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    posted a message on (Question) ¿Now exists two Nicol Bolas?

    How Ugin's story handled time travel is with much less care. As with that time travel magic that Ugin has, why not just send the Gatewatch back in time and destroy the Eldrazi Titans in the same method done in the present timeline? This reverses the damage done by the roils, the eldrazi, Nahiri being locked in the helavault for 5000 years, that she wouldn't have summoned Emrakul on Innistrad and a baker's dozen at minimum of other plot points. This also means that if the timeline were to repair itself, the gatewatch would cease to exist by that extension and be reborn in timelines that didn't incorporate them traveling to Zendikar. Chandra would still be at the Monastery, Nissa still on Zendikar, etc. That other people would have done what they did. Time travel when done in the way that Ugin did creates plotholes in the past, present and possible futures for other storylines without even intending to.

    I can't really speak to the rest, but Ugin wouldn't send the Gatewatch back even if he could. He never wanted the Eldrazi destroyed in the first place -because he's a "Big Picture" kind of guy, and didn't know what purpose (if any) the Eldrazi served, or if there might be consequences in killing them- he only wanted them contained.
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    posted a message on Amonkhet General Discussion
    The set is Gatewatch-down. That's why.

    Probably a safe bet to say that many(most) of the new planes we visit for the foreseeable future will be "Gatewatch-down."
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    posted a message on What's your opinion on 'The Gatewatch'?
    Quote from Mangod »

    Well, that position would have probably been filled by either Liliana (pretty self-explanatory) or Nissa (who was originally presented as an Elvish supremacist ("Nissa was first presented as as a proud nature-mage who believed that elves are the pinnacle race of the multiverse, and the Joraga the greatest of them all.") with ties to the elves of Lorwyn, and who dabbled in black mana ("Her planar travels took her to the sunny world of Lorwyn where elves thrived and ruled uncontested. There she met elves who fully embraced their role as the pinnacle of nature, using both life magic and its deadly shadow to assert their primacy. This encounter led Nissa to experiment with black mana on her own terms, in secret, using it to complement her own elvish teachings."), before that all got retconned). But Wizards unwillingness to keep those traits leave the groups interactions feeling a bit... toothless.

    Right?! The fact they're trying to retcon that is so ridiculous. That alone is what made Nissa so interesting. She went from an actual racist, to realizing her ways of thinking were wrong, and (if they hadn't tried messing with it) would eventually lead to her joining the Gatewatch, where she'd be helping people from other planes (and races), and working alongside people of a different race than her! It would mean such huge important character development, and something we could admire and believe in. When you take her entire backstory and retcon it, she literally just becomes another boring token green mana character.. Frown

    Agreed. Supremacist Nissa and her integration into the Gatewatch could have had so much potential. It's a crying shame.
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    posted a message on Lore spoilers from AER artbook
    Quote from Mercury01 »
    Quote from Jay13x »
    Our very first introduction to renegades are Pia and Chandra Nalaar sending their reckless young child on a smuggling run. The renegades use a bunch of child soldier in life-or-death scenarios. Oviya Pashiri's activities directly fund crime lords like Gonti.

    And Han Solo was a smuggler working for Jabba the Hutt.

    Basically, this.

    If the Renegades are meant to be moral grey, WotC did a horrible job of conveying it.

    That said, for me personally, having not read Chandra's books (or really any MTG book except Kamigawa) I think they've also done a pretty poor job of conveying the Consulate as the bad guys. Yes there are obviously bad guys involved (Tezzeret, Kambal, Baral) but they really come across as simply a corrupt element of the government, not a corrupt government. (Governments by their very nature of power over the people, attract people who want power over other people. There will be at least some degree of corruption in every government, because human nature.)
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    posted a message on What's your opinion on 'The Gatewatch'?
    Quote from Mangod »
    Yeah see I wouldn't have minded the Eldrazi on Innistrad -- would've made the gothic thing be way more Lovecraftian, which is never a complaint! But as you said, Eldrazi were ruined for me. We got to see Zendikar, a plane booming with cool lands and plants, turn into a tiring boring plane overtaken by Eldrazi (a "HUGE THREAT" that were easily taken down by 4 twenty something year olds? what???)

    Killing Avacyn was ssuuuuch a huge mistake. I know we'll return to the plane SOMEDAY due to how much people love it and the loose ends they left, so maybe they'll find a way to bring her back..? Maybe..? Hopeful wishes haha.

