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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Tbh id rather not have this game revolve around my flip, Im kinda afraid of the nonsensical battles that are gonna come from my flip... but since I have yet to be mislynched, I wonder if some magical force will save me at L-2 again, if it happens again haha...

    If scum were on my train day 1, I doubt that they were the first to move off, and that some probably were still there... hmm, probably should go look at that again...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Wait a minute... why would Shin every ally with LW? He was on LW's L-1 wagon with t minus 4 hours left. Can some one please look into this. I'm mobile only
    tbh he put me to L-2 with the sole purpose of finding out my role... and hes reason for allying me is that he is a good person... lol
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    and I broke all my tags... all the broken bold statements are what Phoenix said... and my answers are under them, times like this is when I wish I could edit lol. I want to answer another post but Ill wait till someone posts inbetween me so I dont triple post...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    [b]No, it's passive. I don't have any way to use BP.[/b]
    again that doesnt correlate with anything we've learned so far, it makes no sense for you to have absolutely no costs...
    [b]Actually, I kind of want a masslcaim toDay.[/b]
    I'd rather not have anymore role claims, please and thank you... what even is the benefit other than just cause?
    [b]I really don't like this post. Have you paid attention to whether anyone has changed their mind in this grouping? FYI, I did; Last is not my preferred lynch target, why is he yours? Has anything he's done made you second guess?[/b]
    I mean what has made you second guess, and as we can see up ahead, it wasnt enough to prevent you from omgus voteing me...
    [b]You don't think scum would even think about killing me? Really? And you're completely missing the point of how to use claims and behavior; a scummy player with a "must kill" claim should not be lynched because it wastes a lynch when you can conceivably count on them to be sorted out, it doesn't go the other way just because you don't like someone's role.[/b]
    Why are you wining urself and speculating on the NK? Whoever dies, dies, and it makes you look bad. Your defended urself with terrible reasonings here, who defines what is a "must kill?" Its not a waste of a lynch if you flip scum, and I guess to be fair, you havent done anything scummy except being caught visiting D.V, and having a claim, that scares town away from lynching you...
    [b]Your progression just makes no sense to me. I've not even been here, you haven't even tried to interact with me.

    I can't help get the feeling that this is sinister in motivation; your conviction towards me feels generated and calculated, and it lines up with waiting to see if I'm mislynchable, and when other people expressed suspicion of me, you knew that pushing me was safe.

    What caused you to escalate so quickly?[/b]
    "What caused you to escalate so quickly," ironic when you look at the progression of this post lol... and why exactly does it feel generated and calculated, if it is as you say, then dont be so ambigious and explain your reasoning... and how are you mislynchable, because your role is too good? Wish my role gave me a free pass...
    [b]And I'm back to thinking Last is scum. He's preemptively deflecting blame for when I flip, he's apologizing to me; he knows I'm town here.
    Unvote, Vote Last Whisper[/b]
    How am I deflecting blame? I apologized because I was one of your biggest supporters, and after coming to my realization and seeing everyone elses posts, I realized you had a higher chance than I originally thought of you being scum... it didnt happen in a split second, like your two omgus votes... and if I knew you were town I woulding be voting you because I am town also, like what...
    [/b]Yeah, I think taking away BP is part of last's role. What is the point of this list except to shade people, but he prefaces with not wanting to point fingers.[/b]No its not, and explain to me why I wouldnt have just stated it when I claimed? and I wasnt pointing fingers, I just listed everyone that didnt claim yet, and once my lynch goes off, and if it does, you'll see that I wasnt lying and that other role does exist... whether its scum or not, I cant tell you...
    [b]Happy to lynch Last or Terry
    Don't really think anyone else is as clearly scum.[/b]
    Lol, 11/10 progression right here boys...

    again I am totally ok with my lynch just like I was day 1, except I'd be a little more bitter... 2 days left, and I dont recommend another CFD, so if my lynch is the most unanimous then I wont fight it lol... You and Osie seem to hide omgus votes by adding on details that literally mean nothing, honestly at least you added something new, unlike Osie who has just been scum reading me since day 1...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    @phoenix lol?
    Two omgus votes in one post?

    Again I listed people they could be that role, didn't ask for them to out, it's just that they haven't claimed yet... And no I haven't lied about anything, I can only give BP and I am at 6bp...

    Also ur ability costing literally nothing is literally against everything we know so far...

    Ok and when I flip town, does that mean Osie can still be scummy lol? Why does my flip even have anything to do with him???
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Quote from Kabazame »
    @Joe Terry
    If Azrael is lying and the real doctor dies tonight after lynching Phoenix, we'll never know. This would be a free lynch with role flips but without we have nothing to go on. Scum benefits from this obviously.
    Furthermore, if scum has a rolecop they pretty much get infinite use Janitor which is insanely powerful.

    If Phoenix is telling the truth, his role is very beneficial to town, not only in providing information but also preventing scum from using the confusion to their benefit. Thus there's no reason to lynch him now when the rest of the scum team is still at large anyway.

