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    posted a message on [[Official]] The Misprint Discussion Thread
    Was opening a few packs of Journey Into Nyx at an LGS and opened up a foil Cast into Darkness, but it had a matte finish. I would post a picture but I just don't know if it would show up. I guess a normal foil is ~$.25 but I'm actually more curious about how it would happen.
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    posted a message on Big Box Store Promo - Genesis Hydra
    Not sure if this is the best place to post this or not.

    Went into work today and not only do we still have a bunch of these floating around the store but the 4 deck $30 clear plastic things are back as well. I looked all of them over and all I saw were RTR block and M14 decks and I think one or two land packs (they had land on top). Didn't pick any of them up but as an interesting change they also have the promo Genesis Hydra in them as well.
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    posted a message on Only 5 double-faced cards in Origins
    Quote from DRay563 »

    It's better in the sense that a checklist card doesn't show anything about the card you're casting other than it's casting cost. You'd have to keep referencing the card you've checklisted to make sure you strategize correctly if you don't have it memorized. A proxied version would tell you what the card does and would also be clearly labeled as a proxy. To JohnnyDegenerate's point, it may be confusing to new players, but DFCs are somewhat confusing in general, especially with Morph/Manifest/Megamorph in at the same time. Case in point, you tell a new player that a DFC always has a face-up, never a face-down, and cannot be flipped down by anything (like Ixidron)... yet they can Manifest it "face-down." I don't see how a proxied version of the upside face-up is more confusing than that, but it could definitely be an additional source of confusion if not handled properly.

    Back when I played my Werewolf deck a lot I had actually printed out the back side of my wolves and would just place it on top of it's card whenever I needed to flip it. It worked out quite well and the token backs got wrecked by play and not the actual card.
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    posted a message on Speculation for Commander/EDH 2015 Product
    Quote from willdice »

    Everyone from Wizards who has said something about the yearly Commander products.

    Commander's Arsenal was something rushed up when they realized "holy crap, people are buying the Commander decks so much, let's make more!". Arsenal was probably a repurposed From the Vault set or something similar. If they had anticipated such success sooner, they'd make another set of five decks that year instead.

    They could do something different once? Maybe, but with each release of decks being successful while Arsenal was very criticized, I'd guess they would like to just play safe and keep releasing what they know people want, until perhaps it starts losing steam.

    Was not aware that anything official had been said about them actually being decks.Last I had seen it was just a yearly product.

    What I think Wizards needs to realize is WHY people were upset about Aresnal. They were upset because an "elite" product was brought to a largely casual format. It contained cards that many people wanted to play with but not nearly enough of them were made.

    Oh well, it was an idea.

    As for what we are getting, it's probably going to be 2 color decks then and hopefully not just ally colors.
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    posted a message on Speculation for Commander/EDH 2015 Product
    *clears throat*

    If you'll allow me the pleasure I'd like to play just a bit of devil's advocate here and suggest something that nobody has brought up yet. Who says we're getting decks next year?

    How quickly did we forget that The Commander Arsenal was also a summer commander release. I've been saying for a long time that something half way between the Arsenal and a Deck builder's Toolkit would be a really awesome product. Each box could contain say 80-100 cards with old staples like Command Tower, Opal Palace, Sol Ring, and that bunch. But it could also have a cycle of 4 color legendaries and other goodies that the community has been asking for but that have been very difficult to build decks around. They could even throw in another colorless legend.
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    posted a message on List of all tokens for each deck?
    Quote from Jason Justis »

    I had the decks in front of me and were flipping over the tokens in my hand as I was making this list, so I'm 99.9% sure it's accurate. The only way it's not is if I got a faulty copy. I wasn't missing any cards that I could tell though.

    I just cracked all five of my decks excited to see double sided tokens and mine all line up with what you posted so I think we can call that list 100%.

    I think it was an ace idea to do double sided for the decks, it makes it easier to have proper tokens (reef worm I'm looking at you), and should keep the board state much cleaner.
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    posted a message on Packaging Errors
    I haven't opened any of my decks yet (waiting to get the other 2) but the store I work at has a green deck with the oversized card upside down in the box.
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    posted a message on Next set is Fate Reforged
    At first I was very confused by the art because I thought I was looking up through a portal of somekind. The horns started to look like all kinds of pointy arms and I started to wonder "slivers" or "Eldrazi" depending on the scale.

    Now that I see the wings and that they are horns (not arms) then Yes we are looking at Ugin, why else would he be getting mentioned in card names and flavor texts if he wasn't coming back.

    Personally I don't care if Ugin is a planeswalker card (red could use some diversity) or a Legendary Creature (Yea! new dragon Commander) part of me wants him already.
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    posted a message on Red and Black planeswalker?
    Quote from Narvuntien »
    It depends on Sarkhan... whether he is RB Sarkhan the mad or RG Sarkhan Vol. His clothes suggest he is RB but story hints suggest he is aligned with Temur which is Green Red Blue suggesting he will be RG.

    the images are in this thread if you want to look.

    We were told at the SDCC panel that Sarkan was a part of the Mardu before leaving.
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    posted a message on [New Info] Khans of Tarkir Teaser video
    Best info is in this thread but as for the Khan colors for reference.
    Abzan WBR
    Jeskai URW
    Sultai BGU
    Mardu RWB
    Temur GUR

    Quote from Morphling »
    +1 for Nagas. 100% likely.

    This spoiled art also strongly hints at Rakshasas.

    Really looking forward to learning more about this plane.

