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  • posted a message on True Conviction?
    Like a lot of cards, it suffers from being 6 mana in a game where you start off with 2-3 in your hand and draw another in one out of three turns. Most all cards cannot afford any conditions in addition to those in order to work. For this one, you need to have quite a few creatures out for it to be worth the mana.

    If you do have that, have the mana, and get it to survive a while though, it gives you a good amount of return. It's just rare to see a situation where you are not too far behind to play it, and then you see nothing from the others that the table that needs any responses as it goes around either.
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  • posted a message on Growing Rites of Itlimoc
    Gaea's Cradle doesn't draw you a card when it comes into play, either. It also counts against your land drop. Don't get me wrong, Cradle is by far the better card. But if you can consistently flip this into the land, then the card will be super-solid for you.
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  • posted a message on All decks must have a combo...?
    Not to turn the tables, but is there a reason that the Jenara deck does NOT have a combo?

    I’m asking because the decklist you posted has Eternal Witness and Time Warp/Temporal Manipulation in it, then Planeswalker Venser and Eldrazi Displacer in for repeated bounce. So, you would have had to cut E-wit or others of that list in order to fit the deck into the combo-less category.

    That brings me to a broader point though, is that with Magic as it is there are more instances where you have to do an assessment whether your deck took out the combos rather than building to enable that as a win condition. At least when you have a multi-color deck with Blue in it, just running good cards means that you’d have to give it a twice over to make sure. Imo, when you’ve started watering down your deck to avoid combo’s is when people have gotten over-sensitive.

    The other day, I am playing a Chainer-based Mairsil deck. I’ve got Gray Merchant of Asphodel on a once per turn basis, and I am sitting with Illusionist’s Gambit in hand and Archaeomancer in the bin. I have enough mana at the EOT to my right that I can either bring back Archaeomancer to the field with Chainer or Flashback an Intuition with Dralnu. I know that I have Dualcaster Mage in my deck.

    Correct play? I can end the game tutoring for Dualcaster, putting Stratagem on the stack during my turn, then bringing it back with Chainer. Or, I can go the non-infinite route with 12 mana and drain the table 3x with Gary during the orbit, killing the player to my left immediately and the other I’m sure to follow. I spare the table, since once player had been eliminated and had been sitting out for about half an hour.

    So, the player to my left is playing Prossh, Skyraider of Kher and has a Blood Artist out, and when I win he announces plans to have burnt me out with 8 tokens (I was at less life than that). A little bit of frustration carries over to the next game. Surprising here is to have that kind of distaste when 1) that player would’ve been eliminated with either route, 2) the reason I had multiple Gary activations going off and was still at low life is because the table had been taking Purporous and Blood Artist triggers from that player all game. People have just as much (actually more) flexibility to zap Dualcaster/Gary as they to Purph. It used to be the case in the EDH global meta that attacking with Titans and such is how you were expected to win, but clearly not anymore.


    Everything is a combo. People just don’t like losing.

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  • posted a message on Controlling Dissidents (Kess, Dissident Mage)
    Count me as a vote for Search for Azcanta. It should mean a lot coming from me too, since I don't value very many things that take a turn or more to return their investment. The card is just solid though at 2cmc. I almost don't want to flip it, the scry-plus effect is so strong.
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  • posted a message on Commander Etiquette
    I love these “who’s the *expletive*” threads here. They get my virtue signaling muscles warmed up for a new week at the office.

    It’s an incredible contrast going from this discussion forum to the decklist forum on an EDH site. In here, it’s about how to safeguard everyone else’s sensibilities, or how many activations of Doubling Cube you’ve achieved in a single turn. In there, it’s about whether Obliterate or Enter the Infinite is the better haymaker, or questions about what the route to victory could possibly be for a deck running 10-12 6-drop creatures if there is no combo. Some people will even do you the favor of having stuff like Brago stax in their signatures as they go on with the platitudes. Even on this page, the “top 50” list is populated with stuff like Death Cloud, Ad Nauseam, Contamination, and Yawgmoth’s Will. Oh, the pretzels people twist themselves into as they play this game.

    I read a lot on this format (probably too much). I also spectate a lot and watch a lot of VOD’s. The contrast between what people preach and what they actually do is just staggering in every setting. I don’t think an opinion has ever been written on what you ought to do that didn’t eventually come around to non-combat and other abrupt win conditions being less wholesome. And at the same time, there seems to be no group ever where at least half the games didn’t end exactly that way – Purphorous, God of the Forge, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, so on.

