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    I can't mod speak, but I echo Bakofried's sentiments to return the discussion to where it should be. If you wanna ask what deck you should play/buy/get into, take it in the official thread in the main area please. We have derailed this thread a bit.

    @Bako: I don't know what to think of that list. I have SCG: Cuse coming up (weeks are flying by) and honestly I don't know if I wanna run GW Maverick or Junk. I got burned in NJ trying to force Dark Maverick in a tempo + miracles room. Pure GW needs Council's but I am unsure how to play that card.

    Question: Does anyone have experience with Council's Judgment? I would love to run them in a GW build but have no idea if they are all they're cracked up to be. Plus how do you split them in the MD vs SB?
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    Quote from Megadeus »
    Survival was never a problem pre Vengevine. I don't see why people are talking about all of these different variations of Survival that would dominate the meta. Without Vengevine the card would be fine being legal.

    Basically what I am trying to say is that if it going to be a broken version of the deck, it needs the Vengevine engine which requires a whole lot of cards. If they have all of these cards to support the engine, then they can't have as much flexibility to answer all of the threats presented. And if they don't run vine, then they have a powerful card in Survival, but it obviously isn't TOO powerful because if it were, it would've been banned a lot earlier.

    Have you ever faced the necrotic ooze variant? How about the versions that package in loyal retainers? Those days sucked.

    As I said before, a lot of these powerful cards are "fine" in a vacuum but age like fine wine. In time, the tutors and enablers (see: show and tell) have better and better targets. Survival would be ridiculous with many of the cards that have come out since its banning.
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    So if he can nab 4 wastelands for cheap on ebay, is it still worth playing even sans fetchlands?

    It's better than 0 wastelands. But understand any "budget" version is never going to have the potential of the full. The more you compromise, the less potential your list has. Duals in Maverick have the least impact IMHO. YOu need wasteland and a few fetches. You can "deal with" lack of utility lands and duals to some degree (compare this to Tempo Thresh sans duals and fetches).
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    Quote from Mehtevas »
    I thought it actually had a name..Beleren or something like that.

    Yes, "Beleren" is what they're calling their tweaked Matrix Bold

    1) The font

    Since its inception, Magic has used off-the-shelf fonts on its cards. As a brand, we feel that we'll be better served by having our own unique proprietary font—something with a little edge and character that is still very readable.

    In general, we liked the heaviness and shape of the "Matrix Bold" font we'd been using previously, so there are a lot of similarities between the old font and the new, named "Beleren," which should alleviate any jarring feeling when you mix the two together in decks.

    Source [scroll down]:
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    In a format with Deathrite Shaman everywhere (and a fair bit of Scavenging Ooze), as well as Abrupt Decay being an extremely common mainboard card, how bad could Survival of the Fittest actually be? I feel like it could be unbanned no problem; the way I see it, the worst that could happen is we get a Maverick-esque GSZ/Survival deck with Vengevine as a possible wincon against decks with no grave hate.

    Plus, delver represents like 30% of the current meta, and delver decks are just so much faster than anything survival could pull off. Not to mention a good portion of those delver decks run DRS and Decay!

    No. Just no lol.
    Survival was such a pain in the ass because you had to have the nuts to keep up with it. It was resilient, explosive, and one of the only "fair" decks that played "unfair" due to Vengevine's interaction with the deck. You don't have enough counterspells to stop the survival-rootwalla-vengevine alphastrike. And that's the fair version. The newer cards that have come out since Survival was banned would also be played in the deck. I could also see some cascade-survival-vengevine hybrid taking shape.

    Stop with the "survival should come back" stuff. It's busted.
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    Quote from Mehtevas »
    Magic Set Editor with the M15 template is what I used.. Here's an example of a p9 card with the template I made.. Note - They do not have the actual font used for M15 yet though.

    If I'm not mistaken, the font is a modified Matrix/Matrix-Bold. They styled it. Like all fonts, somebody will figure out
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    ...So? Can it compete? What should I change?

    No. I echo bakofried with pushing more "hatebears.dec" than trying to be a cheap maverick.