    Naga are a part of the Sultai.
    We are also getting Rakasha that are said to be "at home in a cat or demon deck" (paraphrased from watching the panel last night).
    Quote from Mowagh »
    It's funny, I told my boyfriend that I wondered if this set would have nagas as soon as it was announced. I'll be so happy if one of my favorite fantasy races finally makes it to Magic. <3

    Also, is the Sultai khan male or female? I originally thought female, but it seemed more male in the trailer.

    The Sultai Khan is FEmale.
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    posted a message on [KTK] Ally Color Swords
    Quote from orlouge82 »

    No, we'll see them. Mark Rosewater gave his trademark "Maybe :)" response to a question about them I asked back in January:


    "Maybe :)" means "yes, they will be coming out at some point in the future." Khans seems like as good a plane as any to introduce the allied-colored swords.

    It's also Maro and the swords could just as easily be in Commander 2014, Commander 2015, or next year's summer release and he would give the same answer. Heck the swords could be nothing more then scribble's on a notepad in The Pit which means we won't see them for 2 years.

    All "Maybe :)" means is that they haven't forgotten about those cards and they are something that a set or product could use sometime in the future.
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    posted a message on Preeminent Captain + Odric
    Quote from Rafig »
    No, odric only triggers if you attack with two other creatures and in magic when we say attack we mean declared as an attacker and whatever you bring it isn't declared as an attacker.

    Short version, ya too late.

    Okay, Odric could be worded clearer but that's why I double checked.
    I thought maybe I could stack the Captain's ability above Odric but was fairly sure it was too late.
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    posted a message on Preeminent Captain + Odric
    Preeminent Captain
    Odric, Master Tactician

    So I attack with Odric, the Captain, and one other creature. I use the Captain to put a forth attacker out, do I get to use Odric's ability, or is Odric an attack trigger and thus too late?
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    posted a message on [[KTK]] Blogatog reveals the primary color focus of each of the wedge clans
    it means R&D still has some creative boldness. they aren't complacent to just stick with easy and familiar path. so this way of doing wedge is great. also continues the emphasis on allied pairs as well.

    however, my concern is the faction themes don't quite match up. e.g. red faction is about speed and represents the wings. does that mean there will be a lot of red common fliers? white and black get common fliers sure. but we usually link wings with blue and white, so tying it with the blue/white(/red) faction seems more appropriate. even izzet has been known to play with flying. speed is tied to flash and haste, so green/red(/blue) feels right. also trample=momentum, and these three colors have the most tramplers. also ruthlessness feels more like red/white/black faction. these are the main colors of mass destruction. and so on.

    anyway, let's see how the cards shape up to fit their clans.

    The only way I see the "red" faction getting a lot of common red fliers would be if they managed to keep Maro completely out of the loop for designing Khans. Red is defined by it's lack of flyers and gets them only as big creatures and usually at rare (dragon/phoenix). I could see them having the most synergy with the dragons when they return but they won't get cheap mono-red flyers.
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    posted a message on Duel decks anthologies
    Here's a few things I'm hoping.

    One box with all four decks contained within it.
    Print numbers much like what we see for DD now.
    Distribution to the big box stores just like the first time around for each of the decks.

    The reasoning being that I'm sure these are being printed to help bring down the cost not only of the first dual decks but also of the cards contained within them. Sending these to only card shops wouldn't do that.

    I'm also hoping that it being 1 box and that these decks were already created and would thus require much less work to create a second time that we could see a price point more like $60.
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    posted a message on If you had to sell off/get rid of your entire collection save for one card...
    I'm like a lot of you. I have a ton of money cards like Jace, the Mind Sculptor and the book insert Jace Beleren but if I were keeping one card at this point it would still be my 8th ed. Beast of Burden because he was my first rare ever.
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    posted a message on When Magic Invades your Dreams
    I've had a few Magic dreams but the one that sticks out in my mind was one in which my girlfriend was a full on pyromancer (Jaya and chandra mixed kind of get up) and I was a Necromancer running zombies. The two of us dueled like you would if Magic duals were actually turn based. I'm not exactly sure how I won but I do remember having a few gravecrawlers out and Dark Ritual was involved.
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    posted a message on Clash Packs
    Quote from Togaras
    Maybe just a new product name for the Booster-Battle-Packs ?

    My thought after seeing still how many of the battle packs are still sitting on shelves is that this is a replacement for them. They were a good idea but with ZERO incentive for players with any kind of experience to buy them I wouldn't be surprised if their sales are dismal.

    I buy stuff like the dual decks to play against my girlfriend at times because she can get really discouraged playing against my normal decks. If this really was something like 90 cards split into two card pools for two 40 card decks and the contents were semi random then yeah I would probably buy one of those instead of packs because then the two of us could play and one or both of us could get new cards.

    The battle packs were just junk cards and I have thousands of those to make decks out of if I ever want to teach that way.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Ambitious M15
    The 20 extra cards have an explanation, they upped the uncommon count.

    I like the idea of changing up how packs are done but I feel like the uncommon number in packs is good.

    A few changes I would like to see is.
    1. No more "add cards", just give us a token that could be usefull and put an add on the back rather then something with adds on both sides that's just going to end up in the trash.
    2. Tokens getting a rarity symbol. It would help with knowing why some tokens just aren't coming up in packs.

    and unlikely but
    3. get rid of the land in every pack and maybe lands now have a chance of showing up instead of a common or something like that.
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    posted a message on Jouney into Nix hunch
    I really don't feel like pulling up the video yet again because these type of threads pop up just about every block.

    NO, we will not see another "everything is _____" block until there are major changes in who is in charge of Magic because people like Maro were around and saw how poorly Alara Reborn was received (I personally liked it but I got the feeling he was talking more about tournament players). The example he gave was icecream for supper every night. You just don't want to do it because it's just too much of a good thing.

