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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from aleixarboix »
    I hope it brings you good results. by the way, the fetch can go well. if you do mulligan and put something in the bottom of the library .. with fetch can change !! Hahaha !! Greetings . I am very scrupulous but it has its logic

    No I definitely agree, I've seen lists shift more towards the 3 Fetch plan as it gives you versatility for Revolt triggers. As I've read and seen, Hyper Aggro decks can tend to be a problem and any way to enhance your removal package will benefit you in the longer run. I will say, wouldn't you prefer running a 4 of Urborg if running 3 Fetches?

    Anyways, I'd like to finalize the list I have came too after a weekend of thought on how I'd like to pilot the list. I will be changing the fetch output for that sake of revolt triggers.

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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from aleixarboix »
    fatal push is the removal I needed mono black .
    the three fetch are to activate the revolt to the late game. since with urborg in play with the fetch you can add black without sacrificing it. and that's very good because at the given time it can help you to activate the push revolt. I found many times that a simple vendilion cliqueIt kills you ,
    and have the fatal push in hand and not have revolt. being able to activate the revolt can save us from many dangerous creatures . Master of Etherium,Thought-Knot Seer ,Restoration Angel ,Flickerwisp , Obstinate Baloth , Master of Waves etc..

    I've heard multiple arguments and I definitely agree that revolt is a big upside running the fetches. It also helps enable against Burn with your DS. I found my mana list to be this if I do decide to run the 3 fetches:

    13 Swamp
    3 Fetches
    3 Mutavaults
    4 Urborg
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from aleixarboix »
    lili of the veil !!! 8 rack"

    How did you like the 3 Fetches in the main?
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from aleixarboix »
    Hello people ! today I got the first place in the trial mkm series. 7-1 in global. in theory will be the list in tc decks. I only lost the first against ub faeries. I have managed to win titanshift burn uwr urkiki etc ...
    highlight things on the deck.
    23 more than enough land.
    4 wrench mind
    no pack rat. I am not convinced i is weak, is usually topdeck bad.
    night of souls betrayal is bound to give you the match against affinyti infect and coco.
    little more to say with the desire to go to the mkm of barcelona and to be able to play a good role. this deck will give us many joys! greetings 8 rack players and remember. always on the draw

    Awesome job! How'd the 4 Wrench Mind play out? Any info on hyper-aggro match-ups?
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Darkx87 »
    LGS Report -

    Went 3-1 last night, matching up against: 1) Vengevine; 2) Gifts Storm 3) U/W Control 4) Traditional Jund

    Vengevine - 2-1
    Unfortunately, this was my buddy, so it knocked him out of the running and I know the deck pretty well, having played against it. I definitely feel favored in this match, with the ability to control the game much better than he can create threats. Much like a true combo deck, there's always a risk of a great top deck that lets you run it into a dangerous combo, which is what happened game 2.

    Side in: 3x Grafdigger's Cage; 1x Fatal Push; 3x Bontu's
    Side Out: 4x Raven's Crime; 1x CB; 2x Thoughtseize

    Gifts Storm - 2-1
    I really dislike playing against Combo decks because of the lack of interaction and the feeling that they're just a ticking time bomb that will go off any moment... That aside, he took game 1 fairly easily. I was able to hold him off for quite a while and tink him down with Mutavault and Rack effects for a while, but ultimately he got the combo off. Games 2 and 3 were no contest, because of sideboard. Game 2 I Thougthseized his Smash to Smithereens in T1 or T2, then played a Grafdigger's T3, with a 2nd in hand from a top deck. He made no attempt at getting a storm count going and could not keep any creatures on the field. Game 3 I had a Grafdigger's in play for a few turns, he was able to start his combo and destroyed it with Smash, played his Baral, Chief of Compliance. That was the beginning of his ramp into the lethal storm count, unfortunately for him, I had a Push in hand, and destroyed the Chief in response, ending that right away. From there, he couldn't put anything else together as I took total control of the game.

    Side in: 3x Grafdigger's Cage; 1x Collective Brutality
    Side out: 4x Raven's Crime

    U/W Control - 0-2
    This one I totally botched. Both games I kept lackluster hands and I think I sideboarded incorrectly. I also think the lack of the additional Delirium Skeins in the SB was a problem. Game 1 he resolved a big Gideon. I was able to hold him off and ultimate Lili, placing Gideon in 1 pile and all of his lands in the other. He kept Gideon and proceeded to beat me down. Game 2 I got him down into single digit life, but couldn't close the game out as he utilized Sphinx's Revelation to turn the tables on me.

    Side in: 1x Delirium Skeins; 2x Asylum Visitor
    Side out: 3x Fatal Push

    Traditional Jund - 2-0
    Easy match up here. This guy also plays a B/W 8-rack variant, so he knew what I was all about, but couldn't accomplish anything. I finished both games at 19 life or so, taking damage only from Smallpoxes and fetches.

