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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Hey all! I recently bought into MTGO, and ended up choosing to build GB Elves over UW Control (my two favorite paper decks) as my online deck of choice. So far, over five friendly Modern leagues (I’m told that the skill level there is the same or
    similar to competitive leagues but the decks aren’t as consistently top tier), my record is 18-7, including a 5-0 last night. My list has remained unchanged from the one that’s been serving me well in paper:

    Some slight budgetary concessions have been made (1 Cavern instead of 2; Duress over Thoughtseize [though Duress is much nicer against Burn]), but otherwise this is what I’ve been having success with in paper as well. Major findings:

    - The maindeck Scooze has been approaching MVP status. I love slamming him on turn 5 or 6 of a grindy match against red-based decks with lots of spot removal and watching him just take over. It’s also great to have some Chordable grave hate against the usual suspects plus newer decks like Hollow One.

    - The one-of Throne has been fantastic as well. I had a Lantern player scoop to it on sight, for instance. Beyond that, I seem to win roughly 40% of the time from overwhelming Shaman/Throne drain and 40% of the time from go-wide beats with Shaman/Throne assists (the other 20% coming from Ezuri overruns). Throne as a part of the early progression often makes either of the primary win conditions a turn quicker than they would otherwise be.

    - A 2/2 split on Lead/Chord still feels right to me. When the Elf train is chugging along, either will put the nail in the coffin with the way GB plays. When we’re facing disruption, I like having access to both: Chord for instant-speed Ezuri to regen or Scooze to hose the grave or Shaman for lethal; Lead to rebuild post-wipe or just enable a completely degenerate turn with Heritage/Nettle/Dwynen’s synergies.

    - Tajuru Preserver has cemented his place in my sideboard. A reasonably costed in-tribe body that blows out Living End, Emrakul, Liliana of the Veil, and some other things I’m likely forgetting is good enough for me. While there are lots of other cards with wider applications, I’ve come to realize that overboarding with this deck can be a real danger, so I’m happy with narrow but powerful selections like Preserver.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    Savagegaul - glad to hear of your success! I think you might guess where I'm going with this, (and I'm also curious about 2 specific cards in your list that I wont mention as to bias your respons) but what's been the worse performing/least impressive/most often sided-out card in the main?

    Thanks man!

    You’re probably curious about the Crucible, and then maybe Rev or Alliance, I’d I had to guess. It’s really hard for me to say that anything at all has been performing poorly. Crucible does come out a fair amount of the time—when I need to be as fast as possible to survive, or when grave hate is going to be a major factor on either side of the table—but it has also been fantastic in certain matchups. The Ponza player, for instance, seemed ready to scoop as soon as it hit the table, and then did so once I resolved a permanent that could close out the game. Field of Ruin has arguably been my most effective card in the 75 thus far, and the value of Field recursion goes without saying. That said, I’m not wedded to Crucible, and will be keeping a close eye on how it plays.

    Rev has been unequivocally great in my games. If/when I add the second Search, it won’t be in place of Rev—I’d rather shave a Jace or cut the Crucible. Blessed Alliance may be more of a meta call for me than most, but I love the card. Shadow, Ponza, Skred, Burn, and red-splashing decks with both aggro and burn elements like Pyromancer and Delver are all common opponents for me.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    The 61-card hype train rolls on! After going 4-0 on my paper debut a few weeks ago, I decided to run the exact same list back (2x Jace, and one-ofs on Search, Rev, and Crucible as my card advantage slots, plus a maindeck Blessed Alliance—otherwise a stock 25-land list).

    Round 1 vs GB Elves:

    G1 my opponent won the die roll and proceeded to vomit out his hand. By the end of his T4 he had me at two life with one card in hand. I hit the Verdict and passed; he untapped and played a Lead the Stampede, finding Ezuri, Elvish Archdruid, and a pair of mana dorks. Not good! I untapped and topdecked the land I needed to stay in it. Slammed a Gideon OTT, Mana Leaked his next turn’s play, and then the game was on. I needed almost every trick in the book—both Walls, Rev, Snapcaster, multiple Paths, Jace—but finally I weathered the Elf storm, and found Gideon Jura for the lock.

