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    Prepare yourself to be convinced then. He's going to be a lot like punk was, completely under-rated for his looks and style, but when the mic is in his hands and the bell has rung, he'll earn the respect he deserves.
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  • posted a message on Choosing Modes on a card, and when they happen
    Cards always resolve in the printed order, even with cards with modes. You will sacrifice the Whip and then your creatures will fight. The easy way to identify if a card's resolution is going to matter is if the card has a period between effects.
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  • posted a message on There are boxes out there with a mythic in each pack
    Its a packing error most likely.

    Variance on this set is high. 2 Foil Kiki-Jiki pulled in the 3 boxes opened for drafts last night. Zero other foil rares.
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    Quote from KnickM »

    He's $10 now, but will probably go down to $5. Lieges are casual favorites, too much so to approach dollar-bin status.

    $10 was largely due to him being in Eventide, a small set which was highly disapointing for standard at the time, and under-opened. SHA SHA EVE was also a terrible mess of a draft format.
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  • posted a message on Whole Spoiler Is Up
    If feel like i'd rather spend 2-3x as much on a box of Rise/NPH/Lor-Mor for drafting than spend 250 on a box to draft this. MM1 was perfect except for the size of the print run. This is the complete opposite of MM1.

    What kills me the most is the lack limited good green rares. All Sun's Dawn seems highly unplayable, the rest is just chaff that shouldn't be rare. Noble Excluded. MM1 had awesome bomb Dollar bin rares for limited, this has none of that. Azusa? Would be sweet in the eldrazi/5 color ramp strat. Scapeshift? Best mana fixing for 5 color. I want my rares to be Archetype bombs, not just plain bombs. That's what makes a great limited format and what stems the hurt feeling from opening 2 dollar rares. I want my bulk rares to help me win the draft and make my draft a deck. I don't want my rares to just be hur/dur/cast/win.
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  • posted a message on Predicting the 10 limited archetypes and cards based on them
    U/B could be merfolk, with a heavy emphasis on U.

    W/G seems like Aura's/Totem Armor. With Slippery Boggle at uncommon.
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    Quote from Exodite »

    It's simply too expensive to attract new players and stunts like Modern Masters are actually making it more expensive by driving interest way beyond what it affords in additional cards in circulation.

    I have no clue what you want. You want modern to thrive, but you hate that Wizards is making sets to help newer players get into the format. I'd sure wish these kids would get off my damned modern lawn and stop making cards expensive. BTW, i hope every card i open is worth MSRP.
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    Those Jace and Chandra banners in the background are sweet looking as well.
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    Is there anyone who would recommend a top 3 of last season to me? I watched "Your lie in April" and Ace of Diamond and Baby Steps. I usually can't stand just watching 1 episode a week, so i'd love to binge on something good.

    I started "Pickup girls in Dungeon". I like it but i typically like anime/video game feels to shows.
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  • posted a message on Would you rather get a case or six boxes from different cases?
    If you buy one case, you are more likely to get playsets of around half the rares for the set and 1 of each mythic plus 1-4 additional mythics. 1 case contains 1.78 sheets. A sheet is 121 cards, 53x2 rares and 15 mythics. You are highly unlikely to get the same foil rares in a case.

    The only reason to open 6 boxes from different cases is to hope and pray for the small chance that you can get a playset of 1-2 mythics from them and/or two playsets of certain rares. You have a much smaller chance of opening a playset of a mythic from a sealed case.
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