    As for enchantment lands, what did we learn from Artifact lands?
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    posted a message on Colorless mana should have a symbol.
    Here's the thing that the OP was trying to explain.

    Look at Elvish Mystic The mana that it costs and the mana it produces are equal. Both are green mana.
    Now look at Palladium Myr. The mana that it costs is 3 of any color so
    are just a fraction of the different ways to PAY for it.
    But when you tap it, what gets added to your mana pool? 2 that's it, there's only one result so the two things are really not equal.

    Is it a problem, not really but a change in it could be a good thing.
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    posted a message on Danger of getting Comander 2013 at Big-Box Stores
    Not sure how you missed that they were missing the oversized cards since those are right in the front of the package but most stores like Walmart and Target see a lot of theft in those areas so you shouldn't have a problem getting a new one.
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    posted a message on Colorless mana should have a symbol.
    I see what he's saying and it answers many of you.

    Cards like Blightsteel Colossus would still have costs like 11
    But lands like Shimmering Grotto would look more like "t add @ to your mana pool" so that mana costs of any color would stay the same but colorless mana being added would be something different.

    I've never encountered any real trouble with the difference between the two but then again we didn't have trouble with into play versus play a spell and those are now into the battlefield and cast so wizards does sometimes do stuff to solve problems that aren't really there.
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Oracle of Salvation, Surprise Edition
    Quote from Jermo48
    He said three. Neither of your examples fit the bill. Scars block had two and Garruk from DKA wasn't black in any way besides flavorfully. Mono-black couldn't play him without a splash, mono-green could without a splash. He was mono-green.

    My point more then anything was that Wizards can include any number of planeswalkers with whatever colors they need to be in a set and that there hasn't been a good balance since the first five were printed. Yes standard does have to be a factor as all these walkers will be there together but as it has been pointed out we have some fairly creature heavy PW's so running all of them together would probably be a really bad idea.

    If you think Garruk, the veil-cursed isn't a black card then you might want to check out Pact of Negation, Evermind, or Kobolds of Kher Keep.
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    posted a message on [[BNG]] Oracle of Salvation, Surprise Edition
    Quote from Sweeney

    Despite the fact that I'd absolutely love for there to be U/G Kiora and W/G Ajani so that my Cube can breath a sigh of relief, I just don't see them putting 3 X/G Planeswalkers in the same block.

    Why wouldn't they?
    Remember Scars block?
    Elspeth Tirel
    Venser, the Sojourner
    How about Innistrad block?
    Liliana of the Veil
    Garruk, the Veil-Cursed
    Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

    We also just came off RTR block where B got a whole half walker. How many times does it have to be said that Planeswalkers will be the colors that the story needs them to be and not what ________ (Standard, Modern, Legacy,missing walker colors -pick one) needs them to be.
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    posted a message on Fat packs need to contain card sleeves
    I buy them for the boxes (for junk cards), the player guide, and the dice (I don't know why I have so many but I like them). I don't mind paying $4 for those things. I've also been giving the art to my girlfriend for the walls of her room.

    Just like all the other stuff that Wizards puts out there, if you don't like it then don't buy it.
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    posted a message on Super trample! How was it to play with?
    One of my most devistating wins back at our old card shop came from playing Thorn Elemental. It was an 8 player game so I played my slower RG elemental deck and with Forgotten Ancient I was able to pump my thorn up to a 20/20 and just started swinging at people. So yeah I would have to agree with most of the posters here already it's a fun mechanic to play but not to play against so it's numbers should be kept low.

    @Ophidian Eye there is already a "grizzly bear" supertrample --> Lone Wolf.
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    posted a message on Why are certain creatures pigeon-holed to a certain color?
    I'd like to focus mainly on one of your points and that's about blue zombies.

    You say that since we got them on Innistrad it should be easy for us to get them in blue going forward. But you have to ask yourself "why we got blue zombies'. You touched on it already that on Innistrad we got flesh stitching mad scientists who were creating the zombies and not the traditional necromantic zombies. What would the reaction be if for Innistrad and the next 3 blocks after that we got blue zombies created by "stitchers" and then for no reason then Wizards can we got 3 blocks of demonic red zombies? Tribal decks would become VERY hard to make and would all end up turning into 5 color monsters more then some of them already are for one.

    If we are doing things like blue zombies then why not ...

    It was touched on by Dr Worm but "checklist" design is a bad way of doing things. It can feel super forced to do things just for the sake of doing them and saying nothing of world building and the strength of each color and what it can do. If each color got giant beasts and flight blocking spiders then what would make green special? If each color got cheap soldiers and group buffs then why would anyone play white? If every color got counterspells then why play blue? I know there are corner cases of each of these (Illusory Angel) but single cards aren't going to do any harm since there is no real way to make a "blue angel deck" with one card.
    Divisions need to exist between the colors to give each of them strengths and weaknesses. If dragons could just be printed at any color and would be the big flying creature for each color then there would be no reason to print a sphinx, demon, or angel. If goblins could be printed at any color then why would you print any other race at the 1-3 power range? They can just be goblins and we can all be playing decks of goblins, beasts, and dragons and no other races.
    There is a real dark side to checklist design and I hope now that you will start to see that.
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    posted a message on robot alter art
    If you're looking for famous robots this should get you started.