    Side in: 1x Fatal Push
    Side out: 1x Collective Brutality

    All in all, the deck felt good.
    - Running 3x Mutavault felt better than 4 of. I had it in play every game and only had mana issues for 1-2 turns during my Jund matchup, as I waited for a 3rd mana source to get a Lili on the board.
    - Running 3x Fetch lands felt good too. I only had one game of having to use a fetch for the sole purpose of getting a Swamp. Otherwise, they were great B sources with an Urborg in play and definitely were useful for Revolt triggers. I never had an issue with a 4C creature in play that I could not remove, due to a lack of a Revolt trigger. I'll keep running the 3x fetches and see if that feeling continues.
    - I did not miss Funeral Charm in the deck whatsoever.
    - Collective Brutality definitely had its shining moments of being able to utilize multiple modes by pitching excess lands.
    - I'm going to remove Ratchet Bomb from the SB, in favor of adding the additional Delirium Skeins.
    - I wasn't impressed by Asylum Visitor either and will be testing 2x Pack Rat instead. The reason being, Asylum Visitor seems to be the card to add in when you're in for the long haul games, to allow you to get back to card advantage. However, considering what our cards do, having more discard spells in your hand isn't really that helpful late game, in my experience, as your opponent is usually only sitting at 1 card from their draw step anyways. Thus, most of the cards we draw into late game are dead, as we wait for Rack effects or a Mutavault to come in for a win condition to finish them off. Pack Rat would take those dead cards and unused mana and turn it into additional rats and increased threat. I think this creates a quicker clock and creates a better board state for the deck. In theory. I'll have to test it out to see, but I've definitely seen a number of people online say that they really enjoy Pack Rat in the deck.

    First off, I would like to say that this is an excellent report here, very insightful and very well put!

    Secondly, I noticed you said you were replacing the Funeral Charm for the 2nd CB, was there a reason you up'd your count of Wrench Minds to 4 instead of the CB to 2? How did Ghost Quarter feel in the MB, very interesting tech but can be effective! Also, the 2nd Dismember, many have told me that 2x Dismember can be an issue with taking damage for removal; however, what was your experience with the 2nd copy.

    The deck looks very good in my opinion and one that I'd like to try out myself and see. My local meta here runs a few 8-Racks and a few of the typical builds like Death Shadow's, etc, etc. Any changes you'd recommend if focusing around that?
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    So yesterday prior to our weekly FNM draft, I played against a buddy of mine who was running again a home-brew U/B Control and W/U Approach decks. I won each match 2-1; however, I found that Ferocidon does do some serious work. It forces out him to utilize a whole turn of removal against Ferocidon setting him a turn behind against any other board state. I also found that in Approach we really need to be careful against how we play around settle the wreckage. It is quite obvious when a player is holding one up, but we need to find the balance between what to hold back and how much pressure is a good amount to put on

    Overall, I did like the way RR is functioning with the stock list, but I am really feeling the negative position it is facing in the current format. As PVDDR stated before, it does not look like a great slot right now, and I am tending to agree with him. Sure it will remain tier 1 given it's automatic chance of winning staying around 45% against any deck and not a single awful match-up but with the way the format is shifting, it doesn't appear as defining as it was at the HOU PT.
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  • posted a message on League Questions
    From what I gathered from a buddy of mine is that leagues have a specific closing date to join. Our's in the area was last Saturday, and what happens (sure it may be different in your league) is you are issued 3 packs and you create a 30 card deck from those 3 packs. Then you have a week or so to complete a total of 10 games best of 1 with your opponents. Once you complete those 10 games you are granted an additional pack to update your deck with and so one I believe there is a promo granted after completing your 10 matches, but I'm not sure there are multiples.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    Quote from PapaThor »

    that's actually quite an interesting tech. stealing opponent's Glorybringer seems sweet.

    there are 3 big red decks at today's MTGO results. is that the way for mono red going forward to combat decks such as Temur Energy? mainboard ability to go past Bristling Hydra with Glorybringer looks nice.

    See, I'm not entirely sure that Ramunap Red is shifting to a larger creature build just yet. With Dominguez's success with the stock list in the World Championship, I'm still believing they are trying to figure out exactly what Mono-Red is going to establish as. It definitely has Tier 1 status so far in this format with the incredibly aggro speed it possesses, but is it more based on small creatures spitting wide or larger creatures over the top; I am not sure we know.

    Dominguez had beaten Layton already in Standard prior, it just didn't fall his way in the finals. The way he absolutely slaughtered U/B Control showed me that it isn't necessarily about going large. The previous 3 Ramunap Red in the competitive MTGO leagues did go large and 5-0'd which is very nice. I hope though over the next week or so, we will have a better understanding of what to expect for Mono-Red going forward so I can finalize my 75 before heading to any competitive local scenes in the area.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    I'd also like to note that Javier Dominguez has placed himself in the Finals of Worlds sweeping U/B Control 3-0! Congrats to both Ramunap Red and Dominguez.

    So it looks like a heavyweight battle between Temur Energy vs Ramunap Red aka the two tier-1 decks from last format.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    Pretty much most the RR decks we are seeing are identical to the stock main list; however, it is very interesting taking a look at the SB options. It appears majority have decided to push to 4 Ferocidon as that appears to be the ideal card needed to stop life-gain/UW Approach decks.