    Maverick requires: Wasteland, Mom, Thalia, a mana dork. If you can't acquire those 4 pieces, don't play the deck. I think the lands in maverick CAN be budgeted out with the exception of Wasteland. It's more than a missle. It makes mana. It denies the opponent of mana. It works with Thalia. It works well with other creatures like KotR and DRS. If you can't get those 4 cards, no offense, there's not much hope in playing the deck. I WILL defend the idea of having a "budget maverick"....especially the GW version, but you'll just have to work around the flaws of not having fetches, duals, etc. Wasteland is certainly a requirement.

    @Dorks: Mix DRS and BoP. I know you aren't fetching a ton but DRS later on in games is insane.

    @List: Why not go with an adaptation of the Vial-lists? (Viciano's BoM VII:
    Vial lists benefit from a complex mana base, but you could certainly streamline things and/or incorporate a GW hatebears spin.
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  • posted a message on Reuben Bresler fired from SCG
    Quote from DarkRitual »
    I have to say, in general I'm a little underwhelmed by SCG's production/coverage of their own Magic tournaments. They have a real shot at taking over the market when it comes to Magic the Gathering tournament coverage because they are really the only player in the game right now, and if they keep resting on their laurels, someone is eventually going to figure out there is potentially money in tournament coverage.

    Someone got me into watching Starcraft tournaments, enough to know that that eSport completely outclasses Magic when the two games are actually pretty similar in regards to the tournament scene, game history and the production issues they would have to solve...

    I actually have to agree here. LoL, SC2, etc have a full "show" to watch. SCG at its best doesn't come close. However, there are some caveats to point out:
    1 - Magic has a trillion variables such as the cards within a deck, matchup type, and "the stack". eSports the variables are more contained. Like there are only X units in a videogame, so viewers understand the limits and permutations. Magic has a lot more in scope/volume the viewer needs to learn. Not a bad thing, and certainly makes Magic "deep", but for viewing you have to work to mitigate this. Without it, you speak gibberish. And the appeal of eSports is for casuals/new people to enjoy.
    2 - Magic players at the event are too busy playing their own games to have a side "show" taking place. Those who scrub out look for additional side events to play in. So the "I'll watch stuff all day" factor isn't there. The viewers tend to be those who are not at the event (ie; east coast watching west coast event, vice versa).
    3 - eSports is a big production. Honestly, the production values make it almost like an ESPN for nerdy competitive gaming.
    4 - Because it's a card game, you should take some production cues from WSOP. They make Poker have tension (to some degree). Unless you're really into MTG I don't get that vibe from watching games unless the commentary is amazing. I miss Reuben for that. He added a lot of the human "why should I care" color-commentary factor.
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    Quote from bakofried »
    I really like natural order, conceptually. I just think a solid target against Miracles is a must.

    Progenitus is probably the safest bet (shroud, 2 hits they die, protection from the universe), but even that thing fails against Terminus/sweepers. A contradictory pick would be NO -> Teeg. Lots of no-bo there (as Teeg shuts down subsequent NO's lol). The all-in move would be Terastadon. Your elephants win the next turn. Of course a sweeper (or "in response to attackers, miracle an army of angels") would mean you just scoop it up right there.

    That's my only real problem with NO. It doesn't guarantee the win. Against fair decks there's merit. But we can hold our own against fair stuff. Against combo, NO is too slow. Against control, NO needs a "oops GG" option. You're limited to green targets, which is also problematic.
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    Quote from Barook »
    I've considered the Archangel as potential NO target. Hard to say which one is better. Only long-term testing can show. Wurm is easier to cast (in theory) and is better at neutralizing small threats, but lacks the shroud to protect it.

    Jamming "too many" things into one build is exactly its point, though. You trade some consistency for a significant power boost due to a huge amount of bombs which overload the opponent's ability to answer them all. Stuff like getting a SFM for Batterskull or KotR killed on T2, just to present them a Marit Lage token or Progenitus on T3 is hilarious.

    Whether or not that's better than a NO build without SFM is debateable and only more testing can show that. I originally played Hoogland's latest list from MODO, but it somehow didn't click for me. That's why I came up with said list - and I like it alot so far in testing.

    I don't get the logic whatsoever. If you want big fat stupid things, go play Nic Fit and toss NO into that shell. Or play a modified elves deck that for some reason packs SFM. You don't want to jam "whatever" because the deck will fail to execute. Legacy decks have taken shape thanks to consistency and efficiency. Packing too many strategies is the antithesis of what we're looking to achieve.
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