    I'd still really like to know who's over Calculon's right shoulder.
    I know I've seen that white and blue guy before but I can't remember where.
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    posted a message on 2013 Holiday Promo: Stocking Tiger
    Maybe this card would be a good way to use those half price packs from Walgreens. Or, since it never says exactly what kind of booster there are always things like Guild Boosters, Faction Boosters (SOM block), or the 9 card packs that are always $2. Come on people this is an Un card at heart and as I learned from Ender Wiggin - "If they're going to cheat then so will we".
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    posted a message on Your Very First Deck?
    Started playing right at the tail end of Onslaught. Got some advice at the shop to start playing R so I though together mono R Burn with cards like Raging Goblin, Shock, and what ever else I had around. I even won my first game.
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    posted a message on Only missing colors for planeswalkers
    Yes you are right that we are only missing GW and GU.

    However we will get them when we get them.

    Planeswalker colors are determined by their personal motivations and stories. A lot of people think that Ajani will be our GW walker when he returns but that might not be right and if it isn't it could be quite some time before we get those colors.
    As for GU we also have Kiora that hasn't seen print yet but there is no guarantee that she will since she was created for Duals of the Planeswalkers and not for the card game.

    The longer Magic goes as a game the higher the chances that we will see those last two color combos and even the 3 color and 5 color walkers go up but my personal advice is not to hold your breath.
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    posted a message on 2013 "Happy Holidays" Card Speculation
    Cookie Cutter 3
    t Put a 1/1 colorless cookie creature onto the battlefield.

    Maybe, but really we need to start thinking up holiday puns like Season's Beatings and maybe some card ideas will come from that.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] What block mechanic would you like to see in a Commander set?
    This thread got me thinking so I went back to Mirrodin and started working forward. I know not all of these would work in Commander but lets just say Commander and other special sets like Planechase (which is where we got the new Ninjutsu stuff btw)

    Affinity - I like others would like to see more Affinity for other things like lands, creatures, enchantments whatever.
    Modular - Lot of gaps that could be filled.
    Sunburst - With the high amount of muticolor in Commander this would be a very easy fit.
    Bushido - I just want to see more samurai, maybe some muticolored ones.
    Radiance - Again with the level of muticolor in a lot of games things could get very interesting and could cause some very hard choices if your colors overlap with your opponent.
    Changeling - can fill gaps in any tribal deck.
    Champion - Much like affinity this could be much more flexible.
    Persist - Could get broken but in a deck with say Devour could do a lot.
    Wither - Feels like much more could be done with it.
    Exalted - Chance may have passed for now but could see it.
    Devour - I know it was in a Planechase deck but more could be done.
    Totem Armor - Could help push auras to have more of these but again it was used in Planechase so it could be done for now.
    Rebound - A lot of fun to play and can cause a big target in a large game.
    Level Up - More could be done, no multicolored made so far.
    Battle Cry -Very nice for aggressive decks and would give it a chance in other colors/muticolor.
    Undying - Graveyard trigger deck anyone?
    Soulbound - Not a lot made in one set and none for black or muticolor.

    Any further seemed a little to soon for a return and I really just didn't want to go any further back. I would be happy with any of these returning because Wizards has shown it can make really cool return cards like Silent-Blade Oni and it gives us a chance to go back to planes without a full set revisit. It also gives these mechanics new toys to play with without any worry about Standard.
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    posted a message on [JOU] Journey into Nyx Official Announcement
    I can't help thinking that these low info announcements are only frustrating for us because we already know a lot about these sets much farther out because of watching copy rites and things like that. These are informative to people who only watch the Mothership.

    I also think all of this talk of expansion symbols gets even funnier when you look at the symbols on past custom cards right here on MTGS. How many cards have you seen with just a circle or square? Design is hard when what you're doing has to be shrunk down to just over 2/8ths of an inch.
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    posted a message on Next commander product featuring 4 color generals
    Quote from Thonan
    Honestly, they should have just made legendary Nephilim in Return to Ravnica, but there are only so many things you can revisit in the block and Nephilim were probably pretty low on the list.

    I think we will see wedge decks again next year or a combination of wedge and shard decks (with the unused combinations coming up the following year). I don't think we'll see something like Commander's Arsenal again because the only reason they did that was because they wanted to make something for Commander, but the decision was made too late to create a new set of cards/decks.

    Maybe I should rephrase a bit.
    When I said a Commander's Arsenal I was saying "a box of a small number of rares that will benefit players who enjoy Commander". Maybe this time around it's ~30 cards a few new but mostly reprints of fun to play stuff in Commander. 18 Uncommons 8 Rares and 4 Mythics. Set content list.

    Where a toolkit would be lots of commons/ uncommons and say 4 rares which have a chance of being mythic. Random chance at cards.
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    posted a message on Tempting offer in Archenemy
    Quote from Lithl
    The question wasn't "what's in C13 that's nice in Archenemy?" The question was "what's nice in Archenemy?"

    Yes thank you. If not for C13 would have probably never even heard of Crawlspace so I'm looking for cards like that. Cards that get use in your play group that are not in mine because they haven't found decks.

    I'm also asking if, with enough accidental support could the format be revived or is it just to hard to balance?

    I'm also asking because we are thinking of arranging a PlanechaseTheArchenemy'sCommander game.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Xenagos rises to godhood
    Quote from Rinin
    Venser and Karn?

    If you're going to do that then you forgot Nicol Bolas.

    I specifically said "Since the introduction of the Planeswalker card type". I'm aware that we have characters that are both card types but since creating the card type no character has crossed that line and thus we have not been able to have in play two versions of the same planeswalker character.

    If Xenegos is printed as a god card then he will be the first planeswalker to cross that line and much of the careful work that went into giving planeswalkers unique types will be undone. I'm not saying that they won't do it, I'll just be surprised if they do.
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    posted a message on Next commander product featuring 4 color generals
    It occurs to me that all we were promised was a Commander Product each year. We were never told we would get Commander decks each year. Remember that last year's product was the Commander's Arsenal.