    This leads me to two theories:
    Phoenix is town and JoeTerry is trying to kill him to make the game no flip, under the guise of his role being beneficial to scum. Terry knows this is not the case, but he's playing dumb so he doesn't get crucified after Phoenix flips

    Phoenix is scum and JoeTerry is trying to make it not look suspicious when he isn't Night Killed, or he's trying to bus him to get town cred. Whether the lynch goes through or not it's a win-win

    either way I think Terry is scum because he's pushing the Phoenix lynch too hard today when it's not the right play yet, and because this thing about the role being more beneficial to scum than town is pure rubbish. I don't think this is just him being wrong either, he's

    Also he betrayed me Frown
    Vote TheRealStinkyJoeTerry

    I have more to say on him but I don't have time right now. Expect a big post later tonight!
    1. what???
    2. he betrayed u because u looked like lurking scum...
    3. what???
    4. I probably wont yield to anything but a phoenix or Osie lynch at this point, does that make me scum too?
    5. Wait terry is scum in both your scenarios? lmao...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Go right ahead
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    1 Probably a loaded question, but do you think there is a world where me, dawn, and shin are all town?
    2. Why am I a town read from you now?
    3. What do you think of Osie's push on me...
    4. Do you still want Az to die today?
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    What do you want to talk about? I am all ears right now...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    @last manipulation why do u fall for it so easily?
    idk what you mean, just cause you see me agree on paper, doesnt mean I actually agree overall...

    I agree with terry here, I honestly if i cant gunrantee phoenix will be roleblocked I would like to see him lynched.
    Phoenix already stated his ability cant be roleblocked, but Im starting to believe that the fact that he asked Bur is a lie, and that his whole role is a lie...

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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Quote from Iso »
    Here's another relevant post from an old game:

    Quote from Iso »
    Quote from Azrael »
    Quote from Iso »

    Based on this and your responses to Nacho and Chris, I...don't think you're actually reading the game any more. Slant

    I never stop reading and reconsidering. But at present, nobody is engaging me with reads that seem more attractive or well-thought out than what I'm working with already. Soon as that happens, I'll happily change my tune. As always.

    You're giving me the ultimatum of "conjure a long-winded post that will take several hours to complete or I will vote town until the end of the Day." No. I'm not playing this game that way. Explain why my reads are unconvincing to you and we'll dance but I'm not going to make this game a miserable slog for myself by putting forth the effort to hand-hold everyone else to the correct conclusion by being the singularity of effort, here. That is the easiest way to get me to check out of a game and I am not interested, because it will literally go the way of Stargate (except maybe minus the scum gambit to get me mislynched) and ZDS's Normal. I'll have solved the game and I won't want to engage with ANYONE at length after that because my effort meter will be fully expended after that. I refuse to inconvenience myself based upon your preconceived notions of how townIso should play based on how townIso HAS played, simply because those are the methods I've used before to the best results. And as Newcomb said before, that's just a blowout and no fun for anybody else.

    So, I'm not breaking this entire game down just to explain my worldview. If you want me to try to convince you, you need to attack the ideas I've expressed based on the evidence in this thread - not dismiss them on meta reads that have quite frankly never been effective in reading experienced players such as myself or Eco.

    Please feel free to engage me in discourse on my stated arguments. Smile Thanks!
    but were you scum tho? Lol
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Probably will be my last post for the night since I need to study for a bio exam tmr

    I am not point fingers I am just listing possible people that could have this role since its not part of my role whether you believe it or not...
    Possible BP Takers:
    tomsloger (Dont think it can be tom tho, but for semantics sake, I listed him)

    Ive only included the people that havent claimed yet...
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    and No, I can only give BP, stop using new information to fuel you scum read on me...
    you mean Tom? lol
    Well Tom didnt directly state it, and I think me and him have a good standing currently, Osie implied it, and is again trying to get people to still vote me using it..
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    ... somehow i know what ur gunna say lol, but it wasnt me... I can only give BP
    and the BP games were after ISO claimed... so actually does make more sense that the bp taker is town, I think?
    please explain to me how the Taker can be town? scum can equally know Iso is town and swiped his BP. this actually makes me think Iso is town now... unless he's lying.
    but why would scum swipe Iso's BP over all the other possible choices, are they that afraid of his vegeance???
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  • posted a message on Zero Escape Mafia - Day 2 - Unlucky Seven
    Quote from Iso »
    Quote from Kabazame »
    It's also weird that his ability passes by betrayal. Why would someone betray a first responder and take his job? Does that make sense with the flavor?

    Wait, what?


    As I stated coming into Day 2: Az and I Betrayed each other, so there was a net 0 there. I was also targeted with an ability that made me lose 1 BP, so my BP total is a -1 to my starting total.

    I really doubt the BP remover is a town role, which makes me think tom is scum again because how can you possibly even think that.
    Well I think he believes its a neutral role, maybe a balancer of sorts, and if my role had both, I feel like my role would be overloaded...
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