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  • posted a message on I need some decks for multiplayer games, help me find out some
    Well, so I have the four decks I've just made recently or refined which I just mentioned in my last post, but am including one more. None of them are going to walk into a store and rock the scene, but they all can mess with each other relentlessly. Depending on how each person played, they could match up very well against one another, too. Whether 2v2, 2-HG, 4 person FFA, and other smaller games, or even five person star, all have the same basic structure, and so their relative power levels are largely not an issue. Based on this, feel free to clarify some more on what you like. I'm only including decks I already built because I'm just not amibtious enough to design a deck for you and other folks here are much better at competitive decks. I just know what I like to play with! Grin

    Crash and Burn

    Basic Red/Green stompy + burn deck I put together to teach people play rules, built around the simple theme title of "crash" (green stomp) and "burn" (red burnination).

    Gonti's "All I Do Is Win, Win, Win!"

    I built it to play with fun Kaladesh-block themes such as energy, vehicles, gearhulks, and Gonti himself. Lots of fun synergies, life gain, and creature control options.

    Life, Death, and Taxes

    Built around Karlov as an Orzhov-centric theme, only borrowing two Tsabo's Decrees to help with crowd control, also allowing me to play extort heavily.


    Wanted an off-beat frog theme that can endlessly mould combat to my advantage. Probably my best deck of all five here simply because I added counter to the mix to stop spells that might mess with the deck's board position, and it can literally affect and/or destroy all card types pretty easily. But it doesn't have lifegain, which could be taken advantage of by something like the extort theme above with help from something else.

    The Cult of Marit Lage

    Built around Dark Depths and Vampire Hexmage synergy, I went with the Marit Lage cult/quasi-HPLovecraft-Cthulu theme for vampires and rag tag Phyrexian forces trying to summon the ancient monster. I even threw in a couple demons (after all, you need demons and vampires to have those tutors, right?) for good measure. And, the hexmages use Hex, because, well, it's a hexmage.

    Any combination of these decks can work in a group ffa because they are built for smaller multi-player games, have mass creature elements without being oppressive mass control, and handle different types of cards well.
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  • posted a message on I need some decks for multiplayer games, help me find out some
    Thijs1301 has a point. Not sure anyone here has the time to work on a deck for you, submit it here, only to have you say "Nope, not my style." Wat?

    Are there guidelines of preference you like? If nothing, start putting in cards you WANT to play with, balanced with answers to common card types ie lands, creature hordes, artifacts, enchantments, planeswalkers, etc. If your deck is balanced to handle many card types and filled with cards you LIKE to play, then balance isn't so much a problem, but it then gives us something to add advice to. Just a thought.

    For example, my Crash and Burn r/g, Kaladesh artifact u/r/b, Orzov b/w extort, and mono-b Dark Depths decks all play VERY differently, yet all four handle multiple card types and are thus balanced enough to bash together in a FFA. Start with basic deck structure first, expand from there for theme.
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  • posted a message on Crash and Burn - suggestions welcome
    For those who like to hear how upgrades fared, I got to play my new Inferno Titans in a recent 2-HG game. I easily ramped into both turn 4 and turn 5 titans. One got killed, the other cloned and then given firststrike to hold us at bay. But we got that clone taken out and the game ended quickly as I cast a third titan. Didn't see any of the other upgrades (managorger hydras or clan defiance), but the titans were all I needed. It was great seeing the deck dominate the team game. Thanks everyone!
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  • posted a message on Blendo
    Quote from Prid3 »
    Quote from Boros_Blendo »

    I've been thinking about this, haven't really thought of a good answer yet, to be honest. Any plan b I throw in there dilutes the Blendo concept, though there are effects like Earwig Squad and Extirpate actively used in my group.

