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Magic Market Index for Sept 22, 2017
The Limited Archetypes of Ixalan
Treasure Cruisin' with Monored Burn
  • posted a message on Wizards is controlling secondary market prices and it just keeps getting worse for us!
    Ironicly enough you actually MADE money by opening Masters boosters in the first bunch of weeks.

    Not just 1 random booster, you had to open a lot , as the big hits recover so much product you open (and selling all of it, including the small junk actually gives you a net profit), as the estimated value of a booster including all the extra foils in them did result in a net profit.

    But with everything that has a net profit attached to it, people overbuy it and prices plummet over time. The big hits lose value and all the junk loses even more, to the point they are almost impossible to flip (still sells complete sets of commons/uncommons for example, but that involves sorting all the cards you open, which you better enjoy doing, otherwise its just "work").


    Anyway, all the products try to have a somewhat equal value, as a lot of people "obvisiously" buy pre-made product as it contains value.
    And if they sell sets of 4-5 different pre-made decks and just 1 has big value, it will be sold out, while the other product hangs in limbo.
    A store has to buy the packs of each product, they cannot just order more and more of the product that sells very well (otherwise everyone would do precisely that).


    Lots of cards are expensive simply because they are hard to find and by being hard to find the demand is kept down too, as its not a "mandatory" card and because its not available in enough quantity players playtest less with them too, and some even ignore the cards as they simply do not have access to them at all.

    So unless a old card suddenly gets a HUGE spike in popularity (which happens very rarely) , it keeps a high price and just gets more expensive slowly (for the simple logic that someone that buys a card will not willingly sell it for less in short time, they will probably just charge a little bit more, unless they badly need the money).


    The popularity of Commander increased the demand in a bunch of foils , thats a pretty huge impact, given that a lot of foils had a much much lesser demand before the Commander impact and the pre-made product does not include foils, outside the commanders (and even that is a new thing and they are a special kind of foil so not everyone will really like that).

    Anyway, the real VALUE of magic cards is in the foils right now.
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  • posted a message on Personal Advice about Tournaments
    The idea that you can start the game and somewhat immediately make it to the Pro Tour is fairly illusional.

    If you play a lot of magic, you will almost guaranteed play quite a lot of Limited over the course of time.

    You do not have to be great at Limited, but at least be somewhat decent in understanding how the game works, and that also applies for limited as it does for constructed (while in execution they are very different).


    As a start it should be the mindset that you wont win all the time, but you should "learn" something from almost any game, especially ask your opponents in events in your local game store, talking a lot about the game and simply being interested in learning about the mechanics in a broad spectrum helps a lot too.

    If you are interested in playing a lot of tournaments you will most likely get in a group of people that travel to events , book hotel rooms etc. for longer events like Grand Prix and such, so you very much need to get in touch with people and build your own little tag team (which will also open the space for team events and if you have enough you can draft with them too).
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  • posted a message on Banning are a Sign of a Healthy Game
    Smuggler's Copter is actually a BAD example of a card that is "too strong" , as it wasnt.

    The critical bad game design wasnt the card itself, it was that they didnt include any reasonable form of removal against it, and the ironicly best way to block it, was to play one of your own, and thats just terrible.

    With Abrade and friends in the format the card is not an issue at all and does nothing in any other format, as the card isnt good, as long as you have reasonable answers to it that punish the opponent for playing vehicles (a card type that is inherently terrible, as they do nothing on their own and need more creatures to work).


    Emrakul, the Promised End had pretty much the same issue, just on the top end.

    The format had no reasonable graveyard hate at all , which made Delirium decks perform WAAAAAAYYYYY better than they would have in any form with just 1 half decent graveyard hate available.
    The Mindslaver effect together with protection from instants was also a pretty bad combination, as it would force you to play sorcery removal, which they would use to destroy your own creatures. The reasonable answer was in enchantment based "flash" removal , Stasis Snare did work, but white decks couldnt really compete against Delirium and Energy Marvel decks, as the answers could just either hit creatures, planeswalkers, or artifacts, but never solved enough problems to make a reasonable constructed deck. A lot of diverse problem cards and too limited answers produce a very hostile format in which its simply better to ignore answers and just ask questions on your own, and the one that sticks the last wins.

    And together with Aetherworks Marvel in a grindy energy based deck, they simply even combined and they made terrible design choices to shape that format.


    For almost all bannings its the same story.

    They make something reasonable good, but print no answers to it in the format.