    With that in mind, things that could happen next year are....

    5 more decks: Seems like kind of the easy way but could also overwhelm players and use up design space quickly.
    Arsenal 2: If printed at levels seen with the decks this could be HUGE and would leave players much happier then they were after the first one.
    Commander Masters: A small set of Commander focused cards much like Modern Masters but I would hope again printed at higher volumes so casual players can get a crack at it.
    Commander Toolkit: Something like the current toolkits that could jump start new players but that could have good new and old cards in it so experienced people could still get something out of it.
    Something Else: They do have some clever people working there.

    One of the best parts about any of the non deck ideas is that 4 color legends could be included and it would be up to the player to create the deck so it's not Wizard's fault if it all just feels like 5 color.
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    posted a message on "I'll buy the new commander decks at Walmart/Target"--How's that working out for you?
    My Target was a similar story, I work just across the street and the Walmart here seems to just hire idiots. I didn't see them on the shelf but when one of the employees saw me looking kind of bummed she asked what I was looking for and I told her. She dug one of each out of the vender area (the vendor was on vacation).
    The closest LGS is also 30min away and I didn't want to drive that to go home empty handed.

    edit: Never mind I checked my recite and they were $29.99 I was seeing the sales tax as each was rung up.
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    posted a message on Tempting offer in Archenemy
    I don't know why but I've always thought the idea of Archenemy was a fun one and since picking up one of the decks I've been keeping my eyes out for fun cards that would help when we play archenemy games.

    Cards like Death by Dragons have always said to me "Target the archenemy and help all your allies". Now I see cards like Tempt with Glory and I think they would be really good in the Archenemy's deck. Yeah you could pump up your own creatures but if all three of you do that then the archenemy's creatures are going to get big.

    I guess I'm just asking, does anyone else think that Tempting offer and things like it could give a bit of new life to the Archenemy format? and does anyone else have any fun gems that were printed for other formats but would also be good in Archenemy? Cards that either punish one player and help the rest or cards that help one and punish the rest.
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    posted a message on Toxic deluge missing
    Just opened my other three and none of the cards are missing. I found my self joking to myself as I was making lunch that it would be funny if one of my basic lands was missing and when I counted the lands in my RGW deck I came up one short, turns out two of the forests were stuck together and I had a good laugh.

    Only other thing was that a few of the creature cards were flipped around in my UBR but that's it.
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    posted a message on Save or Open and Play
    I was asked the same question at Target when I got mine and I told the clerk that although some do the resale thing I was just there to get the decks for my own use and to have fun. It was not a money making thing for me.
    They were $32.99 at Target so now I'm really hoping that this isn't the first signs of the big box stores also getting into the business of jacking up the price on the first batch.
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    posted a message on Toxic deluge missing
    Just checked Bant and Esper and neither are missing any cards.

    Are you sure it isn't stuck to another card? Mine is right below Survival Cache.

    The only issue I've seen so far is that the lids to the deck boxes are in kind of rough shape for something I've just opened. Bant is really bowed out along the long sides and Esper has tears along where it was folded on the inside.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Xenagos rises to godhood
    Quote from Neuroticneurok
    Who's to say he won't try to take over another God's domain? I'm sure there was a R/G god before he showed up. Anyway, does this mean that Xenagos will get both a Planeswalker card AND a God card for himself?

    I would be very surprised if we got a Xenagos creature card since it would be the first time a character was printed as a creature and a planeswalker since the planeswalker card type was introduced.

    I'm expecting something more like why we got Melek, Izzet Paragon in Dragon's Maze. Ral Zarek was originally the Izzet maze runner but Melek was added so UR wouldn't get shorted a legend.
    A RG God is coming but I would expect a second walker card for Xenagos before a creature card.
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    posted a message on Please stop shuffling opponent's deck if you don't know how
    I've never had a problem with damaging my own cards while doing a riffle shuffle but for a very good reason.

    Cut the deck in two then hold the cards so the bottom edge of the cards is facing you. Using your thumb against the long side of the card just kind of let the cards drop down below your thumbs. It takes very little pressure to keep the cards above the thumb and very little pressure to push the two stacks together.

    To those of you who just don't care about damaging the cards of others and use it to put your opponent "on tilt". Be aware that you are one of the biggest reasons I don't go to events with any kind of prize. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person, or even better into the shoes of a parent who's child is the victim of such behavior. I'm sure a few of you would "beat down" anyone who did that to your kid but see no problem doing it to other players. If you don't see a problem with that then I don't know what else to say.
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    posted a message on Weapons for the other Gods?
    I'm at this point doubtful that we will see 15 Weapons but it's not like we will see 8 or 10 or anything like that. If we see another weapon coming from one of the minor gods then we can guess that we will in fact be getting 15. Just because they are holding weapons does not mean we will see"weapon" cards. For Xenegos his staff is a large part of his look much like Garruk's axe.

    The reason I frankly don't want to see 10 more weapons is because it takes a lot of the surprise out of the next two sets. I'd rather see "weapon" cards that are equipments or something like that. It still confuses me from time to time that the first 5 were not.
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    posted a message on future themes/tropes
    Quote from Beerblebrox
    I don't think I'd like a set that was too sci-fi (like the examples in the link). It would feel like it wasn't Magic anymore, you know? It would need to have a more celestial bent, I think. Think "creatures of the cosmos" over "laser guns and spaceships."

    Yeah I get what you're saying it's just fun to dig up old mothership articles now and then.

