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    Is there a reason that the tokens on my want list which were previously valued at ~800 pp are now requiring ~2000 pp? Kinda a bummer.

    Not many for sale I guess. I'm wondering if they are going to retract some of these point values which would leave a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.

    For instance I have a few rare old foils that goldfish puts at about $20 each, but I can get 6k pp for them. If I sent one to you and cleaned you out I don't know how happy you would be knowing you had to cough up the equivalent of a playset of fetches for it.
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    Looks ok on my screen, and package shipping option for the win. I can ship 60k points tonight if I can find the cards.
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    Quote from Pumpkin_Eater »
    Does anyone know whether MTGO tickets and boosters will be tradable once Future Site lands? Are common members still getting foils and watch list like the first few articles promised?

    I think non singles are a big question on everyone's mind. If they fix the price of a ticket at $1 then it does little to handle inflation since people will have to put riders to get tickets. If they let it float then it will become very obvious what the true value of a pucapoint is.
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    Pauper Blue/Black Delve

    This deck appeared with the re-introduction of the Delve Mechanic in Khans of Tarkir. The deck uses cheep card advantage engines to dump cards into the graveyard allowing the pilot to quickly cast oversized Delve creatures such as Gurmag Angler and protect them with countermagic.

    As of this writing the deck generally comprises about 5-8% of the 5-0 Pauper League decklists on MTGO. While it may not be the most popular archetype I've found it fun to play and at 30-40 tix one of the cheaper lists capable of a 5-0 finish.

    Representative Decklist

    Card Choices
    Many of the card choices are fixed. The creature base will normally always consist of
    4 Delver of Secrets and 4 Gurmag Angler. Delver of Secrets provides an early clock and protection from other Delver decks while Gurmag Angler is one of the hardest creatures to kill in the format.

    Typically the deck will have 1 Sultai Scavenger for additional flying pressure and as room for sideboard options.

    Stormbound Geist was the traditional choice for protection against edict effects, but many players are opting for Eldrazi Skyspawner instead due to a less restrictive color requirement. The geist has the added bonus of not dying to ping effects, but it does require double blue and it is vulnerable to graveyard hate since it returns from the grave.

    Matchup Analysis and Sideboard Plan

    vs UB Teachings - UB Teachings focuses on gaining board control at all costs and will often take its time to set up. Often there are no creatures and the deck depends on Curse of the Bloody Tome to win via decking. Casting a creature early with protection from a counterspell will often be very hard to answer. Continue to add creatures as they become available protecting Gurmag Angler. Cycle worthless creature removal away with Brainstorm and Mental Note. Eventually they will cast Curse of the Bloody Tome which fills your graveyard and allows for an endless supply of creatures they cannot answer.

    SB Out
    -3 Disfigure
    -1 Ghastly Demise
    -1 Doom Blade
    -1 Agony Warp

    SB In
    + 3 Dispel
    + 2 Nihil Spellbomb
    + 1 Stormbound Geist

    Even if they are not playing Accumulated Knowledge, the Spellbombs raid their graveyard for Mystical Teachings and Chainer's Edicts. Try to leave up B so you can net a card. Dispel is abusive in this matchup and will often allow you to plunk down an early threat and still protect it. A third turn Angler with Dispel backup that untaps into UUU can end the game.

    Final Thoughts
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    Un Cards are not on MTGO unless they got reprinted as something in a tournament legal set.
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    Quote from JoeShmo »
    Quote from Dolono »
    If puca can figure out a way to effectively deal with the inflation concerns, and vintage/legacy/modern stuff starts moving again, I'd definitely re-participate in force.

    Well, I'd suspect that's what's happening now. They introduced PucaShield as a way of dealing with points inflation, and they've got evidence that it's already deflating the points market.
    At some point, that's (hopefully!) going to leave us with less people on a stack of points, and force people to grind more to get their points totals up (which means less people with the points to receive expensive staples, and more people willing to throw them around).
    Of course, that's the theory (and theory is a wonderful thing)! Wink

    Are you serious? You know it isnt removing as many points as are still being generated by new member signups and referral bonuses, plus the fact that it is paying out on claims meaning it isnt really sucking those points out of the system at all, merely rearranging most of them. Pucasheild isnt fixing this...