    G2 I brought in Settle the Wreckage, Flashfreeze, and Grafdigger’s Cage. Once more he nearly emptied his hand to bring me to 3 life before my T4 Verdict cleaned things up. Opponent played a land and mana dork to put himself into topdeck mode and passed. I play Colonnade and send it back; he swings, no blocks, and plays the CoCo he topdecked; I Cryptic to counter and draw, going down to two. On my turn I made my sixth land drop, slam a Jace, roll him up, and pass. Opponent topdecks another CoCo and main phases it, but my Mana Leak answers it and he scoops.

    Round 2 vs GR Ponza:

    Game 1 I seem to have things well in hand, until he drops a T6 Thrun, with regen mana open. Suddenly the Verdict and pair of Paths in my hand don’t look so hot, but the Blessed Alliance in my hand will bail me out, especially since he has no other creatures and is topdecking. Aaaand next turn he pulls a Stormbreath Dragon. Oh well. I take the 8, Verdict away the Drag, and pass with Alliance mana open. Opponent topdecks another Dragon! GG.

    For G2 I’ve brought in Flashfreeze, Disdainful Stroke, Settle the Wreckage, Runed Halo, and Vendilion Clique. I keep a fantastic two-lander with Leak, Stroke, Flashfreeze, and 2x Serum Visions. I hit my land drops with help from Visions and counter his early action. I lay down Crucible on T5, holding up Flashfreeze mana, then do the same with Jura on T7, prompting the scoop.

    G3 can only be described as the nuts. Opponent played T1 Arbor Elf into T2 Utopia Sprawl and Magus of the Moon. So far I’m not too worried; I play an Island, and then Seas my own Colonnade with two Plains in hand. But then he tosses out a T3 Dragon I can’t answer and swings. T4 Monstrous activation pretty much seals the deal. Ponza’s best progressions seem just about as good as anything in the format.

    Round 3 vs Izzet Pyromancer: Not much to say here, it was a casual 2-0 with my opponent mulling to 6 on the draw and then 5 on the play and still not really mustering much of a resistance to my smooth progressions. I was able to use my mana efficiently every turn and hit all of my land drops. When you’re doing that in UW, the wincons will follow.

    Round 4 vs Lantern: I wasn’t thrilled about this matchup for obvious reasons, and the deck is piloted by the person I’d consider the top player at the store, but with the discussion from this thread about the shift to a blue splash for Whir of Invention in the back of my mind, I was heartened to see his T1 Botanical Sanctum. He did his thing well enough early on, but the turning point came when I D-Sphered his pair of Codex Shredders, leaving him with only Lanterns on board in terms of lock pieces. I only got in with Colonnade once before he found a Pithing Needle with Stirrings and shut off my manlands. But then Serum Visions found me Jace, who ticked down and found me Gideon OTT, and from there my advantage was too much.

    G2, with eight cards dead in the main, I brought in all kinds of stuff: Negate, Ceremonious Rejection, Disenchant, Rest In Peace (more of a nonbo for me than a necessity but still less dead than Path/Verdict/Alliance), Runed Halo, Stony Silence x2, and Clique. My side action did plenty of work—all kinds of counterspell action in the mid game—but what really won me the game was Field of Ruin. My opponent kept a one-lander, and with only one basic in his deck, my T3 Field activation (while holding up Ceremonious) punished him hard. Played more Fields T4 and T5, and instantly shot them off at his next two land drops. His only lock piece was a Pyxis—besides that, he had a hand full of interaction that he couldn’t use for a long time, and by the time he could I was on seven or so lands with a full hand and a Search for Azcanta down. He Decayed the Search, so I laid down a Gideon OTT and made the emblem. His second (and possibly final) Decay took care of Gids, but I followed up with another, then a Rev, which found 2x Stony Silence and 2x Detention Sphere, which I knew would be quite safe. Opponent topdecked a Thoughtseize and scooped after some deliberation.