    However I don't think we will see such a theme anytime soon since
    the Theros enchantment creatures are very "celestial" and the Eldrazi are also very "other worldly".
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    posted a message on future themes/tropes
    An Egypt theme is coming as it is on Maro's short list of themes he wants to see. I for one am really looking forward to it as I have been wanting to make a Sphinx EDH deck since I first played the format. I'm also a fan of Egyptian Mythology so take that for what it is.

    Magic in Space
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    posted a message on Theros is problematic flavorwise
    Quote from TehGrease
    This post made me realize something.

    I hardly ever notice the skin color of a humanoid character in MtG. I don't know if I super tolerant, or super oblivious. Maybe I'm drawn more to the style of the art, or even ignore the art completely, and just look at the text box.

    For example; somehow I never noticed that Phalanx Leader has black skin. It's like 90% of the art, but I just never noticed it. The only card I remember consciously thinking "that's a black guy" is Arena Athlete. That's because when the art came out (before the card was spoiled), somebody told me that he could be a Boros planeswalker. I then said "that's cool, the first black planeswalker", and they kindly reminded me that Koth is black. So in an odd twist, I noticed one card depicted a black person, and forgot about another one.

    I don't know if this is good, bad, or normal, but I'm happy that I'm not consciously focusing on the race/skin color of imaginary figures.

    You are not alone sir.
    I had a full on "HOLY CRAP" moment when I clicked on Phalanx Leader in this thread. I guess I've just come to expect some darker skinned people in sets so I don't even notice them anymore.

    To the OP.
    I think I see at least part of the problem but I have some info for you
    Does not equal
    Theros is based on Greek Myth not the country of Greece so the whole idea that the racial mix of Greece should be shown in Theros is mute. If we do accept your premise that Theros is based on and inspired by Greece then there is still exactly that. Greek Myth is only the insperation for Theros and parts had to be mixed up and rewritten to work as a magic set.

    Take Kamigawa for example the Kitsune are mono white in the set but if you dive into the actual myths about them they are chaotic tricksters who create fire, sounds a lot more like a red group to me.
    Or the Oni from the same block. The word "Oni" means something far closer to Ogre then Demon but to make them work as a Magic race they were printed as demons.
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    posted a message on what do you do with 59 sleaves?
    I have ended up with a lot of odd sleaves over the years because of picking up singles so I just use them for tokens or PW emblems. You can also use them for sleaving your commander so it's easier to spot them when you first grab your deck.

    I'm also in the process of switching all my decks over to Ultra Pro matte black sleaves so it's not a problem if one gets damaged. We also have a very small play group and it's not hard to learn which decks are in which sleaves so soon they will all be the same.
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    posted a message on Obscure question about possible future sets?
    So Rome might be used in a later set.

    I would think they would want to separate the two blocks as the themes are similar however different the two cultures are. I did a little digging and we are in year 3 of a 7 year plan so the earliest we would see Rome as a theme would be 2018.

    We also have to remember that we have had leaks of themes like Egypt that we are FAR more likely to see before seeing anything like Rome. We also have not had a "normal" Magic set for some time so I would see that coming a lot sooner.
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    posted a message on [[COMM]] Curse of Chaos
    Quote from Dontrike
    I like that they made another curse card in here. I am hoping we get a trap card or some old creature types, like kavu, that we don't normally see.

    I was really hoping to get this thought going in here.

    We are seeing NEW curse cards.
    This means that Wizards has not forgotten about the old types and sub types and we could be seeing new cards for some of the groups that really didn't get enough in their respective sets.

    Off the top of my head Changelings and Scarecrows would both benefit from a few more cards.
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    posted a message on Things at work that remind you of Magic
    I have a supervisor who walks around like a Howling Banshee.

    Seriously the guy will find anything to yell about and will focus on the 2% you did wrong not the 98% done right. Now I know there are places where any mistake can cost millions but he's the dairy supervisor at a grocery store. I've been told by people above him in rank to just ignore him and keep working but I work the frozen foods section and have to see the guy a lot.

    I'll probably start looking now that this thread is here.
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    posted a message on Monstrosity "Reminder ?"
    I would say use something like a quarter or I have round monster tokens from my days of playing Mage Knight. One side means Monsterous the other means Was Monsterous. Or you could use something a little more 3D like a D4 on each of them that is monsterous.
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    posted a message on Sorting non-basic lands
    Quote from Soaprman
    Remember to only use as much sorting as you're willing to maintain. If you build and dismantle decks frequently, having a complex sorting scheme becomes very tiresome.

    This is probably some of the best advice I've seen in a long time. A lot of why I'm looking to revamp a bit is because of what it takes to take a deck apart and put a new one together. I also play a lot of EDH so that means looking though non-basics a lot and that's why I'm not going to alphabetize anything let alone lands.

    * Group ability lands with the color(s) required to activate their abilities. Most people won't ever have a reason to look for colorless lands specifically, and would only use these over basics if they can activate the color-specific ability. Nephalia Drownyard goes in the same pile as Watery Grave.
    This is something I've debated doing in the past and I might try it.

    Quote from Soaprman
    Truth be told, if there's a part of my post I'm iffy about, it's that one. I figured I'm more likely to be looking for splash assistance with a deck centered on one color than to be looking for five-color lands. Though maybe pairing them with Reflecting Pool in the sort order might be the best thing to do!

    Honestly when it comes to things like Vivids, Reflecting Pool, and Mirrodin's Core I've looked at them as cards that have potential to create 5 colors so I put them with the 5 color lands so I know where they are.

