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The Magic Market Index for Jan 12, 2018
Treasure Cruisin' Tempered Steel
The Magic Market Index for Jan 5, 2018
  • posted a message on UGx Spirits
    Hello there!
    If you looked at 7/15 SCG Cincinnati open results, you would have probably noticed a deck that made 20th place:

    And then I said, what an interesting idea! So I went for some games and it has been quite well performing so far.
    One of the points that baffled me, however, was to splash white only for Tamiyo. I get it that you CAN try to run other white cards (such as Spell Queller or Bygone Bishop), but it struck me as an odd solution, so I decided to cut white altogether by swapping Tamiyo for Blue/Green Nissa and making some changes to the manabase. Here is what I have made so far: (the sideboard is still a bit of a work-in-progress)

    I'm a big fan of tempo decks and the variety of playstyles that this one presents is very delightful. Not to mention that the Werewolf+Spirit plan, which might seem a bit ambitious, actually goes very well with the no-spell flip mechanic.
    Since some of you may ask, why no Tireless Tracker? While I admit it's probably the strongest green card in the format and it is very good as a standalone card, sadly does not mesh well together with what the rest of the deck is trying to do, plus I don't think it will help cover any of the bases that aren't already covered by something else.

    Frozen Fire
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  • posted a message on [New Info] Magic panel at San Diego comic-con 2014
    Well, I'm impressed, but I'm also a bit confused.
    1. While the Wedge block was a long time request, I saw many people calling for it now as well as many others saying it was too soon. I'm not much of a fan of multicolor limited environments and time will tell if this decision of making another gold block just two years after the last one could be good enough. (Even if my bet is that players will buy/play it anyway since we can argue that Theros had slightly more mechanical failures than RTR, but it actually sold more due to an increase of overall player base)
    2. 40 promos? Overkill. While it makes the prerelease concept a bit less clunky (having to fight an opposition that played 1 of 5 rares, some of them over/underpowered, etc.), again, time will tell if the cost of making 40 different promos rather than 5 will be rewarded properly.
    3. Ar-khan-is! Ha-Ha! Lame.
    4. Morph is returning. Cool! PSA: The Levine Trench is warming up the engines. Always reveal your face down cards when they leave the battlefield or at the end of each game. Failure to do so may result in a Game Loss.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Picture of Avarice Amulet
    Bonus Fact: If you equip this to a commander and then you put he/she/it in the command zone when he/she/it would die then the ability won't trigger.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    Hey people,
    I was toying around a list with white splash, what do you think about Ephara, God of the Polis as a 1/2 of? The biggest strike against this card is that it's slow and by the time it comes in you already dropped most of the threats. However, I'd like to point out the fact that in a creature-heavy deck such as this one you can have many additional cards, especially because you can use the Vial to draw every turn. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [New Info] [Update 2/13/2014: Announced!] Magic: The Gathering - Conspiracy
    Allow me a moment of ignorance, but didn't a developer say at the 2013 Fall Pro Tour that Modern Masters 2 was going to happen in summer 2014? Does anyone remember that quote or I'm completely misguided?
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  • posted a message on Extended officially being retired
    Quote from Falkor
    While I know that Modern had for all purposes supplanted Extended as a sanctionable format before this official announcement, it leaves me to wonder about how much support Wizards actually gave to Extended.

    For example, would Extended have been a viable format moving forward if they did not limit it to the previous four years, but kept it at seven?

    Would Extended have been a viable format with more card support like an Extended Masters?

    Would Extended have been a viable format if they had more balanced Standard decks for a number of years in a row, rather than dominance based on specifically pushed mechanics like Affinity, Cascade, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor?

    With the love that Modern receives, it is no wonder that it is more successful than Extended, but I will always wonder if Extended really deserved more of a chance.

    Sadly, this. They tried to "fix" extended multiple times, but it jumped from an old glory to a random series of broken things (Dark Depths Thopter and so forth) to the point that the player base was thrown off. It was never more than something you pickup for the PTQ season and then you leave it until the next year.