    7-2 in games, 3-1 in matches for the night. 7-1 in overall competitive matches so far. This deck feels like a perfect fit for me, and despite the hundreds of minor decisions that went into the Lantern match at the end of some long rounds, the mental strain didn’t feel as taxing as it did on my debut week.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks again to everybody for all the discussion here.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from Awesomesauce »
    I was the UW list in 31st place. I havn't liked Runed Halos, they're pretty clunky and they don't protect your planeswalkers. Pretty much nobody worth their salt sides in graveyard hate against UW. It only hits ~2 snapcasters and makes your searches worse. Modern draw options are pretty limited, if you dont like revelation you can play Glimmer of Genius.

    Congrats on the placement!

    I agree with what you say in regard to grave hate for the most part, but I just wonder whether a package of 2 Snapcasters (which could be 3 for all the opponent knows), 2 Searches, and a Crucible changes the opponent’s incentives enough to worry about.

    I’ve actually had fantastic results with my one-of Rev so far. A second Search would probably replace the second Jace before the Rev, for me. Glimmer seems decent, but not quite powerful enough; I agree with whoever said a while back that it would be in the mix if it gave us literally anything useable in our deck instead of the energy counters.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from KarmaHoudini »
    My honest opinion of Tectonic Edge is that it is a bad card. Against the decks where you really need early land destruction, working only after your opponent hits 4 lands is too slow. Additionally, hurting your land development is pretty bad in a deck that wants to be casting snap-cryptic and activating colonnade with mana up.

    Ghost quarter sees less play because it is card disadvantage that also sets you back a land drop vs your opponent. It plays a key role of being faster and also being able to hit basics, which has surprisingly common applications.

    Personally, I like 3-1 field/quarter in non-Crucible of Worlds builds of UW, going to 2-2 or 3-2 field/quarter in builds with Crucible main or side.

    I agree with all of this, with the caveat that I haven’t tried out Ghost Quarter yet (but a 3/2 or even 4/1 split seems very nice).

    ^ Quite the spicy UW list that showed up in the results from this past weekend’s Modern Challenge. Two Halos, two Spell Snares, Disallow, Settle the Wreckage, and a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar all in the maindeck. Wild!

    It’s also worth noting that both this list and the UW list that placed in the RPTQ ran two copies of Search for Azcanta, so those who’ve been saying that 2x Search is now stock are beginning to be proven right.

    As a newer player to the deck, I’ve favored diversifiying my card advantage sources (1 Search, 1 Rev, 1 Crucible, 2 Jace as my main engines), partially to test everything out, and partially because I felt the second Search opened me up a little more to grave hate. Normally I’d consider the opponent siding that against us to be just fine—especially since Crucible is an easy side out in such cases—but the idea of running two Search and no Rev makes enemy grave hate seem a lot more troubling. Any thoughts/experiences with this?
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Modern Nexus has an article up that argues against Search for Azcanta in Modern, even in the specific context of our deck. I found that a little strange, given how high on the card most people here are.

    I’ve been happy with one Search so far, sharing the card advantage load with other options like Jace, Rev, and Crucible—-but as someone new to the deck, I don’t really have a frame of reference to compare it to.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    @Chantu9Y: Thanks! Agreed wholeheartedly on the added mental strain that comes with anything resembling a control mirror. My match against Izzet was probably the most strenuous of the night, despite 2-0ing without really being in danger of losing the second game.

    Quote from jayjayhooks »
    @SavageGaul - Congrats on the 4-0!

    I know you're set on playing 61 cards, but if you can be convinced to cut anything, I would recommend cutting the 3rd cryptic. I find having too many 4 drops very clunky and Cryptic is one of the first cards that tends to get cut post-board in a lot of matches, at least in my experience. I've been playing 2 cryptics for awhile now to reasonable success. It's a great card, don't get me wrong, and I think that playing 3 is justifiable if the rest of your list is perfect, but I think the error margin of playing a 61st card is much, much higher than the error margin between playing 2 and 3 cryptic command.


    Thanks man.

