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  • posted a message on Dense Foliage and Equipment
    Quote from Wall of Glare »
    Can anyone explain to me how equipment can be equipped when Dense Foliage is out? Doesn't equipment target a creature??

    Sure, the act of equipping indeed targets a creature, but Dense Foliage only prohibits spells. Equipping is an activated ability which is unhindered.
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  • posted a message on Athreos and Manifest
    Quote from i_am_brucelee »
    I assume this is the same with Grim Haruspex?

    Yes, Grim Haruspex also lets you draw a card if a manifested creature dies. Remember, "die" is just shorthand for "enters the graveyard from the battlefield", and all such zone-change triggers look at the game state before the event, instead of after. And on the battlefield the manifested card is a creature.
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  • posted a message on Drawing game 1
    Quote from bakgat »
    CAnt you both choose to ID the round when you realise this is going to happen? Instead of the match ending in a draw ID the round and continue with the match?

    I think I see the source of confusion. A forced draw such as by the three Oblivion Rings only ends the running game. The match continues normally, with the next game, until time is reached.
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  • posted a message on Drawing game 1
    Quote from bakgat »
    Could you then if you wanted draw a game if you where staring down the barrel of a infinite loop like the three Oblivion Ring and no other non land permanents loop for instance?

    Maybe I am misunderstanding your follow-up, but in this case the draw happens because the game rules say so.
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  • posted a message on Dryad Militant and its exile ability
    It doesnt make sense to me for them to behave differently, that is why I ask why it "has to" be so.

    It "has to" be so because the rules say so. The effects of downright destruction during the resolution of the spell and dealing damage which leads to destruction after the spell has resolved (through SBA) is distinctly different, so it is not surprising that they behave differently.
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  • posted a message on How are Oracle Erratas decided?
    Moved to Magic General.
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  • posted a message on polymorphist's jest and worldspine wurm trigger
    Quote from Havokotter »
    Hi i was wondering what happens when someone plays polymorphist's jest and i have a worldspine wurm that dies after polymorphist's jest resolves.
    do i still get the 5/5 wurm tokens?

    Please use card tags, that makes it easier for the people to help you, as the answer often depends on the exact text. [c]Polymorphist's Jest[/c] -> Polymorphist's Jest, Worldspine Wurm.

    Worldspine Wurm's printed ability is a so-called "leaves-the-battlefield" triggered ability, and such abilities are checked before the event that would move the object, so the game checks if the ability is present while the Wurm is still on the battlefield. But when the Wurm died, it did so as a blue Frog without any abilities, so there is nothing to trigger. No tokens for you, I am afraid. It will still be shuffled into the library, though, as that ability is checked after the moving event. The difference is the bit "from anywhere", such abilities are checked in the graveyard, and by then the effect making it lose its abilities has worn off, so that ability triggers alright.
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  • posted a message on heartless summoning + xenagos
    Quote from sendo_a »

    here a simple question for you:

    i have heartless summoning on the battlefield and xenagos, god of revels in my hand.

    how much is the summoning cost of xenagos?


    Xenagos will cost 1RG. The ability that makes it a non-creature sometimes only works when Xenagos is on the battlefield. So on the stack it will still be a creature spell, so the discount of Heartless Summoning will apply.
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  • posted a message on Narset + Uncastable Cards
    Quote from Steamsteam »
    Google Narset for the proper wording.

    No. Read the Forum Rules on questions about unreleased cards. Thread closed, try again.
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  • posted a message on Geist of Saint Traft + Trickbind
    I thought triggered abilities use the words "when", "whenever" and "if"

    Close. The complete set of words indicating triggered abilities are "when", "whenever" and "at" (not "if"). "If" by itself doesn't have a rules meaning, for example in constructions like "Counter target spell if it is blue", the word if is simply using its english meaning. The word "if" also appears in replacement effects, but then it is always paired with "instead". (Progenitus for example.)
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  • posted a message on sharuum combo question
    Quote from guilt_trip »
    So basically, once sharuum is cast and sculpting steel start making the loop when does priority shift from the person who initiated the loop to the other player? When a spell resolves priority goes back to the person that cast said spell, so when the loop begins when does priority switch? In between the two entering and leaving the feild? Or when the person decides they are done?

    Sharuum the Hegemon, Sculpting Steel
    It seems you have some details mixed up, so let's take this slowly and step by step. Firstly, priority doesn't really "switch", it gets passed back and forth. The player who has priority is the player who can do stuff.
    The rules for priority in a nutshell are:
    * After the game enters a new phase or step, the active player gets priority.
    * Also when the top object of the stack has resolved, the active player gets priority.
    * When an object gets added to the stack, the player who had priority before gets it back.
    * When a player has priority, but doesn't want to do anything, that player "passes priority". Then the other player "has priority" and can add things to the stack.
    * When both players passed priority, the top object of the stack resolves and priority goes to the active player.

    I hope this helps. If you have more specific questions about the above combo, feel free to ask.
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  • posted a message on Priority in combat phase?
    Quote from Griptionz »
    Say you're playing Radha, Heir to Keld and want to cast Searing Blood after you declare her as an attacker, but before blockers.

    I'm not really seeing a point to this post..
    Thread locked.
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  • posted a message on Board wipe question
    Quote from Vulticulus »
    If I have Rageblood Shaman and Ragemonger both in play and I play Anger of the Gods, are Rageblood's +1's removed before the damage is applied or does Ragemonger survive with 1 toughness?

    Rageblood Shaman gives your other Minotaurs a boost as long as it is on the battlefield. When the Shaman dies, the bonus is lost. So when Anger of the Gods resolves, it will deal 3 damage to both of your creatures. The game will see that the Shaman has lethal damage on it, and the Shaman is destroyed. As soon as the Shaman leaves the battlefield, Ragemonger's toughness drops by 1, leaving it lethally damaged as well. Also, damage doesn't lower toughness. The Ragemonger still has toughness 3 after the Shaman leaves, but it also has 3 damage marked on it, as damage sticks around until the end of the turn. So the Ragemonger is destroyed as well.
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  • posted a message on Prevent Sacrifing
    Moved to Magic General.
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  • posted a message on Enchant lands
    Quote from Fizzangel »
    Do enchant lands count as enchantments or lands for the purpose of detention sphere? A friend told me they count as lands and can therefore not be targeted so I just wanted to check this.

    Almost nothing "counts as" anything in magic; either something is, or it isn't. A permanent is a land if it has "Land" in its type line. With an "enchant land" you probably mean a card that has "Enchantment -- Aura" on its type line which also has the text "Enchant land" in its text box. Such a card is not a land, so it can be targeted with Detention Sphere just fine.

    For more detailed information it would be better if you provide specific examples. And if you use specific card names, please provide card tags for them: [c]Abundant Growth[/c] -> Abundant Growth.
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