    Just imagine Artifact decks and no hate against Artifacts , without a way to punish such a deck, ofcourse it would dominate.
    Just imagine a Dredge deck without any graveyard hate available, OFCOURSE it would dominate.

    Its really not too complicated, but if they would print reasonable answers to the cards they print, they wouldnt have that much of an impact and they BADLY wanted to have story characters be very clearly overpowered and hard to answer (hello Archangel Avacyn).


    Gideon, Ally of Zendikar was the kind of card they SHOULD have banned in its prime time, as it was the go-to card in white, no matter what deck you wanted to play, if you have access to white mana, you MUST play that planeswalker, as the format didnt really offer good answers to it (and even then you could cash in the Emblem, so the only way is to counter the spell before it does anything).

    But they did not ban the planeswalker, a choice we had to suffer for a terrible long time.
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  • posted a message on Chandra, Gremlin Wrangler
    Nira is incredible, should have been in the Dragon Commander deck and would wreck faces left and right.

    Its the kind of card i would like to get, just for the sake of Cube and my "dragon" collection.


    These are also the kind of cards i would like to get in any casual price form in game store events, instead of god damn token cards ...
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  • posted a message on Full visual spoiler revealed in mothership
    The only "big" one in the set is Mana Drain which almost anyone can use in some form or directly sell away.

    Lots of other cards are "decent" but thats about it.

    A ton of "fail" rares that are not even worth 50 cents, and thats never a good sign.


    But the worst part, the complete failure of marketing and the sets name.

    Quality control must all be on vacation or something, theres no other way to explain this epic failure of a sets name.


    New Artworks for cards is always nice, but its mostly done on cheap cards and hardly anything they didnt reprint in other sets already (theres plenty of cards that would need reprints, while others are reprinted to death in quantities that nobody ever asked for, for the sake of limited it cannot be, as these cards arent important at all at rare/mythic).

    Downgrading some rares to uncommon seems very strange here, while other cards remain rare somehow it feels just randomly chosen and it feels plain wrong to do that.

    This set clearly lacked at least 1 somewhat competent product designer. I would expect better of WotC by now and not "worse".

    The biggest flaw is the amount of "cycles" in this set.
    Maybe 1 or max 2 cards of the cycle are reasonable to reprint, but the idea to use cycles "forced" them to include the other terrible cards.
    But then they didnt do it for the Titans, theres the green one.

    They could simply downgrade a LOT of rares to uncommon, especially the ones that are just limited bombs.
    And they did do that, just to like 1 uncommon in each color (stuff like Indulgent Tormentor).

    cards like Necropotence are so over-reprinted its not even funny anymore, but at least its justified in a "iconic" set.

    Bogardan Hellkite seems to be the dragon they ALWAYS reprint if they even get a tiny chance to do so.
    Someone at WotC must have a really unhealthy love for that card.


    In the end, the set wants to provide a nice limited environment, but it just flat out fails to deliver a impactful feeling for its namesake theme.

    Maybe its not even WotC fault to fail this set, it was simply a terrible theme to build a set around, after they reprinted so many cards in the "Master" Editions and Commander decks already so that a lot of reprints here feel just not needed at all and lots of big iconic cards are even on the Reserved List , so they double cut themselves with this sets theme.

    Should have chosen something like "tribal masters" and go with tribes , they already have dragon, angels, demons, sphinxes and hydras , wouldnt have hurt with merfolk, goblins, humans, zombies and elves to round it up, but then again, they already repeat the "tribal" theme over and over again, it gets boring fast and badly.
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  • posted a message on Is Wizards Sexist?
    Um, Male planeswalkers do outnumber female planeswalkers. There are 20 planeswalker subtypes attached to male characters (Angrath will be the 21st in Rivals), and Huatli will be the 15th subtype attached to a female planeswalker. Karn and Ashiok do not have genders, the former being a construct and the latter being an enigma.

    I'm not even getting into how females in Magic stories were treated in older sets. Most of the women in the Weatherlight Saga basically existed to be killed off.

    I honestly don't know why you're freaking out in the first place.

    Well in the end pretty much EVERYONE in the weatherlight story somehow died a terrible death.

    So thats hardly sexist at all.


    Since Kaladesh they try to do 2 Planeswalkers in each set.

    And chances are that these are male and female, so its balanced.

    For me it feels forced to do so and produces a bunch of "replacement" characters that are just the gender because the sake of it, so its more damaging than its good, but some people clearly care too much for it and all have to endure that.