    No there are no 4 color lands, I've looked because I've wondered the same thing.
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    posted a message on Sorting non-basic lands
    But alphabetical leaves me with the same problem of having to go though everything to make decks.

    Say I'm building a BW deck. Sorted by color I would only have to go though 2/5 of the 1 color lands, 1/10 of the two color, skip the 3 and 5, and then go though the ability lands.
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    posted a message on Sorting non-basic lands
    I'm running into a problem sorting my non-basic lands. I'm not sure how to go about it anymore. Right now they are like this

    Ability lands (swarmyard)
    5 Color
    3 color - by cycle
    2 color - by cycle
    1 color - by cycle

    This works really well when I'm filling in missing cards with singles but it makes it really hard to make decks so I'm thinking of switching to

    Ability lands
    5 color

    and I'm just wondering what the rest of you think of that or if you have any better ideas?

    Also before ideas get too grand my lands only take up a little more then 2/3 of a holiday gift box so going though all of them doesn't take that long if I ever have to.
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    posted a message on The Practicality of Intro Decks
    In reading a lot of threads like this I see a lot of the same complaints that boil down to- "Why doesn't this product help me add 4 foil Tarmogoyf's to my collection?"

    Simple - It's not for you.

    More complicated is this feeling from long time players that they sould be able to rip apart any MTG product and help their Cube/Legacy deck/Vintage deck. I was amazed at the number of users here that were upset that Command Tower wouldn't help Vintage with another 5 color land. The point of that land was to help Commander, not other formats. Wizards didn't want to see those decks getting bought by experienced players just for the one land. They wanted casual players to buy them.

    I've been playing since 8th and I still buy the intro decks here and there mostly because of the front rare being something I want and haven't been able to pull from packs but also because they can give you a fun deck to play. My girlfriend started playing Magic about a year ago and she's really not that good yet. I'll play her with the intro decks because they handicap me and give her more of a chance to win. It's the same reason I buy the Duel decks for the most part. Fun rares and decks of about the same power level.

    So if you don't like them don't buy them. Plenty of other people will.
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    posted a message on God Lineup
    Quote from Tackman
    Well, Ral Zarek was the maze runner, but they changed it to Melek later in design so that the Izzet EDH players wouldn't feel left out. This is especially noticeable when you read the DGM novel... Rolleyes

    And having 10 minor gods is only for gameplay reasons. There's nothing that says the world of Theros needs 10 of them, there could very well have been only 9 for all that time before Xenagos.

    I should rephrase somewhat.
    It feels like when people said we would not get an UR Legend card in DRM because we were getting Ral. The storyline can be whatever it wants to be and if the RG god card that we get isn't talked about at all and Xenegos is talked about instead well then that's just another example of the story and the cards not always lining up.

    Remember that as far as the storyline is concerned Tezzeret is part artifact but his card is not.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Journey into Nyx a 100% Enchantment set?
    Simple answer is no.

    We have had All X sets in the past and parts of them really flopped. A bit of the hard parts of that were explored by GuildCaster. Why force a card to be an enchantment with flash that can be sacrificed for an effect when you can just make it an instant.

    When you have the time I suggest watching this entire video
    But for this thread I would start at the 35:00 mark when he's talking about Conflux and Alara Reborn. One of the things he keeps saying is "No more icecream for dinner" style sets. No more forcing a theme for the sake of a theme. An all enchantment set is exactly that so the chances of it are so low that this thread just can't go anywhere good.
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    posted a message on God Lineup
    I can't help feeling like the Xenagos will be the RG God argument sounds a lot like the argument that Ral Zarek was going to be the Izzet maze runner.

    The pantheon of gods existed well before any of the events of this block so I really don't see why we can't get a card for which ever god Xenegos would likely replace and see his godhood told in other cards.

    We also have to keep in mind the "planeswalker uniqueness rule" and that since walkers have started no new walker has become a creature and no other types have been printed on the planeswalker type line. I could be wrong and this could finally be the time that wizards breaks that flavor rule and we get both a PW and a creature card of Xenegos but I would say it's unlikely.
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    posted a message on Stories: What is the highest life total you have achieved?
    I can't remember what kind of life total I was getting up to (300+) but I was playing Mono G in the later parts of Mirrodin block and I had an Ageless Entity equipped with 2 Loxodon Warhammers. Since it was the old wording I gained 2 life for each 1 damage dealt. I swung with a 102/96 entity and before I could do the math the rest of the table scooped.
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    posted a message on An argument for Purple Mana in Theros
    Welcome to the Name and Number Crunch
    IF some other color were to show up we would have a giant gap where such a color would be placed. Since we don't I would say this theory is even more done then it was when it started.
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    posted a message on You May Spend Mana as Though it Were Mana of Any Colour
    I would guess that it could also be a nod to Commander players.Daxos would be rather worthless as a commander if cards he exiles couldn't be played because you can only generate W and U mana.

    Sure we could see more (like 3 more) but we won't see a lot of them since people might start to get a little tired of muticolor and mechanics that support it.
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    posted a message on Remaining "unbreakable" design rules
    Quote from Yoshimitsu
    Zones are pretty untouched in general. Like what would a game of magic be like if there was no stack? "All spells have split second"

    Warp World.
    For the rest of the game, there are two battlefields. When you cast this spell, each player may move any permanent from the first battlefield to the second battlefield. Then, when a card would enter the battlefield, the player decides which battlefield is entered.

    Doubtful, as it would requre MUCH more table space, make games more complicated, and would actually reduce card interaction.

