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  • posted a message on Jund
    For terminate there's also delve creatures (Gurmag and Tasigur), everything in natural Tron decks. My local meta has a lot of GDS and Eldrazi tron so I rely on my 3x terminates heavily.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from FlyingDelver »

    I personally am not a big fan of Brutality against Affinity. I really think you should have kept the 2 IOK in instead of CB, IOK can snatch Champions and Platings which can win you the game on the spot basically. Discard is ofc not the best against affinity, but we are siding out TS due to this. Some discard is ok to hit Champion as our primary target. Brutality has the problem that its clunky as hell and can definitely not kill anything major important here. Most of the times you cant kill an Arcbound, no Champion, no master, no manlands, only memnites, skirges and thopters and possibly Steel Overseers which they side out 1-2 copies since its bad against removal heavy decks in general. So Overall its a really bad trade for 2 mana and its a sorcery as well. Don't think the extra life is also that important.

    Definitely a good point, I sided brutality in for the reasoning of hitting the flyers, but you're right that it won't end up hitting a lot of the affinity field. Thanks for the input!
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Went 2-1 with Jund today. This is my second time playing the deck at an event and really liking it. Here's the list that I played:

    The list is inspired mainly by what Jadine Klomparens played at the SCG invi, with just a few changes. Hers I believe had 4/2 IoK/TS split in the main and 2 TS sideboard. I made mine 3/3 split in main and 1/1 sideboard, mainly just cause my local meta has a lot of Eldrazi tron and GDS. I also switched out the Kalitas and Olivia main for 2 rabblemasters in the main. Other than that I think it's card for card.

    Round 1: Fetchlands U/R Storm [1-0]
    Game 1 I didn't draw any removal but ended up drawing all 4 of my goyfs and 3 bobs, but no removal, so he was able to keep a Baral in play, while I had 2 goyfs and a bob in play, with 2 more goyfs and 1 more bob in my hand. I got him down to 8 life, but he was able to go off and win with two grapeshots when I was at 19 life.
    Sideboard Plan:
    Out: 1 LtLH, 3 Terminate, 4 Push, 1 KCommand
    In: 2 Brutality, 2 EE, 1 Cage, 2 Spellbomb, 1 IoK, 1 TS

    Game 2 went a bit long, I was struggling on lands in the beginning and couldn't put much pressure, but I got to use a spellbomb which was great in stopping Past in Flames. He was left with a manamorphose in hand with nothing else, but a pretty high storm count.. and he topdecks empty the warrens to make something like 14 goblins. I was still at 16 life so I was able to hold off a couple turns with a goyf and a rabblemaster. On my last draw step, I top deck a maelstrom pulse to get rid of the goblins and swing for lethal. Game 3 was quick. I was able to play a goyf and 2 rabblemasters in play, dealing 13 damage in one turn to quickly end the game. I also had an EE in hand in case of empty the warrens.

    Round 2: Burn [1-1]
    I lost both games 1 and 2 but both games I got him down to 4 life. Game 1 I had a good amount of spot removal to answer his eidolon, swiftspear, and goblin guide. I had a rabblemaster in play with lethal next turn but he top decks a skullcrack to end it.

    Out: 4 Bob, 3 TS, 1 Pulse
    In: 2 Brutality, 1 Kalitas, 1 KCommand, 1 IoK, 2 Fulm, 1 EE

    Game 2 I IoK'd turn 1 and saw a bunch of burn spells and rest in peace. Given that the only threat in my hand was goyf, I took the RiP. I remember using brutality on all three modes, discarding 2 terminates to get rid of a goblin guide, take out a lightning bolt, and gain 2 life, which was awesome. I eventually got to a 5/6 goyf with him at 16 life and me at 12 life. It came down to a race. He lava spiked 2 times, and had a lightning helix to have him recover from 6 life to 9 life while I'm at 3. I finally got him down to 4 life, but he again top decks a skullcrack to deal the last 3 damage.

    Round 3: Affinity [2-1]
    Rabblemaster main deck came in clutch for game 1. He hit me for 6 poison with an inkmoth and cranial. When he attacked next turn with the same thing, I was able to KCommand, getting rid of the cranial plating and 2 damage to get rid of the inkmoth. From there I was able to get out rabblemaster. My opponent played 2 more cranial platings, with blinkmoth at the ready, but thanks to a 4/5 goyf, rabble, and 3 goblin tokens, I was able to deal lethal when he was at 11 life.

