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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    We've talked about it to death, but Jace is a bad idea

    There's the price issue, which people will quickly point out isn't a consideration, but I do think it's in the back of WOTC's mind, it'd be disastrous if half a grand of cards needed to be re-banned.

    Jace also just makes non blue fair decks worse while not fixing the horrible matchups it has.

    Jace is also just a design mistake that WOTC made when they were trying to figure out what to do with planeswalkers.

    GSZ is just a bad idea, it possibly breaks a deck or two and probably forces every green player to play the same toolbox deck, and makes fair blue decks worse on top of it.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Don't they have to be careful destroying the secondary market? Stores don't make that much money selling packs, they make money from bringing in bodies in the store, getting them to buy singles, snacks and sodas

    If stores don't find it profitable, couldn't that lead to MTG really being digital?

    I don't understand why Arean can't be coded so that after someone has 4x copies they can no longer have any more. Or deny sellers.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Quote from Lord Seth »
    Quote from Pokken »
    I know I'm weird and out there but I'd rather see GSZ than stoneforge at this point. I think gree^_^;n based midrange could use some serious help, probably more even than white. It's pretty lame to me how hard green has been driven out of the format recently. But I do think it's close.

    If you look at decks playing green these days it's pretty much exclusively those that want a t1 mana dork and then to do some kind of combo horsecrap (knightfall, elves, abzan company) or Scapeshift. Abzan midrange and Jund are pretty much gone.

    Given a choice between a UWx / Wx midrange deck and green creatures I think I'd rather see green creatures I think. If it comes down to it I think that unbanning GSZ is worth the risk that Valakut might have to be banned -- I know I can come down heavily on the side of GSZ as the healthier card for any metagame.
    The problem is, "those [decks] that want a t1 mana dork and then to do some kind of combo horsecrap" are some of the best decks to run Green Sun's Zenith in. So I don't see how Green Sun's Zenith would empower other decks when it goes straight into the decks you're complaining about.

    Pokken plays Abzan Company decks

    It'd probably break Titanshift, and probably have a slew of issues. It would shake up modern and then probably have to be corrected with some changes

    It is absolutely not the card to unban in a healthy meta.

    SFM and BBE are much safer options.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    I had such an upsetting FNM experience tonight.

    I played against Elves.

    Game 1 I got ran over

    Game 2 I had to grind my way to a victory with Last Hope, a cage, removal and a Bob bringing me down to 5 life.

    Game 3 is where things went awful. On the draw, I had 2x Bobs, 1x Bolt, 1x discard, 3 land. Elf player plays Santuarary Shapeshift. I draw an Abrupt Decay. I play discard. He plays a creature, I bolt it. My turn 3 I had a complete brainfart and fetch a blood crypt and abrupt decay his enchantment with no green. So, all I can do is just play a grim lavamancer instead.

    Then he played a creature and forge-tender, and already tilted, I K-Command his forge until we realize I can't do that.

    Then I played 2x bobs and had them flip incredibly generous for me while he accrued cards from all his removal and a stranded Decay in my hand.

    Meanwhile, his brother is far off in the background and I can hear him calling me a cheater and saying things, "he doesn't even know how to play with his cards"

    It was an incredibly upsetting and tilting experience. I lose to the elf player and shake his hand.

    I was pretty upset not by the loss, just how it all happened and then being trash talked in the background.

    I don't think the elf player could have possibly won had I not punted so incredibly hard, I had nothing but removal, 2x Bobs flipping with minimum damage, and grim.

    Then I got paired against Tron. Almost beat him game 3. I actually nearly won, had I been on the play I would have had him for exact.

    Pretty awful experience tonight.

    I played with 2x Rabbles and 1x Hazoret. Hazoret is kind of interfering with Bob sticking around though.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Why are you under the assumption I don't combo in tier 1? I despise Tron decks, and haven't pushed for it to be gone.

    I'm fine with combo decks, it all depends on resilient it is

    For example, 2016 Dredge was absurd. The deck was only held back by the fact that the average deck was packing 6 to 8 hate cards for it.

