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    Wonder if anyone has read the article:

    Now nothing for nothing I understand the idea of DLC and such. But The amount stated in the article is just god damn insane.

    I tend to agree on the way DLC SHOULD be dealt with like how Totalbiscuit/TotalHalibut(holding back content that was actually going to be in game and working on dlc before the game is even finished) BUT EA/Bioware have lost there damned minds. Any desire to think of getting into Mass effect by getting 1 and 2 before 3 was killed by the way the DLC is being handled that is major story point dlc. Plus the amount of extras for the game via DLC is sick. So am I getting 70% or less of the true game by spending 70ish bucks? How about I go buy a game that doesnt want to slice away at my income for more hours of gameplay.
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    Quote from jonnyjonski
    Edgar and Collasso were both there yesterday and escorted out several times. I didn't witness Edgar getting arrested for stealing backpacks, but I did hear it from several sources. I don't think it will help them with their suspensions showing up there. If the arrest is real, he's out for ever.

    I can't say I'm surprised. Both of them are idiots!

    Welcome to the one and only Edgar that we all know from the Yugioh Regionals and Jumps.
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    Kinda hard to feel sorry when they are chopping peoples heads off on Camera. As far as Im concerned they gave up the rights of fair treatment when they decide to use our dead as a way to rally support and kill the living on Video while sawing off there head slowly.
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    Basic rule of thumb to use to think on. When a Desktop and Laptop share the same specs most cases the laptop will be slightly more money while the desktop is actually better at using the specs. Plus parts are much easier to replace on a desktop then a laptop without wanting to rip your hair out. The ONLY reason to get a laptop is for the fact it takes less space and is portable. Outside of that desktops will always beat out a laptop of same specs. Plus Desktops are much easier to upgrade a part as well.
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    Quote from DestinyHero
    When Legacy season kicks in again you'll see prices spike up again for staples like Wasteland, FoW, etc.

    There is no such thing as "legacy season" Never was. Never will be. When there is a Open every few weeks, tournaments locally in the northeast and europe in any time they decide, and the GPs are spread out. Seasons dont apply.
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    The chances of you making enough money to be noticable is small unless you go full fledge into this. Even then you would have to bring things to the table that others do not have. If your doing this as a hobby have at it and enjoy. If your doing this for the money youll find that ether you can make it or have 0 chance very soon. My Opinion is Not to even do this at all. The fact they brought up the idea to me rings very nasty future bells of "you owe me this for this I did" and such. Plus you need a solid base of followers to always watch and that takes alot of work. Unless you can Make, edit, upload, and come up with new ideas on a daily basis your gonna be way over your head.
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    Quote from LadyLuck
    Just a note, in case it hasn't been stated already (since I'm not digging through 40+ pages): It is explicitly stated in DCI Policy that they do not discuss ongoing investigations with anyone not actually doing said investigation. So if Alex was under investigation, there is no way we're going to know about it at this point. For all we know the DCI's been looking into this for months.

    Another thread showed a link to him being suspended. Thats on the first page of the MTG general section.
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    Quote from UnderwaterGuy
    I hope they do ban brainstorm and that legacy becomes more like vintage.

    We have a very long way to go for that.
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  • posted a message on What happened to Legacy on MTGO?
    People will always complain and will always have an issue. Also Legacy on MTGO is only a shell of its very to the real paper legacy. That and pretty much staples for most legacy decks have no redeemable versions and its very hard to justify spending a ton of money to get said staples when its just a digital version and never be able to get physical.
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    For a group thats against animal cruelty I sure see more from them then most other groups.
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