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  • posted a message on Good 6 month spec targets?
    Quote from xger
    Quote from DrewL217
    You do some real yeomen's work following all those TWoo decks, rickster. I know it's where the fast-turn-around speculations are, but I just can't stay on top of it as fast as the market changes.

    Flashback drafts announced for April:

    Most relevant is probably Lorwyn block and Shadowmoor block; something like Fulminator Mage may come down a bit since there's two packs of Shadowmoor opened in those drafts. Those two blocks are pretty decent with rare values, in general (especially Shadowmoor with the filer lands in Eventide). Time Spiral block may or may not temporarily dip Tarmogoyf's price (I am betting on "not").

    It'll probably dip some, but a buck off a hundred won't feel like much. As far as speccing goes, the flaskback drafts will likely drop mindcensor a fair bit. A lot of people will draft TPF for the environment plus the goyf lottery.

    That would be good. I only have 2. What are some other hot modern commons from tsp?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] [BNG] Junk Reanimator
    What would you name it? BGw Dredge? I know that the reanimation strat is secondary, but it seems to me that its good to have.
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  • posted a message on Looking for FTV Ancient Tomb x2. Know of any site that may have them?
    Last time I checked, wish lists are not version specific. That might be a change, but last time I tried it I think it picked cards from several versions if they were available.
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  • posted a message on Theros Discussion (cards and boosters)
    Quote from DrewL217

    When looking at sleepers, what do you think of Ashen Rider? It's starting to crop up a decent amount in THS Block events; Satyr Wayfinder and Commune with the Gods fill the graveyard and Whip of Erebos and Rescue from the Underworld reanimate it, while there is enough mana acceleration to reliably hit 8-mana and hard cast it. I think it's still missing a piece for standard (namely, a way to discard it from hand), but the shell of a deck is there and, if Junk reanimator from last season is any indication (with Ashen Rider filling the role of a weaker Angel of Serenity), it might be a viable deck in standard. Seems like a good spec for a sub-2 ticket mythic.

    It has several ways to discard it from hand in block (Thoughtsieze yourself for one). I actually like this card and I think he'll play in the next standard after DRS rotates. Reanimator could be a thing again and he's perfect with his live/die clause.

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  • posted a message on Selling tix
    Quote from wilmheath
    Quote from Vamp1r
    What's the going rate for selling Tickets for actual money to legit bots.
    I know it varies between around .88/tix to .94 but I can't remember for the like of me who is buying them nor the price.

    We pay .90 and pay via check or paypal. Your rate seems about right but there is usually more risk when you get up to the .94 level as I haven't seen any of the big buyers paying that.

    Didn't you guys used to pay 0.94 ea before they shut down dailies? I'm guessing there are plenty of tix in the system if nobody has stepped up to pay more, either that or volume is lower so you don't need to buy as many cards.
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  • posted a message on Is MTGO finally being recognized as completely inadequate?
    Promo Goyf Next Please? Lol.
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  • posted a message on Ethics of arranged results
    Quote from Kingyoshi1989
    I've done it in a final 2 table before with a friend, I couldn't use the byes on offer for 1st place and he could so I threw the last round so he could win the match/event.

    Am I a bad guy?

    Yes because that's collusion. However there is nothing wrong from just conceding to give him the byes.
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  • posted a message on Last draft round opponent drops?!
    Quote from LokiMill
    Never been in this situation. But I was in a daily and won my first 3 games, and lost the final one when it cut out. will I get rewarded for going 3-1 still?

    I was. The whole tournament crashed while I was 3-0 going into round 4. It never came back. I got 6 packs.

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  • posted a message on Ethics of arranged results
    Almost everyone who grinds PTQ's ascribes by this ethics code because when they sit down as the 8-1 guy, they want the opponent to scoop/ID them in.
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  • posted a message on Why hasn't WOTC impemented a dress code yet for GP's and protours?
    I'd just like to remind everyone in this thread who might have never played in an all day event with 500+ bodies in the room. That's a lot of body heat, plus the stress of playing well. Even if you showered in the morning and drove 2-3 hours by the end of the day you might still stink.

    This is coming from someone who tends to dress "preppy" but who has both slept on the floor in the tournament hall and drove overnight 10+ hours to get to a tournament.
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