    Shaving a Cryptic is definitely up for consideration, and I’ll try that at some point. A copy of Jace, Blessed Alliance, the Crucible, a land, and maybe even a two-mana counterspell are other considerations for the cut. Soon I’ll whittle it down to 60, but for now I’m gonna ride the 61-card hype train until it crashes. Grin
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Checking in with a report from my first paper event with this deck! It was a great debut, despite my build being a little bit of a mess: I ended up bringing a 61-card setup (the list I posted a couple pages back with a Crucible tacked on), which, as people here have pointed out, is definitely suboptimal; but I was willing to lose a few percentage points of efficiency to see how everything played. Things got a little worse when I showed up and found out that the dude who was lending me Cryptics for the night (the only cards in here I don’t own yet—waiting on the IM printing), only had two copies. Without any time to really think about it before the tourney kicked off, I threw my Vendilion Clique in the main and added a Disenchant to the side (also suboptimal, but decent in my meta).

    Round 1 vs GW Combo Elves:

    I was on the play, and kept a four-lander with Serum Visions, Wall of Omens, and Verdict. He had a full board and an empty hand by the end of his T3, which would have been a blowout for me if not for the fact that his opener included a maindeck Selfless Spirit. My Wall plus Jace and Gideon were able to stall for a while as I dug for a Path or D-Sphere for the Spirit, but I never found one and Ezuri overruns got him there. Game 2 he flooded the board similarly, but this time I had an EoT Path for his Spirit into a T4 Verdict and T5 Gideon Jura, who closed the game in a hurry. Game 3 he played a little more cautiously, which worked for me, as I kept an opener that was great in every way besides the lack of a wrath. Mana Leak countered his Archdruid, Dispel countered his CoCo, and Jace kept his dorks at bay while I took over the board. His topdecked Choke made the game last longer than it should have, but once more Jura beats got me over the line. 1-0

    Round 2 vs Izzet Delver/Pyromancer:

    Game 1 I got an early advantage with Verdict taking down a flipped Delver, a Pyromancer, and three tokens. From there I felt favored, but he burned me down to three life over time, then topdecked a Lightning Bolt on an empty hand. I responded to the Bolt by Revving for 4, and drew Search, Cryptic, Negate, and a land, which put the game on lockdown. Game 2 was crazily long and interactive, with a midgame highlight being my Jura, his Negate, my Negate, his Negate, my Dispel, his Later on I resolved a Gideon OTT, ticked him up, and next turn made his emblem, which combined with my card advantage and better topdecks put the game out of reach. 2-0

    Round 3 vs RG Ponza:

    Game 1 he kept a threat-less hand with a dork, a Blood Moon, and a couple of Stone Rains. My opener of five lands (two fetches, a basic, Field, and Farmland) Serum Visions, and Gideon OTT was well positioned against him. I slammed Gideon on T3, ticked him up, and then swung every turn after that. Besides his Arbor Elf, who chumped Gids at some point, the only other creature he found was a Goblin Dark-Dwellers while at 4 life, for which I had an EoT Path and the lethal swing to follow. Probably the quickest I’ve ever won a game with this deck, lol. Game 2 was a huge blowout for me...I Mana Leaked his T3 Stone Rain, then proceeded to lock him out of red with three straight Spreading Seas. Both Gideons hit the field shortly thereafter, and it was over rather quickly. 3-0

    Round 4 vs Dredge:

    I prepared myself for an early scoop G1, despite a respectable opening seven in my hand, but my opponent mulled to five on the play, which gave me some hope. Opponent made his first land drop and passed, then went two turns without hitting another land or a play. My progression was T1 Colonnade, T2 Serum and fetch, T3 Serum and pass holding up Mana Leak. His T4 saw him hit a second land drop and cast Cathartic Reunion, which I was crucially able to counter. From there I tried a Spreading Seas lock (didn’t work as he found lands 3 and 4), but Wall of Omens, Gideon OTT, and Jace took over the board and won me the game just as he was starting to really look threatening. Game 2 I kept an okay 4-land opener including a Grafdigger’s Cage. Cage was a huge stumbling block for him, but I flooded out hard, despite aggressively thinning out my deck (prioritizing fetches over Colonnades) and Scrying lands to the bottom whenever possible. He found an Abrupt Decay for my Cage and then went off as I continued to flood.

