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A Reckoning on Kamigawa
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from Joao Wockeez »
    Is there any chance Jace is under Bolas control? i mean it isnt that far fetched to assume Lord Nicolas may have put a trigger in Jace's head that would turn Jace into one of his minions, idk about you guys, but i doubt the fact that Jace ended up in Ixalan is just a coincidence.

    It's been posited before, but I don't think that's the case. Vraska specifically calls out that the spell Bolas gave her to contact his agent crosses between planes, and that she didn't even know it was possible for a spell to do that. As that's the case, there would be no reason to send his Agent to Ixalan until Vraska locates the object, that just leaves hiom with TWO trapped minions.

    Now, he DID give her the spell before the confrontation with the Gatewatch, but it's also made clear that when Bolas faced off the with GW that straight up murdering them WAS an option. You wouldn't generally murder an agent in the middle of a mission. Beyond that, Jace simply doesn't possess a means of moving plane-bound items off world.
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from SimicNuggets »
    The ironic thing about all this Gatewatch talk is, aren't they (creative) trying to minimize their presence overall?

    Nope. On the creative side we won't be see every member showing up as a big group like we have. The Gatewatch are the protagonists and while we might get small stories that not have them in it or having them play more of a background, over all we will be we will get more gatewatch storylines then not.

    To expand on this, the Gatewatch will continue to be our story protagonists for the foreseeable future, it's their presence on cards that is being pulled back on. Players were getting tired of Gatewatch members automaticaly eating half of all possible planeswalker slots in the physical product. (And having entire hand worth of versions in standard at one time.)
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from jshrwd »
    Quote from OathboundOne »
    Quote from jshrwd »
    Quote from Etherium Sage »
    Quote from jshrwd »
    I like mixing today's story with Jay's Raven Man story and assuming the following:

    Orcaza is the source of the binding on Ixalan
    It's the remnant artifact created by The Guardian to protect Shandalar
    Bolas has the demon's spell that was used to seek out the artifact on Shandalar and has infused that spell into the Thaumatic Compass
    Why would Bolas want an artifact that can prevent planeswalker movement?
    ---My first thought was to use it as a planeswalker prison, but that's what Ixalan is now
    ---Maybe he wants to use it to keep rivals away from his conquests
    Somehow, the destruction of the Onnake on Shandalar relates to the destruction foretold in the story of Orcaza, but I can't figure how just yet

    Why does the compass point to Jace though?

    I never got that impression from the last story.
    It felt like finding him was coincidental.
    They kept sailing after finding him and there's no mention of the compass.
    I assumed they were continuing to follow it after they found him.

    Did I miss something?

    Navigator Malcolm pointed out that Jace (or the direction the compass was pointing) was south, completely away from the continent of Ixalan. If they had continued to head south, they would have wound up nowhere near Orazca (Unless the plane of Ixalan is a very small sphere, and continuing south eventually leads to them descending from the north).

    From The Talented Captain Vraska:
    Vraska held out the thaumatic compass. "We need to go south."

    Malcolm, ever the careful navigator, made a small noise of concern. "Are you certain?"

    Vraska nodded. "We go where it points, and what we need is that way."
    Malcolm was staring at the strange compass. "But the direction it is pointing to is away from the continent of Ixalan. The Golden City isn't an island off its coast . . ."

    Right, but nowhere does it say specifically that the compass led them to Jace. Nor does it say that it stopped working after that. They sailed for days and days after finding Jace. Even though they don't mention the compass after finding Jace, I doubt they were just meandering about with a spinning compass always pointing at him.
    Quote from Unique_Fossil »
    Attending to the matter of the thaumatic compass pointing to Jace:
    • So far it has been assumed the compass will only point to the Immortal Sun.
    • We have also made the possible leaps that the Immortal Sun is something not native to this world.
    • What if, rather than the compass being tuned solely to the Immortal Sun, it is simply attuned to ANYTHING that is not native to the world Ixalan inhabits?

