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The Fall of Mirrodin
The Magic Market Index for May 19, 2017
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    posted a message on Deathtouch, flash
    If I attack or defend with a creature that has deathtouch against a creature stronger than my own does my creature die as well?
    Can I play creatures with flash at any turn just like an instant if I have mana to use?
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    posted a message on Mana pool questions
    I'm new to the game and my friends and I are confused on how the mana pool works in certain cases.
    Ex. I have an untapped land and 2 elvish mystic on the field do I tap the 2 mystics to gain mana and tap the land in order to summon a courser of kruphix which is 1 and 2green? Does it work that way?
    Posted in: Magic Rulings
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