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The World of Kamigawa
  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat (Saheeli + Felidar)
    Quote from ThisBorzi »
    Saheeli can now be tutored with Thalia's Lancers due to the new PW rule change.

    I do like the new rules change to Planewalkers to be Legendary now. It does make things interesting and Thalia's Lancer is a interesting tech in the board, though I bit slow honestly for our deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I've been thinking out putting Serum Visions and/or Sleight of Hand to see how well is in the meta now. I like the idea of Peek as well because it does the thing as two mentioned before; however, doesn't let us choose what card we can potentially get.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Quote from Atem18 »
    For Tezzeret's gambit, tom ross said the following :

    1. Ticks up an opposing Chalice of the Void to two, freeing up your one-drops.

    2. Potentially messes with Aether Vial.

    3. Works great with Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, both with +1/+1 counters and ticking up Nissa herself.

    4. Ups the -1/-1 counters on creatures dealt damage by Glistener Elf.

    5. Generates card advantage against grindy decks, an aspect that Infect is sorely lacking.

    6. Last, but not least, kills players at nine poison.

    So yeah it seems a strong card even when not in a long grindy matchup.

    Those are some very good points to why it is good for us to play Tezzeret's Gambit. My only problem for playing it in our deck, what would we take out to fit it in our deck? I can't imagine it would not be a lot of them in the mainboard because drawing them instead of pump spells early on isn't that good.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Quote from dinausorus »
    Tezzeret's gambit also counteracts chalice on one, correct?

    That is amazing, it does indeed add another counter of Chalice of the Void for those that place it with X = 1 plus, it doesn't hurt to Proliferate Poison counters :p
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver

    I'd have to say that this deck is more like an alternate build of the Grixis Death's Shadow builds and isn't honestly much of Delver. Dark Confidant is just too risky in our deck. Revealing a Tasigur, the Golden Fang or Gurmag Angler in the traditional build would more likely kill us big time. Without them in your build, why have Thought Scour?
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    I just don't know I feel about Smuggler's Copter. Yes, it is a pretty good card and potential beater in the air; however, it doesn't fit with the Merfolk synergy. Every creature my build of Merfolk is synergy related expect for Kira, Great Glass-Spinner which isn't Merfolk but protects my Merfolk. Smuggler's Copter is an interesting choice for getting the job done by discarding cards we don't need and getting cards we need for Merfolk synergy. I would not know how to make cuts to try it out, I'm just very used to my build of Merfolk :p
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Quote from sibin »
    Clique vs Kira

    Do you guys think its 2x or 0x of each, or should be viable 1x of each main deck ?

    Personally I would recommend it depends on the meta you're facing. @rothgar13 is right in that with a more heavy combo meta, Vendilion Clique is the one you would like to have. In a meta with a lot of removal, like the meta I see weekly, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is definitely the way to go. I personally run 2 of Kira, Great Glass-Spinner but that's my call. For you, one of each of quite good, just to be prepared for variance in the meta.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    I do admit that Merfolk is really strong in the meta right now. At FMM this week, I played with it again and made top cut with it. The Merfolk are strong and will remain strong!

    Quote from FANAttIC »
    Someone said you can't play Clique and Kira in the same deck, so someone else obviously found space for 2 copies of both Grin :

    I do really like running Kira, Great Glass-Spinner mainboard for myself, two of them for sure because Modern as of right now is really removal heavy om creatures. I also like Vendilion Clique as well. I haven't tried it in Modern, mostly use it in Legacy. I might have to try it out one of these days.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Been constructing lately my sideboard for Affinity and here is what I have right now.

    I like Ethersworn Canonist for tech against Storm decks and decks that try to get their with a lot of spells for turn that aren't artifact based.

    I see quite a bit Blood Moon use lately and I'm a bit curious to have in my sideboard as well. What do you all think?
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Hey all! Been playing a lot of Merfolk lately and needless to say, it has been very good in the current meta. Earlier this week at the Modern Mondays event, I decided the play Merfolk to change things up since at FNM I played Dredge.

    This Monday was the biggest Modern event we had in a long time. 28 people showed up! I was in for a long tournament to say the least. Round 1 I faced Grixis Delver, I knew this tournament is gonna have a lot of top tier meta decks. That being said, I went 2-0 round 1. Merfolk just A LOT answers to that deck and they can't stop the swinging with islandwalk and ate threw all of their removal spells. Round 2 I faced Grixis Delver, essentially the same deck I faced Round 1 but they weren't trying to hurt themselves intentionally for Death's Shadow synergy. Needless to say, I beat that deck easily, 2-0 win, by doing the same thing as Round 1. Also helped I that I too play that deck and know exactly what to deck to get in their quickly and effectively. Round 3 was against Esper Death's Shadow, a build I haven't seen too much recently. Similar to the last two Rounds... I 2-0 again thanks to lords getting in their with islandwalk and the fact they like having a lower life total than normal. Round 4 was my alone loss and it was a 1-2 loss at that, the deck I faced was Jund. Usually I like facing Jund because my sideboard, and honestly mainboard, tends to destroy Jund. They just kept drawing all their removal and right cards when they needed them and I just didn't draw as well and I should have.

