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  • posted a message on [Deck] Maverick
    I'm in accords with tescrin. When I played Junk a few weeks ago I won a game because I had bog in the maindeck and had one of those "oops your grave is just gone now" moments (reanimator opponent cast exhume...I have an active knight on the table..."In respose -> fetch bog" was quite a win).

    I believe if you're running the 3 color version you need 3 splash duals. If you're deep into the 3rd color, you need between 4-5 and possibly a basic. The only technicality I can think of is punishing maverick, which wants 3-4 groves and 1-2 duals.

    I debate about duress as well. Honestly, I found Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozelik to be the real discard package of choice. Even my heavy black run those over Duress. Duress is just not necessary. If it's to fight combo, bringing in 2-3x Ethersworn Canonist and 3-4x [discard] seems to do the trick.

    *The other thing I am contemplating is running Leyline of Sanctity instead of discard. In my case, I'm seeing more burn in the meta and losing to storm combo before your second land drop just sucks.

    @SCGDetroit Top 4 list
    I really like it. I read what his buddy wrote on TheSource and a lot of it makes sense for the room he was in. It also highlights how sick QPM is. I'm really surprised he didn't pack abrupt decay but the argument could be seen for 4 QPM and 6 STP effects in the 75 + better color consistency balancing it out.
    I would have shifted some flex slots (see: 4th Thalia) for an abrupt decay or two in the main and then running the 3rd/4th in the SB. Nevertheless, I can't knock a list that did very well. I really dislike the miser choke, but what the hell I've run a miser Sword of X/Y. The list is making me miss my Gaea's Cradle.

    The list (incase people have no idea what's being referred to):
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  • posted a message on [[CNS] -] Dack Fayden
    Really disappointed in the minus ability. Was hoping for controlling anything but an artifact.
    Low set # indicates lots of multicolor heading our way
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Maverick
    Punishing Fires needs a fair meta. Black is way better against combo as discard IMHO is inherently stronger than anything red brings in. Red is also 'okay' against SnT decks. It's very strong against blue-centric decks and has the potential to ruin Jace decks.

    Quote from Lormador
    That's an interesting thought, switching out Thalia for Spirit in a Punishing Maverick build. I'd gladly give it a go had I the Groves to support it. Perhaps I ought to acquire some, though they seem overpriced to me.

    I'm still playing Dark Maverick, which I shall henceforth refer to as Pirates. (Get it?) I've come up with an unusual take on it: forgoing equipment entirely to include the Dark Depths combo. This allows me to include Null Rod in my sideboard. The rod ranges from decent (against Cloudpost, Miracles, DnT, other equipment decks) to backbreaking (MUD, Tezzerator) a lot of the time. Tower of the Magistrate offers further insurance against equipment, and since half of the list doesn't play blue, Enlightened Tutor can help find it.

    @Lormador: What's your DD/Stage list btw? Just curious what you put in the flex to fit the combo. Thx

    Blood Moon wrecks a lot of the decks that feature the Dark Depths combo... but not so much this one. All it needs is the one Forest or mana dork, and GSZ --> Pridemage threatens to turn off Blood Moon, tutor the fatal lands, and win with Marit Lage.

    This all sounds valid. Null Rod makes me want to bring back an E.Tutor board but I've been having way too much luck with dedicated boards. I think Blood Moon for any 3 color maverick deck is actually scary. If you do not have a basic, all your nonbasics (including fetches) are worthless. That's never good. I too am looking at DD/Stage but can never fit it in my list. I'd have to sacrifice abrupt decay and I'm using it as my security blanket atm. I can't separate myself from that's the best thing in the format right now. However, Lormador does raise a fact about QPM: he's vital. Seriously, this guy is insane. He is a swiss army knife against what the meta has become. I love him against DnT because he nukes their vials / revokers / equips.
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    Quote from bakofried
    I'll agree that Maverick is weak to sweepers, but I do have to note that Terminus couldn't care less about this guy. I don't know if he does enough against other common sweepers like Golgari Charm and Zealous Persecution, as decks packing those will likely be packing Deathrite Shamans, possibly in conjunction with a Sc'ooze. Sadly, I don't know how much he helps there. Just my thoughts.

    I guess he really doesn't cover against terminus, hmm. Does he get swept by terminus as well? Or only if there's devotion?
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  • posted a message on LoL vs Dota
    Honestly, although I said above how I only play LOL I have watched some amount of video of both. From an amateur standpoint, I think LoL is visually more pleasing to watch (via twitch players or Esport events).

