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  • posted a message on [RIX] Peasant cube spoilers from Rivals of Ixalan
    Probably just the two cards for me, 2/1 white guy and Ravenous Chupacabra
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  • posted a message on [RIX] Peasant cube spoilers from Rivals of Ixalan
    Enter the Unknown

    G - Sorcery - target creature gains exlore, you may play an additional land this turn

    Seems decent
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    I very much support this archetype and it works very well... usually B/W/r
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  • posted a message on [XLN] Ixalan in Peasant Cubes (Uncommons/Commons only)
    I was thinking about that swap, but haven't made it yet... will cube tomorrow with 6+ people, hopefully see some good new cards in action
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  • posted a message on Average MTG Salvation Peasant cube
    Good work man, very interesting read and useful list(s) to look at
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  • posted a message on Peasant Cubetutor / MTG Salvation Threads
    Its nice seeing peoples cubes that don't have lists in their sigs
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  • posted a message on Peasant Cubetutor / MTG Salvation Threads
    Time to start drafting your cubes, well tonight...
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  • posted a message on Peasant Cubetutor / MTG Salvation Threads
    I don't think there is a comprehensive list or thread of Peasant cube lists. I like looking through lists so thought I would start this thread.

    Feel free to post your cubetutor list or mtg salvation thread for your cube.

    My cubetutor link:
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from gsethi999 »
    Ok, I know this may have been asked like a million times, but I'd love to know about each of YOUR Simic sections in your cubes. My one is currently ramp (basically non existent, unless the drafter splashes Black for Reanimator, or White for a Blink Value archetype), and I'm considering shuffling over to flash or Pants.

    I definitely support the draw/go option for simic, I try to include the better flash G and U cards, and my simic cards are all flash or instant cards. It's not drafted all that often, but its one of the lesser seen archetypes while drafting. It's hard to pick up on the "draw/go or flash" theme from a couple of cards.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2017 Peasant Spoiler Thread
    Mirror of the Forebears {2}
    Artifact || uncommon
    As Mirror of the Forebears enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
    {1}:Until end of turn, ~ becomes a copy of target creature you control of the chosen type, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from majikian »
    On a somewhat related note, is there an elf tribal deck available to us? Possible pay-offs including:

    Dwynen's Elite
    Imperious Perfect
    Lys Alana Huntmaster (too slow?)
    Priest of Titania
    Wirewood Hivemaster
    Wirewood Symbiote
    Shaman of the Pack (too narrow?)
    Timberwatch Elf

    Supported by Llanowar Elves variants etc. and making sure you run other elf creature options where available/reasonable (Civic Wayfinder over Borderland Ranger kinda thing). Thoughts?

    I think its close, but not enough support yet... a few more solid cards and I think it would be possible... I run 10 elves right now and I could only seeing the point of adding maybe 5 of these cards which I think are worth their value without being tribal.
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  • posted a message on Conception of a Podcast - Interview yourself
    Who are you?
    I'm Kevin and I am an analytical chemist. I live in Canada and cube mtg.

    How long have you had a cube?
    3 years

    Why pauper?
    I actually have a peasant cube, but I liked this idea so I thought I would reply anyway.
    I play peasant because I love the limited experience. I think that there are some rare cards that are just bombs. Cards that if you are lucky enough to get passed or picked up in opening packs, you just win the game. I think having just commons and uncommons brings down that power enough that you can make a relatively even power level between all the different colors and guilds, but at the same time you get access to very powerful strategies that you can design your cube around if you like. Also, lets be honest, way cheaper than a power cube too. Which the latter may have been why I initially chose to make a peasant cube, but now that I have my cube refined to my liking, I prefer the peasant cube restriction.

    What Pauper archetype does not work, or needs more love?
    Peasant archetype that I would like to work, but I don't think is there yet is enchantment matters. I like playing cards that are versatile, cards that can work in many different types of decks, but can also shine in a archetype specific to its subtype. Something like storm is an archetype that is under powered and needs more love, but I feel its payoff cards and even support cards are not very versatile. Each of them on their own is very weak, almost unplayable and will usually end up in the sideboard. Enchantments that have powerful effects (e.g. sylvan library, oblivion ring, land tax, etc...) can shine in a number of decks, but could really make an enchantments matter deck very strong. I just don't think there are enough of those versatile cards with strong enchantment matters pay offs for those support cards cannot find places in my cube right now. Compared to other weaker archetypes, something like +1/+1 counters matter decks, the enchantment matters decks are almost laughable in my opinion.