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  • posted a message on Mairsil, Grixis Overlord (Chainer)
    A few cards that I have been finding bonkers in my Chainer-centered Mairsil brew:

    Sensei's Divining Top - Particularly when you don't have Aetherling, this is a great card for resiliency and repeated caging. Shows up often if you also run Trinket Mage to fetch it.

    Soldevi Adnate - I find that most of the things that we want to repeatedly bring back with Chainer are Black, so great to have this one caged. In fact, games can end real fast with something like Basalt Monolith on top. Begin turn with Kokopuffs in play, sac it for mana then untap and bring it back with the mana for next turn. Drain four times an orbit.

    Memnarch - Great for stealing other players' mana bases.

    Nivix Guildmage - Can be expensive to fork a spell for this price, but both abilities are solid.

    Illusionist's Stratagem/Ghostly Flicker - I see that you have Dualcaster in here, so thought I'd mention these. Good on their own for defense and value, and also combo with Dualcaster and something like Venser or Gary for a win.
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  • posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Wow, this guy is a rules nightmare. I have been playing around with it on Forge, and people are quitting on me because they don't agree with the rules.

    Basically, take a set of cards that are already on the difficult side of rules understanding (e.g. Memnarch, Rainbow Efreet, Aetherling) and put them all into play at the same time. A good recipe for having to explain yourself all the time.

    The card is legitimately powerful though. My favorite has been Nev's disk, Razzilox and Memnarch.
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    I see your discussion on Skullclamp, but if you are worried about your draw imo the best thing are the equipment tutors for it. The good ol' clamp is well worth the mana difference. If you are worried about them being dead later, you can also add Sword of the Animist and/or the new Dowsing Dagger to help with ramp.
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  • posted a message on Mairsil, the Pretender (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from SlaveToPhage »
    Was just mulling about with Mairsil and it suddenly hit me.
    Mairsil *could* be any grixis, monoblue red black deck there is. So long as its built around a commander with an activated ability.
    I had a caged Chainer and thought, this deck could easily be a 'Chainer' deck because the colours allow for crazy tutoring.
    Now I have a Grixis Chainer deck, sweet, NO exile drawback.
    Hypothetically speaking the same can be done with ANY commander that is used for its activated abiliy.
    So it could be an Azami combo deck, now with black and red on the side ect.
    Grimgrin Zombie deck? Easy
    Dralnu spellslinger deck with no damage clause AND red?
    You dont have to have all the activated abilities, just the main one. Now I can use Sneak Attack within a Chainer deck ?!! Thats nutz.
    My conculsion, he can be almost anyone. Not just a 'best' Mairsil deck. Any Red, Black, Blue, Dimir, Rakdos, Izzet commander with ':' you got.

    I like that idea. Once things get cage counters, you can rely on those abilities on the commander for the rest of the game.

    I will say though that the effort that it takes to access the same card each game though is somewhat north of Zero. After all, there are decks that win by accessing a single card Survival of the Fittest, Hermit Druid, Doomsday, etc, and it's a bit of a gap between that and just having the card in the Command Zone to start.
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  • posted a message on Abolish
    I think Patrician's Scorn would get a slot over this most of the time. It doesn't hit artifacts and you hit your own enchantments, but much more powerful and easy to cast. Maybe not for a Sram deck that runs a lot of Faith's Fetters effects for the draw, but most of the time it's better and I still don't see it.

    For that matter in Sram, you're probably thin on removal slots after you put in all the Suppression Bonds effects that you can for the draw effect.
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  • posted a message on Poll on what MTGS feels is the most disliked Archetypes
    I think hug, stax and chaos are each disliked for the same reason - it takes away player agency. You decided each card you have in your deck, resources, threats and all. Now those decisions are secondary to what somebody else’s deck is doing.

    With hug, you are now overdrawing and over-ramping, resources going to waste. You might have put in more 6-drops if you’d known that Collective Voyage was being played early, but now your Thrun, the Last Troll is going toe to toe with Seige Behemoth on time.

    Stax is the opposite. You have resources going to waste because you’re not able to make the budget that your deck usually gives you. So now your Thrun is stuck in hand staring down Thalia’s with Swords and what not.

    Chaos is about the worst for player agency though. Resources notwithstanding, you cast a card and it’s literally something different than what you chose to be in your deck.

