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Magic Market Index for August 18, 2017
Treasure Cruisin' with Azorius Titan
Commander 2017 Digest
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    posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from Jusstice »
    I am actually more pleased by this ruling than disappointed. I would have played this general even if it had been just a Morphling in Grixis, and didn’t need all the extra hate from being labeled a “combo” general. Besides, doing the combo enough times gets tired, and then dialing back from there never seems like something I want to do.

    Heck, it might get boring just tutoring for Aetherling every game, but at least there is more to it after that.
    I also agree. As a deck builder, I prefer to start with something that is clearly less than optimal, but then try to push it as hard as it will go. It would be a shame if Mairsil ended up with the "top tier" stigma. XD

    All that said, the ruling as it stands is still anything but clear to me.

    I would also love to do something energy-themed, but as is the case with most block-specific mechanics, there just aren't enough options that synergies with Mairsil over Marchesa.
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    posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Can you provide a source for the Kraj+Elemental ruling, please? I didn't know this counted as a copy effect.

    This interaction is very weird so I am trying to learn something from it.
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    posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from .H. »
    Quote from atomskprime »
    Apparently, according to the rules manager of MTG, Quicksilver doesn't work the way we want it to.

    It provides a new set of abilities, but those abilities still have the once per turn clause.

    In order to get multiple activations, we'd need to blue Mana to refresh each ability

    Yeah, this sucks, card would have been great without that.

    The claim is that "The restrictions are part of the abilities that are gained. The static ability makes that so." Which doesn't actually make sense in the rules as written (or the card's wording), but I guess that is what was "intended."
    So it pretty much is a subtle case of Marath, Will of the Wild. That's fine, I'm still building the deck, but here's a piece of apparent cognitive dissonance that is going to bother me, lol.

    For what it is worth, this interaction is generating some interesting discussion in the rules forum, and it seems the M:tG rules manager is getting just a little pushback on Twitter.
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    posted a message on Mairsil + Quicksilver Elemental
    Mairsil, the Pretender
    Quicksilver Elemental

    Can someone please explain this ruling to me please, in terms of the Comp Rules?

    Thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from Weebo »
    According to Eli Shiffrin (rules manager), the Quicksilver Elemental trick doesn't work. I'd like to know the reasoning behind the ruling because it doesn't seem like the way that interaction should work, but he's the final word on the matter.

    You can still go infinite because activating the Elemental's ability gives you another use of the ability, but you need a way to produce an additional U with each loop. It cuts down on the possible mana abilities drastically.
    Can someone point to the part of the Comp Rules that makes this clear? Or is this another case of "Oh wait, Marath's X can't be zero!" syndrome?
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    posted a message on Teferi's Protection
    Quote from Lithl »
    Actually, Endless Whispers grants the ability to all creatures, so it's the protection from Phage that matters, rather than the protection from Endless Whispers. Same result, of course. Smile
    You are 100% correct!

    On-topic, I expect Teferi's Protection to have a decent impact on the format. Now whenever someone would joke "LOL maybe he has Angel's Grace!", it will instead be Teferi's Protection, and they might not be joking.
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    posted a message on Teferi's Protection
    Quote from Cakeifier »
    Teferi's Protection still doesn't dodge me donating Phage the Untouchable to you by saccing her with Endless Whispers on the field. I foresee Teferi's pee break will be an "extended pee and go get Taco Bell" while you wait for the rest of the players in the game to finish.
    Giving the caster pro-everything prevents you from giving them Phage.

    No it doesn't. Protection from everything doesn't prevent you from losing the game, protection only means you as the player means the following: you can't be enchanted, you can't be the target of spells or abilities, and all damage that would be dealt to you is prevented. Phage is a triggered ability that goes on the stack under the protection from everything player's control, then Phage's ability resolves and since it doesn't target, you lose the game.
    The Endless Whispers trigger targets the player; since the player has protection from Endless Whispers, they are not a legal target for the ability.
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    posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    So far, no one has mentioned the best power-toughness swapping ability: Aquamoeba.
    Quote from NguyenTranLoc »
    Nice! So these are some feasable haste enablers he can cage I found so far:

    Blighted Bat
    Jawbone Skulkin
    Marchesa's Smuggler
    Rage Weaver
    Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
    Skyship Stalker
    Whip Sergeant

    And if you have access to snow mana:
    Goblin Rimerunner

    I think we have to pick and choose what is useful utility for mairsil to have. We get one caged card per etb. Without a blink/clone enabler we each additional caged card will cost us a Mairsil replay which gets expensive real fast.

