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  • posted a message on Do you guys ever think we will see a "Sliver Planeswalker"?
    Per Storyline subforum rules, please don't post in threads that have been without activity for more than three months.

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  • posted a message on Currently Suspended/Banned Users.
    Typho0nn has accumulated three points. As this is their second suspension, they will return in three weeks.
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  • posted a message on Aether Revolt General Discussion (Spoilers Allowed Here)
    With the revelation of storyline spotlight cards 2-5, it's time to start our discussions of Aether Revolt in earnest.

    Aether Revolt

    Other leaked images are attached.
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  • posted a message on Magic Story: Kaladesh & Aether Revolt (No Spoiler Discussion)
    Let's refocus the discussion back to Kaladesh specifically. We can spin the discussion of Nissa off into a separate thread and continue there.

    Rereading the thread, this discussion isn't actually off topic. It's bringing up some very good points that are relevant to the discussion at hand. Carry on.
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  • posted a message on Pardon the Mess--Big Changes Afoot!
    The blades are sharpened, the gibbering chants begun, the nanotech programmed, and the mana pool filled...

    Changes are coming to the Colosseum, including the name. The new Roleplaying and Tabletop forum will still be the place to roleplay on the forum, but it will also be the place to discuss tabletop RPGs, gaming ideas, etc. It's going to be messy for the next little while as we clear away the deadwood, move some threads around, offer blood sacrifice to the mad gods beyond the veil.

    --your RPG mods
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  • posted a message on Raven man? Or dot dot dot
    Warning for spam. Thread locked.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    The obelisk is etched with fine runes, but the magic seems to be dormant. On the wall behind be obelisk you notice a large wooden door, held closed by two massive oaken bars. To the south, two tunnels exit the room.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    Reed (and presumably everyone else but at this point, who knows) has entered room 21.

    Two once beautiful statues flank the entrance the this room. One appears to represent Meriele, though the arms have long since been broken off, and the other appears to represent Lander. (It's hard to tell since the head is missing.) Unlike the statues in the entry to the temple, these have not been defaced as part of some ritual, but instead appear to have been damaged centuries ago. The marble tile on the walls and floor gives way to bare stone at the rear of the room. The east wall is missing. Though the wall appears to have collapsed centuries ago, piles of rubble have recently been moved to the side, opening a path into the dimly lit cave beyond.

    By the torchlight from the sconces in 21 and the hallway before it, you can see a little of Room 28. It is a vast open cave. In the gloom, you can barely make out a dark stone obelisk.

    Did anyone put on the ring you got from the cult leader's body?

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  • posted a message on A potentially really awesome plotline brewing?
    We have a thread for discussing this idea here. Please feel free to continue the conversation in that thread.

    Thread locked.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    At one time, this was an awe-inspiring space. The most sacred part of the very first temple built to the gods of Ar Ais, this was the greatest creation of civilization in the mortal races' earliest days. You see a mixture of stylistic elements that hint at the aesthetics that would come to define the individual races--the sharp angles of the dwarves, the flowing curves of the elves, the gilding and gemwork of the gnomes, the creativity of the humans, and the woodwork of the halflings.

    The years have not been kind. The walls are caked in grime and soot. The fixtures have long since tarnished and rusted way. The pews, once sterling examples of early halfling craft, crumble to splinters at the touch. Large cracks run through the walls, ruining the mosaics and frescoes.

    Oh, and there are dozens of fresh corpses. You've really done a number on the cult who took over this place.

    You find nothing of real interest, though. No secret doors or hidden compartments, no treasures to speak of.

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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    Paravrax successfully picks the lock...

    ...only to find that the door, like its counterpart to the north, is another purely decorative item. It opens to a stone wall.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    It looks like an ordinary door. It's still unlocked. You open it, and realize it's fake--there's a solid wall of natural stone behind it. The door to the south of the altar opening looks like it was made to match this door, to provide some balance to the decor, although it does appear newer. That door is locked.
    You've explored the entire temple complex (all of the white-floored areas on the map, plus all of the secret rooms), except for the cave system adjacent to the temple (the gray-floored areas). The caves don't appear on the map you found, but the entrance is marked "Proposed site of new construction" (or something similar) adjacent to room 21 (and that weird closet next to room 20 (room 20 being where you found Dieknuh).
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    Roywyn continues to study the portal. From seemingly thin air, she's produced a quill and a large tome and is taking copious notes. An abacus hovers nearby to her left, the beads occasionally moving as the performs a staggering number of calculations. A ceramic teapot and cup and saucer hovers to the right. Occasionally she pauses from her work and sips from the cup. The teapot dutifully refills the cup.