    If a card would enter the graveyard from the battlefield, instead that card remains on the battlefield.
    If a card would enter the graveyard from a player's hand, instead that card remains in that players hand.
    Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

    Material Abundance
    2G Sorcery
    Exile all lands from your library. For the rest of the game, whenever you would draw a card, instead you may return a land exiled this way to your hand.
    NO!, it is hard enough to get players to stop putting 10 land in their 90 card decks (yes I have seen that).
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    posted a message on Changes you would make to set/pack makeup?
    Quote from Token_Hunter
    There are only two changes I'd make to the pack structure:
    1. No more tip cards. At the very least limit them only to the backs of tokens.
    2. Foil tokens

    I've been saying this for a long time.
    Tip cards are wasted paper, but as bad as they are "add cards" are even worse. They are nothing more then "Play FNM!" or "Check out these sleaves" or something like that. If something like that is going to remain in the packs then put them on the back of a token so I don't have a stack of 150+ cards that will never serve any game purpose and can't even be recycled.

    The real fun side effect of that is that with that change there will be a token card in EVERY pack. So the rare tokens like PW emblems or Tuk Tuk the Returned won't be so impossible to find.
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    posted a message on [[M14]] Return of Slivers
    Quote from Somadelnocha
    I'm more or less hoping Slivers is a Modern Masters thing more than an M14 thing.


    I would also love that as Slivers really need to just go away from Standard products but this is how it was announced on Facebook.
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    posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Future Gates?
    I will go ahead and just be "that guy" at this point.

    IF new Gates are going to be printed what would they actually add to the game?

    Let's say M14 has a new Enchantment - Shrine in it. That's great for the players who were around during Kamigawa and have the other 5 shrines but for new players it does nothing unless there is other support for the card.

    You could also look at it this way, using the Gate of Hell from earlier.

    Gate of Hell
    Land -Gate
    T B
    T Target creature gets -3/-3


    Arch of Shadows
    T B
    T Target creature gets -3/-3

    Which land would be better suited for an environment that is completely removed from the Ravnica gates?

    We could always see more gates, shrines, or Allies in a special product like we got more ninja in the Night of the Ninja Planechase deck but I would say that the chances are very low outside of something like that.
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    posted a message on why nacatl war pride wasn't reprinted in alara?
    While not the best answer ...

    Quote from Doug Beyer »
    Naya definitely has some Mesoamerican influences, which has the jaguar-warriors depicted in Future Sight's Nacatl War-Pride partly to thank. It didn't work out to actually reprint Nacatl War-Pride in Shards of Alara block, as its mana cost was pretty weird in three-color gold world. But we liked the vibe enough to carry it through in some of the art and naming of Naya cards. Aside from the Nacatl and Matca Rioters, you can also see this influence in cards like:

    As people have already pointed out. Very few cards were reprinted in the blocks that they were hinting at. Sarcomite Myr is one of the most classic examples of this. It was printed to hint at the idea of a return to Mirrodin and the premier of colored artifacts (This of course requiring you to ignore the flavor text). It was only after the card was printed that the decision to place colored artifacts in Esper was made and Mirrodin had to come up with Phymana as it's new contribution to the game.
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    posted a message on Prediction: DGM will ally guilds into five pairs of two
    Quote from bokchoy
    Based on the Split Cards:


    You might notice that each pairing is a RTR Guild & GTC guild.

    It makes the most sense because the booster draft order is DGM, GTC, RTR. The format encourages you to choose one of the five "alliances". You draft that "alliance" in DGM, then one of the guilds in GTC and then the other guild in RTR.

    I fully expect to see some future spoilers further solidifying this two-guild pairing.

    Hate to break it to you but look at your colors again.
    GWU Arc
    GBR Arc
    RBU Arc
    WBG Wedge
    URW Wedge

    While it makes some sense mechanically I really have a hard time believing that the Rakdos and Dimir would be able to work together for very long and Selesnya and Orzhov hits me wrong as well ( I think there was some mention of controlling the world spirit or something but I still have issue with it.).

    It's also kind of a random way to pair the colors and not really fair to either Arcs or Wedges. While I'm sure we will see colors overlap on a few cards I don't think we will see any kind of major theme.
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    posted a message on A Moment with Vorel
    Of course they print cards for other formats, but they tend not to include clauses that will be entirely irrelevant for standard players. I wouldn't be shocked if we saw some interesting artifacts or lands with counters in the near future.

    Let me rephrase.

    I'm sure the "creature" part was specifically for evolve and other Simic interaction. He is however also a Legendary Creature so people are bound to build around him in Commander. The "artifact" and "land" parts of that ability could have been created with that in mind.

    He also strikes me as a fixed version of Gilder Bairn, further supported by the mention that Vorel does not help Planeswalkers which the Bairn does. So they could have taken away the parts that really make the Bairn dangerous and ended up with "creatures, artifacts, and land.
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    posted a message on A Moment with Vorel
    Or .... and I'm just throwing this out there.

    Wizards cares about cards that aren't just in Standard.
    Let that sink in for a moment.
    Looking at Modern for example we have
    Calciform Pools (or any storage land)
    Dark Depths works against it
    Faerie Conclave doubles counters on man-lands without having to animate them.
    Gemstone Mine sticks around longer
    Llanowar Reborn
    Mirrodin's Core
    Tendo Ice Bridge
    Vivid Crag

    and this is just in Modern without Standard.
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    posted a message on [New Info] Theros [THS]
    Quote from coolgriff14
    Dunno if this was mentioned before (not gonna read 24 pages of posts) but maybe this is vraskas home plane? She is a gorgon and those are part of greek mythology. (assuming this is greek mythology themed.)

    Next time try a quick check of the Wiki
    She's from Ravnica this is known.
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