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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from shivxxx »
    Won my weekly Modern FNM with a List very close to the one posted above. I play no Remands but Inquisitions. Im on my phone right now, will post the List tomorrow. Opt feels so freaking good. Totally sold on running full sets of Opt, Visions and Scour. The Deck ran super smooth.

    Have you thought about Chart a Course in grixis delver? I noticed you posted on the U/R delver forums also. I'm wondering if you did full playsets of Opt, Chart, Visions, and Scour, and if so what would you take out as a result? I'm thinking of running a list similar to the 5-0 Grixis with opt, but Chart may be something to consider
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from Hijtblast »

    Def. try jund. You can build a budget list for now, and then upgrade as you can. That's how I made two legacy decks

    Quote from Pokerkingdave »

    Grixis control or delver might interest you.

    Didn't think about delver at all, I looked into it and it sounds really cool! I realized that perhaps investing in colors is better (e.g. fetchlands) so that they can be used in multiple decks. R/U now seems to go along with what I'm looking for with activeness but also responding to opponent's threats. Thus the plan may be going into R/U or grixis delver to start, with some Scalding Tarns and Snapcaster Mages, and then perhaps after playing that deck for a while, maybe go into something like Grixis Death Shadow for a change. Thanks to both for the suggestions!
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hey all! Casual magic player here looking to get more serious into a format. I was originally going to do Standard but the rotating format really turns me away from it, knowing that if I were to spend $200-300 on say Temur Energy or Ramunap Red, it'll rotate out a year later. Thus I'm looking to get into Modern! I'm willing to spend a more at the beginning than I would on Standard knowing that Modern is an eternal format.

    • Cards you already own: no modern staples so starting from scratch
    • Colors you like to play: fine with any color, but I think my playstyle lends more to R/G/B
    • Style you like to play (control, combo, aggro, midrange, tempo, ramp, rogue): definitely aggro or midrange, i like to be more active rather than reactive
    • Level you want to play at, or aim to build up to (causal, fmn, ptq): starting with FNM, then potentially building up to PPTQ if i stick with it
    • Budget: for a new modern deck i'm willing to spend i'd say up to $400-500 at the start, for a deck that i could start bringing to modern tournaments and then perhaps slowly build up to a stronger version of the deck over time
    Appreciate the help!
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