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    Quote from Slarg232 ยป
    You could just let his wife know. Politely.

    As you said, she doesn't know and you don't think he wants her to know. Go to her, ask for the remaining money (Just say you're going to get him a gift and you need a boost to get the last bit) and presto.

    Gonna lose a friend after that, but you'll get your money back.
    Secretly disturbing peoples' personal lives by lying to them is not a good way to resolve issues. In this case, it is a doubly bad plan because a family struggling with money issues isn't likely to come up with over two thousand dollars for a mysterious 'gift'. I can't guess at what type of relationship exists in this family, but secretly ******* with it will just about guarantee you'll never see your money.

    Keep trying to get payments, even small amounts like Jay13x is suggesting. Given the inconsistent timeline, this guy will not pay you back without prodding, but the fact he has paid back around four thousand is a hopeful sign.
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    I don't have much to say at the moment, but I read through the last couple pages and smiled.
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    Working on some characters for a Paranoia session next weekend.

    Setting up Alpha Complex as a laboratory where a hive mind of self-liberated former lab rats run experiments on unsuspecting humans.

    Already got some people on the team with diametrically opposed goals, we'll see how long it takes them to figure that out.
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    I'm not too familiar with the process.

    Will you have the opportunity to explain why you feel you're capable of more responsibility? If so, it may be helpful to list out things you think your degree will help with ahead of time. Why does your degree merit the higher position, how does it apply, etc.

    If you don't feel confident selling yourself, you can sell the experience and the degree that are attached to you.
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    You need to figure out whether it is a good idea for you specifically, and given what I've seen that is very important here.

    Some folk can work, and it doesn't matter what it is. They make money, support their loved ones. Done.

    Some folk need to have work they feel is important to them. Otherwise, it is hard, wasted time.

    Ultimately, it won't matter how you spend your time, as you're far more likely to vanish from history than exist as a footnote. But for you, now. That is the time you have to figure out. I can't tell you it is a good or bad idea, you need to discern for you. I know my priorities, I know who I will sacrifice for in order to provide a 'better' future, and I know what I will pass on in order to make that happen.

    You don't have a 'wrong' choice in front of you. You have a choice you need to reconcile with your current, and maybe, future needs.

    Not the most useful advice. It is certainly not definitive. But I feel it is true.

    You'll have a lot of choices in you life that matter little beyond you, but that is what you have to consider.
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    @Smash Up - The multiple Time Walk tricksiness was from the combo of Wizards/Time Travelers, and the factions that gave me the early burst was Shapeshifters/Microbots.

    For the non-Smashupppers
    Wizards = Play extra actions
    Time Travelers = Bounce/Reuse things
    Shapeshifters = Copy/Clone/Replace
    Microbots = Almost everything is tiny, but they let you chain a lot of tiny things in a row!

    So my rush start involved microbot multiplays, with G.E.L.F. tutoring, and free tutoring off of destroying indestructible Warbots.

    Basically. I shot to 11 while everyone else was under 4. Then I spent a few turns doing almost nothing but drawing cards while other folk got points. Then I had another explosion of activity to get my last few points.
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    He jumped from 4 points to 12 (you win at 15), but I sealed it up since I had a good start.
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    Played some Smash Up last night.

    One of my opponents was rocking Time Traveling Wizards, managed to play Time Walk twice in turn, even though it started the turn in his discard pile, and managed to end the turn with Time Walk in his hand.

    (For those who don't play Smash Up, Time Walk is functionally a Time Walk that tucks itself after use.)
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    I like that Helm of Possession idea! Particularly since you're already running Kher Keep as well.

    I like how a couple helms on the field just lets you chew through creatures, I'd probably drop copies of the Dominus for Helms.
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    Wild Pair + Scoria Wurm so you don't mind losing the flip or shuffling the Hellion.

    (though really, the trick is to build the deck around Wild Pair, and just include this interaction for funsies)
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