    Bloom became oppressive

    Combo decks worry me because they can skirt on the rules.

    I don't believe a combo deck should only have a weakness to certain archetypes, I believe decks should have a weakness if desired

    For example, Stony Silence hosing Affinity, current Dredge seeing a cage.

    My issue with Storm is that you MUST provide a very fast clock, while killing their enablers, and stripping their hand, and providing hate all at the same time.

    Some combo decks absolutely fall apart if two cards are discarded---but I believe Storm is fairly resilient to hand hate, unless the clock is blistering fast. I'm certain WOTC probably feels similar to what I've written. Storm isn't breaking this format as of now so demanding a ban isn't reasonable.

    Combo isn't bad for modern, I just don't want them to be required to have 5 different angles of attack to be susceptible, otherwise why play any other deck?

    Combo decks benefit from a few things

    more free wins
    less issues with drawing the wrong half of a deck
    being proactive

    If more combo decks were like Abzan Company or AD NAUS, I'd be ok. Abzan company has the secondary plan of beating you down with value creatures. AD Naus isn't crazy fast, but it is fairly consistent while weak to hand hate or artifact hate. Goroyos vengeance can fall apart go grave/hand hate

    It's less about combo decks and more about how Storm has absolutely everything you would want in a combo deck. Seriously, if you're playing any other spell based combo deck you're handicapping yourself a lot, just like I'm handicapping myself with Jund by not playing Grixis Shadow, which is better in nearly every way.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Abzan Midrange / Junk / BGw Souls/ BG Rock
    If modern were a fairer format Tracker would be awesome.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    The real honest world we are in is that playing a fair deck that isn't Grixis Shadow or Jeskai is a handicap, modern is dominated by linear strategies often.

    The issue with Grim Flayer is activating delirium. It's fantastic when it's a 4/4 early on, or if the opponent has no answer for it. But you'll find times where he's got a wall of creatures on the other side and now you just have a 2/2 trampler not doing anything.

    This is why Bob is a better card in most cases. You'll amass CA and dig into your answers naturally from seeing so much of the deck.

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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from chaos021 »
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    There is no world where Grim Flayer is a better card than Dark Confidant; I highly advise against doing so.

    Yep. Totally not possible. Ever.

    I get it, you always have to call me out.

    I'm being extreme---but cutting a Bob for Grim isn't a good idea.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    I have...a hard time digesting some people's opinions and thoughts.

    It seems---coy, when people say, "Jeskai players won't play SFM". I think Jeskai would love a 2 cmc bomb. I feel there's games they'd love to be on the play, drop a SFM, and know that the rest of their hand can deal with a creature not eating a counter. If the deck they're playing is a goldfish deck with minimum interaction, that's fantastic, a 6/6 life-link is a nice clock with counters and removal.

    Bring in narrow hate cards to deal with a batterskull? Great, now they can attack you with manlands and bolt snap bolt while you hold a dead card in hand.

    SFM into Spell Queller sounds like a fantastic curve to me, and yes, I am absolutely sure they would cut the Geist for it.

    Tax decks will absolutely play SFM! I'm sure there will have to be a recongifuration, but that card will absolutely find its way in. Tax decks have their bases covered with combo, decent game against slow control, and a so so relationship with midrange--but they really lack power against creature aggro and board-stalls.

    On top of that, Tax decks are filled to the brim with the 3 drop spot. There is absolutely, 100%, no freaking way, that SFM would not find itself playing without a modern legal SFM. It's just plain wrong--and citing Arbiter is woefully ignorant.

    GK, I find it baffling as a GBx player when you say something like, "BBE will unite all GBx players into jund". What on earth do you think will happen if SFM were unbanned and BBE wasn't? I'm certain that Jund would lose 2/3rds of it's small base now to go into a deck that has access to SFM

    Cascade can be a feel bad mechanic. But, do you know what else feels bad? Having someone tutor up a batterskull or Sword and already be up in card advantage.

    I think you're cherrypicking the narrative to suit your liking, knowing you're a GDS player with Jeskai on the side (or is it the other way around?)

