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  • posted a message on FULL art tokens.
    Wow, those are awesome. So many people who are not even interested in Unstable are going to buy packs just for the lands and tokens. Brilliant marketing on WOTC's part on a set that may see otherwise questionable sales.
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  • posted a message on Legendary Previews
    Quote from foam_dome »
    Quote from Mr_Lord_Mr »
    Sadly I assume Mary can't use her abililty from your hand?
    Quote from scottjhebert »
    Can Mary O'Kill's ability work from your hand?

    Did no one read the article? Specifically the line in bold that reads:

    Mary O'Kill's ability can be activated when she is in your hand. She can bounce herself into your hand or out of it.

    Forget the article... did no one read the CARD? It says right there on it "in your hand".
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  • posted a message on Has Wal-Mart dropped the price of Ixalan packs?
    I had this happen at mine too. They also had a Eldritch Moon fat pack for 31.98 for some reason.
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  • posted a message on Upcoming Planeswalker Redirection Rule Change
    I don't understand this. I'm probably missing something.

    If they're going to get rid of the PW redirection rule, why don't they just get rid of it? Why do they need to errata anything?

    Or are they getting rid of the rule and wanting to errata every card that could previously redirect damage to a PW, so that it can still damage a PW? If so, why not just keep the rule since it's the same end result?

    Can someone explain this better?
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