    After they decided to get Modern into PTQ seasons, this choice doesn't surprise me that much, aside from the "why didn't they do it already?" thought.

    But! You know what's the best part of this? Tom LaPille is Wrong again! LOL!

    Modern is not intended to permanently replace any existing format.
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  • posted a message on [[DOTP]] DOTP - Sealed and New Cards
    Now, the great question is: will they add M14 boosters or a special dumbed down DotP expansion? (For example, M14 has planeswalker cards and I don't know if they will jump this obstacle in DotP)
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] DailyMTG Previews 4/8: Ral Zarek, Melek Izzet Paragon & Split cards with Fuse
    Must... resist... commander comments...

    On Ral, here's my two cents: it's a card designed for tempo decks. It untaps a land (more resources), defies a blocker, can dish out a somewhat constant stream of damage and does a relative boost to the flow of the game in order to finish it. Not a control tool like Jace 4.0 and we're getting away from a planeswalker design in which all you need to do is sit back and +1 it to finish the game. Will it be good enough? Hard to tell, but it's nothing to sneeze at.

    Funny that the "From your hand" clause of Fuse rewards Omniscience players but punishes epic experiment and snapcaster mage, probably ruling fuse+flashback is quite hard. Another fun fact: on MTGS we often joke by toying every mechanic into kicker or split cards. R&D now brings it to the next level, putting entwine (kicker) ON split cards.
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  • posted a message on [New Info] You Make The Card 4 Weeks 3 & 4: Enchantment Color
    Well, I supported land because if it's going to suck, it won't waste a spell slot, now I'll go with "Meh". Also, incredible how people really got caught into something so easily altered and unreliable as an online poll.
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  • posted a message on [New Info] You Make The Card 4 Week 2: Card Type Run Off
    I chose Land all the way. At least if it's going to be Vanish Into Memory bad, it won't waste a spell slot.
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  • posted a message on The 4th Pro Tour
    It was a normal thing a bunch of years ago. After YEARS of MTG thriving on an active balance at its all-time best, it's nice to have something back. Now let's just hope on something better than WMCQs for 2014.
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  • posted a message on So, this is Gatecrash. Final Thoughts?
    Reply Time!

    Quote from mysticc
    I think you've underestimated the rares in the set.

    Comments on the ones you listed

    +Godless Shrine
    +Watery Grave
    +Sacred Foundry
    +Stomping Ground
    +Breeding Pool
    +Assemble the Legion - It's still debatable whether this is constructed worthy. I'd say it's too slow, but I won't discount it either.
    +Blind Obedience - I think it's actually pretty bad and isn't going to do what everyone thinks it will do

    +Boros Reckoner
    +Frontline Medic - I think it's actually a 3/3 for 3 with two abilities that will not trigger or be relevant some of the time and players will wish they had something better for 3 mana instead half of the time.
    +Merciless Eviction - too much mana

    +Soul Ransom
    +Spark Trooper - too many first-strikers and double-strikers in the format to make this viable right now.

    The ones I didn't bold I agree with.

    Aurelia's Fury will get played for more than the first month. I disagree with Brad Nelson here.

    Obzedat, Ghost Council will get played in esper control.

    Nightveil Specter may see some play. It has promise.

    Clan Defiance is awesome.

    Domri Rade is awesome.

    Glaring Spotlight will be played in the sideboard.

    That's still probably weaker than RtR, but I'm trying to provide a counter-balance.

    I've specifically made a list of rares excluding mythics, like I did with RTR. So I purposely left off Domri Rade, Obzedat, Aurelia's Fury, etc. because previous set experience tells us that the true potential of the set doesn't lie in single mythic bombs, but in an overall goodness of the rares that you're going to open for the majority of time.

    For the rest, that was my opinion, thus I didn't consider that much noteworthy Clan's Defiance (does the format need another X spell like that?) and Nightveil Specter (It's not from the hand, but from the top. Also, you still have to pay the costs for the card and the blue/black decks aren't that popular compared to midrange decks).

    Quote from empathogen
    And to the OP-
    I think I'll actually *play* with these cards before forming "Final Thoughts".