    So, I had a theory occur to me: That as a Thaumatic Compass, it points towards intense magic(s), not necessarily places or material things. And that it was never actually pointing at/to Jace. It was pointing to the intense spike of magic that would likely have occurred when Jace attempted to planeswalk away, and the Binding kicked in. Finding Jace was merely a coincidence. In this case, once the surge of magic from the binding dissipated, the compass may well have gone back to pointing towards Orazca (or another strong source of magic, as it's stated that the compass occasionally changes direction, only to change again a few hours later).

    There is the matter of timing, though. Jace spent 40days on Useless Island, which seems like a very long time for Vraska and crew to sail south. Additionally the compass would also have pinged on Huatli's aborted walk, and since I simply have no idea when in the overall timeline of events that happened, I couldn't begin to say what happened with that.

    I think there are holes in this theory, but I figured I'd share it anyhow.
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Except Bolas isn't looking for Ugin, which gives us the advantage.

    Obscure Star Wars quote aside, Bolas's plan's cannot possibly include Ugin, as Bolas believed the Spirit Dragon to be dead.
    Hopefully this small detail is enough to upset Bolas's goals somewhere down the line...

    No, it was revealed at some point during the Amonkhet storyline that he's aware Ugin's back from the dead.

    I think that's a wasted opportunity on creative's part, sadly. They could have held Ugin in reserve until Bolas was on the verge of achieving his ultimate goal, and then had Ugin show up and wreck his sh**. That's really the only plausible way for Bolas to lose at this point. He's just SO FAR beyond the abilities of other walkers that a surprise Ugin is just about the only way to keep him in line without a total ass-pull deus ex machina.
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from Goryo »
    Quote from OathboundOne »

    The whole "Sun Empire doesn't kill people" thing, however, makes me skeptical that this block will be as morally grey as Tarkir, which would be disappointing. We haven't had a good moral debate since SOI, and that's a shame. Bolas and Tezzeret could not possibly be justified in their actions, which in my opinion makes those storylines much less interesting and compelling than something morally grey like SOI or Tarkir.

    Agreed, both in that the Sun Empire/Huatli's nonviolence was cringy and forced, and that I'm hoping for a lot more grey area for all factions.

    Where are you guys getting this "The Sun Empire is nonviolent" idea from? All the last fiction said was that Huatli and her warriors managed to triumph in their last battle without any lives lost on either side. Engagements like this have happened in real life.

    Just because they won a bloodless victory doesn't mean they don't fight bloody battles as well. They're an expansionist empire, after all, who command dinosaurs with names like "Carnage Tyrant."

    Nonviolent may not be the best word to describe it, cause martial combat is inherently violent, but when the story contains not one, but two instances where Huatli and Co deliberately avoid killing invaders it starts to feel forced and unnatural.

    She and Intli had the element of surprise and a horde of dinosaurs at their disposal but instead just killing the pirates they burn their supplies and chase them off? Burning their supplies virtually guarantees that they'll HAVE to make a(nother) raid, likely against Sun Empire citizens, to resupply. By not simply crushing the pirates, they've now put their own citizens in danger.

    That's simply not how you win a conflict, so it feels like WotC was trying too hard to say "These are the good guys!" and it feels contrived and artificial.
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    posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from MrBiggelz »
    Destruction could be white in this case. In fact wakening sun's avatar "destroys" all non-dinosaur creatures. White has long been associated with mass destroy effects.
    That would mean red=creativity, white=destruction, and green=sustenance.

    I can definitely agree with this. It's also a refreshing take on the colors (even if it's really not NEW at all), red gets to be about something other than "heh, heh, fire" and white gets it's not-such-a-nice-guy* aspects that most people generally overlook highlighted.

    Quote from Trinite0 »
    Welp, I guess the Angrath=Tibalt theory is busted.

    I loved the bit about mistaking Girapur for Orazca, that was very clever. And the way Angrath reacted to the revelation of another planeswalker was also a good twist.

