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  • posted a message on Soul Sculptor + Soul Warden
    The enchantment returns to its creature form long before the goblin enters the battlefield, because the effect ends when any player casts a creature spell. No creature has to enter the battlefield for this, and in fact a creature entering the battlefield does not end the effect. Casting a creature spell ends the effect.

    The permanent is still the same object, it just changes some of its characteristics, most notably its card type. It doesn't leave and enter the battlefield. It is on the battlefield the entire time. so Soul Warden doesn't trigger when the effect ends. And because it is the same permanent, it does not suffer from summoning sickness due to this change of card type.

    Soul Sculptor's ability sets up a continous effect with a duration, that effect is not depending on the Sculptor being on the battlefield. It could even leave the battlefield before the ability resolves without changing anything for the sceanrio, the creature becomes an enchantment until a creature spell is cast.
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  • posted a message on I need help.
    Hydra Broodmaster

    Each X in the card's text has the same value, the value you choose for it, when you activate the ability. Since there is a double X in the cost, you have to pay that twice to get a single X worth of effect. So activating th ablity with X=6 will cost 13 mana (X+X+1) and yield you 6 tokens which will be 6/6.

    Note, that what you pay for the ability is actually irrelevant, what you choose for X determines the cost and ultimately the effect. Cost increases or cost reductions can change the cost, but not the value of X, and thus don't influence the effect either.
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  • posted a message on Not for the faint of heart
    Far as I can tell, this falls apart, because you cannot reveal the Mairsil+Masterful Ninja from your hand, since it is on the battlefield and not in your hand, so you cannot make it be in your hand and on the battlefiel with that ability.
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  • posted a message on Question about conspire
    Yes. If the original spell is no longer on the stack when the conspire trigger tries to copy it, the game will use last known information about that spell to create the copy.

    Anf if the trigger has already resolved and created the copy, well, that copy is its own spell now, with no connection to the original. Countering the original will not affect the copy.
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  • posted a message on Relic Bind conundrum
    Ah, I see. You have selected "Printed", not "Oracle", for the card's text that is shown.
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  • posted a message on Relic Bind conundrum
    You are mistaken, gatherer only has one text for that card, in both versions. You don't look at the picture of the card, you look at the text on the right. That is the card's oracle text.
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  • posted a message on Some clarification on Phasing
    Yes, it can only be used only every other turn. Phasing in and phasing out happen during the untap step before anything gets untapped. So when the Isle phases in, it gets to untap during that turn. When it phases out, if it is tapped, it doesn't get to untap during that turn.
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  • posted a message on LOZ Deck for 14 Year old beginner to MTG
    I'd run maybe 6-8 of those lands, no more because that will really slow down the deck due to the enters-tapped clause. Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse fall into that category as well, since their fetched land enters tapped and they cannot tap for mana themselves. Those 8 blue producing lands seem fine to me, for a splash, my worries for that color were mostly about the double costed Boomerang. The other cards only need one blue mana and even if that is not available in the early game, the cards are not essential in that stage of the game. Overall, the even distribution of the other two colors among your lands is good choice. It probably could be tweaked towards one color or the other a bit by one land, but those colors are pretty close.

    I'd try some Bant Panoramas, for their ability to tap for mana themselves, so if that is the 5th or 6th land needed for the costlier cards, those can be played right away. Of course, with a fetchland that can only fetch basics, that single basic Island is important.

    Something like this perhaps

    It definitely needs to be tweaked further, though. You want as much color fixing for all three colors as you can get away with without hindering the deck too much. But of course, the good multilands are way out of the price range for this introductory deck.

    There are also a lot of green land fetch options ala Rampant Growth to fix the mana issues, in which case green becomes more important and the land base would have to be tilted towards green more. Or some mana fixing artifacts like Prismatic Lens or Manalith, of which there are also numerous options. Both of these approaches would also accelerate the mana development and allow for earlier play of the more expensive cards like Tolsimir. The downside being, that they do little else, so they become quite useless in the later game.
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  • posted a message on LOZ Deck for 14 Year old beginner to MTG
    Can't say much about the Zelda equivalents, but there is something really important about your mana, that I want to adress.

    Blue is mostly a splash color, since it is only required for 8 cards. The issue with a splash color is, that double colored costs are much harder to pay, especially with only 8 sources for that color of mana. So I think, that a different bounce spell would make for far easier use than Boomerang. You want your niece to be able to cast her spells when she draws them. Echoing Truth or one of the many other 2- or 3-mana variants of bounce spells which require only one blue mana will serve better. And how important is it for you that she can bounce lands? Because that's really the only true advantage Boomerag has over most other similar spells. If it's primarily to bounce creatures anyway, you get even more options, at three mana you can get a cantrip (Repulse) or some other additional effect.

