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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on Temporary State of the Meta Thread (Rules Update 7/17/17)
    my statement is in favor of twin, sorry if it wasnt clear. I might be biased as a blue player who had a fairly good matchup against twin though, and I do agree with you that rich and engaging lines of play deciding games was the highlight and pleasure of many modern games. To elaborate on what I meant is that twin isnt overpowered and thats exactly why it should be unbanned...because it fills the food chain with a predator and prey for different decks.
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  • posted a message on Temporary State of the Meta Thread (Rules Update 7/17/17)
    it wouldnt be too good, and thats kind of the point, but it creates a metagame space that interactive decks capitalize upon without twin being a straight dog to interactive strategies.
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  • posted a message on Temporary State of the Meta Thread (Rules Update 7/17/17)
    There are also still people fairly uneasy about what eldrazi tron does to midrange and blue decks
    there are still unban conversations about stoneforge and not jitte (though Id love jitte over stoneforge)
    There are still people unhappy with their storm matchup

    This place isnt going to change much, but modern is a positive non-mistake based change away from being the best its ever been. And this is coming from a faerie player who struggles to metagame into a dominant showing. Im trying to be patient and wait for effective modern support like fatal push in blue, but no, I dont think opt was it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    It looks like a good list honestly. Our discord crowd is debating if spell snare's job isnt covered by fatal push and spellstutter sprite, but this looks like a list I could see it being fair with
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    welcome back again. the discord is split on several preferences discard vs opt being the most recent. im curious of where spell snare was great for you as i was considering playing a few again. Can we also see your list?
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  • posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    Quote from Aegraen »
    Has anyone tried Hostage Taker in a UB deck. I've just finished a UB control deck and feel like it'd be pretty good as a flexible 1 of in the SB as UB is notoriously poor at interacting with artifacts (I'd be playing 1 EE, and 1 Hostage Taker).

    I was thinking of doing this myself, but cant think of much except resetting chalice of the void at 0 or just stealing creatures if it survives (which is good, but i need more than theory to justify caving on them...especially with the price jump)
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    new poster in this thread but longtime UW player from extended. I might not have the playstyle fit for the recent variations of this deck but I often feel like Id prefer spell queller in the main with 2 snapcaster and the average 4 walkers 3 gideon (1x5cmc 2x3cmc) 1 jace (4cmc) but i have some preference for flash games myself (fae player here). I think thats my only concession to the preference of gameplan though. Probably cutting secure the wastes for search for Azcanta when I pick 2 up, but will I need to move queller to the board for 2 opt/wall of omens to support it better (not a fan of wall, which is why secure is there)?

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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    In a deck full of creatures Lead the Stampede is much better than Chart a Course.
    Blue isn't really worth it in this deck imho.

    I don't really see the appeal of Nissa, Steward of Elements in a Shamans' deck.

    Nissa, Voice of Zendikar putting counters on all your creatures makes more sense though I don't really see PW's as a good fit for the deck and would rather focus on spells like: Collected Company, Atarka's Command or Lead the Stampede.

    You cast Nissa, Steward of elements for 3 and scry 2 and then she becomes an engine of extra creatures and draw-fixing that threatens an ultimate which does 10 damage if left unchecked. You also dont have the redundancy or explosiveness to make use of collected company like other decks, which get better through natural ramp synergy and combo finishes, so I think aggro with the ability to filter its draws and play free creature spells is better here and if not, at least good.
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  • posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    Quote from Kathal »
    But paying 4 mana first AND need to get an attack through is more than iffy imo.

    However, IF you can flip it, it is bonkers.