    What is one area of your cube you feel is worth brining to the spotlight?
    I play a lot of GY matters cards. I like using the graveyard, library and life total as means to play cards and win games. I think it makes the drafting experience more challenging and more rewarding. In the end, it may require playing some cards that are just slightly worse of alternate versions of those cards, but still strong none-the-less. This may make the cube over all slightly less powerful when compared to other peasant cubes as I try to support different archetypes. UB is a reanimator archetype. It uses cards like thirst for knowledge, careful study, frantic search and different looters to search for the missing tool pieces by drawing lots of cards in my deck, but then also get other necessary cards in my graveyard. I use black reanimate spells, like reanimate, exhume, animate dead and other enchantment reanimate spells to get those creatures out of my graveyard and onto the battle field. I have had a turn 2 plated crusher before and it was glorious. GB is a graveyard matters archetype, the main payoff card is worm harvest and has a lot of support cards like grisly salvage, nyx weaver, satyr wayfinder, commune with the gods and different dredgers to get cards into the graveyard. Use cards with flashback, retrace, or cards like baloth null to play those cards from the GY. UR is spells matter, but plays some flashback cards and a payoff card like rise from the tides and soon cryptic serpent.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet Spoilers & Downgrade thread
    Wow, so like most everyone else, tons of cards I like. Probably ended up the most cards I have ordered from one set, although I won't be playing/testing them all right away. I will be moving my cube from 380-390 as I am finding it a lot harder to find cuts that I like and my play group has become a lot larger so I want a little more variation in the drafts.


    Cast Out - I like this card more than a lot I think. In a bind the cycle could be very strong, but always a back up to the strength of this removal.

    Vizier of Deferment -> Stonecloaker - I think this card is interesting enough to test, conditional for sure, but I think it will work out most of the time, worst case scenario I cannot setup my blink target well enough but I can blank one of my opponents attacks.

    Devoted Crop-Mate - I don't think this card will make the cut, I don't play timely hordemate and I think this card is about on par with that one. Picked up a copy though.

    Trial of Solidarity - I think this is the best go wide pump in white in a long time. Yes, its a sorcery speed card, but +2/+1 vigilance for 3 mana is pretty good imo. Will test.

    Trueheart duelist -> Syndic of Tithes - I think the duelist will fit in more decks than the Syndic. Nice easy switch.


    Angler Drake - I think the card is strong and would play decently well, but I already have so many man o' war like cards and usually my wu blink or tempo decks are doing more broken things by the time this creature would hit the board. Picked this up in case I bring my cube up to 450+

    Cryptic Serpent - I think this will be a super strong card, will work in any blue deck, but in spells matter just another finisher. I don't doubt that this card will hit the table for 2 mana many times.


    Baleful Ammit - I am not sure how to evaluate the creatures with this add x -1/-1 counters to one of your creatures yet. I think I like this one the most out of all of them. Black has a lot of creature recursion and GY interaction, so this might get the first test and if the counters work out most of the time I might try some more.

    Bone Picker - The card seems great if you can get the "morbid" trigger, mediocre if you cannot. Not sure I have a spot for this card right now, but picked up a copy anyway.

    Supernatural Stamina - I think I want another one of these effects, not sure though. Will evaluate my black section and see if I can fit this. 50/50 right now.


    Bloodrage Brawler - This card is super hyped by a lot of people, I won't be playing it right away as I don't have a huge red GY theme and I think this discard will hurt a lot more than the extra 1 power will help.

    Ahn-Crop Crasher - Seems great, I use to play the 2/1 haste with enter the battlefield cannot block, took it out because after its initial strike it didn't do much. The fact that this card has haste and you can choose to exert or not is great. You can also use the ability multiple times (even though every other turn) seems strong.

    Bloodlust Inciter - I think this card can lead to some strong plays, I will likely test it out, but I can see it being cut relatively quickly


    Crocodile of the Crossing / Defiant Greatmaw / Exemplar of Strength - Again, I don't know how to evaluate these cards yet, I picked them up because I could see some of them joining my cube, but for now they are going to stay in my binder. Will likely test the black one and go from there.

    Manglehorn - I like the card, but not as much as reclamation sage, if my cube increases in size or becomes a lot more artifact center could see this coming in.

    Shefet Monitor - Everything my green decks want. Ramp, GY, big creature. Love it. Come on in and join your brother.

    Scaled Behemoth - Yep, right in. Another hexproof big dude, I think this solidifies my green ramp targets and reanimate targets. I have a lot of cards that make either an impact when it hits the table or is very hard to remove. Makes the pay off of these strategies worth it.


    Honored Crop-Champion - IMO best card of the set. Boros needed a card like this and I think this will deliver.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    How do you guys feel about mainboarding 1x Padeem?
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  • posted a message on [Peasant Cube]Kaladesh Spoilers for Peasant Cubes. (A Peasant Cube Thread. For Peasant Cubers.)
    Quote from BrownDog5117 »
    Speaking of Volt Charge... we can proliferate energy right?

    I believe it is a player with a counter
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