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    Die Roll!


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    8. GumgodMTG
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    (Side note: Check out this thread to learn how to use card and deck tags.)
    Welcome to the forum!

    I think you have too much fog and not enough squirrels. Fog slows the game down so you can generate more critters, but you're also giving your opponent more time to draw answers, and 1/1 creatures aren't too hard to answer. Even with the threat of Overrun somewhere on the horizon.

    Instead, I'd look to ways that make your squirrels more capable of defense or consistent offense. My first thought was to run fewer copies of Overrun, replacing them with Eldrazi Monument. For the small price of a Nest tap each turn, you get a huge upgrade in creature utility and deck options.
    - Your creatures can block, and even gang block to kill. You can get by with fewer fogs.
    - Your creatures can float over for points of damage. Less reliant on Overrun, which requires small blockers/no tricks from your opponent.
    - If you run both army pumpers, Overrun + Monument is terrifying.

    With less space dedicated to fog, you can run ramp and card draw in order to speed up the deck.
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    Land destruction is just a control variant, and control strategies are fair game for casual in my book.

    In this particular case, absolutely no debate that it is fine. Some lands are dangerous and versatile spot removal should be expected. Even so, some people will complain even if you just Slime or Blastmine on something like Coffers or Nyx.

    No one should ever complain about my singleton and untutorable Blastminer. They should giggle that it is in my deck.
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  • posted a message on Trying to make a self life loss deck
    Spoils of the Vault is a nice tutor for this type of deck.

    If that is too risky for you, Street Wraiths are 2/3 of a Probe. I rather have those than the Marrow Shards.
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    There are just so many choices there, I'm not sure of where to begin...

    It really depends on you. There are cards that offer a single centerpiece, or a center you can build around and all the way to things with enough chaos to meld seamlessly (with the right cards).

    You mention Golgari Longlegs. Help us out. Why does that card appeal to you? Is the art, the ideology of the guild, something with bugs?

    You're going to have this art added to you, and art is extremely subjective. What's your goal with this piece?
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    My mind went to things that let you pull counters for profit. My favorite two are off color (Ion Storm & Sage of Fables), but Triskelion, Triskelavus or Suncrusher could provide direct damage and/or spot removal.

    I guess that Oracle with Sunburst is a colorless option for counter based card draw too. (Anybody remember the name of it offhand?)
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    Quote from Maserati »
    So the Madness Primer is up:

    Unfortunately Spoiler Tags aren't working correctly for me here, which suprises me. I'll try to fix it, pretty sure I didn't mess them up though...

    --> apparently i'm too dumb / tired to fix it. Maybe some Mod can help me out with this? else I try again tomorrow.

    Sry for the formatting. Madness primer will soon be seen in all its glory Wink
    I took care of the spoilers and a lot of the spelling errors. There's still some work to be done, but the formatting works.

    The problem: You had more instances of [/spoiler] than you had [spoiler]. So the forum gave up.
    The solution: I cut the post over to another screen. Then reinserted one section at a time, deleting excess spoiler tags as I went.
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    The Bojuka Bog works actively against the Wight and Phantasm. I think you'll want to replace those.

    I'd also suggest Crumbling Necropolis over the Guildgates. Doesn't slow down your gameplan at all, and there may be a rare case in which Fusing Breaking // Entering is what makes the game.
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    8. GumgodMTG
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    10. Kumlekar
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    12. CalvinSchwa
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    Recently, I got a hold of one of my favorite cards: Tolarian Academy. I really, really love this card, and want to play it with my friends. However, there is no denying its inherent brokeness, and I don't want to be playing something super powerful with players who only play in a strictly casual setting. How should I build my deck in order to play my favorite card without outclassing my friends? I only have one, so that helps. I could include less ways to tutor it and less powerful payloads for the massive amounts of mana, but what else should I do?
    You should start a thread to discuss deckbuilding.
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