    Finian smiles at Strathalmere, wanly. "Oh, kiddo. I'm sorry for the trouble, really. I get why you're angry, probably better than you'll ever understand. I truly had no idea what I was sending you into. I'm sure you noticed the spell that was blocking us from seeing Silverwatch properly. I knew something was shrouding the province, and we couldn't directly intervene. There are forces at work here you can't begin to comprehend." He then looks at Korvat. "I'm the last god to stand on protocol, buddy, and Roywyn's just as chill as I am. You stand up, you put the bow away." Finian waves a hand, beckoning you all out into the sanctuary. "This could take a while, kids. Why don't we all step out here and chat while Roywyn does her thing." You notice that he's somehow managed, without anyone seeing him do anything but talk, to take Strathalmere's bow and entire quiver. Reed feels a deep sense of pride at this.

    Once out in the sanctuary, Reed explains everything that's happened so far to Finian, with Emeryn correcting some the more egregious exaggerations. At the mention of Vorrix's name, Finian's eyes darken.

    "You done good, kids. All of you have. I knew something hinky was going on down here in Silverwatch, but I had no idea it was that bad. The blinding ritual they were using to keep the gods out is some high level forbidden magic. If He's stirring again, and his followers have access to that kind of information...I have to confer with the other gods. If my suspicions are right, things are just going to get worse from here. Now, I may be God of Trickery, but even I'm bound by certain rules. Back when we made this world, the five of us swore an oath, and I can't break that oath. Like, literally am not capable. It was baked into the foundations of the world that no god can even mention His name to a mortal.

    "Now, hypothetically, if the gods had created an immortal being, this hypothetical being could know everything about Him, and this hypothetical immortal-but-not-god being wouldn't be bound by the oath...

    "But you didn't hear that from me,"
    Finian finishes, winking. For a god of deceit and trickery, Finian's not one for subtlety.

    Just as you begin to ponder his words, there's a delighted shout from the altar area. "That's it! Ha! Finian, sweetie, I need you in here. I know how to seal this portal without obliterating this mountain!"

    Together with the god, you file back into the altar room. "It's simple balance and harmonics, like a trapped chest, except the treasure is a yawning portal to a hellscape and the trap could level half the province. You just need to apply a little force to the five points where the cultists made their sacrifice, inscribing a line from the outer circle to the inner to ground out the magic, then funnel the blood into the portal." You aren't sure exactly where she managed to procure a large slate board and chalk to diagram this process out, but the abacus and tome are gone.

    The teapot is still refilling her cup.

    "So can you do it, dear? You'll need to work with perfect precision from all five points simultaneously."

    Five identical Finians appear at the five designated points around the altar. "I wouldn't be a very good god of rogues if I couldn't disarm a simple trap," the five halfings say, in perfect harmony. There's a white flash, an odd popping sound, and then suddenly the portal is closed. There's only one Finian left when your eyes readjust to the darkness of the temple. "Well, now that that's fixed, we've got business back in the Mabinogion. I'll fill Roywyn and the other gods in on what we talked about. Remember what I told you, kids." As the gods walk towards the door, Roywyn looks confused. "Wait, how long have you dears been here?"

    The door closes, leaving you alone in the darkness of the temple ruins. Without anyone noticing, Finian slipped Strathalmere's bow and quiver back into his pack.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Staff RPG--Ar Ais: Adventure One, "The Silver Road and the Broken Chain"
    You notice that your new ax has changed slightly. Some of the leaves look more like feathers, and the thorned vines look more like claws or teeth. Also, the handle seems like a better fit for your hands.
    Arcana Checks:That portal is some serious, high-level magic. None of you have ever seen anything like it, but anyone who got over a 15 on their Arcana check can tell that trying to disrupt the runes or the circle would just make things worse. You probably shouldn't touch it.
    You can't tell much, but it's a fairly new shield, and interestingly it has all the hallmarks a gnomish design: smooth lines, ornamental metal inlays, gem-colored enamelwork.
    Ger'Caith hops down from his perch with a tinkling mew, and proceeds to tackle the prayer beads, roll onto his back, and play with them.
    DEESS ARE BEST BEEDS EVER! They full of magic, but it's the prayin kinda magic. Dat stick is just a stick. Is a pretty stick, tho! He stops playing with the beads for a moment, and cocks his head to the side. Dat ring is weird. Is like is made of noffing. Weird magic, hard ta see.