    Except this is the opposite of what you should be doing. I could sit here and list an infinite number of "what if" scenarios and thousands of different cards that you could field to prevent them or mitigate their impact on your strategy. The problem is that your deck would become unplayable trash as a result and lose a significantly larger % of games. Unless you are consistently losing games to a subset of cards that you're facing on a routine basis then you should ignore any and all "what if" scenarios and build your decks without them in mind. I realize that you listed some cards that are played in your meta but you've also explained to us that the deck is kicking butt. Cutting your "good cards that win games" for "bad cards that might help vs Extirpate" isn't a direction worth pursuing.

    Note, there's a world where you can apply both of our advice. For example, if you add one Chain Reaction to the deck (that you can Demonic Tutor for) you suddenly have access to a "backup plan" that's still works a primary plan assuming that you get your B.Acts exiled. It's obviously a weaker version of the effect and you'd never cut B.Acts for CRs but that doesn't preclude you wanting to run 5 (virtual 6 with DT) copies of the effect. In that sense I'm definitely not opposed to having outs in case things go awry, I just look for cards that won't be dead in "normal" games.
    Yeah, that's kinda how I'm feeling, too. It's already a tad bit over the line of overpowered for the group. I understand what Thijs1301 is getting at, but I've yet to have that deck beaten that way. I'm just overthinking this.
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  • posted a message on Blendo
    Quote from Thijs1301 »
    Maybe some kind of alternate plan for when someone removes your B. Acts from your deck?

    I've been thinking about this, haven't really thought of a good answer yet, to be honest. Any plan b I throw in there dilutes the Blendo concept, though there are effects like Earwig Squad and Extirpate actively used in my group. Hmm....

    Impact Tremors and Subterranean Tremors both look like good possible additions. The more I hone this, however, the greater the chance I put it out of reach of my friends to beat. For example, replacing Spitemare with Impact Tremors and Bane of Progress with Subterranean Tremors would fix concerns but speed the deck up so much, it might well kill the table at turn four or five. My friends' decks are just not that fast.
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  • posted a message on Emperor Variant
    What am I missing here?

    Nope, you pretty much nailed it. Emperor has some serious flaws. Our group kind of went the opposite direction and allowed for MORE, NOT LESS interaction with and by the Emperors. We found Emperors were bored being nothing but creature factories.

    That's the url to the rules we settled on. But really, whatever the adaptations your group settles on, Emperor format does lend to some deck archetypes more than others. Combo, white control, blue counter, red hate, they can all wreck the format. There's nothing inherently wrong with any of those, but we have found that they can work if they aren't taken to the nth degree. Our group has played our home-brewed variant for close to twenty years and it works only because we show restraint on what we choose to build (it's just coincidence we happen to like decks that work with the format anyway.)
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  • posted a message on The Legion Of Bant
    So I got punk'd all game long by a Phrexian Skate, and taken out by Pemmin's Aura on Merieke Ri Berit. There were some other circumstances I won't go into, but I just didn't have what I needed in auras.

    So, now, this is taking out what I don't need to put in more of what I do need. Playtime is over, beefing up on removal and protection/recovery from that removal.

    -1 Three Dreams
    -1 Crab Umbra
    -1 Drake Umbra
    -1 Empyrial Armor
    -1 Armadillo Cloak
    -1 Bear Umbra
    -1 Righteous Authority
    -1 Mammoth Umbra
    -1 Indrik Umbra
    -1 Heliod's Pilgrim
    -1 Hanna, Ship's Navigator
    -1 Bruna, Light of Alabaster

    +1 Rootborn Defenses
    +1 Ghostway
    +1 Make a Stand
    +1 Frontline Medic
    +1 Hour of Revelation
    +1 Planar Cleansing
    +1 Exile
    +1 Path to Exile
    +1 Fracturing Gust
    +1 Linvala, Keeper of Silence
    +1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope
    +1 Reya Dawnbringer
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  • posted a message on Blendo
    Quote from cme »
    Awesome! That sounds like a T7 win (no ramp in the deck, 6 mana for Twilight's Call + 1 for BA)?