    Does it feel like this story has the Sun Empire pulling its punches a little bit, to make sure that Huatli is an unambiguous goodguy? Odd that they'd only try to destroy the pirates' supplies and not try to kill or capture them all with their dinosaurs. Goes double for the fight with the Legion of Dusk before the story starts, with no casualties on either side. Nice I guess, but that ain't how you win a war. Is this going to be another sort of 80's-cartoon-show-violence block, like Kaladesh was?

    I've got to agree with this too. They were really trying too hard to paint Huatli as a good guy, it felt really forced. We're only two stories in, so I can't say anything really for the narative as a whole, but it's starting to feel very Kaladesh-y. Kaladesh was frankly cringeworthy how everyone survived (minus a handful of nameless redshirts), it was simply unbelievable. I really, really hope they don't go the same direction with Ixalan (or even any faction on Ixalan).

    *Edited to clear up that by not-such-a-good-guy, I was meaning more behavior (being nice) as opposed to "Good Guy" morality or ethics or whatever.
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    posted a message on Vona, Morningslayer(?) - Legendary BW Vampire
    Fairly certain Vona is a Him. I mean, I haven't found a large enough version of the art to be 100% certain, but I'm like 90% just off the card size art.
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    posted a message on Siren Stormtamer
    Okay, I'm going to be a nitpicky bastard, but...

    I feel like Siren Wizard Pirate would have flowed off the tongue better than Siren Pirate Wizard.

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    posted a message on Several XLN spoilers via Wizards WPN
    No, it's just a token that you can use for either. Their being DFCs is mechanically irrelevant, it just means they're twice as useful as an additional card in your booster pack.
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    posted a message on Amonkhet General Discussion
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from RaltheMad »
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from OathboundOne »

    We know that he hates being subservient to Niv, and can reasonably assume he'd find Bolas even worse.
    Where are you getting this idea? You've floated it at least twice in this thread and its gone either unchallenged or unnoticed, but my understanding has been that Ral basically worships Niv and more fears disappointing him then hates being subservient. If you could point to what makes you think this it would really help.

    It has been shown on the Secretist (return to Ravnica novella) and both stories Ral has appeared in. Ral worships the ideals of the Izzet but sees Niv as a nuisance that is holding him back and ignores his genious. Also he is afraid that if Niv discovers the existence of planeswalkers he will be the first specimen strapped in the dragons table to be cut open in order to find out what makes them planeswalk.
    I've read those and they gave me the exact opposite understanding of Ral's opinion of Niv. The main reason he gives for not outing walkers is the damage it would do to Niv's ego, which implies he is trying to protect Niv first and then is concerned that he 'might' end up on a table.

    So any quotes that specifically call this out would be much appreciated, because until Oathboundone mentioned it I had never considered Ral to be upset serving dragons. And obviously they are not the only one who views Ral's relationship this way; with you jumping in here.

    I haven't read The Secretist, so my impressions of Ral are entirely from his wiki page, anything I've read about him from other forum commenters, and the two story articles about him.

    The wiki page says:
    Indeed, Ral has never looked to the ancient dragon as a role model or mentor, but as a nuisance at best and a likely adversary at worst.

    So that's the lens through which I've read Ral's character through.

    With that in mind, Ral's concern with Niv Mizzet discovering planeswalkers would have nothing to do with not wanting the dragon's ego damaged, and everything to do with what that dragon would do to him(and any other planeswalker Niv could get his hands on, but mostly him) if that happened.
    From Project Lightning Bug:
    Besides, he knew the range of horrid things Niv-Mizzet would do in possession of that truth. Would he eagerly dissect all the Planeswalkers he could find in the spirit of curiosity, or simply eat them all to assert dominance and quell his existential jealousy? Would he track the comings and goings of every Planeswalker, and ruin all the work Ral had done to scrape his way through the ranks and achieve a position of respect among the Izzet?

    But you don't know Niv-Mizzet. It would crack him. It would turn him inside-out. And then he would turn us inside-out...

    Reading from the perspective given by the wiki, Ral didn't give a damn about Niv, he was worried about himself.

    When it comes to not wanting to disappoint the Firemind, it's because Niv tends to eat those who disappoint him.
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