    Game 3 I drew two unkeepable hands and mulled to a very sketchy five of Island, Cage, Celestial Purge, D-Sphere, and Settle the Wreckage, Scrying Gideon Jura to the bottom. Thankfully for me, I hit my land drops right away, and my opponent lacked an early answer for the Cage, so I was able to stabilize and recover from my card disadvantage. The game went on for ages as I hung on to my Settle, able to control the board well enough with Gideon OTT, a pair of Walls, and Paths/Spheres that I was never taking more than a Narcomeba hit on any given attack. The turning point of the game cane when he Decayed my Cage, and I knew I had two turns to find an answer. On the first turn of do or die I minused Jace and found a Search. Next turn I flipped the Search, activated it to find three lands and a Path, then cashed in Jace, at last finding my first Rest In Peace of the series. I immediately slammed it and then Verdicted his massive board. He shifted to a hardcast plan, but I was able to get in with Gideon OTT and a Colonnade while holding up seven mana for Settle, Path, and a counterspell, which got me the win. 4-0

    Not bad for the deck’s paper debut, especially considering 61 cards + only two Cryptics + hurried inclusions of Clique main and Disenchant side ( I probably should have just left Clique in the side and played with 60). But I will say that I’ve never been so mentally exhausted after a local Modern event as I was last night. The cognitive load is real when piloting UW, even though some of that is probably due to me being new to the archetype.

    Thrilled with the power of this deck, the challenge it presents as a pilot, and the types of matches it leads to. Before last night I was considering shaving a Jace, but he was arguably my MVP on the night, so I think in a couple weeks I’ll run it back exactly as is, 61 cards and all (though hopefully with a third Cryptic by then!).

    Sorry for the huge wall of text, but thanks for all of the discussion that helped me nail down the decklist and playstyle before my first tourney, and thanks especially to bennyhillz and HolyShamgar for some great and informative streaming.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Thanks lads. I should have clarified that the 61 card count was to be for my first few weeks of intensively playing the deck and learning its ins and outs; but even so, may as well just make a cut somewhere and play with 60.

    Any insight on the Merfolk matchup? Obviously it’s on the unfavorable side and typically hinges on whether or not you can find a Verdict or two. I’ve found Spreading Seas to be surprisingly valuable. Shutting down Mutavaults and Caverns makes our lives a whole lot easier.

    Whether or not to bring in Stony Silence is an open question IMO. It’s live against Vial, but not quite worth it for just that (consider also that they may side out some number of Vials despite its usefulness against counterspells, due to the lengthy nature of the matchup). Smuggler’s Copter is a huge pain; its presence makes Stony Silence a lot more appealing. Then there’s the question of the Merfolk player bringing in Relics, which they may or may not do.

    The matchup is surprisingly interesting (unless you’re Verdict-less and they just casually Islandwalk to the T4 kill, lol).
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    So I’ve seen some people saying that a pair of Search for Azcanta allows us to trim the land count down to 24. The same argument has been applied to a maindeck copy of Crucible of Worlds. Since I recently snapped up a 10th edition Crucible on the cheap, I’ll be playing one of each to start. Is it too outlandish to roll with 61 cards and 25 lands, or should I just shave a land and play with 60?

    Mark me down as another person enjoying the chipper77 streams. Free time is at a premium right now so I’m having to go through the playbacks piecemeal, but they’re very informative. Nice work.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from mgoetze »
    Hi SavageGaul, I think you got the core mostly right (the second Jace is definitely a flex slot, though) and I like how you've recognized that Opt/Spell Snare/Snapcaster should form a package. That said, I would highly recommend you go with 4 Serum Visions and 2 Search for Azcanta to round out the deck. I actually believe that with 2 Search you only need 24 lands but feel free to experiment with that. My recommendations for your 25th land would be, from best to worst: 1. third Plains (and I would play that over Irrigated Farmland in the 24 land version), 2. Prairie Stream, 3. fourth Glacial Fortress.

    Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.

    I’m going to take your advice and run with the more proven Serum package for a while. I’ll be playing 1 each of Search and Alliance, at least to start, partially to see how both cards really play and partially because Alliance is more budget-friendly. I’m a big believer in Alliance for this deck, especially in my local meta.

