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Magic Market Index for Sept 22, 2017
The Limited Archetypes of Ixalan
Treasure Cruisin' with Monored Burn
  • posted a message on Stompy
    i've been using a single copy of Life Goes On and a copy of Pulse of Murasa in my sideboard. ive found Life Goes On be better on the whole than Feed the Clan. my build is fairly close to the ground. and very aggro based (only 2 tree drops) and i use 2 mainboard fight removal spells. which means Life Goes On is a lot more consistent to trigger. its also alot harder for decks like burn to respond to. finally against decks like burn and zoo its really easy to play turn two, off them bolting your Ex one or narnems.
    ive slos found a single copy of Pulse of Murasa to be useful due to the card advantage. and it negates 2 bolts which is normally enough to help you win. i also play 3 mainboard scoozes meaning i don't have to worry to much about burn.

    if you're playing a more traditional stompy list with playsets of beloths and 4 more of (in any combination)Dungrove Elder/groundbreaker/rhonas
    and a play set of rancors then Feed the Clan might be more consistent for you.

    hay yeah working on the vengevine lists it what got me thinking about an using Hooting Mandrills in this deck (since i started testing its been an amazing sideboard against delver and jund and el tron)
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    If your going to go the EE route of sac you own creaters for value i would recommend getting a better pay of. Either in a tool box mechanism or a really big beater way (7/7 + kind of big)

    This is something I explored at length about 6mounths ago now. The final deck I came up with was very successful but went a little to far from the original stompy build. It splashes black and blue (in small amounts) for help the deck clock.
    I know its not what you are after but it may give you some ideas of new directions and interactions (it's always worth proxying up and taking along to fnm for some casual games in-between bouts)
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  • posted a message on Torpor Stompy
    Hears a deck I developed a while ago around the same premises

    I never finished the land base. Some creaturs your over looking
    Treacherous Pit-Dweller
    Is an awesome resilient creature as he still gets the undying trigger just to the switch of control.
    Ensoul Artifact turns spare artifacts into massive threats.
    (No point in 2-3 torper orbs /rachet bombs).
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Tron, path are one of the many reasons we play vines. If your having trouble with Lilly and tron type strategies I highly recommend at least some instant speed removal. If there are alot of Lilly's and you need plainswalker hate I would go for hero's downfall. If you need it to take down eldrazi and worms I would go for dismember. Why are you having a problem with people using Gy hate against you? The only Gy interaction you have is via undying and persist. If your splashing black is there a particular reason your running noble hierarchs??? As bird of paradise may work better as the ramp in the relevant colors but when it has a Rancor on it becomes an evasive beater. It may be work you having a look at some Knight of the Reliquary zoo builds. As they do alot of what your trying to do but a more consistently and with more power.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Yeah the budget kind of got lost along the way Frown I hear you on Horizon Canopies when i sore they were getting a reprint and at rare rather than mythic im hoping they will drop down to the 30-35 mark (as they aren't really played in that many decks in modern (at least no tier decks) there are just so fue copies in circulation. ) So been testing with proxy's and in the white splash version they are very very good. If they do go down to the 30 mark I would recommend them over 2 enemy Color fetch lands. As if you get them in opening hand you don't have to fetch a shock up straight away meaning it's a little better in matchups like burn. And the card advantage mid to late game has been worth alot (not $80 alot but maybe 25-30)

    I don't think that Horizon Canopies will be as good in mono green stompy deck as it is in white splash

    You've phrase my thoughts on Old-Growth Dryads exactly. It's definitely a turn 3-5 play not a turn 1-2.

    Yeah I'm still not shore what to cut for dromars but I've been thinking mainboard. The only problem is the 2 cost. I was for a while thinking of dropping one of the paths. Buy decided against in in my meta contains 2 deathshadow 3 eldrazi tron and 2 grixis delvers. And Tasigur, the golden Fang is a horrid to try and fight (most of the time my creatures are will die in the fight with him even with the extra +1+1 counter.

    In a meta with more small creatures or more combo style strategies this is a change I would recommend the change.

    For those playing in metas with lots of control and anger of the god's I also highly recommend Loxodon Smiter in side board. As the resliance against Lillian / bord wipes and counter spells makes home very versatile and easy to utilise.
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  • posted a message on Primer: URx Enigma Drake
    Thanks for your thoughts. Smile Yeah I've gone for 2 Primal Amulet and Nimble Obstructionist as replacement for visions as if you get a amulate on the feild you can out control your opponent (due to your counters being dispelles) and flipped theres not alot your opponent can do. If you use it to cast a lighting strike. (Have been thinking that baral would be very strong with amulate.) And nimble gives use a beater that we can play in our endsetps or opponents upkeep meaning we land a decent evasive beater. Which is what we need against control.

    Unsummon has been critical in aggro matchups as it a one drop instant speed removal. And against glory bring (before the exert trigger) can be pretty brutal for your opponent. Also deals with hazorat.

    I'm not convinced about Search for Azcanta in this shell it feels like it wants a more control based shell.