    If you ever need to get even faster, it's been said before, but Purphoros + BA + insects ends games on Turn 4 (T1 enchantment ramp, T2 insect, T3 ... T4 P + BA). That doesn't make for an interactive game, though... so

    I personally removed Purphoros and pivoted to having to swing with the insects to win. Similar deck, but less drain effects and more Beastmaster Ascension, Soulfire Grand Master, and sweepers.

    Two thoughts:

    Speaking of sweepers, is 6x BAs enough to see one reliably in a game? I'm pretty happy with 8 (plus 8 buyback options), particularly since I want to use more than one in a game (and hitting recursion isn't guaranteed).

    FWIW, Swarmyard has some synergy with the insects + sweepers.
    So far, six has been fine, but I will watch out for that. Yep, that was a 7 mana win, but maybe a bit slower. Not really sure. My best friend's son said, "at least the game was quick."
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  • posted a message on Blendo
    So, added green in the form of token spammers, resource destroyers, and recycling. Instead of being too spread out, it ends being a synergy storm.

    I just played this last night in a four person FFA. With my stupidly low creature curve, I put out two token spammers, and two damage reflectors. Someone Pyroclasm'd, and I did 9 damage to him, gained seven life, and four more creatures. A few creatures later, I cast B.Act, killing the red player with another 13, hammered another for 14, and gained 14 myself. Next turn, Twilight's Call, bringing back Eternal Witness, bringing B.Act back, and then cast the Act for the win. Everyone was kind of shocked at how fast it went. I think I've found Blendo's final firm, though I'll have to be careful how often I play it since its synergy is so powerful versus my friend's decks. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions between this thread and the Shiva Engine thread. Cheers.
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  • posted a message on Deck idea forming - Gonti's "All I Do Is Win, Win, Win!"
    Hey everyone who helped me work on this deck. Last night I got to try it out in 2-HG. Mana did OK at the start, got out a couple F.Familiars out early. Yahenni's and Baral's Expertise held off their hordes while my partner and I stabilized board and life following an early Aggro assault. The Gearhulks soaked up a lot of their spot removal and then started to take over the game as I popped two Gonti's Machinations and swung life 24 points, along with my partner's additions. All in all, the deck did great and we ended up at about 57 life when we won. Thank you for your help, this deck is a blast!
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  • posted a message on So here's an interesting hypothetical
    "You think it's uninteresting to talk about elements of the game that have never been talked about in terms of maximizing win% (afaik)? You must surely have some truly staggeringly exciting conundrums, to be more interesting than something that's literally never been discussed before. By all means, let's hear it."

    Wow, that was unnecessarily rude. You could have just thanked them for their input. Even if you are actually discussing something that hasn't ever been discussed, they're simply telling you your enthusiasm for your topic's esoteric viscera isn't shared as much by other people. Their opinion is as valid as yours, and your behavior as the thread host here is inappropriate. But, this is the internet and this seems to be your modis operandi, so whatever.
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  • posted a message on So here's an interesting hypothetical
    @dirk: and if you think upbraiding ilovesaprolings because he disagrees with this obscure (and I would argue worthless) case even remotely will make you a better player, then your actions aren't particularly useful either. Smh.
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  • posted a message on So here's an interesting hypothetical
    Actually, the no coin-flipping rule comes about (most likely) when counter-phoenix was sweeping state Vintage qualifiers about twenty years ago. It was winning so many games for the person who went first, and so many had that deck in play, that people all over were just agreeing to flip a coin instead of play three games where the person who plays first wins each game. It was legal at that point, but it probably really pissed WotC off (and they also banned key cards of counter-phoenix decks of that era.)
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  • posted a message on When Pulling Out Your Deck: Random or See What is on the Table First?
    I pull out what I want to play, before I know what everyone else is playing, but we are in a pretty small group and our decks are pretty close in power. Makes it easier for me to decide unlike store players.
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  • posted a message on Help with stopping Hexproof Voltron Commanders
    Arcane Lighthouse = targetable. Woot

    Edit: oops, NoNeed already posted that.
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