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The Magic Market Index for Jan 12, 2018
Treasure Cruisin' Tempered Steel
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  • posted a message on REC - Good Protection for Grixis Enchantments?
    So I've been pumped up about Admiral Beckett Brave ever since it was revealed in Ixalan, and was possibly making a Pirate Tribal deck around him with the help of Arcane Adaptation to make other creatures Pirates . However, given how my deck's focused around that card, it makes it difficult to protect the spell, especially with most hexproof-granting spells being Green or White, so are there any Blue, Black, Red and/or Colorless permanents that could possibly help keep this up, or alternatively, cards similar to Arcane Adaptation that would help transform creatures into the Pirate Sub-Type?
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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