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  • posted a message on Ways around intentional draws?
    I've seen the X-0s play it out and the loser drops to like third place. It might not be guaranteed, but it can certainly happen.

    I've seen a the only 4-0 drop to 6th and out of prizes when he lost the last round. At FNM tonight, the finals got played out and the loser dropped to 5th. Swiss without a cut to top 8 isn't a conductive way to pay out prizes in a non-competitive room. There have been cases at my semi-competitve FNM where the pairing simply kept the established grinders in one side and the casual budget players in the other til the finals. I've seen countless weird X-1 situations. If you truely want to rid your FNM of the ID, paying out based on wins only is the only way. Yet you can still have players conceed for a prize split which is the same as the draw. They cannot be fully rid of and its unfortunate that at any level of MTG, sometimes that 1 loss is just gonna mean your outta luck to win.
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  • posted a message on [[M15] -] Name and Number Crunch
    I've been able to find other sets, i don't think it is up yet.

    Other sets have their image gallery links on their related pages, so it will likely be here when its up.
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  • posted a message on Soul's Ransom and Obstinate Baloth
    My opponent casts Soul Ransom on a creature i own. I choose to activate it's ability discarding two Obstinate Baloth to get back my creature. Do i get to put the Baloth's into play? Who owns the ability?
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  • posted a message on Conspiracy Draft Strategies
    Mana Geyser into Skitter of Lizards / Deathforge Shaman is a legit thing. It lead to dead opponents on the spot if they did not prepare.

    This set feels like small set drafting, as you see so many of the same cards. Any conspiracy that effects that is great.
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  • posted a message on WWE Raw/Smackdown
    So.....with Danial Bryan out for an unknown about of time, what's the opinion of where the titles go? Dream Situation is that Punk comes back and slots himself into the Kane feud. Realistic situation? Cena Wyatt 3 gets the titles and we get to vomit for a month or so after Cena wins them.

    CM Punk does seem to have healed the rift between him and WWE, as he just got a Slam City episode. He also appeared in the Countdown segment on the network, and while a lot of that content is ancient, his segment seemed newer.
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  • posted a message on WWE Raw/Smackdown
    Evolution re-forming is an excelent way to change the storyline and push the hell outta the shield even further. Its a good way to get them all away from the title and for them to forget about it for a bit. I don't like Kane being the benefactor of it, but i guess it'll do.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU] -] Pharika, God of Affliction (GatheringMagic preview)
    How to make the same card for EDH and standard all in one.

    {G}{B}, Put a 1/1 deathtouch into play under target player's control : Exile up to one target creature card from that player's graveyard.

    I get that this is an EDH general, but WOTC needs to notice that people who enjoy certain color combinations don't exclucively play one format. This card can easily be reworked a thousand ways to do the same thing for EDH but also give competitive constructed formats a card worth considering.
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  • posted a message on WWE Raw/Smackdown
    I've heard from a source, dunno how reliable yet, that the taker match might be changed. No idea why, but that's what the source is saying. I don' really believe it outside of the fact that he's yet to lie about anything.

    Mania did go from a crapper to at least watchable due to 2 Bryan matches.
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  • posted a message on WWE Raw/Smackdown
    Quote from Plaguefather
    I guess I can understand that, I just hope he isn't completely done with the WWE, maybe they can find him a non-competing spot in the company, maybe in talent development? or in the writing dept? I honestly think Punk would be a better storyteller than everyone else they have writing for them.

    Also, he could come back as a part-timer occaisionally, you never know, lol.

    He's a better EVERYTHING than the current staff. Him and Heyman could write a better month of tv and ppv than the entire creative staff combined. I am in the same boat as Punk, i'm sick and tired of enjoying wrestlers who continue to get squashed and ignored while the fans cheer them. I'm sick and tired of everything having to be about being 6'7" and huge and not about skill and showmanship. Batista winning the rumble pushed back the WWE by 10 years. 10 years ago is when most of us stopped watching and its gonna be the same again without Punk. I only hope that Bryan ether gets his due for some of these guys or calls it quits as well and shows the WWE what is wrong with it.

    I've not had this large of a change of opinion in something in a long time. Everything was looking up with the Network launching and them entering the times. They might as well go back to standard tv, lose the HD and wrestle once a month with all faces winning.
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  • posted a message on 2013-2014 NFL Season & Fantasy Football Thread
    Quote from scotti_badass
    The new WTF-FL champion:

    Peyton's Broncos!

    This team was ran by a former co-worker of mine that I talk to once every couple of months in the off season. After never playing fantasy football 3 years ago, he can now call himself a champion Smile

    I want to thank all of the MTGS crew that is in my league:
    Arcadic--Team Arcadic
    Cardiac Cat--Locascio
    Xiphias--Greater Xiphias
    Qtip--The Cotton Swabs

    and good lord...I can't remember who here was running the Clam Jammers Anonymous team. Who was it? lol

    this has been a long day. I need sleep. /sigh

    Ouch, its sad that Winterfell died because of the late Reggie Bush scratch.

    Love the league, lets do something crazy again for the next season. I stated in the draft room that with the 3 QB potential, i'd go for 4 RB's first, and it got me 3rd, so i'm very happy with how that strategy turned out. Cutler getting hurt could have cost me big time if Foles hadn't done so well as a backup.
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