    Bitterblossom tokens fly. plus its an equipment that makes a token a 3/2 so its often worth it even if you dont need the land.
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  • posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    Dowsing dagger is being tested in faeries, guaranteed. The 0/2 defender creatures are made super irrelevant and the 3 extra Mana makes countering around tar pits and mutavault easier
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    on the subject of splashing blue to get Kumena'S Speaker online Id say nissa, steward of elements would be a great scry and free creature engine for at least 3 mana. you can use the 0 the rest of the game if it isnt contested in the first few turns. Also, theres an opportunity to test Trinket Mage to tutor up Basilisk Collar out of the sideboard for the cunning sparkmage plan
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  • posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    wily goblin makes an artifact for kuldotha red's midgame, other than that Im not sure what it does. overflowing insight made me sigh a very deep sigh though, I wouldn't even play it in standard.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    So, shamans may have its 1cmc 2/2 threat in Kumena'S Speaker, we just have to splash blue to get it to be a 2/2. Honestly, I don't mind the card in theory (Id love to be able to find more reason to run blue outside of Shapers of Nature) but it might get hard to justify the color if nothing is printed in the shaman job-type for blue. I definitely wish deeproot champion worked with what this deck were trying to do, but maybe shamans will become built like a tribal variant of kami Rav grow stompy if that accommodates the tribe better
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from stokpile »
    After many days/weeks of tuning and testing I'm back with my current list of Ancestral Vision faeries. After losing multiple win-and-in matches of local pptq's due to losing on turn 2 or mulls to Four I think the list is finished, or at least as "finished" as a modern deck can be. First, here is where I'm currently at:

    Utility and dual lands
    Faerie conclave is great, still haven't been sad to have it. The only aspect of the manabase I'm not happy with is a lack of pendelhaven and the river of tears. River is just there to facilitate turn 1 discard and push without cutting into my cryptic mana. I wish I had a better option, but the deck can't afford any more turn 1 tap lands (which does include drowned catacomb) and secluded glen just isn't reliable enough to be considered a turn 1 colored source. I have yet to try a third copy of watery grave, but it seems so wrong that I haven't put much consideration into it.

    Mana leak & permission
    Mana leak has remained amazing and is almost essential in many matches. It fills the same role of extra discard sometimes, but they work against the top of the deck and still gets the mana from your opponent. Right now I like a mix of discard and permission to survive in modern currently. The main use of them is to bridge the gap between SSS and cryptics coming online, especially against eldrazi and prime time. When you're against any tron variant they may seem like hot garbage, but are required to allow you to keep playing magic when they drop a karn or wurmcoil on turn 3.

    I have tried a mix of logic knot and negates in this spot, but there were too many issues with this. The double blue on logic knot was a big problem surprisingly. Between mutavaults and wanting black early for discard/blossom/push and combined with a low fetch count it became difficult for it to be live. I like that it's a hard counter in the late game, but by then we have cryptic and sprites at the ready if the opponent is still alive in the first place. Negate has simply been too narrow. It's too often that I want to stop a kitchen finks, a wurmcoil, or a tasigur and wishing the negate was anything else.

    Still only 1 snapcaster due to the lack of quality spells that are always live to flash back. A second would be nice for post board games, but I haven't found myself wanting more just yet. The odd one of gurmag angler has remained solid. Granted tasigur looks better on paper, but in practice being able to block or attack through a smasher or other anglers has proven to be much more important. That coupled with the large amount of spells that go bad eventually makes his ability even less of an attractive option. The main reason for the inclusion is to have large threat to play on the cheap that doesn't require a blossom to be good. I liked running two copies and was never straining to cast them, but I'm happy with just one non-mistbind finisher.

    Mistbind clique specifically
    Speaking of mistbind clique, the card is obscenely powerful. Even when it just dies instantly, the trigger is a BIG deal. Often it allows me to swing in with all of my manlands without fear of a push or bolt and smacking them for half their life total. Once you get that "clear for take off" turn the game is swung so far back in your favor that they need to consider holding up removal and not developing their board which goes right into our game plan. Not to mention that there are still a lot of very good players that don't quite understand the card or even know that it exists. But it is awkward and clunky without a blossom which is why I've kept the count at two copies.

