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  • posted a message on Heroic trigger questions
    Quote from CandleGhost
    If I were to target Anax and Cymede with Miraculous Recovery, what happens?
    A) The heroic trigger does not trigger.
    B) The heroic trigger does trigger.

    If I were to target Anax and Cymede with The Warrior hero card to give them haste, does it trigger heroic?

    (I am not familiar with heroic so I don't quiet get how it works.)

    1. No, the heroic ability doesn't function in the graveyard. It only functions on the battlefield.

    2. No, heroic only triggers when you cast a spell. It doesn't trigger when you target the creature with an ability such as the activated ability on The Warrior.
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  • posted a message on Two creatures fighting one creature
    This did not belong in the Rulings forum. Moved to Custom Card Creation.
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  • posted a message on Culling scales
    Quote from Mystic-X
    Culling Scales

    If the nonland permanent with the lowest CMC in play has shroud, does the player controlling the scales target the permanent with the next lowest CMC or nothing at all?

    Nothing at all. There is no legal target available for the ability when it's being put on the stack, so the ability is immediately removed from the stack.
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  • posted a message on Chandra 74 inch walmart exclusive
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  • posted a message on The Great Suspend
    Quote from 63Planeswalker
    If I have multiple cards suspended, and their time counters would be removed at the same upkeep (let us just say I suspended 3 Restore the Balances, because I was being an idiot), do their final time counters get removed simultaneously, or does one copy have their respective time counter removed, go onto the stack, resolve, then do the same thing two more times?

    Mostly the latter. Each card puts an instance of the "Remove a time counter from me" ability onto the stack. When the topmost ability resolves and you remove the last time counter from the corresponding card, the card puts a "cast me now" ability onto the stack, on top of the other two "remove a time counter" abilities that are still waiting. When the "cast me now" ability resolves, you cast the card (which puts it on the stack on top of the other two abilities that are still waiting). Once the spell has resolved, the game moves on to the next "remove a counter" ability, which causes you to cast the second card, and finally the game reaches the last "remove a counter" ability and you cast the third card.
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  • posted a message on How would this situation resolve?
    Since the question involves non-existent cards, I've moved this thread to Custom Card Rulings.
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  • posted a message on the "does as much as it can" ruling
    Quote from Studoku

    I know enclosing things in [ c] tags may seem complicated but I'm sure you'll eventually get the hang of it.

    While the lmgtfy link was uncalled for, so is your condescending tone here. Let's keep things civil, please.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker vs protection
    Quote from Ageless Titan
    The question is... If one of your creatures have protection from colored spells and a planes walker tries to target it what happens?

    Do you really mean "protection from colored spells?" Only one creature, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, has that ability. Since a planeswalker on the battlefield is not a spell at all, Emrakul's protection doesn't do anything about it, so the planeswalker can target Emrakul with an ability that targets a creature.

    If Emrakul is not what you meant, please clarify what you meant.
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  • posted a message on Pendelhaven + Skullbrair
    Quote from Steamsteam

    Skull has counters on him. Does pendel +1/+2 him still?

    Thanks in adv.

    If the counters are +/+ counters, then it is no longer a 1/1 creature, so no.

    Edit: Actually, your question is a bit ambiguous, so I'll clarify. If you already activated Pendelhaven earlier in the turn when Skullbriar was 1/1 and then put counters on Skullbriar, the bonus will continue to apply until end of turn. On the other hand, if there are counters on Skullbriar when you activate Pendelhaven, the activation is illegal because Skullbriar is not a 1/1 creature.
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