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  • posted a message on Which dual-land cycle do you want next?
    I want the enemy cycle of Future-Shifted lands. Nimbus Maze, Grove, Canopy are a cycle, like it or not. I'd love to see their enemy counterparts.

    Other than that, jut give me enemy fastlands.
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  • posted a message on Any word yet on how the prerelease packs will work? (Info updated in first post)
    I don't understand the hate, i'm stoked for the chance to open a foil stamped Clan Leader. Will i likely get a bulk rare, probably. But at least we are going back to something like a normal sealed and not this pick your bomb garbage.
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  • posted a message on IYO, what is the greatest story/plot ever told, out of any medium?
    Anime : Deathnote is still a great thriller with a perfectly written "choose your own hero/villian" motive. It is very hard to not be emotionally attached to ether protagonist.

    Video Game : Max Payne 2. A well written story with a well designed game that simply drags you into the film noir aspect and keeps you entwined with it til the end.

    Movie : Lots of great movies, but i still think Guardian's of the Galaxy is the best complete stand-alone movie to be released since the golden age of film, Casablanca and such. You can know absolutely nothing about the movie, setting, history, even that it is a comic book that exists. It perfectly takes you from start to finish, establishes good solid characters, shows you the plot and always makes sure you know exactly why everything is happening and not assuming at all your knoweldge of the universe. You do not need to know who Thanos is, he is perfectly explained and implied of his power without over exposition. Much in the same way the emperor from Star Wars was in the first 2 films.
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  • posted a message on Mindswipe (Twitter) ?
    Quote from ryanhayes96 »

    What control really needs now is a solid 2cmc removals spell or counterspell. Last Breath is kills courser, Grey merchant and a slew of others, but is dead late game. Bile Blight cant kill courser, Brimaz or merchant. That IMO is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed. I would love a Terminate reprint, seeing as there are 10 unspoiled lands, it could potentially work in a 4+ color control deck.

    At first, I thought it dealt X to creature or player and I thought it was amazing. Then I decided to read the card again. A pretty big letdown for a rare.

    What control needs is exactly what its got. You actually have to make decisions and choices both in deckbuilding and gameplay due to your limited resources and options. Control having hard counters and hard removal widely avalible at 2cc is what pushes any other strategy out of the meta. Control is highly skillful to play today and is still a valid option in the meta and has been for years despite the constant whine of control-only players wanting to just mindlessly cast spells and assume they win.
    Quote from ThanoStar »

    ^ A thousand times this, wizards has eliminated any alternate way to play the game, no combo, no LD, no good counters, very little good discard, and now decent removal is at a premium and wraths start at five mana. All because entitled little brats complain about losing resources and only want to turn dudes sideways.

    LD as a deck is stupid and kills the fun of the game for new players. Some LD is fine, LD doesn't ever need to be a strategy ever again.
    Combo needs a comeback, but i always feel that most combo decks are results of R&D mistakes, not purposeful design. It needs to be neutered in standard anyway because a powerful combo deck can always destroy a standard season a moment's notice.
    There are good counters in the format. Just because you can't jam 20 of them into a blue shell anymore doesn't mean they are not there.
    Discard is as powerful right now as it has been since Alara. Can you build a discard only deck? Probably not but then again see LD comments.

    TL:DR : Control players don't want to have to think about choices for their deck, they just want to jam the same 60 cards every week because that's how you used to do it.

    This card is amazing in limited and i'm sure will find a home in standard somewhere. Depending on the speed and tempo of the format, it could vary from a 1 to a 4 of. Card would be a tad better if Elvish Mystic wasn't in the format though.
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  • posted a message on 2014-2015 NFL Season/Fantasy Football Thread
    Quote from Guardman »
    I don't mind having 14 teams in the league but if we do we should probably tweak the roster rules a bit. With 12 teams it was already kind of pushing it with the Flex option but with 14 I doubt we can support having a true flex. There are just not enough QBs and RBs to fill out 14 flexes (I am afraid if there are enough RBs to fill out 14 teams with 2 slots since you need that backup, but that's more of a personal concern at this point). Is it possible to switch the flex to a WR/TE only flex since those positions are the most numerous.

    IMO, the more teams a league has the more important it is that the flex spot is versatile. You barely want a flex spot in an 8 team league but in a 16 team league you almost want 2 flex spots so that the talent in one position isn't dried up and over-valued by round 5.
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  • posted a message on Do Shroud and Hexproof Make Sense in All Colors Except For Red?
    Blue is where hexproof makes the least sense to me flavorwise. Blue mages rarely care about enhancing their own meager troops, they only care about stopping the opponents from doing so. Shroud makes sense in blue, hexproof does not.
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  • posted a message on 2014-2015 NFL Season/Fantasy Football Thread
    I am still game to playing in the league this year if there is room.
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  • posted a message on Changes to MTG Judge Promo Distribution - NO MORE FOILS FOR JUDGING GPS
    Quote from Dr. Jeebus »

    I have run multiple tournaments every single week since Guildpact was released. I have done everything I can to run these events well, and have received innumerable compliments from our players. However, there is not a L2 judge or higher that comes to the store. Not counting social media as those people have never seen me judge, I am not friends with any L2 judges. For what possible reason could I, or any other local judge, ever expect to receive recognition? How are local judges supposed to recognized for work that no one actually sees them doing?

    You say this is designed to reward efforts for local and lower-level efforts, but you have to understand why this comes across to us as just a way for all the L2 and higher judges to just nominate their friends and be nominated in return. You can claim that there are measures taken to prevent abuse of the system, but how? Posting the reasons for selecting someone publicly does nothing: these people who are friends and like each other have most likely worked events together, so it's not really suspicious to nominate each other.

    The promo rewards system has never been designed to reward those who only support their own local store. Nor should Wizards really push to reward every judge who only judges at their own store. This change isn't for you. This change is to promote more judges leaving their stores for PTQs and other large events that are done locally. There are plenty of judges who have thanklessly worked PTQs and other events for many years and generally the only thanks they ever got was what they were paid. It is because of those traveling local judges that the PTQ and SCG scenes have thrived and grown along with the playerbase. It doesn't seem right to only reward those players who travel to GPs or are lucky enough to have a local GP. Of course local l2's are going to nominate the people they see working these events, that is the intent of the system. You all are acting like every l2 or higher you know is just a selfish and petty person who only cares about friends, where my interactions with almost any judge have always been the polar opposite.

    If you feel un-rewarded because you've worked on your store and only your store, you should speak to the owner. If you're like the many judges who venture outside their own LGS, this change at the very least is an improvement over the absolute nothing from before.
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  • posted a message on All the Pro Tours for next year are Standard/Daft
    Being all in on Fries in this analogy would like be supporting Legacy and Modern, you know, the formats that don't actually make them money? It makes sense for Wizards to advertise the formats that make them the most money every year.
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  • posted a message on All the Pro Tours for next year are Standard/Daft
    Pro tours have zero effect on the price or Wizards profit based on card sales. A pro tour being standard only effects prices of cards because pros tend to break them at pro tours for the first time. Modern isn't dead because of this, it died because of the lack of a PTQ Modern Season. Wizards barely stands to profit from whatever format the Pro Tour is, because 300-500 people for one tournament don't effect sales in the slightest.
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