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  • posted a message on [Primer] Blue Moon: UR Blood Moon/Shackles Control
    has chart a course been discussed or tried maybe as a 2 of? been thinking of running as looting to help loot away extra blood moons and emrakul's that get stuck in hand.
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  • posted a message on RG Super Vengevine
    my current list. its won me a fair amount of fnms and a small event
    my current dilemma is bloodghast or not to bloodghast

    the deck isn't as fast as hollowvine build but more resilient and harder to disrupt

    also other SB ideas would be welcome Smile

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from WrenchMind »
    Quote from Max WB »
    What are our answers to death's shadow? I usually just lose against that. I usually do very well at tournaments when I don't see a lot of it.

    Another answer to DS could be Mindcrank, but I don't know if it's worth because works well only against DS... I'd rather add other useful cards in the side

    Bad idea. You can not use it to mill effectively and all it dose is make fuel for snapcasters goyfs and delve creatures. Against deathshadow use deathtouch creatures and heavy removal. ( This is hard before slashing a Color but still doable.) Also running Dryad millitants and scooze (at least three of each in your 75) stops them using their Gy to effectively cast angular and use snapcaster. Which makes up alot of there deck. Because deathshadow decks fall (somewhat) into the "heavy removal mid-range" archtype shapers sactiraty and blossoming defence should also be considered.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Yeah it's been discussed. I chose white instead for path and dromars command. But I encourage you to try black Smile
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    it has alot of uses the big question is are coco or reanimator decks are a real issue for you? i splash white so i use teeg for this job
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Reminds me of anyone one was looking at a similar thing I had a exprement a little while ago in a cat tribal stompy build (using loam lion nacatial and scythe tiger.) If anyone wanted to experiment with tiger I would recommend using Flagstones of Trokair with whitemane lion, and maybe Ramunap Excavator as a kind of land thining effect. Never quite got it working but was a fun Experiment Smile
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro
    with the amount of instants and soc you guys run i would recommend 1 or 2 of any of
    Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Gurmag Angler, Murderous Cut, Tombstalker
    they are just good budget cards that are hard to remove and trade with in combat

    i might also go for Phyrexian Arena over raider. for two reasons it can't be killed easily second the life loss is at a flat rate meaning you wont get any surprises

    duress and Bone Picker may also be worth considering

    oh and anyone playing vexing devil there is no reason not to be playing 4 claim // fame
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  • posted a message on Improve My Delver U/R Deck.
    in order of prices (highest to lowest)

    any fetchland that fetches an island

    shock land Steam Vents

    fast land Spirebluff Canal

    checkland Sulfur Falls

    pain land Shivan Reef

    budget options
    Swiftwater Cliffs
    Highland Lake
    Izzet Guildgate

    utility lands

    Ghost Quarter
    Desolate Lighthouse

    single color
    Ramunap Ruins
    Ipnu Rivulet
    Halimar Depths

    duel color
    manland Wandering Fumarole
    scry land Temple of Epiphany

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Seems like a good strong list. These are the addions I would make that will make it strictly better.
    +1/2 Hashep Oasis over 1/2 forests
    +1 rhonas over one dungrove. (Maybe dungrove in sb)
    +1 green belt -1 tusker (make this your first SB out against burn and tron)
    +2 blossoming defence -1 village -1 tusker

    If you do play copter I recommend 1/2 of hooting mandrils

    Shapers works well against heavy removal control
    Serpopard works well against heavy counter control
    I would consider running 3 blossoming defence in your 75

    I would also consider running another scooze over graft diggers cage in sb and also a second Pithing needle. As the deck has alot of native Gy hate (form scooze and Dryad) I would consider only having 1/2 SB slots for it. As even against dreadge these cards normally do enough damage to win. Would recommend Pulse of Murasa and or Bow of Nylea in one of the relics places.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Ok geral rules for playing first the land base. In your opening hand count the fetches. The fetch the shock with the last fetch. (Unless otherwise needed). Always fetch a shock as drawing a dromars and a path off the top with no white source can be really frustrating.
    Leave the fetches on the feild until you have to sac them (for value) weather it's to counter a removal or trigger a narnam or in your oponets endstep any are fine just don't trigger for no reason as your opponent can take advantage with instant speed removal after you fetch but before you get your land.

    You want at least 2 one drops in opening hand e one is the ideal turn one play followed by 2 one drops turn 2

    Unless you have an e one on the feild that will evolve or an avatar play creatures in second main phase. Not first. As this decks has alot of ways to respond to removeal (bigger nastyer blockers). Unless you're in a race use your pump and hexproof defensively. (Only when you need to touch a goyf or against removal) remember if your carful you can bait removal and play to pump spells on the same creature on the stack) you swing with e one it's unblocked you pump with blossoming defence they try to remove you play a vines ect.