    Loving insult // injury. (My pre rotation build used things in the ice so wasnt very effective then. But not i can see it being brutal (especially with crash through.)
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  • posted a message on Fleet Swallower - Wired [IT]
    its a good backup for the 5 drop in a Fraying Sanity combo decks. as once either of them attack you win with Fraying Sanity on the field you win on their draw step. feels like it would fit in a control build as a 2 of
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    New Possible addion. Similar to scooze but more aggressive. Not shore its strong anuf. If it cost one less or got +1+1 counters it may well have been a contender. Might be right in some sideboards (against burn ) as exiling guids for +two life is quite nice. As is exile a bolt for +1+1 but without it being a 3 defence it still does to everything. It really is a shame it dies to any burn blocker or bolt spell Frown

    Deathgorge Scavenger

    Shame would have been interesting with hexproof
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Maybe a one or 2 of as it's good but the downside is huge. (View it like running dismembers if you play one at the right time it's can win you the game, if you play 3-4 of them they will kill you strait out) personally I will just be playing a single copy (over loam lion).
    This is because the downside is small in the late game (after they reach 5-6 lands they don't really care about a 7th and several decks just won't have a basic left to fetch. ) But early game it gives fast decks a turn2/3 win so this is a mid/late game card only.
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    after testing, for those with 8+ fetchlands, i've found that a single copy of Hooting Mandrills can do alot of work. it adds another bolt/push proof creature for our roster with very little/no downside.

    this obviously isn't the case for decks not running fetchlands.
    for those running a white splash i've found that a second temple gardens is more useful that a gardens and a plains. as drawing into that planes can be really bad early game.

    for those that queried about burn and bloodmoon matchups.
    burn has become a favorable matchup after a white splash. even with the life loss from fetchs/shock between ooze/ and Dromoka's Command (which is immense when used against Searing Blaze) with a couple more life gain spells have been enough to pull me through to win even on the draw.

    decks that SB bloodmoon very very rarly bring it in against me as, if i know/suspect they run it i just fetch/play 2 forest as with these i can cast anything in the deck (save the 5 white spells) which can always be done before bloodmoon resolves. secondly as long as you fetch/play a forest early game there is very little blue moon can do to stall your game the blood moons are fairly ineffective, they only run 4 bolts (+ snap casters) and there wincons just don't work very well against us (shackles : our biggest meanest creature can't attack or block while on there side of the field. and most of our stuff is happy to trade.) against batterskull we are to fast, against madcap emperion we have deathtouch and fight spells (and in W splash case paths) and against emrakul..... we try.... desperately to to let them. ( to be fair because we are not always taking +5 damage from lands (normally 2-4 in a high fetch deck) we can survive a emrakul swing with breach, and as we only generally need one land for most of the deck to work we can keep hitting pretty much straight after.

    i am currently playing one loam lion and two millantants. im still not settled on number of old dryad(being added in ixalan), dryad militant /loam lions yet (although one of these slots as been taken by mandrills as stated above.

    Dromoka's Command has been play ins well i'm considering going up to 4 in the 75 due to its ability to stop anger of the gods.

    hope this is useful for people
    to see full decklist please look in my footer for link
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  • posted a message on Serum Visions vs Opt? You Choose
    In control opt is now the best choice (as you can leave mana open for counter spells and still cantrip if you don't need to) . In storm and other combo decks visions is still best
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  • posted a message on RG Super Vengevine
    There's definitely a deck around playing hard to cast powerful creatures. Using things like Coco and aeither vial. But vengevines stop these ways of getting around the problem. I also feel that if this kind of deck was to work it would most likely be 4-5 Color (white and blue have some interesting flyer options) I encourage your to brew but I think for vengevine build Coco and vial types of plays are unfortunately not really viable Frown
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  • posted a message on RG Super Vengevine
    maybe. i have been trying to get a version of this with either delirium or death shadow working for a while. but honestly i dont think its as balanced ithe the power/speed ratio as the zoo build. and even with a claim package to make looting aggressively more viable ive not found a hollow one versions that i like. i will say that vexing devil / claim package is very strong and i feel should be something worth considering. claim does make the deck more consistent (especially superion) but you also have to go jund.
    i also agree with and would like to highlight your choice of singletons of Legion Loyalist and greenbelt rampager.

    im still not quite sold on commune as this is the slot i use for claim but i can see the appeal (never thought to use it with the Cartouche of Zeal).

    i will say to those running a hollow one build with 8 hasty one drops a single copy of Legion Loyalist is worth a look as the trample/first strike haste combo and token evasion is a very strong ability but you never want more that one per game.(but you definitely want one of your third/fourth guild/spear)
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  • posted a message on RG Super Vengevine
    I really like the build. Personally I would play 2-3 claims in your build as the make deathshadow a discard card rather than trying to keep in hand. I would also possibley consider dismembers as another form of life loss and removal. And finally I would consider 2 vexing devils over bolt. When the deal damage they deal it bigger and they are a nice big beater (also casting triggers for vine. And if you decide on running it they are good claim targets.) To run these I would drop 2 bolts 2 carthatic reunions and 1 lavamacer. And perhaps a battle rage. (Will have to test this my self. Also liking the grisslebrand idea Grin )
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