, the more I think about this, I actually really like what the original version does to multiplayer.
    In casual games, sure.
    Once you hit tournaments, with rules enforcement, that's where things get hectic.
    802.4. If more than one player is being attacked or controls a planeswalker that’s being attacked, each defending player in APNAP order declares blockers as the declare blockers step begins. (See rule 101.4 and rule 509, “Declare Blockers Step.”)

    Attack the player to your left (Players A) with a Stealth creature.
    Attack the player past him (Player B) with a regular creature.

    Declare blockers:
    The player A you attacked with the stealth creature must declare his blockers...
    He can't block the stealth creature.
    (At this moment you have an attacker that is not declared as being blocked)

    Player B now declares blockers, and decides he will block.
    Can't backtrack to Player A, he's just out of luck.

    Stealth would have to add a rule adjusting this.
    Something like "All players declare blockers against nonstealth creatures, then declare against stealth creatures"
    Which starts making it fuzzy and weird, since it should still be one declare action, even if split in two.

    Once you hit REL-goverened tournaments, collusion is frowned upon and the rules have issues.
    Of course, if this is meant for casual, don't mind me >_<
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    Quote from Circeus »
    ... So if all creatures attacking have this mechanic, can you even block any of them?
    Yes, but only if you block all of them.
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    Feels like it should be something in the vein of "insignificant", "inconspicuousness", or "overlooked".

    Like.. they'd only notice it if no one else was still coming at them. Otherwise, they slip right in because they're so unassuming that you're too busy looking at the goblins.

    The wording works, but would confuse many lay persons.
    Double negatives (Not UNblocked) always trip people.
    It's also.. awkward in multiplayer.

    I would suggest something more like:
    "This creature can't be blocked unless defending player blocks all creatures attacking him or her."
    Wording could definitely still be improved, but it takes out the double negative, and fixes multiplayer.

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    Merfolk Thrasher 1U
    Creature - Merfolk
    Protection from red.
    Whenever Merfolk Thrasher attacks, for each other attacking merfolk, tap target permanent.

    Fevered Visions as a Shrine (AKA The hondens: 1 2 3 4 5 )
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    Teve, Necromancer Returned BB
    Legendary Creature - Skeleton Wizard
    If Teve, Necromancer Returned would be destroyed, regenerate it.
    Exile two creature cards from your graveyard: Teve can't be regenerated this turn. Any player may activate this ability.
    "Skeletons have no tongues to make S sounds with, so now he calls himself 'Teve."
    -Teddy, Steve's brother.


    Teddy, Necromantic Master 2BB
    Legendary Creature - Human Wizard
    (B/P)(B/P), exile a creature card from your graveyard: Put a 4/1 black Bat Skeleton creature token named Marrow Bats onto the battlefield with "Flying" and "Pay 4 life: Regenerate this creature." Any player may activate this ability.
    "I taught Steve everything he knows."

    Teddy's Apprentice B
    Creature - Homunculus
    When Teddy's Apprentice dies, put it on top of its owner's library.
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    Reaver of Flesh 3BB
    Creature - Demon
    Whenever Reaver of Flesh attacks, each player sacrifices a nondemon creature.

    Reckoner of Souls 3BB
    Creature - Demon
    Whenever a nondemon creature dies, its controller loses 4 life.

    Reaper of Bone 3BB
    Creature - Demon
    At the beginning of each end step, if an opponent lost 4 or more life this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on each demon creature you control.
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