    With that said, I’m having trouble whittling down the last few sideboard slots. Right now I’m at 18:

    No big Elspeth, either.

    Secure feels a little more like a maindeck card than a sideboard one, but with no Elspeth (and a maindeck Alliance as an out to Thrun), it sort of replaces her role as another wincon. Still, maybe this is one to cut.

    Shadow of Doubt, while strong, also feels like maindeck material, and I wonder if it’s enough of a hoser to claim a spot in the side.

    Flashfreeze doesn’t see much play. Why is that? It seems just about as strong and widely applicable as cards like Disdainful Stroke.

    A Purge could be trimmed too, I suppose, but otherwise I’m not sure what cuts to make!
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Hey everyone!

    I’ve tried my hand at various decks over the past few months in my quest to settle on a third Modern deck (alongside Living End and GB Elves), but ultimately a lot of the decks I was playing were too similar to what I already had. This experience led me to explore some U Control options, and upon watching some games with this deck I knew instantly that this is where I need to be!

    I’ve only been able to play ~20 proxy games, but between those and reading a lot here, I think I have a solid grasp on how I’d like to proceed. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the below choices before buying into the deck. First, the landbase:

    25 lands seems perfect for a newer pilot—I won’t experiment with the established land count just yet. I’m very high on Field of Ruin, hence the playset, but I do own Tec Edge and GQ as well. My main question is what fits best in the final flex slot. Mystic Gate? Temple of Enlightenment? A second Fountain or Farmland? A fourth Fortress? I don’t really want to buy into all of those options, so I guess my question is: which would you start with?

    Next, the core spells:

    I’m basically committed to running these cards in these numbers, unless someone has a compelling argument otherwise. You’ll have noticed the lack of one-mana cantrips and the fact that we’re only at 54 cards. That’s because, in my amateur estimation, I can go one of two ways with the remaining slots:

    This setup doesn’t dig as well, but it plays a much stronger draw-go style and incentivizes inclusion of the third Snapcaster. Alternatively:

    This setup taps out a lot more, but it digs for answers better and scales into a more dominant late game. The Alliance feels nice here, but it could be a lot of other cards, including a second Search for Azcanta. Jace Beleren is another thought. He might not be quite strong enough, but I do think he fits in nicely.

    Am I on the right track with how I’m evaluating the cards in context? If not, where did I go astray? If so, any suggestions as to which setup I should run with to start?

    I won’t post my prospective sideboard just yet, mainly because it depends heavily on what my maindeck ends up looking like.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks for all the great discussion here! I’ve learned a lot, and look forward to contributing as I get more experienced with this fantastic deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Here’s another minor point of discussion: with Death’s Shadow’s meta share slowly waning, what are people’s thoughts on Grove of the Burnwillows going forward? With its imminent reprint in Iconic Masters, it should be easier to people to get ahold of——but is it worthwhile?

    It’s applications against Shadow are an obvious pro, as is the fact that it’s a painless, always-untapped dual land. But is that enough to make up for enemy lifegain? Before Amonkhet I’d have said yes, but now an end step Violent Outburst is often enough to finish our opponent cleanly with one swing after we untap, a possibility which Grove can put out of reach. R/G also seems to be the worst color pairing for the purposes of cycling, at least with the creature base I run.

    Any consensus on Grove?
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Quote from MarcWizard »
    I lean hard on chording for Kataki against affinity, because rec sage is a little slow and fracturing gust has to be drawn. How do you find your robots MU? They're usually just a little faster than us, and if they get an early cranial on a vault skirge things can get very bad because our shamans suddenly have a lot more work to do. Its like swimming after a moving goal.

    Affinity is definitely a matchup that gets worse on the GB Shaman build relative to GW Vizier. Plating is without a doubt the priority target for my one maindeck Rec Sage, which can help scrape out a win G1. I would say the matchup is slightly unfavorable for my build.

    Kataki is a great hoser for sure. Philosophically, I'm opposed to including cards that can't be hardcast (unless I happen upon a Canopy), so I'd probably include a second Gust before Kataki. If only Chord could search your hand along with your library!
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    double post :/
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