    Being 3-1 in the tournament overall and loosing a person in the top seed, I draw the 5th Round and as my 4th Round opponent. I finisher the tournament 6th out of 28 people with Merfolk against a lot of Death's Shadow decks and matches the are considered hard, I am pretty satisfied with myself :p

    For fellow Merfolk players, Sea's Claim is a 'must' in our sideboard, it is just sooooooo good and I encourage you all to consider running it as well.

    Here is my sideboard from the tournament I came in 6th with.

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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from Valkyrie8492 »
    I love Logic Knot as a card and it totally slipped my mind that the card would be more effective without as many delve creatures eating away the graveyard. And while I totally advocate Deprive as a one of (maybe 2) in the main board, how does Pyro help with that plan? Deprive asks to bounce a land, not a permanent...

    Awesome to hear your success with the full set of Pyro btw deathstroke. How has the burn matchup been working with that though? There's a lot of burn where I'm at and for me I like have huge beater to stonewall their guides and such... plus it doesn't die to searing blaze

    I really like running a one of Deprive mainboard in Grixis Delver. People don't expect it at all.

    Quote from PurpleIntet »
    Quote from Jonny_Tempel »
    I feel like if we are going the 4 YP route (just like Deathstroke did) we should look at Logic Knot and Deprive as possible counters. With 4 Thought Scour and only 2 Tasigur, running a number of Logic Knots should go without any problems. Deprive on the other hand basically becomes counterspell with a YP out as you can "pay" for it with a token and immediately get a new one of the cast trigger.
    I think you're thinking of Familiar's Ruse

    Be aware that cutting Delve creatures generally makes the big mana matchups worse because the YP clock can't kill as reliably as a quick Tasigur. I'm definitely going to try it out though, I haven't sleeved up mys YP's in a long time

    Familiar's Ruse is an interesting choice as a counter spell in our deck. A bit risky most of the time because of big mana cost delve creatures.

    I haven't used Young Pyromancer in quite a while honestly. I took it out for Vendilion Clique as an option. It has been doing good most of the time but I do wanna try new stuff, possibly Bone Picker.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from deathstroke99 »
    Was testing 2 IoK and 2 TS in the main today.

    So far, unfortunately, the deck is more fun than good. It's fun because I love hand disruption. Mostly played against control decks today, which discard isn't superb.

    Maybe Xaricore has a point. Maybe the more you put discard, the more it becomes a worse Grixis Death's Shadow deck. Will continue testing. One thing is for sure, I want 1-2 Thoughtseize in the 75. It's good against mana decks and combo.

    I've been thinking about adding in some hand hate spells like some Inquisition of Kozilek to the mainboard. I do like your idea, I think I will follow in your idea.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I want to tell you that Shefet Dunes was bad, however, the card performed extremely well. Multiple times it put creatures out of range inside of important combat steps while also preventing me from getting worked in combat due to the potential back swing. The Walkers in the board also played a huge part of winning this league. They stopped Death Shadows and Black Red Moon from out grinding me.

    I played against Todd Stevens and he was streaming. I'll link my match against him below.
    Match starts at 01:14:10

    Let me know what you think of Shefet Dunes!

    Shefet Dunes is a very interesting touch and I'm it was actually quite good! I definitely wanna hear more from the community that using Shefet Dunes in D&T is quite good. Very nicely done in your league!
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from deathstroke99 »
    Rejection is amazing against Eldrazi Tron.

    Rakdos Charm is great against graveyard decks. Nobody expects that card being played.

    About land hate, I agree with Jonny : " Land Destruction spells will give you a few or even only a single extra turn so you should either look at maximum impact cards like Blood Moon/Crumble to Dust or "hate" cards that go along with our overall game plan (cheap interaction + clock). " I'm currently testing Crumble to Dust because I find one extra mana is better than Fulminator Mage + Surgical.

    I agree in that Crumble to Dust is better even though it cost one extra mana to cast, but can have better results in the long run. At FNM this Friday, I'm gonna make an effort to play Grixis Delver instead of Infect since Infect didn't really do well with me yesterday. :p
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from Jonny_Tempel »
    Ceremonious Rejection is probably the best card we have against Eldrazi (and useful against normal Tron too) in my opinion. Land Destruction spells will give you a few or even only a single extra turn so you should either look at maximum impact cards like Blood Moon/Crumble to Dust or "hate" cards that go along with our overall game plan (cheap interaction + clock). This includes cards like Countersqual, Thoughtseize (both are obviously good against other decks too) and Ceremonious Rejection which is extremely good against Eldrazi Tron because they usually don't run many copies of Cavern.

    I'm definitely becoming more a fan of Ceremonious Rejection against meta decks such as Eldrazi and Affinity. I haven't used Crumble to Dust but it can be super good instead of Blood Moon because they always have access to Oblivion Stone and All is Dust.
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