    The "depth" argument is really like American Baseball's AL vs NL. Do you like the concept of a DH? Do you think the pitcher having to bat is tougher and more complex...or a 9th hitter in the order? Why do some strategies work in the AL and not necessarily the NL (and vice versa). The general "it's a MOBA that's polished and well-developed" is understood and from either fanboy camp...agreed upon. These are polished games. But the minutia and technicalities of either game come down to preference -- and BOTH (for argument's sake) work. Some people want over the top abilities. Some want faster more combo-y type games. At the end of the day we're looking at really cool characters who are jacked and/or have fantastic breasts nuke each others with swords, beams of light, and faerie dust.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU] -] Deicide (LoadingReadyRun Preview)
    Quote from admirableadmiral
    Quote from Vorthospike
    Quote from Warden
    Quote from clan_iraq
    Revoke existence was just reprinted last set, couldn't they have shoehorned this onto a different kind of card?

    You're also surgical extraction-ing the god in question. That's kinda big. The design space is also different because you can't hit artifacts and this current set has some nice ones.

    As a whole, this is one of the few bright spots for the block. It's a home run in terms of design, flavor, and art.

    I'm not impressed by the design it feels too Yu-Gi-Oh to me. The effect makes sense but its so specific that it doesn't interact with the rest of MTG that way I like this sort of card to do. True, applying to fifteen cards isn't absurdly narrow but it just bugs me.

    It's not narrow at all. Read the card again. It exiles any enchantment card. Then, if the exiled card happens to be a god, you get the icing on the cake of being able to exile the rest of them.

    This. It's a nice effect to begin with. The upside if you hit a god is very powerful but you don't need to hit a god, it can be any enchantment.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    All of these are great questions and comments.

    Quote from _WacKy_ZacKy_
    Does Eidolon make playing Vexing Devil along side it bad? Because when if for example you draw devil and cast it after Eidolon is in play, you lose 2 life and your opponent would lose 2 life killing it if they decided to leave it in play.

    Or is that good, because Eidolon pressures your opponent to take the 4 damage instead? Sure there will be situations were the 2 life is more important, but I guess I'm wondering if Eidolon of the Great Revel makes Vexing Devil more playable in the lategame.

    My friend Rob plays creature-based burn (ie; devil, guide, keldon/lava). I wanna say you DO play devil alongside Eidolon. My rationale from a non-burn player's perspective is because of its value. Eidolon is similar to Dark Confidant: if the opponent lets it sit on the table, you profit. Does it draw you more cards? No. However, you DO gain considerable advantage over x turns.
    I think Devil plays well in conjunction with Eidolon (because now there's another threat that can quickly turn the tables against me). However, I can see the argument for running a spell in the Devil slot. Eidolon CAN hurt you, but leaving it out on the table is insane. Very few decks can deal with an early one. Blue decks durdle so much right now (cantrips/filter) -- I can easily see this guy pinging a few times before it is handled OR you place them at dangerously low life.

    Eidolon may also bring back mox-based burn lists. You want to live the dream and muscle this guy out immediately. Yes, mox a horrible top deck later, but Eidolon changes burn's math/clock. We'll have to see how much damage Eidolon averages. It may be worth the risk mox brings to burn.

    - When I first saw EGR(Eidolon) I thought Flame Rift might become too heavy for the deck to play, anyone else agree?

    I go back and forth on this one. Eidolon deals zero damage when he comes out...but has potential to chip away very fast if he's not handled quickly by the opponent. Flame Rift is crazy efficient -- especially when you toss in a well timed Price of Progress.

    - Also to ppl who plan on bringing burn to a tourney soon after Eidolon is released, you should be weary of Leyline of Sanctity getting a temporary boost in popularity if ppl fear it enough and expect an increase in Burn decks. This counters my Flame Rift suggestion, but Rift is definately overly damaging against Delver especially if Eidolon is in play.

    Agreed. I finally acquired some the other week and pencil it in as a strong card to SB with. I think burn will certainly increase its % in the meta and LoS certainly makes sense for the opponent. Storm/combo also suffers against the card.

    - For those wanting to play 4 EGR in the main, do you think you'll play less storm hate in the SB? Mindbreak Trap?


    Pyrostatic Pillar effects don't auto-win against storm but they certainly make life harder. I'd opt to go with REB/Pyro instead of mindbreak. If you turn off their sculpting, that's huge. The anti-blue SB cards also have a wider array of applications. Mindbreak is exclusively for storm (and very very fringe for Elves which you should be beating anyways).
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  • posted a message on [JIN] Journey into Nix
    This final THS set is actually really good for cubes. Surprisingly strong picks are coming to us and we're only half through.
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  • posted a message on LoL vs Dota
    I came from Starcraft 2 to LOL. It's a lot easier to control 1 thing than several interdependent parts. Never did DOTA/2. LOL is a decent distraction and it's got a large player base.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Disciple of Deceit
    Quote from wtwlf123
    Me too. I don't like Inspired much either. But the 2cmc and the 3-toughness increase that reliability quite a bit.

    What do you cut? Its effect is undoubtedly "fun" and leads to wild plays. But UB has gotten better and better through recent sets. I'd much rather have my Baleful strix at the low cost and far/away at the higher end.
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