    OOG: What you have here is a perfectly mundane quarterstaff, a Necklace of Prayer Beads with two beads (can only be attuned by a cleric, paladin, or druid, and attuning will tell you what the two beads do), and a magic ring that's like a Null Rod to Ger'Caith: it does nothing. {ominous}

    Anyone who got over a 15 (so, everyone but Dieknuh) hears a strange sound, like metal on metal, coming from the door just north of the opening between rooms 14 and 15. Reed and Luan immediately recognize this as a set of lockpicks opening a lock.

    Everyone (except Dieknuh) turns and looks at the door, ready for another battle. The door opens, and an unassuming halfling walks through the door. "Eh, it's been a few millenia since I had to actually pick a lock, but I still got it," he says, smiling. "Someone went to a lot of trouble to keep us out of...what in Our Collective Names happened here?" he says, surveying the room full of corpses.

    He turns, and Reed and Emeryn immediately recognize him:

    You stand in the presence of Finian, God of Trickery.

    "Kids, I leave you alone for five minutes, and you wind up knee deep in corpses in a temple we aband...Oh my Me. Is that...?"

    He flickers, seeming to melt into the shadows, only to reappear next to the portal.

    "Oh, **** me. **** all the gods. Which one you idiots did this? Wait, you know what, don't even bother. I'll deal with you all later."

    He vanishes again, and you hear the door in the sanctuary close. You stare at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, wondering whether the last 20 seconds actually just happened or if the cleric cast some sort of collective hallucination spell on you, when the door flies open with a slam. Finian has returned, and this time he's accompanied by an older gnomish woman.

    "Oh for Our sakes, Finian, are you sure you aren't just being dramatic? A stable bidirectional portal into the Infernal Prison is practically impossible. Why, the wards we put in place require an eight-point biometic recognition before they'll allow anything through. Oh sure, any wizard with enough time and a lack of good sense can open a unidirectional portal down there, but getting anything back again is nigh..."

    She stops, staring at the portal.

    "Now who's being dramatic, Roywyn."

    Most people count themselves blessed to meet a single god in their lifetime. You're now standing in a room with two: Finian, and Roywyn, God of Knowledge.

    They both appear next to the portal, Finian in a flicker of shadows, Roywyn in a flash of brillant blue sparks. "Oh, this is remarkable! Look at this, a circle inscribed in a circle, one to contain and focus the energies of the portal and the other as a barrier to keep anything from coming through uninvited! And the runes!"

    "Don't mind her, kids. This is her thing. Now, from the five or six words she's spouted out that I actually understood, I don't think any of you are the ones responsible. Which is good, because I haven't had to smite anyone in a long time and I'd like to keep it that way. That said, would one of you mind explaining exactly what happened here?"

    As Finian talks to you, Roywyn continues to natter excitedly in the background, oblivious to the rest of the room.

    Oh, these are old, old Dwarven runeforms. I haven't seen these since before the War. But this isn't a Dwarvish spell, is Elvish. Oh! They transliterated the Elvish spell to Dwavish, phonetically, so that the Dwarven runeforms would better contain and focus the magic. And, is that angel's blood! Brilliant! The angel blood would cause the wards to recognize the traveler as Celestial and allow passage through in both directions! But how... Ah! A five-point casting rubric with caster sacrifice! Oh, that's spectacular, using the angel's blood and five corrupt souls to fuel the spell! Terribly inefficient, and in stark violation of at least fifteen of Vicben's rules, oh he's not going to be happy when he hears about this. Oh, but the spellcraft!"
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  • posted a message on Land spells and land per turn
    Thread moved to Rulings.
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