    As for a GSZ unbanning---that makes me nervous. For the same reason I dislike the thought of Jace being unbanned, I dislike GSZ. Will that card run fair blue decks out of the meta? Will an existing deck break this, or come close to it? Will it destroy all midrange green deck and unify them to play a toolbox deck with all the answers?

    I'm trying to stay unbiased, and as someone who's against Jace in this format I can't sit here and argue for GSZ either.

    As for Storm---yeah, I have a problem with this deck. I think it's flat out better than every combo deck in the format. I believe it runs a lot of the linear decks out into tier 2 or more. I feel the deck can't be attacked on one axis. Have GY hate, sure, I'll kill you with 12 tokens. It isn't like dredge, if they don't have an answer to relic or Cage, they're in very huge trouble. Having hate in the opening hand against Storm isn't often enough, if they have 3 mana and baral, the game is probably over. If they naturally get to 5 or 6 mana, the game is probably over. This isn't a combo deck that can be locked out. The honest to god only real lockout I can think of is things like Eidolon, game 1 Meddling Mage, or an LOTV that has stripped their entire hand.

    Hand hate isn't a good counter, I play a ton of decks with thoughtseize, they easily resculpt their hand, they need to be under absolute, immediate pressure. Removal doesn't scare them, in fact, the pieces of the puzzle package comes in postboard.

    Eidolon of the Revel hoses this deck, and part of Humans place in the meta is how hard it hates this deck

    Storm is being underplayed and I think the pro's are going to expose this. I don't think there's anything remotely healthy about Storm, and when I see this deck I am reminded of Bloom, 2016 Dredge and so on...

    I think the PT is going to expose modern for looking uglier than we realize, and while that is cynical, I believe we're going to see a very linear top 32. If that isn't the case I will absolutely be thrilled.

    I'm not screaming for a Storm ban because at the moment it's results aren't enough to warrant that, but make no mistake, I think this deck is awful for modern and I do think its time is coming.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    There is no world where Grim Flayer is a better card than Dark Confidant; I highly advise against doing so.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Something with my gut says wotc doesn't want storm in this format. It's honestly surprising how resilient it is unless you're deck plays eidolon.

    I do wonder if we see storm beat gds on camera a lot.

    On a personal level I would be ok with a stirrings ban, I don't understand why on earth green and colorless get access to the best cantrips in modern. I really think it would take a broken amount of tron to have that happen

    I think an sfm unban is...unlikely. why on earth would we give jeskai a bomb. Yes, it'd help junk, Mardu and Esper, and tax, but I'm not sure wotc will unban both at the same time.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    I still think Storm unhealthy deck thinking about it more

    I know, I know, it's not dominating modern.

    I think if we see two Storm decks in the top 8 it has a chance seeing a ban.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Abzan Midrange / Junk / BGw Souls/ BG Rock
    Lilly has been pretty amazing for me on the play, dude. She's a huge pain in the ass for them.

    On the draw, I agree, I just keep her as a 1 of.

    Obviously you want to play your Bobs first if you can cast a creature spell on a clear board.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from Ayiluss »
    I feel that Wizards are happy with where Jund currently is. I may be wrong but it seems that Jund is paying its price for DRS sins and this will be the case forever. It may sound stupid but I really feel thta Wizards "killed" Jund on purpose.

    That's cynical. Jund has been, let's be honest, a bad deck for all of 2017.

    WOTC definitely favors fair decks more, it's obvious how much they dislike combo in this game across all formats. Blue is doing well so I think an SFM unban is out of the question, but I'm truly feeling good about a BBE unban.

    I'm pretty sure the PT is going to show just how bad in a spot GBx decks are---even though GBx decks have had poor results for most of 2017.

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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from FlyingDelver »
    I kinda have the feeling that there won't be a BBE unban in february.

    Why? Jund and Abzan continue to be pretty garbage decks in Opens, Classics, Team Events and GPs. It's certainly not killing it on MTGO. This is probably the most realistic chance there's ever been. If it doesn't happen in February then I am absolutely convinced it'll never take place.

    As I call it a garbage deck, I'm excited to play it tonight regardless.
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