    I played a buddy of mine before FNM on friday against a U/B Revels deck he was trying that also ran a ton of life-gain. Our deck gets absolutely gassed against any possible life-gain, so I can definitely see Ferocidon jumping to 4 of's in the sideboard. Also it appears Glorybringer is at a 3 in the board.

    Harsh Mentor is a very interesting tech against Temur Energy filled meta's as mentioned above. If you appear to be facing a ton of Temur Energy then I definitely recommend running atleast 2 of in the SB.

    So it appears as well that 1 of the top 4 was running Ramunap Red and the general stock list that is. Top 4 was dominated by U/B Control which is another thing to worry about. It appears this format is slowly shifting to a possible control dominated format.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    Quote from PapaThor »
    well, i should have brought in at least 2 ferocidons because the 4 color energy decks piloted by the best players have Cartouche of Ambition in the sideboard to be attached to Bristling Hydra. they removed Aethersphere Harvester from the SB because they reasoned it can just be hit with Abrade.

    went 2-2. i felt like i could have won the 4 color energy match had i not experienced color screw that disabled me from casting the 2 Unlicensed Disintegration from my hand.

    The sole reason why I'm incredible hesitant on trying out the R/B aggro build is because of inconsistency in mana. It opens up more option, but the inconsistency of mana can be a huge problem.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    Quote from drummadude »
    So I played TNM at my LGS with Ramunap Red going 3-1 for Second place. Here is my list:


    Match 1 was against a Mardu Brew abusing Settle the WreckageIxalan's Binding Sanguine Sacrament Approach of the Second SunCrested Sunmare Sunbird's Invocation. This was a seriously killer brew and the only match I lost 1-2. Game one I was stuck on 1 red mana forever. Game 3 he got double Sunbird while I flooded.

    Match 2 was another brew r/u artifacts with Reckless Fireweaver, he got me game one dropping 3 Fireweavers in a row while I could not draw direct damage. I trounced him games 2-3.

    Match 3 was against Temur Energy on the Scarab God plan. I got this one 2-0, although the second game he got a Scarab God out and I dropped tandem Ahn-crop Crashers to clamp down every other turn. He went to make a Zombie and Scavenger Grounds did its job.

    Match 4 was u/w Approach. Again 2-0. Game 1 I rolled over him. After sideboard he had accessed counter magic and I ran out bait for the first 4 turns before dropping a Chandra and riding her to an emblem while doing 2 points a turn. Emblem, spell, sacrifice a Desert and it was over.

    My list was not ideal as I couldn't find (although I have them amongst my cards) my second Scavenger Ground,my 2 Chandra's Defeats, and I am lacking a forth Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

    Great report, to be fair, running a 14/2/4 split of Mountains/Scavenger Grounds/Sunscorched might be the way to go with Scarab God finding home in a lot of decks now. As for the sideboard, I noticed 2 Harsh Mentors and a Skysovereign. I'd like to get your understanding on why those 3?
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    Quote from Nevelo »

    I wasn't super clear. Not just Chandra, but threats in general. Working off a stock list, I'd cut all the shocks, likely cut down to about 2 Abrade and then side into as many of the better threats as I can. Chandra, Ferocidon, maybe a couple Glorybringer if I need to fill some spots.

    Chandra is a little bit slow, but it does represent a threat that is a bit harder to remove. She smacks them for 2 a turn and threatens ultimate in a few turns. She also doubles as removal for Caracal, albeit not the cleanest if we don't have some dudes to block.

    Ferocidon is probably the best threat we have against them, so it might be worthwhile thinking about running 3-4 of them in the 75 going forward.

    Edit: I also think learning how to play around Settle the Wreckage is key in fighting this deck.

    I think you nailed the most important part at the end, it is the strategy of playing around Settle that is most key in winning these games. I notice a few stating that speed is the most important way to win this game; however, with the counter package, I believe it is playing around the one card that can truly screw us.

    Ferocidon I believe is atleast a 2 in the 75 and easily pushed to a 3-4 depending on how the meta shapes up the coming weeks. I believe siding in the larger threats like Chandra and Glorybringer is important. Shocks are useless and Abrade doesn't do much period. Cutting those 6 makes the most sense and playing in 2-3 Ferocidon, 2-3 Glorybringer, and 1-2 Chandra is the way to go.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    That is why Ferocidon has a huge impact against U/W approach, especially against Regal Caracal. Remember, Ferocidon not only stops lifegain from occuring, when Caracal hit's the battlefield, the opponent loses not just 1 life, but 3 life due to the 2 cat tokens. This is why im emphasizing the importance of running 2-3 Ferocidon in everyone's sideboard.

    A 3/3 for 3 Menace with ability to ping and stop lifegain is a huge advantage against decks like U/W after sideboard.
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  • posted a message on R/x Aggro
    I'm taking the stock list as a baseline and swapped 1 Aethersphere Harvestor for a 2nd Sweltering Suns. I'll be playing this out at my LGS this coming week and see how it runs overall.
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