    Out: 4 LoTV, 3 TS, 2 IoK
    In: 2 EE, 1 Kalitas, 1 Olivia, 1 KCommand, 2 Brutality, 2 Fulm

    Game 2 I had no removal, and with an etched champion, vault skirge, and master of etherium, I couldn't do much about it. Game 3 I would say I got bit lucky, as he ended up mulling to 4 and couldn't get anything going. I also had a KCommand in my starting hand so that stopped an arcbound ravager from putting too much pressure on me. His last card in hand was a blood moon but needed one more artifact for metalcraft on Mox Opal. I had a swamp in play so it wouldn't have been too bad.

    Overall thoughts: I like the 2 rabble in the main and will continue having this for now. I was missing the ancient grudges from my sideboard against Affinity but I liked having the extra discard in my other matchups, plus EE can sort of act as artifact removal.

    If anyone has thoughts on my sideboard plans, I'd love to hear it.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    To FlyingDelver, What was the reasoning for taking out the Huntmaster?
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  • posted a message on Jund
    New Jund player here. Any tips on using Huntmaster of the Fells? I'm planning on maining 1 along with a Kalitas. Seems like an awesome card to play but wondering if there are any guidelines for using it or any interactions that I should be aware of with it.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    How do you guys sideboard for the Eldrazi & Taxes matchup?

    Here's my decklist and sideboard, running 5-color taken primarily from Spicklemire/Andersen and Lantto:

    The only thing I can think of for sure to put in is the 2 Kozilek's Return cause it helps hit a lot of their small creatures, but I'm not sure about siding in Izzet Staticaster or Liliana, the Last Hope since they don't have too many X/1 creatures (pretty much just Thalia and Bob if you see it). There's also the option of siding in the white package for Lingering Souls. I can definitely side out the stubborn denials for the returns cause their deck is mostly creatures but I'm not sure what else to take out. Would love to get your guys' thoughts on this.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from shivxxx »
    Won my weekly Modern FNM with a List very close to the one posted above. I play no Remands but Inquisitions. Im on my phone right now, will post the List tomorrow. Opt feels so freaking good. Totally sold on running full sets of Opt, Visions and Scour. The Deck ran super smooth.

    Have you thought about Chart a Course in grixis delver? I noticed you posted on the U/R delver forums also. I'm wondering if you did full playsets of Opt, Chart, Visions, and Scour, and if so what would you take out as a result? I'm thinking of running a list similar to the 5-0 Grixis with opt, but Chart may be something to consider
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from Hijtblast »

    Def. try jund. You can build a budget list for now, and then upgrade as you can. That's how I made two legacy decks

    Quote from Pokerkingdave »

    Grixis control or delver might interest you.

    Didn't think about delver at all, I looked into it and it sounds really cool! I realized that perhaps investing in colors is better (e.g. fetchlands) so that they can be used in multiple decks. R/U now seems to go along with what I'm looking for with activeness but also responding to opponent's threats. Thus the plan may be going into R/U or grixis delver to start, with some Scalding Tarns and Snapcaster Mages, and then perhaps after playing that deck for a while, maybe go into something like Grixis Death Shadow for a change. Thanks to both for the suggestions!
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hey all! Casual magic player here looking to get more serious into a format. I was originally going to do Standard but the rotating format really turns me away from it, knowing that if I were to spend $200-300 on say Temur Energy or Ramunap Red, it'll rotate out a year later. Thus I'm looking to get into Modern! I'm willing to spend a more at the beginning than I would on Standard knowing that Modern is an eternal format.

    • Cards you already own: no modern staples so starting from scratch
    • Colors you like to play: fine with any color, but I think my playstyle lends more to R/G/B
    • Style you like to play (control, combo, aggro, midrange, tempo, ramp, rogue): definitely aggro or midrange, i like to be more active rather than reactive
    • Level you want to play at, or aim to build up to (causal, fmn, ptq): starting with FNM, then potentially building up to PPTQ if i stick with it
    • Budget: for a new modern deck i'm willing to spend i'd say up to $400-500 at the start, for a deck that i could start bringing to modern tournaments and then perhaps slowly build up to a stronger version of the deck over time
    Appreciate the help!
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