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    One thing I didn't understand is the relationship between the Citadel and the guy with the stumps for feet. Did they both have a vested interest in Furiosa, or what?
    I think Stumpfoot and Bullet didn't care about Furiosa, but had to keep Joe happy since Joe controlled clean water. Which is more important than Stumpfoot's oil or Bullet's bullets.

    Edit: And I hope those turn out to be their actual character names.
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    Please use any following posts to discuss decks capable of winning by turn one.
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    My idea on how to run with this.

    At the start of each game a each player reveals cards from the top of their deck until they hit a card other than a basic land. Set that aside. The winner may choose to augment or sabotage one (both?) of those cards, with an ability from the augmentation and sabotage lists. Then you just write that on the card.

    Sample lists.

    Card gains 'Kicker 1U - Draw a card.'
    Creature's power is permanently raised by 1.
    Card gains 'For an additional 2, you may cast this as though it had flash.
    ...other cool stuff.

    Increase mana cost of card by 1.
    Any player may pay 3 to counter this spell while it is on the stack.
    Card gains 'Lose 2 life when cardname enters the battlefield.'
    ...other lame stuff.

    Didn't try to hard to balance those abilities, but it could work as a customizing format as long as you don't go too hogwild with the power level on augmentations (That's why I suggested card draw as a kicker rather than a free bonus).
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    Kank, they use their tongues. C'mon man.

    I'm making muffins with pudding and berries in them!
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    Just get a good friend and y'all can lick elbows for each other.

    I learned that from Gobots.
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    I picked it so everyone would know which Redwood I was referring to.
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    Quote from Slarg232 »
    You could just let his wife know. Politely.

    As you said, she doesn't know and you don't think he wants her to know. Go to her, ask for the remaining money (Just say you're going to get him a gift and you need a boost to get the last bit) and presto.

    Gonna lose a friend after that, but you'll get your money back.
    Secretly disturbing peoples' personal lives by lying to them is not a good way to resolve issues. In this case, it is a doubly bad plan because a family struggling with money issues isn't likely to come up with over two thousand dollars for a mysterious 'gift'. I can't guess at what type of relationship exists in this family, but secretly ******* with it will just about guarantee you'll never see your money.

    Keep trying to get payments, even small amounts like Jay13x is suggesting. Given the inconsistent timeline, this guy will not pay you back without prodding, but the fact he has paid back around four thousand is a hopeful sign.
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    I don't have much to say at the moment, but I read through the last couple pages and smiled.
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    Working on some characters for a Paranoia session next weekend.

    Setting up Alpha Complex as a laboratory where a hive mind of self-liberated former lab rats run experiments on unsuspecting humans.

    Already got some people on the team with diametrically opposed goals, we'll see how long it takes them to figure that out.
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    I'm not too familiar with the process.

    Will you have the opportunity to explain why you feel you're capable of more responsibility? If so, it may be helpful to list out things you think your degree will help with ahead of time. Why does your degree merit the higher position, how does it apply, etc.

    If you don't feel confident selling yourself, you can sell the experience and the degree that are attached to you.
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