    Though honestly, I would cut the bouncing completely and instead go for some white all purpose answers like Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, Angelic Purge or Faith's Fetters. There should be something that fits the Zelda-verse. And having at least some answers to permanently deal with a threat is essential.

    The Alara triland Seaside Citadel would make for an overall better multiland for this deck. If this is already too expensive for your introductory deck, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Unknown Shores, Bant Panorama, etc. are much more effective color fixing, since they all give the deck access to all its three colors. Of course, you have to add a basic Island to fetch for many of those. Even the 8 dual lands you have in the deck have better equivalents in Sejiri Refuge/Tranquil Cove and Thornwood Falls. And of course, white/green versions exist, too (Blossoming Sands and Graypelt Refuge).
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  • posted a message on Chandra, the Firebrand question
    Yes, you would still get your copy of Stone Rain. If the original spell is no longer on the stack when the delayed trigger resolves (for example, if it was countered), it will simply create a copy based on the sorcery's last known information.
    608.2g If an effect requires information from the game (such as the number of creatures on the battlefield), the answer is determined only once, when the effect is applied. If the effect requires information from a specific object, including the source of the ability itself, the effect uses the current information of that object if it’s in the public zone it was expected to be in; if it’s no longer in that zone, or if the effect has moved it from a public zone to a hidden zone, the effect uses the object’s last known information. See rule 112.7a. If an ability states that an object does something, it’s the object as it exists—or as it most recently existed—that does it, not the ability.
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  • posted a message on Lightning greaves question
    Yes. While your opponent has priority first to activate the equip ability right away, that ability still needs to resolve to attach the Greaves. You can respond to that ability by activating the Puppet Strings, let that activation resolve to get Rubinia untapped, and with the equip ability still on the stack, respond then by tapping Rubinia to take control of Muzio. After another round of passing priority, Rubinia's ability resolves, you get control of Muzio, and when the equip abilty is finally going to resolve, it will get countered by the game rules for no longer having a legal target (equip says "target creature you control").

    The crucial thing to rememeber is, that objects on the stack resolve one at a time with everyone getting priority to do stuff before the next top object on the stack resolves, whatever that may be, it can be something newly added. New objects always go on top of the stack.
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  • posted a message on Confusion in the ranks & Mishra
    You can activate the Bauble in response to the Ranks's trigger, but if not both parties of the exchange are present, then the exchange just won't happen. So you would simply neutralize the trigger. It will still resolve though, it just won't do anything.
    701.9a A spell or ability may instruct players to exchange something (for example, life totals or control of two permanents) as part of its resolution. When such a spell or ability resolves, if the entire exchange can’t be completed, no part of the exchange occurs.
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  • posted a message on Chandra, the Firebrand question
    Well, he can, but that won't accomplish much, it certainly won't stop the Stone Rain copy from being created and blowing up another land. Because as soon as you activate Chandra's -2, that ability exists independently on the stack and will resolve no matter what happens to Chandra in the mean time. And that ability, once it resolves, sets up a delayed trigger, which is also independent from Chandra. This delayed trigger will go off the next time you cast an instant or sorcery spell this turn, and it will create copies of that spell. Chandra does not create the copy, this delayed trigger does. So killing Chandra in response to the spell you cast and the delayed trigger, which is already on the stack by the time the opponenent gets to respond, won't stop the Stone Rain barrage.
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  • posted a message on Riku of Two Reflections and similar effects and kicker
    The token copy will enter the battlefield, but it wasn't kicked because it wasn't cast at all, so no tokens from that one. You only get tokens from the original kicked Verdeloth. Riku only looks at the creature as it exists on the battlefield (or most recently existed if it's no longer there, aka Last Known Information), not at how it got there. Same for the Verdeloth trigger, it only looks at its own source, which is the token, which wasn't cast and thus wasn't kicked.

    Note, that this is different with copying spells. A copy of a kicked spell will also be kicked, just like the copy will have the same value for X and will refer to the same creature sacrificed as an additional cost, etc.
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  • posted a message on Braid of Fire
    Gemstone Array is a way to carry some of the mana over to other steps and phases without having to include green for Kruphix, God of Horizons, Upwelling, etc. You can freely choose your second color with it and even get some mana fixing.

    Upkeep triggers that have mana costs associated with them, counter manipulation like proliferate, and many many activated abilities that can be used with instant timing can easily get you major value out of that evergrowing output of mana. Paradox Haze can further enhance upkeep triggers in general and BoF in particular.
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