    Also, on topic, how freaking AMAZING was the art for new Emrakul?! I'm still impressed, months later!

    Well, Sigarda is still alive, but not as strong as Avacyn. So there's still an Angel around for the "Good Guys" to build their Church around, but she's not gonna be strong enough to keep someone like Emrakul from showing up.

    But like 5colors said, apparently there was supposed to be a block between BfZ and SoI that got scrapped or shuffled to a later date, leaving us with two Eldrazi stories back-to-back, which left people feeling bored with the bloody things.

    And I'll repeat my argument until I die: the Gatewatch should NOT have been able to kill the Eldrazi. The Titans had recieved too much build-up as a threat for "4 twenty something year olds" to credibly kill them. Defeat, like how the Fantastic Four have defeated or redirected Galactus, certainly, but not outright kill.

    (Sorry, off-topic)

    The problem with replacing Avacyn with Sigarda, is simply that Sigarda can in no way, shape or form fill Avacyn's shoes. She's nowhere near as powerful, which in and of itself wouldn't necessarily be an insurmountable obstacle, except that the system of enchantments that propped up the Avacynian church is also gone. No more wards, no more Avacynian magic, nothing. Without Avacyn (and the great big ol pyramid of magic she was but the tip of) the entire church is a useless husk offering little more than pointless dogma.

    It's not going to take the population long to realize that Sigarda simply CANNOT BE a replacement for Avacyn, and then what would be the point of carrying on the Avacynian tradition? People will HAVE to turn to other sources for protection against all the horrors of the plane. They'll HAVE to turn away from the church, which could only serve to weaken Sigarda's position even farther.

    The only way I can see the church continuing to exist is shifting its focus away from the angels and towards the spirits (such as Saint Traft), but Sigarda then becomes a useless figure. She wouldn't even serve a purpose as a figure head, since many people are unlikely to keep putting their faith in an angel after what just happened anyway.
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    posted a message on Magic Story: Kaladesh & Aether Revolt (No Spoiler Discussion)
    Mmmm, yeah. I can see it now:

    "I spent FIVE THOUSAND YEARS watching as the mere presence of the Eldrazi ravaged my plane and my people because YOU TOLD ME they couldn't be killed, AND IT WAS ALL A LIE!"
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    posted a message on What's your opinion on 'The Gatewatch'?
    I have no problem at all with the Gatewatch, in theory.

    I just don't really care for it as far as execution. They picked just about the blandest characters in their stable of planeswalkers, imo. I frankly find it hard to care about any of them so the storylines they're involved in may as well not even have a protagonist for me. I cared more about Tamiyo in SOI than all of the gatewatch characters combined. I found Arlinn orders of magnitude more interesting just from the story and a half we had that even mentioned her.

    I have no problem with the story being centered on planeswalkers. But at least try to make them interesting ones.
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    posted a message on Fatal Push collected company spoiler
    Quote from Raptorchan »
    What happened with old wording "with converted mana cost"?

    I think it might be cause of a quirk in the rules...?

    Like "With converted mana cost 2 or less" would mean that it couldn't even target a creature with cmc 3 or 4 for it's Revolt effect to even work. With this wording it can target any creature. It just only has an effect if that creature meets the criteria (cmc 2[or 4] or less).

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    posted a message on Tweak The Card
    Goblin Chronomancer 2UR
    Creature - Goblin Wizard
    At the beginning of your upkeep, flip three coins. If all three come up heads, take another turn after this one. If all three come up tails, you lose the game.
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    posted a message on Commander Game
    Eneas Merrymaker 2RG
    Legendary Creature - Satyr Shaman
    Other Satyrs you control get +1/+1.
    Tap an untapped creature you control: Add R to your mana pool.
    2R: ~ deals 1 damage to each creature.

    So, at first I really didn't want to make a tribal lord (+1/+1), instead I decided I would try and make a Legend that encapsulated what exactly it meant to BE a satyr. The two major things that stick out to me about Theros Satyrs are Revelry (expressed as tapping for mana) and Recklessness (indiscriminate damage). But then a quick Gatherer search reminded me that the overwhelming majority (12 out of 16) of Theros Satyrs only have 1 toughness, so using his burn ability even once would basically be board wiping yourself if you were playing him in a tribal deck, so I had to tack it on. C'est la vie.

    Alrighty then, NEXT: An animal commander. Not an anthro character like Aven, Ainok or Leonin, but just a plain ol' regular animal of some kind.
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