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    This may have been brought up, but I didn't see a thread in the last 2 months so I thought I would put it here.


    I noticed while I was pumping out eBay auctions for my wife's toy business that her plush dolls were costing the same price to ship as TCG auctions and pins so I did a little research.

    Several years ago USPS made a change to charge the same rate for all parcel business (tracking) between 1-3 oz. As more and more buyers demanded tracking and "I didn't get it" fraud increased the small bubble mailer w/ toploaders became the default upgrade from the plain envelope (PWE).

    This latest upgrade makes all packages up to 8oz $2.60. This is a boon for people who want to ship out full decks and lots up to about 100 cards, but hurts people wanting tracking in the $10-20 range for singles.

    From the USPS standpoint it makes perfect sense. The bulk of the cost of handling these packages is in scanning them not weight or volume.

    What do you think about these changes?
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    I'm surprised there isn't a bigger thread for this app. It is relatively addicting. I haven't figured out how to play with any other planeswalkers than Nissa even though I have them unlocked. Do the origin stories unlock with them?
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    I would look at some of the draft archetypes (if it's only DTK and FRF) and then try to see if they fill out to 60 cards. IE what makes this deck tick. Sometimes that means in draft a build around me uncommon, but since in constructed you have access to playsets of the rares they fill those spots instead.
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    Quote from Teysa_Karlov »
    Quote from rickster_ »
    Well psychobabble's article touches on why it did poorly, they removed a lot of events, then postponed block events till 3 weeks after the set came out. There's no confidence in the format, it never got to build an audience when they kept changing the schedule. No one knew when the format would be a DE format unless they closely followed their terrible website. The format was fine during ISD, RTR and THS blocks. They made it do poorly.

    This. They killed the dailys. We thought Lee Sharpe would be good for MTGO. So far everything that matters to the players is on deaf ears and everything that matters to WotC's bottom line is what's up.

    First they came for the Singleton Players and I said nothing. Then they came for the Momir Players and I said nothing. Then they came for the Pauper players and I said nothing. Now they came for me. (Actually I did complain about Pauper. It's the gateway to Eternal that doesn't cost $500.)

    Apparently standard is rotating so fast now that we're expected to keep up. The payout on 2 Mans is so bad now that it's not worth it. I bet if they got rid of 2 mans and actually brought back leagues the marginalized formats would fire. The only people playing 8 mans are qp grinders and they want the queue that fires fastest. Standard.

    What happened to Momir Basic?

    Their official answer was the variance was too high to be a competitive format. Basically they didn't like having to give out QPs for it and the 8 mans didn't really fire. At least Pauper requires some new cards. Momir requires nothing but entry fees so it gets regulated to the 2 man queues.

    WotC isn't acknowledging the real problem which is that the client change plus $25 redemption fee have had major economic impacts. AKA people are quitting. That's why the queues aren't firing. Grinders will play whatever fires fastest. Standard. There used to be enough other people to give those of us who don't want to play only standard a choice, but now they aren't around.
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    Quote from DrewL217 »
    Quote from sirgog »
    ... well that ended quickly.

    Yes, the prize support switch over is a welcome change. A bit depressing it took them this long to figure it out (MODO is such a pure supply-and-demand driven market), but this should keep pack prices reasonable for the next month.

    Wizards knows for the most part with the exception of new players (which are few and far between these days) they sell tix and redemptions in their online store. With all the cashing out that's going on there are a surplus of both tix and cards right now. The bots have absorbed it because the big chains have pretty deep pockets (and speculators have gobbled the rest).
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    Quote from turlockmike »
    The new standard is basically block. With two rotations occurring a year instead of one and blocks only having 2 sets (1 Large 1 small), block was effectively killed off.

    The problem now is that in the past you could look at block to get an early glimpse at future constructed, now it's gone.

    Don't forget your cards weren't going to rotate for a year so you could sell them at peak times.
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    FRF as a whole I don't like, but those mythics you mentioned are absolute specs. The odds that one of them doesn't double next year is very low. The set paradigm for when these cards will max is really weird though. I'm guessing since the set will rotate around this time next year that it will max early say around October. That means THS cards will tank faster as people need money. I'm also thinking the reason these cards haven't spiked yet is people just don't have the cash. They are strapped thin from DTK coming out so fast.
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    Welp, at least MTGO is finally changing the payouts after today's downtime (no more KTK boosters!!). Now we can actually play constructed queues without losing tons of money.

    KTK singles should be to the way up as well.

    A full set has gone up about 3 tix in the last week mostly in the fetches and mythics. Windswept Heath (thanks to Dromoka's Command) is up nearly half a tic from it's low. If you haven't got your fetches to play, do it now. Zen fetches were actually lower as a set than these. You could pull a whole playset of Zen fetches for about $45 while the set was in print.
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    Quote from KnickM »
    Quote from Eryops »
    Okay, here's an interesting question - I had my first empty envelope sent to me from PucaTrade. The side was open, and thankfully it was only an Earthquake (40 points) (don't ask me why someone is sending points worth less than the cost of a stamp).

    Anyhoo... they sent it in a pink envelope, so that even makes me wonder more - are there postal people out there getting wise to the increase of Magic cards getting swapped via USPS? Or was it a 'non-white envelope therefore something valuable inside' thing? Is it the probability of finally getting a sliced envelope catching up to me? Anyone else experience this? What makes me think it's the pink envelope is that the sender said I wasn't the first to have this happen to them. Also, the glue on the envelope was really cheap, so it could be that the envelope just came apart and the card slipped out.

    Weird anyways.

    It always irks me when someone writes on the envelope what the contents are. I trust my local mailman, but there are a lot of postal service employees, and if one of them plays Magic, I don't want them tempted when they see "UL Tropical Island" written on an envelope.

    However, I wouldn't blame that on a human. I've had several envelopes sliced open over the years, and the cards are always still there (except for one case in which the seller really stuffed a PWE full of cards, and then they were all lost when the envelope tore). It's probably a machine error.

    Machines do eat cards. In my experience small envelopes get eaten more than large ones and get delayed because they have to be hand sorted more often.

    The lowliest paid postal employee makes enough in half a day to buy a UL trop so they aren't risking a job and that took 3 months to a couple years to get plus jail time by stealing mail. I know most of the heavy traders/ mtg purchasers in town (I see where the packages are coming from) and usually go out of my way to make sure people get their cards.
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    Quote from Dio »
    What if they let you redeem online packs of standard sets for paper ones?

    That would rock. Of course I don't see it happening because of LGS business, but you know the price of Khans wouldn't be 1.9 if you could redeem them. Of course if they charged $25 for this service the price of packs would only floor at $2.10 because dealers could still get theirs from wholesalers and anyone can buy a box of Khans for around $100.
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