    I think caging a card just to get an ability which gives us haste is not valuable enough. We're in red, there's lots of global haste enablers like Anger or fervor. Or lands like Hall of the bandit Lord or flamekin village. Or equipment will run anyway like greaves and boots.

    Point is i think if we want to get marsail to toolkit state every card we cage has to add to the toolkit. Haste is something he needs only the turn he is played. And abilities that grant haste are only useful if we also happen to have extra Mana on the turn he is played. Just think those will be dead in your hand a lot.
    I completely agree. If we need a card dedicated to giving haste, I think Anger is the best bet, since a) it gives haste without spending a cage trigger, and b) it is a great target for the Entomb/Buried Alive/Intuition stuff that will fuel the deck.

    Personally, I plan to go the Voltron route. I've been needing a good beatdown deck, and Mairsil has enough moving pieces to keep me entertained. I see it eventually drawing a lot of hate, though... Buried Alive for Aetherling + Quicksilver Elemental + Phyrexian Devourer is pretty frightening.
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER/BUDGET] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara
    Quote from alexandre »
    Path of Ancestry. I liked it.
    Yes, undeniably good.
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    posted a message on Double This, Double That (Squee, Goblin Nabob)
    Mixed feelings about Hour of Devastation.

    The namesake card, Hour of Devastation, is exactly what we want to be doing, but it does not answer either of the biggest indestructible threats in the format: Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Ulamog the Infinite Gyre.

    Mirage Mirror is kind of tech I suppose. It could serve as a mana doubler if you can copy someone else's (there is really no need to have multiples in play on our side).

    Scavenger Grounds is fantastic, but I will not include it here for the same reason I cut Relic of Progenitus a long time ago -- I probably value my graveyard more than anyone else at the table.

    All in all, no changes for this set.
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    posted a message on How long have your decks existed?
    Squee has been around since early 2010. It is my fourth and most beloved EDH deck, and the oldest one I still have together.

    Child of Alara Dreamcrusher is from later in 2010. Ironically, even though it is all commons, it is my most expensive deck since it is all foiled out. I honestly don't play it much anymore, but it still crushes dreams on occasion!

    Selvala 1.0 was built in 2014 as soon as it was released. The deck is dumb, and I only bring it out for competitive or show-off games.

    Sasaya (flippy green Kamigawa snake) was just built a few months ago. I like it enough that it will probably be together for a long time.
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    posted a message on What are the best cards for Commander from Hour of Devastation?
    Lots of goodies in this set, but Scavenger Grounds is the overall biggest EDH hit.

    I think Sunset Pyramid is being undervalued. The card is solid.
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER/BUDGET] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara
    Strategic Planning is borderline for me. It is obviously worse than Impulse or the staple 1-mana cantrips. Forbidden Alchemy is similar and got cut a while back. The fact that Strategic Planning is a sorcery probably means it is a pass.

    I think I would play Sleight of Hand and Serum Visions before Strategic Planning.
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    posted a message on Random Card of the Day - Deathless Behemoth
    Quote from rogerandover »
    I run it and Control of the Court in my Squee deck, and I'm (almost) never sad to draw it. It's digs deep and is pretty insane with Alhammarret's Archive.
    Also, ask @d0su. I think he has a crush on the lore Love is in the air

    You're not wrong. XD

    I've written a few in-depth posts about Goblin Lore. Strangely, as variable as the card is, it is actually a decent (playable) way to reduce variance. If you happen to discard Squee, that's just gravy.

    I do think it's days are numbered, sadly. Eventually there will be enough versions of Tormented Voice that the Lore won't cut it anymore.
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    posted a message on Decks that disappoint
    Adamaro, First to Desire is the poster child.

    I always find it difficult to build Voltron decks that I like, but Adamaro was the pinnacle. He did one thing, and even though he did it moderately well, it was not as fun in practice as it was on paper. Playing all the Chrome Moxes and Simian Spirit Guides and Dwarven Ruins just to slam him turn 1, then give him a Rush of Blood or Winter Orb or whatever to end the game before it starts.

    Either the opponent does nothing, or they have an answer and I do nothing. Bleh.
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