    Odd SB choices
    I put this board together the ensure that I always have enough cards to bring in to match the amount that I want to take out against a particular deck. The hardest ones to work in were burn and RG tron which, aside from burn, is more of a local thing. At a GP I'd be amazed to play against classic tron, but locally it's a certainty. Regardless, that is why I have a pair of negates instead of something like ceremonious rejection or more strokes. Currently I like stroke more than rejection because of it's applications against titanshift which has been getting more popular week to week. The fact that rejection is a turn 1 hard counter while on the draw vs affinity doesn't escape me, but I feel like having extra cards for titanshift is more important than affinity currently.

    There is a lack of direct graveyard hate because I have simply selected dredge as the deck I will scoop to. That's not to say that this configuration doesn't have game against them however. Jace AoT is actually quite good against them and tendrils can clean up a large portion of their dorks with kalitas being a house when you can cast him with protection.

    The three copies of collective brutality are there primarily as a concession to burn being a problem while still being anywhere from serviceable to amazing in many other matches. Granted this may seem like an excessive amount to run, but I feel that the versatility and power in the matches where they're desired makes it worth three slots. I love them against coco decks and storm, they're still good against merfolk and act as extra discard spells when that is desired. Blah, blah, blah I'm reading the card to you.

    The point is that with so many viable decks in modern the versatility is just too important and it is such a massive tempo swing that it easily can bring you from behind to can't possibly lose. If there was a better and low mana cost option to bring in vs burn and still be solid in other matches I'd gladly play them, but this seems to be the best one available.

    Doom blade & Downfall
    A simple concession to needing more spot removal against eldrazi. The downfall also has the benefit of killing liliana, the last hope which is an obvious nightmare for us. For a while I was considering a second ratchet bomb over the doom blade, but I found that I wanted the kill spell a bit more than the utility piece. I looked at a lot of different options here, but what ultimately made me choose doom blade is that it's a card that can come in against affinity and I don't need the extra help against death's shadow so that lets my SB swaps work out cleanly.

    Ratchet bomb
    Obviously the card is a little 'meh' but it's still a necessity to me that one is included at the least and I'd still like a second. The main application is against lantern, affinity, RG ponza (I see several copies no matter what city I play in), and merfolk while still being great against liliana decks. It's slow, a bad top deck, but is still the best way we have to deal with "the weird" in the format. We don't have detention sphere so this is our best option. Pithing needle is still a great card, but the fact that it doesn't actually remove anything from play is why I feel bombs are the way to go.

    Issues to solve
    Dem eldrazi doe! As soon as a cavern comes down if they're not dead or dying the game is essentially over with out a large stroke of luck. I suppose fulminators or spreading seas could be added into the sideboard once again, but that is A LOT of sideboard space and not nearly as many main deck cards to switch around. If somebody could show off their "permission + LD" sideboard plan that would be great. I feel that is the best recipe for success in this match up, but I can't help but wonder if it's worth the equity you're giving up against the rest of the field cramming in that many narrow cards.

    In the same vein as above, this match can be quite rough. Bear in mind I may be a touch biased as two of my win-and-in matches were lost to dredge on turn 2 twice in a row so take the following with a grain of salt. Being able to stick a mist bind is typically enough of a swing that winning is academic, but that's a rarity. Our primary defense and interaciton pieces are permission and discard which all too often come out too late against them. Once their engine is online they basically stop casting spells entirely and no longer have relevant cards in hand so we're forced to race while holding up a cryptic for their lethal conflags.

    With the only real SB options here being direct graveyard hate to effectively swing the match in your favor I'm still asking if it's worth even considering. Nihil spellbomb is fine against DS, but we don't really need a lot of help against them as they're half the reason to play faeries in the first place. After that there aren't many real options for dredge hate that isn't wasted cardboard in every other match. This is why I've gone to cards like flaying tendrils and Jace AoT as they're solid against dredge and are good to great against many other decks as well.

    i would suggest cutting a leak for 1 thoughtsieze, its the only real strategic oddity I see with the deck, though Im skeptical of the Gurmag Angler. Im looking at trying wydwen soon though so 1 of threats are often preference
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