    Magic has 5 colors, so chances are there will always be some kind of imbalance unless they introduce more genderless planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on Fleet Swallower - Wired [IT]
    Quote from Raptorchan »

    Well, do you understand that BLUE creature even without upsides (and without downsides as well) with P/T 6/6 for 5 mana is absolutely above the curve?

    Obvisiously this wasnt "guessed" as a 6/6 from the blurry spoiler sheet.

    It was guessed to be 4/6 for 3UU , which would have made this card a "real" constructed contender with all the other 5 mana bombs (hello Glory Bringer , Avacyn, etc.).

    Even in the power creep version it wasnt a insane bomb right away, but it would have been a very real viable card for constructed.

    As it is, we have a junk rare that might just have a tiny slim chance to see play, if this gets reanimated with God Pharaos gift or something along that line (but then, the format is fairly hostile for that, so ... ).

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  • posted a message on Iconic Masters ignores the first half of Magic
    They want to make a reasonable limited format, which hardly works with the old cards.

    Mana drain is the only real big deal in the set, anything else is pretty mediocre and "hardly" iconic.

    The set simply has a bad name and they will probably charge way too much for the boosters.

    This set will most likely be a disaster and teach them a bunch of valuable lessons.

    Would be really surprised if this set is a hit.
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  • posted a message on Fleet Swallower - Wired [IT]
    at 5 this looked like a somewhat reasonable win option especially in a god pharaos gift deck.

    But now, its a lot less playable, can still be reanimated as a 4/4 zombie, but if that is plan A , its not really worth the effort.

    Sadly they dont want to have playable competitive mill decks, they just print like ~3 cards in total per set and thats about it.
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  • posted a message on Can you concede in the middle of resolving a Spoils of the Vault?
    You can concede at any time, actually means you can always just end the game.

    By law you can at any point demand your property and theres simply nothing that could force you to continue a game you dont want to play.

    104.3a A player can concede the game at any time. A player who concedes leaves the game immediately. He or she loses the game.

    No matter what the game is trying to do, conceding doesnt use the stack, and if you pack up your stuff, your opponent has to hand over all your cards "immediatly".

    In any way, theres no time between these events, conceding is not a game action, the game ends right there on the spot.

    If the opponent is in the middle of searching the library or looking at cards, does not matter.


    You cannot handle it any other way, as you cannot rule over the players property.
    If they dont want to play, they can at any point just leave or concede.
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  • posted a message on Announcing Magic The Gathering: Arena
    Pretty clear they start with standard as importing ALL cards would simply be too much to start with (and you better sell a bunch of standard stuff, before you release older cards).
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  • posted a message on Trove of Temptation Commanderin' spoiler
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I think the risk is forcing players to attack you. Seems like a high enough risk to me. At the very least, forcing your opponents to attack you is definitely not an upside.

    In multiplayer it is not necessarily good (but "can" if you prepare for it).

    In normal magic and especially limited, this will "force" the opponent to suicide attack into your big dinosaur.
    Which is a hilarious flavor win, a dinosaur that sits on a island with treasures and uses it to lure people to eat.


    If your opponent wants to attack anyway, it will do nothing, if they dont want to attack, they force them, which is a upside for you.

    The treasures help you to get the big dinos out or win with something else treasure related.

    With "vehicles" in the set, it might force them to crew a bigger ship to attack with it, which you can then kill on the defense.

    Anyway, forcing the opponent to attack is actually a real benefit, its almost never bad, outside of multiplayer.
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  • posted a message on Overflowing Insight Magic the Amateuring
    Quote from lueg »

    I often have 7+ mana in my limited games...even without ramping.
    And so i think this is ONLY a limited card (EDH has better draw-spells/effects than this)

    Opportunity is a backbreacking card draw spell in limited.

    Given it was "uncommon" this card is massively over-rareted (as in, could be rare and not mythic).

    Draw 7 in limited should pretty much win the game, if you are not run over. You will probably have to discard a bunch of cards, unless you play this with en empty hand (if you do, it should be enough to win).
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  • posted a message on Overflowing Insight Magic the Amateuring
    In regular games a Pull from Tomorrow should simply always be better, for the fact alone its an instant (playing that end of turn results in more cards left in your hand, as you would otherwise just need to discard anyway in your own turn).

    As long as Torrential Gearhulk is around you really dont want a blue deck with this if you can help it.

    As an instant this would be a real deal, this way its pretty miserable draw-7.

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