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  • posted a message on Budget Multiplayer Elves
    Quote from greenmeanie72
    Sylvan Messenger will also help get extra elves into your hand.
    I think Messenger bears repeating. I'm happy to have it while ballooning up or recovering from sweepers.

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  • posted a message on Do decks NEED themes?
    Decks don't need themes, but the human brain does. There are many things we necessarily categorize for survival or social interaction as well as things we categorize for ease of communication. Decks themes probably fall primarily in the latter batch, and we apply themes to decks that don't really have any theme to speak of. For instance, 'Goodstuff' decks just use whatever spells are efficient and brutal in whichever color combinations, but to quickly reach understanding we say 'Goodstuff' thereby communicating a common link between cards which may or may not have any flavorful theme between them.
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  • posted a message on [U] Ninja + Artifact Deck? + possibly mill as well? Help!!!
    Ninjas like little evasive critters to allow them to sneak through. Ornithopter sees use for this.

    Shelter would also be a good way to get some use out of your ninjas combat triggers, speaking of, any particular reason you are opting not to run Ninja of the Deep Hours?
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  • posted a message on Throwing a going away party for a friend, I need a bit of advice!
    I think Winston is the best 2 person draft format. And since it is randomized from the start, you can redraft the same packs repeatedly while putting together different builds.

    This means you could splurge on some pricier old packs (since you only need 6 total) and draft some Ravnica, Onslaught, Mirage, Stronghold, or whatever strikes your fancy.
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  • posted a message on Highlander
    Quote from Nolyn
    My last question is, why you would easily pull Joraga Treespeaker and Coiling Oracle? Theay are 2 CMC "ramp" and bodies for equipment?
    Short answer, the same reasons you put ramp in quotes.

    Middling answer. Coracle lacks support spells to make it abusable, Treespeaker lacks elves to cause explosions, and creature sweepers are more common than artifact and land sweepers.

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  • posted a message on Deck help, my First B/G deck.
    I think the main problem is discordant directions between your creature base and support cards. Outside of the Liege, you're dealing poison damage. You can drop the life-loss enchantment, and try to beef up either your disruption suite or your creature base.

    For instance, Rancor or Invigorate are both common allies to infect. They'd really push your combat plan forward. If you do go with the infect route, I personally don't really like the Hydra. I'd rather get one of the 2-drops out early, or run the Putrefax for a sudden push at the end.
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  • posted a message on Highlander
    You seem to have a lot of heavy hitters and not enough broad disruption. Which means you're drawing attention, but usually lack reset switches to use after the table blows up on you. I might just try to squeeze out a few of your less-favored threats for some more board wipes.
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  • posted a message on Noble Benefactor
    Quote from Prid3

    The problem isn't breaking the parity. The problem is that you could simply play any number of vastly superior Blue/Black draw/tutor spells. I could just play Trade Secrets, give the worst player at the table some extra (meaningless) cards and enjoy myself a nice 3 mana draw 4(N). There's absolutely no way that I'd ever be worthwhile to play a 2 card combo that amounts to what, a bad Diabolic Tutor? Because the critter has to die first? Diabolic Tutor isn't even a card that people play (and for good reason, it's not a very powerful card outside of EDH).

    Actually, that is not a problem at all. Not even an issue.

    Anywho, OP.

    We could go with a mass LD build. Benefactor isn't really the key, but we'd circumvent the drawback and give ourselves a weird beater.

    I'm thinking mana rocks, wraths, Invisible Stalker/Blighted Agent, Benefactor, and Grafted Wargear.

    Wargear kills the Benefactor, and then pumps lit'luns. And the land wipe means we rarely have to care about what is fetched elsewhere.

    Flesh that out with what, exactly? Hmm, draw, recursion, and/or counters I guess.
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  • posted a message on Noble Benefactor
    Well that's absolutely false. In fact, we're in a thread for it. :p

    In addition to theft and spell based theft, you could try to break the symmetry. Stranglehold is the only thing I can think of offhand that won't nip your search abilities at the same time as your opponents. Or maybe Propaganda effects to give you a speed bump in an attempt to redirect everyone else's acceleration.

    How do you want this deck to win?

    Hmm, Archive Trap would be cute if you ever wanted to cull down to a 1v1 build...

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  • posted a message on [The Crafters] Present Free Hugs: Mr. Sharp's Quest for a Laser
    @vg: It is acrylic.

    Febreez sounds like a lot of work. There are 40-50 spools, most are untouched.
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