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  • posted a message on Rivals of Ixalan and 25
    Ixalan is going to be the last 2-set block. After "Eggs" (the small set for Ixalan) is released, they're going to a "3 & 1" block rotation for the year.
    The sets are going to go as followed: ("Eggs," "Soup," 2018 Core, "Spaghetti," - 2018) ("Meatballs," "Milk," 2019 Core, & "Archery" - 2019)

    Once Ixalan is released, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, & Eldritch Moon are going to rotate out of Standard.
    Once "Spaghetti" is released, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, & Hour of Devastation will rotate out.
    Once "Archery" is released, Ixalan, "Eggs," "Soup," & 2018 Core will rotate out.
    & so on & so forth according to MaRo.

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