    Is the point inflation truly due to new user signups? I always thought that the number of points in the system was pretty balanced by the number of points on "dry" non trading accounts? Is there just a glut of points in the system because of people wanting to trade up IE people know their crap isn't really worth TCG Mid or whatever they are using now?

    Personally as long as they make tix an option I think it will dry up the points pretty quick. Guys like me who trade chaff away ($1-3 rares) can now skip the middle man and just get tix for more redemptions. We'll see if people are willing to 100pp for 1 tix or if the value is much higher/lower. Puca may set that rate or make tix not an option which doesn't solve the inflation problem.
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    I played against Fortune's Favor last night and I don't think I ever gave my opponent the best deal, but I easily could have. Based on the fact he always chose the face down pile, I think he was using it as a dig spell to get to one of the bombs in his deck so there was really no way he could miss completely. (I gave him 2 lands face down twice vs 2 "c" level creatures face up.

    I think using it as a dig spell is fine because if he sees his bomb he picks it and if not he takes the face down cards.

    I think viewing it as "scry 2 then draw 2" is perfectly acceptable. (Technically it's look at the top 2 cards. you may put them into your GY, then Draw 2 cards).

    So my thoughts are the more "equal" the cards in your deck are the worse this card is, but when there are very unequal options where throwing away 2 decent cards on top is the obvious choice its very solid.
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    Quote from Kingyoshi1989 »
    Modern mtgo markets have been more volatile than standard mto markets for the last couple of months.

    That's true, but I don't care what my fetch lands are selling for since I'm not selling them. Unless your deck gets banned you don't have to sell your modern deck due to rotation.

    At the OP's question: I think it's harder than it used to be. Playing friendly league is the easiest to keep playing (3-2 plays again) but the most you will net to improve your deck is about 7 tix worth if you 5-0. Goat's EV calculator puts a 65% win rate at negative EV for friendly right now so you have to play competitive. I like competitive league over daily event since I personally think 3-2 in league is easier than 3-1 in daily but your milage may vary. 3-1 in daily nets you packs to sell to improve your deck while 3-2 league does not but it does net you a free play. (Both cost 12 tix or 120 pp).

    In my experience unless there is a "go to" PW that you have to have such as when Jace TMS was legal it usually takes about 100-150 tix on average to update/replace your deck for the next rotation. That means you need to 4-1 the league about 5x plus any wins to make up for 2-x or less finishes. You have about ~3 months to do it so as long as you aren't losing a lot that shouldn't be too hard.
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    If you are doing well you tend to see more PW since they fuel good decks. If 5000 people play in the league and open the full 8 packs then that's 330 liliana's that got opened. It could just be a string.
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    Quote from guntius »
    Do sometimes cards not work at all?I have a card called flames of the bloodhand that doesn't do anything, even my opponent noticed when the second one failed too so we topdecked until I hit another and I cast the third one and again no life loss.

    If you had your targeting correct then it should have worked. It may be a bug. You can report bugs via the help menu. Try to get a screenshot especially with the chat log that shows no damage.

    Quote from "guntius »
    Another question,i bought/traded cards and some won't allow me to do anything but put them in my binder or add it to my wishlist,did I buy unusable promos or proxies?
    If so how can I tell the diffrence? The picture is never clear enough for me to see the set symbols.
    Long long time player,new to computers period so the mtgo thing that I've had for a week now is still very intimidating.
    Thanks in advance.

    The only things on MTGO to my knowledge that aren't tradable are given to you by wizards or for special events. (New player event tix, pre-release event markers et.). Are saying you can't add them to a deck?

    Check the format of the deck you are building. Perhaps they won't allow you to add cards to a standard deck because they aren't in standard. Try adding them to the active trade binder. See if that works.

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