    Final thoughts on the spoiler season, initial thoughts on the cards. Smile

    Quote from Spazik008
    I get the feeling that every time a new set comes out somebody complains that it wasn't as good as the last set.

    Not exactly. In my opinion, SOM was better than MBS, but not that great compared to NPH. All those three and DKA are worse than ISD AND AVR, which, in turn, is worse than ISD as well. I seriously doubt that they will make Dragon's Maze worse than Gatecrash at this point. OMG

    One last point on Cipher, I'd agree with the majority that Development played it too safe this time, like they did with a good bunch of Flashback cards in ISD.
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  • posted a message on So, this is Gatecrash. Final Thoughts?
    Hello everyone and welcome to the sixth edition of Final Thoughts, in which we get to discuss the expansion as a whole as soon as it's fully spoiled, with a particular look on Limited power level of each color, Mythics, Rares and Top commons/uncommons of the set. (In case you're interested, you can find RTR Final Thoughts, along with the past ones, here)

    -Aurelia's Nuclear Bomb
    -Aurelia, the Troublemaker
    -Borborygmos the Fatty
    -Nonsense Angel
    -Little Domri
    -The WTF doublesided confidant
    -Enter the whacky combos
    -Obligatory Green Timmy Beef
    -Gideon, Champion of Tempo (sort of)
    -The Obligatory Dragon Quota, this time appearing as a rejected SOM design (Seriously, thinking about how much the sells of magic sets depend on these things scares me quite a bit.)
    -Lazav, the Random Cloner
    -Lord of the Timmies
    -Matt Nass's new love interest
    -Obzedat, Blinking Council
    -Prime Advantage Zegana

    Overall in the same realm as RTR, mythic speaking, with the only exception that planeswalkers seem less splashy that the previous ones (Gideon is nowhere near Jace 4.0). However, the department in which GTC is surprisingly lacking is the rares. My analysis of RTR counted 23 non-mythic rares that I would have been happy to open, either for value or for a bit of trust in constructed playability. That expectation has been since evolved, and Running Tally data tells us that 8 mythics and 14 rares are now worth 3$ or more in RTR. Which is still pretty cool. What happens with GTC rares? (Remember, I count rares either for value or for constructed trust)

    +Godless Shrine
    +Watery Grave
    +Sacred Foundry
    +Stomping Ground
    +Breeding Pool
    +Assemble the Legion
    +Blind Obedience
    +Boros Reckoner
    +Frontline Medic
    +Merciless Eviction
    +Soul Ransom
    +Spark Trooper

    12. 7 excluding obvious Shocklands. And some of them are even stretched into this list. Am I missing something? Probably the biggest impact was the removal of a constructed-oriented cycle, the Uncounterable ones, to be replaced with limited/EDH fatties that will probably be totally overpowered in that format. (Who knows, maybe they will be banned in three months) I get that they need to embrace other audiences as well, but this added a whole decrease of power level feeling from RTR to GTC that makes you feel that GTC guilds are at least slightly inferior to RTR ones, even if I still think we'll see 1-2 cards per guild in constructed, as always. Without making another list, we still have a bunch of commons/uncommons that will have a long term playability, so that's still a good point.

    In conclusion, this set seems better than DKA, but seems worse than RTR. I'll again renew the feeling of bad simplicity of commons and uncommons (Original RAV block had more interesting simple effect before NWO stuff) as well as random shockland arts decision.

    Frozen_Fire Smile
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Skullcrack
    Interestly enough, this nerfs the new gideon as well. (Like it needed to be nerfed on the first place...)
    You can choose to redirect the damage to Gideon. If Gideon is a creature, the clause "Prevent all damage" doesn't apply anymore AND, due to the P/T linked to the loyalty, he will shrink in size! LOL.
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Simic Fluxmage
    Interesting. Evolve rewards Curvy decks and players that perfectly curve out the whole game, which is the exact opposite of the actual RTR format (GTC is standalone until DGM), in which you just throw the beef on the table. However, I do have the feeling that things will crumble horribly if you draw these creatures on the wrong moment, which is not where you want to be with your creatures in limited.
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