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  • posted a message on I can't find the ninja.
    If you could see the Ninja it wouldnt be a good Ninja.

    Its like the sneaky elephants that hide on the trees. You havent seen them? Thats how good they are!
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  • posted a message on Storm the Vault//Vault of Catlacan
    Kinda like "vault guardians", we might get some nice big golems to work with.
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  • posted a message on First Pick Mer-Man Kelly Digges Spoiler
    The moment you understand that Contraptions are ARTIFACTS makes this card a hell lot stronger, as you can actually destroy them (which otherwise would probably provide them a steady stream of effects and bonus abilities).

    Destroying artifacts might be really really good in this set.
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  • posted a message on Very Cryptic Command
    Yea the card is terrible designed.

    Any joke its trying to do is completely destroyed by the fact how annoying it is to play with it or against it.


    This is not a fun card, in no line, and nowhere.


    A much more funny design would have been a card that requires a six-sided die to roll and choose that many instead of just 2 and than have a lot of options to choose from (maybe a card similiar to Greater Morphling, just as a spell, that would be "very cryptic" indeed).

    But as it is, total failure ...
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  • posted a message on Super-Duper Death Ray
    Quote from Raptorchan »

    What the point of such Oracle wording? It works perfect as printed, see Pyrotechnics.
    Because damage to one target can be 0 and it was implied for Liquid Fire but not for Pyrotechnics?

    Its all about the number of actual targets.

    Pyrotechnics gives you 1 target for each point of damage you want to assign, so you have at least 1 target and 4 at the max.

    Liquid Fire has only 1 target, the creature and you just choose how much damage that creature is dealt and how much that creatures controller.


    It might feel similiar, but targets are important in magic, and a spell can only be played if you have targets it requires.
    If a spell has no legal target anymore, it will "fizzle".

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  • posted a message on Internal Problems with Wizards of the Coast's Handling of Magic
    Quality of US cards is terrible compared to the EU cards.

    So that tells its own story.
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  • posted a message on The TCGs/CCGs that have a better resource system than MTG
    Magic knows its mana system is kinda flawed, and so many mechanics try to compensate for it.

    Cycling / Scry do that.

    For constructed cheaper spells are better as you are less likely to never use them.

    If half the deck is made out of mana, it better has a use for it.
    And a bunch of lands have abilities to further compensate that mana is not just mana, but can actually be a usefull regardless of that.


    The absolute worst part of magic is getting stuck at like 2 mana and being unable to do anything.

    Its pretty bad luck to never draw your 3rd land, but a fair deal of games end like that.

    1 land hands and the like should pretty much always be a Mulligan, which sucks, but it still allows the game to function.

    Being terrible flooded is also bad, but here again some mechanics that easily compensate for that, if you can get multiple uses out of a card, or simply abilities to put your mana into.
    All the draw-discard mechanics help a lot with getting flooded, so thats much less of an issue.


    If the game could find a way to work around its problem of getting stuck at 2 mana it would help quite a bit.

    Maybe a mechanic like if you do nothing in a turn, not play a land, not attacking and other optional stuff, you get a free Scry 1 (could help to find a land or at least avoid getting stuck for the next turn again).

    In the end, its still a corner case and if you get such "No-Games" its the worst experience in magic.
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  • posted a message on Un-Set 3 Unstable
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Well we got a partial preview of contraptions

    By what I'm seeing

    How can you possibly get the contraptions for a limited game if it works like meld.

    The set is still supposed to be played as draft, not sealed with just boosters.

    So that would be much less of an issue.
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  • posted a message on jace castaway goes infinite...
    Jace, Architect of Thought already works with Doubling Season , you can search your library for more Jace and any other card to finish the deal at the end.

    Woo had a old deck brew with it:
    Woo Brews – Modern Doubling Season

    Then there is this:
    Doubling Planeswalkers by Corbin Hosler


    No matter what, the deck can only be reasonable in modern if it does not rely on Doubling Season and kinda works without it.

    To make all that work, you probably want white for lots of sideboard hate enchantments and good removal in Path to Exile.

    Simply put, you need enough gas to have something to do in the early turns and stay alive against death shadow, affinity and the humans deck.

    Playing Ensnaring Bridge could also be reasonable, if you do not rely on Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to win the game.

    The bad thing is that Doubling Season alone does nothing and you would normally like to play a planeswalker before it, so that is a little bit bad timing wise.

    So the biggest flaw of these kinds of decks in modern is the problem that almost all the planeswalkers you want cost at least 3 mana and the big finishers (Karn, Ugin) are too expensive, unless you play tron and if you want to play tron, you can just play these cards anyway and you dont need Doubling Season at all.

    What works probably better is to use some kind of "token" deck with Doubling Season.

    Garruk Wildspeaker produces tokens and the +3/+3 Overrun will be enough to win with 4+ creatures , especially if you want to run all kinds of mana creatures that is probably a better approach rather than going combo just with the planeswalkers.

    Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a finisher that works nicely with Doubling Season regardless of if you have it in play before or after and is enough to win games in modern.


    Its not unplayable, but its also not a deck that just works right away.
    Posted in: Modern
  • posted a message on Best foil card?
    I like when they give foils something special, not just foil and thats it.

    Unhinged had that covered!

    Gleemax with the matrix numbers in foil.

    Mox Lotus with the infinity foil symbol.

    All of that was special.
    Just making a card foil doesnt tingle my sprinklers.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur predictions for Rivals of Ixalan.
    So at least the flying dinos lay eggs.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur predictions for Rivals of Ixalan.
    Quote from Manite »
    I could see some manner of Dinosaur totem that taps for R, G, or W and can be animated into a Dinosaur, Monument-style.

    They've got to do a Dinosaur Egg card at some point. The obvious choice being that it produces a 3/3 green Dinosaur token with trample.

    Is there any art of dinosaurs that actually has eggs ?

    Is it even sure that they have eggs at all ? (without seeing any in the entire world of ixalan on any artwork)


    I assume they do, just as most likely most dinosaurs did (no idea about the fishy ones).

    Raptor Hatchling is reasonable close to eggs (but it calls its parents instead of turning into a big one itself).


    We clearly need Dinosaurs with lasers and robot parts.

    As we find out Ixalan is actually a secret sci-fi biotope to test different tribal breeds.
    Its literally just Jurassic Park of magic ;P
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  • posted a message on A way around
    Quote from Lithl »
    Countered by Dovescape (Solvent/Obelisk work if they're already in play, but at that point you might as well include Nevinyrral's Disk, Olivion Stone, and Perilous Vault). There's a reason suggestions so far have included uncounterable spells, cast triggers, and activated abilities from somewhere other than the battlefield.

    In the end each one of the card alone can be a reasonable lock already for most decks.

    All of them at the same time is pretty special anyway.

    The normal casual deck will very likely not have cards to break out of that, but it gives you a reason to include some of the potential cards in a multiplayer game that can.
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  • posted a message on Wizards Pushing Retailers With Booster Deal (3 for $10)
    10$ for 3 boosters seems to be the absolute get go standard , as thats what a draft is.

    Or what do you pay to draft usually ?
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