    Ok SB
    Eldrazi tron (it's a hard matchup you have to out race and hate them out) out rampagers, dryads, blossoming defence 2 e ones, Rancor. In gaddock teeg, path, mangle horn, Pithing needle, mandrill, Thrun.
    There are three thing that kill us in this matchup
    chalice (to negate rase your mana cuvre and play less late game one cost spells, mangle horn (its very hard to chalice to stop it) gaddock teeg

    Ballista collur combo. Play vines to stop equip. And Pithing needle to stop ballista or coller. This is the primary use of needle

    Endbringer. kill it or needle it

    Karn, needle and combat pump

    Matter reshaped, path

    All to dust , gaddock teeg.

    Basically play a teeg as early as possible (hopefully before they play a chalice for one) and keep him alive!

    Out rampager, finks, mandrils
    In teeg, dryad.
    Get any hate down early (teeg dryad or scooze)
    Dryad is best as it keeps there Gy empty and stopes them really comboing off

    Teeg stops gifts and past on flames again stoping the combo
    Scooze just picks off the rituals from the Gy and anything else than manages to get in.

    Other good plays (most storm players will only of to the number requered to kill you dromars can negate one of the points of damage. ) Otherwise lots of pressure and agressive play Smile

    out dryad, rampager (although it's bolt proof it's can be horrific if your opornt has edolon down).
    In path, mandrills, finks.

    This is were dromars comes into its own. With this you can negate a burn spell (either anger or Searing Blaze are best targets) and remove a creature or get one of yours outside of burn reach. just watch out for skull crack.

    Just use your fetch and shock consevative way.

    Out rampager, Dryad, mandrills, finks 1 defence
    In choke, Pithing needles, one mangle horn , 2 path

    Simple put you land a needle for vial or mutavault, or a choke down early you win. They can be out raced but it's hard if you haven't landed either of these. Remove the lord's intelligently and you should be fine

    Ad nausum
    Out mandrills and Fink's
    In teeg

    First if you land teeg you win the carnt cast ad nausum
    Scoundly option you race then you use dromars to get rid of Phyrexian Unlife once they have gone to 0 life
    Dromars also for countering lightning storm.
    Just be aware of Pact of Negation
    If this is a common match up I would add another dromars to SB and 2 Guttural response.

    Good luck Smile

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Serpopard is an excellent SB card against decks that run mainboard chalice. As chalice doesn't stop casting it just counters. Also being a big beater makes it superior to veil in my opinion.
    Guttural response
    Eyes of wisent
    Vexing shusher
    All also work

    Also choke (it's doesn't work directly but it dose stop them countering stuff
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    Quote from Davidalb »
    Any chance of playing this deck without Tarmogoyf's? I still don't have that one Frown

    its not as good (and the mana is a little awkward) but i build a budget version using cryptic serpent. its nowhere near as effective as goyf but it did the same thing at a similar size for same cmc but you had to wait another 1-2 turns to cast it
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  • posted a message on Primer: URx Enigma Drake
    Bad and good luck dose happen.
    But I've found the best way to use the deck is to mullagin agressively

    Ideal open hands are
    One land(blue source) opt and another cantrip
    One land(blue source) with an opt and a spell Peirce (against energy only. to stop attune)
    Two lands and a Riddleform or cantrip
    Two lands a creature counter and either another counter spell or a lightning strike.
    Three lands (is rare but happens) and at least 2 spells that are either cantrips or control based

    Don't worry about creatures in opening hand you will draw into them and the longer you can stall the bord the bigger they are.
    The only time when the land configuration can be a issue is when you need a turn three sweltering suns. Buy thankfully this is rare
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  • posted a message on Primer: URx Enigma Drake
    Also 3 crash throught so 15. 13 of which cost 1 CMC and opt isn't a cantrip as it digs 2 not one. And planning digs 3 deep. So you have at least a dig ability of 23 in your cantrips.
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  • posted a message on Primer: URx Enigma Drake
    Exactly And by turn 2 you draw a single card from turn. One from a one cantrip and a second from a turn 2 cantrip.
    Or just play a turn one opt.... Which digs 2 cards deep :/ and what else are you going to do with a single open mana turn one? And all but one of the cantrips are instant speed so you can do them in your oponets endstep. Meaning if you want to cast a counter you can.

    Also that Artical is about Color multiple sources and doesn't actually have a table for lands per hitting 2/3 drops
    might be a better since the info which you need 18 to hit turn 2 with two lands consistently and 19 for a deck with a fue three drops. Oh and these don't account for cantrips at all in first 2 turns.... And so 18 works fine.
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