    I think what redeems each of these though is replay value. With some other hated archetypes, you might as well not even sleeve up because it’s just going to be the exact same result. With these, you get more, less or unpredictable outcomes, but they are different. The difference of opinion I think comes from certain playgroups having way more time than others. I think most groups play weekly or even bi-weekly, so a lot of tweaking and rethinking goes in between sessions. It’s frustrating to bring those to the table, then you don’t get to see if it works. But for groups that play more often or make deck changes way less, I think they can be good to keep outcomes fresh.

    Combo is hated for the opposite reason, that it’s just the same every game. If you don’t have the resources to defend against it (most don’t), you are watching the same scenario play out. I will say though that everything that gets labeled “combo” isn’t actually combo. A lot of players tend to term any kind of win-condition outside of combat as “combo”, to include things that are very finite and situational such as Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Blade of Selves, non-infinite Comet Storm, so on. People highly expect Island Sanctuary, assorted pillow-forts and Wraths to keep them in the game, then get salty when players respond to that.

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  • posted a message on Teferi's Protection
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    I got to use it for the first time last week. I was playing a 5 person game and the person right after me tried to kill my commander. I put up Teferi's Protection and waited it out. The guy right before me ended up swarming with like 30+ dmg and he was coming at me until I reminded him that I couldn't be hurt and he swung at someone else for essentially lethal lol.

    It wasn't even that optimal of a Teferi's Protection but even then it was huge just being like set for the whole turn rotation.

    Yeah, I saw it for the first time also this weekend. It's way better than I thought it would be. Fog's in the first place are somewhat underrated in casual EDH, but this is a lot better. It seems more aggressive because it's guaranteeing that you're getting one more crack at the game. Almost feels like a Time Stop.

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  • posted a message on Dealing with Glacial Chasm
    I say that stuff like Maze of Ith, Glacial Chasm and Constant Mists show up, then the gloves are off for MLD like Armageddon. That ought to take care of things nicely for aggro. My opinion, the game just doesn’t work right if it’s more hostile toward the combat step itself than it is to creatures. It just skews the game even more toward combo than it already is.

    Otherwise if you’re looking at less comprehensive options, things like Insult // Injury, Everlasting Torment and Malignus are great against fogs and mazes. Particularly I have been liking Insult since it’s as good as an extra combat a lot of the time, has some flexibility with non-creature forms of damage, and of course gets around these fogs. It’s easy for someone sitting behind a Glacial Chasm to over-rely on it, and then they get blown up by a sudden effect like this.

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  • posted a message on Reliquary Tower
    It sucks to be color screwed, I get it, but this is a key land for a lot of decks. I will try to run it unless I’m in one of these situations:

    1) I am playing Green, and so doing I am nearly 100% running Exploration and Burgeoning at minimum, which keeps my hand size low.
    2) I am playing a low-curve strategy in colors like Boros that don’t draw well.
    3) I am playing close to 20 mana rocks, and likewise will not have a very big hand size.

    One of these three tends to be true for me probably a majority of the time, but in cases where it’s not the Reliquary Tower performs well. As smooth as your deck is, there was a reason you put in every card that’s in it. Much better not to have to get rid of it because you’re running too hot. Comebacks happen, and then you are worse off than you could have been.

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  • posted a message on Curses
    I actually love the Red one (Curse of Opulence). Fundamentally speaking, each extra mana you have is worth more than the previous one. So if you get two in an orbit, the second one is worth a lot more to you than the one you gave your opponent, much less the full 3 in an single orbit. It also happens to be insane mana return on a one-mana card. I mean, I am also one to play Mana Flare and Rites of Flourishing, not for group hug funsies but just because they fit the strategy. It happens to fit extremely well in Edgar Markhov decks, although it didn’t come with his precon.

    There’s also the angle that you’re able to use the artifacts more, such as with Daretti or so on. The same holds for the Black one in a Zombie tribal deck, the white one in some kind of life-gain deck, and especially the green one in just about any deck running mana dorks.

    And of course as mentioned, somebody at the table becomes a piñata. That carries more weight with some groups than others.

    The thing is, it’s very typical of the community to strongly undervalue anything that gives any benefit whatsoever to an opponent (Offering cycle, tempting offer, Evolutionary Escalation, etc). They just work much better in practice than they look on paper, so people doing more theory-crafting than actual playing tend to overlook them.

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