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    Quote from Draken »
    Any idea if Muddle the Mixture foils will come back down from the stratosphere? Knew I shouldn't have waited on one for my mono U deck...
    When they reprint them.. not the next time they do, but the NEXT time after that.
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    Quote from World_Peace »
    Paper pauper is catching on, largely because of Pucatrade, so "investing" in it is a real thing. I like foil gainlands from Khans block. They're dirt cheap, played like crazy, and will also get soaked up by EDH players. They kind of hit on all cylinders as far as being good penny stocks.

    I honestly would not push foils too hard. Most players are not looking for a big financial investment upfront, so the quest to foil isn't nearly as strong as Cube/EDH/Vintage/Legacy. Just grabbing premodern staples is where I think the best potential money is (or the best "I don't have to pay $5 for that card because I already own one.").
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    People got most of the stuff, but I would also grabs full set of all 10 Khans life-lands. I find myself using them in a lot of decks and they are really cheap ($ investment, no. Play investment, yes!).
    In addition to the cards above, I would grab a full set of:

    Star is expensive, but these are cards that show up in 2-3 "tier 1-1.5" decks.
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    I was missing about $4 worth of stuff for the deck and grabbed it a few days ago. I don't know if it's good or not, but it's combo and it's new. That's enough for me.

    I'll just break apart my Affinity deck to try it out for now, but it looks like it goes 90% Affinity with the board anyway.
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    Quote from Upkeep »
    How well placed is a vanilla 3/4 in the metagame, anyways?
    That's the questions I asked myself that led to me thinking this card won't be high-impact. A lot of decks can crap out 4/4s by the time this thing will be ready to go. Basically pauper is a format where aggressive decks aims to put out a few 4/4s and start swinging on turn 3-4, or they want to weenie spam. A 3/4 deals poorly with both.
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    I'm only looking at two cards at the moment:
    Archangel Avacyn replacing Geist-Honored Monk
    Nahiri's Machinations replacing Eight-and-a-Half-Tails

    Taking 2 white cards and replacing them with multicolored cards is a pretty big thing - it wipes out two solid cards that are playable in 10 multicolored schemes and puts cards that are playable in only 4.
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    Quote from Frogsplosion »
    has everyone forgotten that stupid hydra that is literally half of primeval titan? instant format break, yet again...
    Literally? It doesn't have trample, it only fetches one land upon ETB, and it doesn't grab more lands when it attacks. Thinking of this as "half of primeval titan" is like calling Counterspell half of Double Negative - while technically Counterspell is, it's probably 3-4 times better because cost, effect, and overall place in the game matter a lot.

    This card will see play, but until you can tutor up combos on its own it is NOT Primeval Titan.
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    Quote from Darkninja107 »
    I do like Moldgraf Scavenger, but I think it might be best utilized in a Zoo build. I was originally thinking of using it in a u/g mill, but as Galspanic said, it doesn't work too well with Delve.

    While Dual Shot is pretty neat, I feel Twin Bolt is the better option for Pauper since it has more versatility. Dual Shot can only hit creatures and can only ever kill x/1's. For the one extra mana Twin Bolt hits players, two x/1's or one x/2.

    1 mana vs. 2 mana is huge for burn spells and I can't imagine either seeing play when Forked Bolt is legal. Except, that instant speed "kill 2" for 1 seems solid enough against a ton of decks, and the "kill a Delver" is great against a lot of other decks.
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    That pretty much covers my thoughts on it too. Scavenger has potential to be yet another undercosted beater, but this format has quite a few 4/4s for 2. In Golgari I could see it running along side Angler but it doesn't feel super powerful when you do that since Delve eats Delirium. The R instants are the ones I think I have the best chance of seeing play. Pyre Hound is solid, but 4 mana is a lot... trample and evading burn does help a lot though.

    Not too excited about this as a Pauper set, but I also see the potential for some of the cards working their way into more thematic decks, so that's cool.
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    Nothing so far will make it into any of my Pauper decks. Still holding out hope for that sweet 2 cmc card though.
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